Chapter 1289: Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield

The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory was where all the nine great tribes of the mystical dragons gathered. The dragon lords, dragon kings, and other mighty warriors would come together to watch the mystical dragon geniuses under one yuan of age battle.

Only those of dragon lord status and above were allowed to watch the battle. Heavenly immortals and Xuan immortals were not allowed to watch.

Unless they were of eminent status and were escorted by their seniors.

Therefore, of course, Luo Pin could go. She was naturally concerned about Wu Yu, especially the voice that told him to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. In the end, she did not know what it was.

In these seven years, the interest in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory only continued to build.

In the Primordial Immortal Empire, many people were also discussing it.

However, what the ordinary mystical dragons did not know was that Wu Jun had already registered Wu Yu's name.

Therefore, they were still discussing Ye Xuanyi, Yu Manyuan, and Xing Ling.

When the other empires' names were submitted, the Primordial Immortal Empire’s mystical dragons took a great blow to their confidence.

Because this line-up was too weak. There were even 2-Xuan immortals.

As for the neighboring empires, their lowest was a 4-Xuan immortal, and it was said that this 4-Xuan immortal had successfully risen to a 5-Xuan immortal within these seven years.

The weakest was stronger than the strongest from the Primordial Immortal Empire.

And there was no way to compete against those from the top 10 empires. Those empires would easily have 10 or 20 people fighting.

These slots were assigned according to one's past battle records.

Each time, the Dragon Emperor Immortal Design rankings were very clearly displayed.

Those that led the list would be showered in glory, while those that sank to the bottom would endure taunts and ridicule.

This was also why the Primordial Immortal Empire’s mystical dragons were troubled, worried that the Primordial Immortal Empire would be humiliated again. Some even chose to go into seclusion, to tide past this wave. They would rather save themselves the jeering.

However, they still had to steel themselves and take the challenge. On this day, the fighters and spectators all headed for the Primordial Immortal Mountain Peak. After gathering here, Wu Jun led them all to Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield.

That was the core of the Sky Heart Tribe.

Below the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield was the famous Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

Of course, it was one of the entrances into the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory was fairly huge, and its edges could not even be seen.

Wu Hao, Ye Qianning, Wu Yu, and Luo Pin had already come to meet Wu Jun very early.

"It's only been seven years, and you've improved so much?" When they met, Wu Jun could already sense Wu Yu's enormous improvements.

Although Wu Yu was still a heavenly immortal, he had more or less completed the Longevity Immortal Realm.

Wu Hao was quite smug about it. "I told you. This kid is something special. He might even make a name for himself in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory."

Ye Qianning said, "That's not important. What's more important is for him to complete his own matter. Wu Yu, don't listen to your Uncle Hao's nonsense. This time, our competitors from the Primordial Immortal Empire are indeed weaker. Your Uncle Hao is prideful, and doesn't want to lose too badly. That's why he's always hinting at you. But it has nothing to do with you. Ignore him."

Wu Hao could only cheekily grin.

The couple's relationship was truly excellent.

Wu Jun nodded as well. "That's right. Focus on your own matters. Everything else is secondary."

Wu Yu nodded. He then said, "Mm, I understand."

He indeed felt that it would be best for him to remain low-profile so that he and Luo Pin could live low-profile.

For seven years, Wu Yu and her had lived like a family, and their every action responded to each other.

Next, the dragon lords and dragon kings that had consented to watch arrived. The dozens of dragon kings from the Primordial Immortal Empire would definitely be in attendance. There were also about 200 more dragon lords at the elite Immortal Lord Realm who would also be present. Wu Yu even saw the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch. He was still Luo Pin's teacher, but he would not dare to do anything reckless now.

Everyone was here.

The Jade Mirror Dragon Queen had brought her son, Yu Manyuan, and they were a little late.

However, the Luminary Dragon King had brought Xing Ling, and the Interstellar Domain Dragon King had brought Ye Xuanyi, and they were even later. They probably wanted some more time.

Now all were present.

Wu Jun took a look at Ye Xuanyi, who was full of confidence and might.

"Not bad, you became a 5-Xuan immortal in such a short time."

The other dragon kings had seen that Ye Xuanyi had indeed improved.

"The Luminary Dragon King has guided him well. With this, our Primordial Immortal Empire still holds some hope. We might even get a good result."

"It's all on Xuanyi."

Hearing this, the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen was unhappy. She said, "My son might be at a lower cultivation level, but he's smart. In the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, brains are also important. It's not just about brawn. I think he will perform well as well."

Yu Manyuan smiled. "Mother, do not worry. I've researched and prepared for many years. I will not let the Primordial Immortal Empire down."

Xing Ling snickered but did not comment. Evidently, he was laughing at him.

"Shall we compete?" Yu Manyuan looked over at him.

"Sure. In a year, let's see who ranks higher."

"Surely not. You might not even last a year." Yu Manyuan sneered coldly.

Even before they started, there was already internal conflict. This was not a good sign.

Because they were ranked as one of the last empires, they should be more united instead. They should stick together and fight together, and not seek individual glory. Usually, this would allow them to fight above their standard.

Wu Jun had also mentioned that they should be united in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. However, seeing their attitudes, it was obvious that they would readily go their own ways.

Wu Jun's face was stern. "This is no laughing matter. The pride of the Primordial Immortal Empire rests on you four. Do not throw our pride to the dust and let it be trampled."

"Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king, please do not worry. They can definitely do it," the Luminary Dragon King said.

The other dragon kings chimed in as well, giving the youngsters some words of support.

"Wait, four?" The Jade Mirror Dragon Queen started. "Not three? Why are there four?"

Wu Jun pointed towards Wu Yu. "We have five slots, but others do not even meet the cultivation level criterion, and so we only chose three. Wu Yu is quite strong, and can bring glory to our Primordial Immortal Empire. I let him go as well. As my disciple."


This was a complete surprise to everyone, who took a while to comprehend it.

Of course, Wu Yu's strength was a guarantee. Seven years ago, he had cleanly defeated Ye Xuanyi.

"But he's a human...." The Jade Mirror Dragon Queen was not too willing.

Wu Jun's eyes landed on her. "Even the first-ranked empire's Sky Will Dragon King has allowed him to compete. You have an objection?"

The Jade Mirror Dragon Queen flinched and then hurriedly said, "Of course not. I feel that Wu Yu is good. He will definitely perform well."

She had spoken too much.

Wu Yu's participation did not affect her own son's ranking. Therefore, she should not have impulsively spoken up. And now she regretted it a little.

The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory was hosted by the Sky Will Empire’s dragon king, who was ranked first among the Hundred Empire Dragon Kings. The Sky Wing Dragon King was the foremost leader in the Sky Heart Tribe, and the son of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, who was one of the Nine Great Dragon Emperors. His position in the Sky Heart Tribe was unassailable. He had already seen the name list, so the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen's words were meaningless.

They were all dragon kings, but the difference between the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen and  theSky Wing Dragon King was like heaven and earth.

No one said any more, but a few more looks were directed Wu Yu's way.

There was one particular heated gaze. Wu Yu looked, and saw that it was Ye Xuanyi.

"Wu Yu, luckily, you're fighting. Otherwise, there would be no way to compare us. I will crush you in the Purgatory. I will show you who’s ranked first in the Primordial Immortal Empire is," Ye Xuanyi said with conviction.

"What does first in the Primordial Immortal Empire matter? First in the Sky Heart Tribe sounds a bit more worthy." Wu Yu laughed.

Since he had become the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, no one who had lost to him would stand a chance at catching up again.

Ye Xuanyi had thought that becoming a 5-Xuan immortal, with one more immortal dao mark, would allow him to stand against Wu Yu.

"Wait and see."

Because of Wu Yu, the three of them had actually joined back up together. No matter what, they did not wish to lose to Wu Yu.

"Depart." Led by Wu Jun, the contingent of a few hundred mystical dragons took to the skies, heading for Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield.

All of them were mystical dragons, save for a single human - Wu Yu.

It was a magnificent sight, especially the huge bodies of the dragon kings. Wu Yu was by Luo Pin's side, miniscule and insignificant.

He was indeed insignificant in the world of mystical dragons.

"Are you nervous?" Luo Pin asked concernedly.

"Not at all." Wu Yu was only curious as to whose voice had compelled him thus.

"You must come out alive. I will wait for you outside," Luo Pin said tenderly.

"Of course. With such a great beauty like you, if I die inside, doesn't that mean someone else will benefit?"

"Don't talk rubbish. Without you, no one else can have me," Luo Pin said.

"I was just kidding. No need to be nervous. It'll be fine." Wu Yu knew that her concern meant that she was worried.

After all, she had experienced such fear before.

As a man, Wu Yu swore that he would never let the episode with the Ancient Emperor happen again.

As the Primordial Immortal Empire's representative contingent headed for Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield, the other contingents from the Hundred Empires were also headed there. All the super experts of the Sky Heart Tribe were headed towards the same central location.

"Quick, look! So many dragon kings!"

"I'm so envious. I want to go to the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield to see as well!"

"Train hard! One day, we, too, can do it!"

Along the way, many mystical dragons looked up in admiration as the huge dragon kings flew overhead.

They came from all over the Sky Heart Tribe.

They drew closer and closer.

Many large groups were also making their way in the same direction.

The Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield had to be massive to hold so many dragon lords and dragon kings. This was basically where all the grand events of the mystical dragons were held.

"We're almost there."

Wu Yu could vaguely make out a huge mirror ahead, which seemed like the 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield, but 1,000 times larger.

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