Chapter 0129: The Will of the Sword

Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order.

Only at this life and death moment did Wu Yu recall it.

Back then, Feng Xueya had spent many a day drawing a design on it. He had been worried that Wu Yu would be killed in Capital Wu.

After that, Wu Yu had returned safely, and perhaps they had all forgotten about it.

But now, Wu Yu remembered it!

Although it was not the ultimate savior, it was a glimmer of hope in this bleak situation.

While the Thunder Seabird was bickering with Jiang Ding, he stealthily retrieved the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order from his Sumeru Pouch.

Given his strength, he easily crumbled the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order.

The entire process did not raise a stir.

After all, this chase had raised a huge commotion. Who would notice such things?

"Master, I pray you understand my meaning."

After the deed was done, all that remained was to wait.

"The Ninth Spirit protects me. For now, I'm in no mortal danger. Rather, it is Elder Shentu and the others who must hold on."

This was a nightmarish chase!

Many paths in the vast Sky Region Forest had been laid bare. They had opened a new path, toppling trees in their wake.

Elder Shentu's spiritual power was profound, and he kept his head firmly focused on escaping. Although there were three powers chasing them, he could hold them at bay for a while.

This was a contest of stamina!

It tested their willpower, spiritual power, and also their Qi Condensation Spiritual Arts!

If Wu Yu was on their level, the Great Way of Immortality Art meant that he would have been faster.

"Shentu, old boy, leave some energy to fight us! If you maintain that speed, then all you can do is run all day. After a day, we won't even need to attack, and you'll fall dead by the side of the road. Or are you still thinking that you can return to the Heavenly Sword Sect?"

Jiang Ding spurred the Burning Spectral Horse on. For a while, he did not even expend any power.

Meanwhile, the Thunder Seabird glided through the skies, a more relaxed mode of travel.

The two ghostly cultivators seemed rather at ease as well.

"Esteemed Shentu, don't waste time. How about talking it out straightforward-like?" From around them, ghostly sounds carried towards them.

Their words gave the disciples a lot of pressure.

They all understood that their hopes of getting out alive today were miniscule!

Their faces were pale. They looked at each other and could only smile bitterly.

"Don't be afraid. I won't let you die," Elder Shentu called out tersely.

This old man, shouldering the Demon Fishing Rod that tethered them, seemed to fly across the ground.

He was still holding on!

Hu, hu, hu!

He was tearing the Sky Region Forest apart!

"Keke, you sword cultivators love these kinds of meaningless endurance tests." Jiang Ding's Burning Spectral Horse did not slow down at all. It was an immortal beast with an extremely valuable bloodline.

It was the most precious spiritual beast in the Zhongyuan Dao Sect.

"The three girls are such comely beauties. Before we return, I'll have to ** them." In the dark, the malicious voice of Shen Erjun echoed all around them.

His words caused the atmosphere to become even more tense. Everyone knew the conduct of ghostly cultivators. If the girls fell to him, then they would beg for death! The Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts had killed countless people throughout their lives.

"Sister!" Lan Shuiyue looked at the Lan Boli, the older sister she had depended on since young. Her face was ashen.

"No fear." Lan Boli took a deep breath.

"If it is hopeless, I will commit suicide with you," Lan Boli added.

She had been around the world, and knew what the ghostly cultivators would do. Taking their own lives was the best choice.

Wu Yu listened to all this.

Out of all of them, he cared about Su Yanli the most.

Faced with Shen Erjun's threat, she was also a target. But she did not reveal much on her face, only looking more frequently at Wu Yu. She must have come to some decision.

"Senior Sister...."

Wu Yu could not imagine that outcome.

He closed his eyes, and time meandered in agonizing fashion.

Two hours, four hours....

No matter how fear-inducing and threatening Jiang Ding was, Elder Shentu still kept ahead with frightening tenacity.

Wu Yu was very grateful that he could!

If Feng Xueya understood his meaning, then he would come charging in at any moment.

And once Feng Xueya arrived, the tables would be turned!

"Master, you must come...."

Wu Yu closed his eyes and hoped.

Elder Shentu's tenacity was truly fearsome. More than half the day had passed, and still he held on. But after such an extended period, Jiang Ding and the second Scarlet Sea Ghost were not far from them.

The Thunder Seabird did not seem all that enthusiastic, and had not opened up to his maximum speed.

Otherwise, Elder Shentu would have long been caught.

But at this time, Elder Shentu's face was completely drained of color. He was at an advanced age, and was almost at his limit.

"Elder, let's stop and make a stand." Night Wishes for Snow was still the most calm amongst them.

"If we continue running, you will completely lose your fighting power." Lan Boli also readied herself.

They looked towards Elder Shentu.

Just at this moment, Elder Shentu roared to the skies! His voice was huge and majestic, and incomparably keen. It traveled on and on, and even Wu Yu was deafened by it.

And Lan Shuiyue and the others had almost gone deaf as well.

"You think to call the Bipo Mountain Range for aid? Can your voice travel to the Bipo Mountain Range? Don't kid." Jiang Ding laughed coldly as he came ever closer.

After the roar, Elder Shentu seemed to have reached his limit. He suddenly halted the chase, turning around and throwing the personal disciples behind himself.

Of them, Lan Boli and Night Wishes for Snow had drawn swords and stepped up beside him. They were both at the eighth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and were still able to fight.

As for Mo Shishu and the others, they were much like Wu Yu. Against these opponents, they would be slaughtered in a single blow.

"Finally out of steam?" Jiang Ding reined in the Burning Spectral Horse, stopping before Elder Shentu, spraying dust and smoke.

Whoosh, whoosh!

Shen Erjun and Qi Yunji were still cloaked, appearing before Elder Shentu.

As for the Thunder Seabird, he was already circling above.

A hopeless situation!

Elder Shentu drew himself up and faced Shen Erjun and Jiang Ding, declaring, "This old man will take you both on. Come if you have the balls!"

He was courageous, rushing forward to challenge both Jiang Ding and Shen Erjun.

To Jiang Ding's side, it was Elder Shentu who was the trickiest to deal with. And so they exchanged cold, cynical smiles and waited for him to come.

"Sister Qi, Thunder Seabird, watch them carefully. Don't let my three little girls take their own lives."

"No problem. Second Brother, you go say hi to that old man who won't die." Qi Yunji tinkled. Her aura was hellish, and she walked towards Lan Boli.

"I'll destroy her!" Lan Boli sniffed coldly. Drawing her longsword of blue glass, she stood in Qi Yunji's way.

"Of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, Qi Yunji, you are the last. You are also at the eighth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. If not for Shen Erjun's aid, could you even chase us this far?" Qi Yunji was the only one among the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts who was at the 8th Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. And facing Lan Boli, they were considered an equal match.

But their most terrifying opponent was actually the Thunder Seabird.

The only one who could face the Thunder Seabird and perhaps live was Night Wishes for Snow.

"You all, run!"

Night Wishes for Snow understood Elder Shentu's meaning.

If they could not all escape, then they would protect the youngest - Su Yanli and the other four.


Su Yanli and the others complied.

Instantly, Yi Qingfeng and Zhao Changtian left, running away from the battle.

Su Yanli, Lan Shuiyue, and Mo Shishu did not leave. They hesitated, unable to bring themselves to run away.

Just at this moment, two thick lightning bolts fell from the sky, striking Zhao Changtian and Yi Qingfeng.


The two were instantly turned to dust, blasted into craters in the ground.

Zhao Changtian and Yi Qingfeng were struck dead in a flash!

"Mmmggh...." Lan Shuiyue was so frightened that she burrowed in between Su Yanli and the others.

If they had rushed out in that instant, then they would already have been reduced to ashes.

It was completely impossible for the younger ones to escape individually.

The Thunder Seabird was no virgin to murder.

At this moment, Lan Boli and Qi Yunji begun to fight!

On the other side, Elder Shentu was fighting the two at the 10th tier  of the Qi Condensation Realm alone, in a battle of epic proportions. He had pulled out a slender sword from within the Demon Fishing Rod. His sword qi raged fiercely as he fought both ghostly cultivators and Jiang Ding by himself!

But even Wu Yu could see that his fury was short-lived. He could not hold out for very long.

"Thunder Seabird, don't kill them! Or one day I will crush you! I will reduce your corpse to dust!" Wu Yu had watched Zhao Changtian and Yi Qingfeng die, and he immediately panicked.

If that lightning had landed on Su Yanli's head, she too would have been dust!

"I'm quaking with fear. Say that again when that day comes."

At this moment, Night Wishes for Snow's sword qi was flashing out. He stepped on a tree branch and flew into the sky. His overwhelming sword qi formed a lattice of swords that flashed out!

"Roiling Storm of Swords!"

His single attack changed the weather.


The Thunder Seabird flapped a wing, causing lightning to crackle down. He easily dispersed the sword lattice, which exploded on Night Wishes for Snow.


Night Wishes for Snow was completely charred, and he fell to the floor.

"First Senior Brother!"

But amidst their frightened cries, Night Wishes for Snow crawled up again, his gaze resolute. Even if his entire body was charred by lightning, he would still charge on!

His will was indomitable.

"Demon! Today you are strong, but there will be a day when we sword cultivators will tear you into a thousand pieces!"


The light of a thousand swords filled the skies!

"Senior Brother...."

Wu Yu had just gotten to know him, and now he was completely cowed by the strength of his will. No wonder they all said that he resembled Feng Xueya the most. In him, Wu Yu saw the righteousness and determination of a sword saint!

The sword, straight as a ruler! Righteous fury! Onward!

Sword cultivators slayed demons and delivered justice!

In this instant, it was demonstrated clearly through the likes of Feng Xueya and Night Wishes for Snow.

And Elder Shentu, uncowed and unyielding, fighting till the very last!


Wu Yu fell in love with this way of dao.

Of course, the way of the staff was in his very bones and he loved it equally.

The sword: a symbol of justice and protection.

The staff: an emblem of violence and offensive might!

The two complemented and completed each other!

In this instant, both Night Wishes for Snow and Elder Shentu were about to die!

All hope was lost.

Only Wu Yu, in the sky, could see a bolt of golden sword light hurtling towards them, originating from the Bipo Mountain Range!

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