Chapter 1288: Completion of the Heavenly Immortal Training

"Then, how should I discuss this with my uncle?"

That was the dilemma.

Wu Yu had previously indicated that he was not interested in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. 

Additionally, Wu Jun had said that it was too high-profile for Wu Yu to take part in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory as a human. It might even affect Wu Yu and Luo Pin's relationship negatively.

In the Primordial Immortal Empire, even people like the Jade Mirror Dragon King and the Luminary Dragon King wanted to interfere in their relationship, not to mention the other mystical dragons who were stronger than Wu Jun.

For instance, the Dragon Emperor and the Revered Dragon Council.

Of course, it was unlikely that such powerful beings would be interested in Luo Pin's relationship.

Especially when Wu Yu was indeed outstanding and had the backing of an elite immortal.

Wu Yu thought carefully before saying, "If that is the case, then maybe I can start convincing them by talking about the elite immortal who is backing me."

Luo Pin's eyes lit up.

Actually, Wu Yu was not lying. He was telling the truth that there was a voice calling out to him and asking him to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

After making their decision, they looked for the Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen.


Inside Qinyin Palace.

"Is there something that you need from the two of us?" Ye Qianning asked with concern.

The Baiyin Dragon King was not very happy, and, in fact, he was a little annoyed that they had interrupted their busy plan to make baby dragons....

Although they had Luo Pin now, they still hoped to have a child of their own. After all, the more the merrier....

Of course, they had always been working hard over the years.

Luo Pin said, "Adoptive Father, Adoptive Mother, Wu Yu has made a decision and wants to share it with you. Can Uncle be present as well?"

"What is it that requires my big brother as well?" the Baiyin Dragon King asked with a stern face.

"Just do as the children ask." Ye Qianning glared at him.

"Alright, he should be around. Come along, we will go and look for him!"

The four of them headed towards the Primordial Immortal Dragon Palace in the Primordial Immortal Mountain Peak. That was the core of the Primordial Immortal Empire.

Wu Jun was indeed there.

He had lived alone in the Primordial Immortal Mountain Peak for many years. He had never shown any interest in taking a wife and lived like a monk.

It was also because of this that he was stronger than Wu Hao and had become the Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king. They were actually around the same age.

Wu Jun was very happy to see the whole family. Of course, he knew that it was because they had something to ask him.

Wu Hao said, "Wu Yu, you can tell us what you want to say now. We are all here."

They probably thought that this was about Wu Yu and Luo Pin's relationship.

Wu Yu respectfully said, "Esteemed elders, I want to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory to take part in the trial in seven years."

This was not what Wu Hao had expected him to say. He had thought that it had something to do with Luo Pin. Upon hearing Wu Yu's words, he shook his head and said, "Didn't I tell you before? Firstly, it is not good for your relationship if you are too high-profile. Secondly, the positions have been filled up by those three youngsters. My elder brother has announced that in public, how can he go back on his word now?"

He thought that Wu Yu was being rash. He cared for both Wu Yu and Luo Pin, and that was why he was more anxious.

"Wu Hao, don't be anxious, let's hear him out first." Wu Jun looked at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu nodded and said, "Something happened today. I suddenly heard someone telling me to go to the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. I cannot find the source of this voice, so I think that it was a message from the immortal who gave me his legacy. Previously, he gave me similar instructions as well, and I ended up with some great mysterious encounters."

When Wu Yu said that, the three elders immediately became serious and looked at each other.

"You did not sense anyone else at Qinyin Palace?" Wu Jun asked.

Wu Hao and his wife exchanged looks and then shook their heads. Ye Qianning replied, "We did not sense anything. No strangers have been near our palace. Besides, the Dragon Emperor and the Revered Dragon Council would know if an elite immortal had trespassed."

Actually, Wu Yu knew that they were highly impressed with the immortal who was backing him.

At least Wu Jun thought that this immortal was stronger than him. If that was the case, then this immortal must at least be at the Eternal Immortal Emperor Realm.

Only immortals of that cultivation level could create an exemplary genius like Wu Yu.

Now he was asking Wu Yu to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory Trial.

"And there are no other options or ways of contacting him?" Wu Jun asked Wu Yu.

Wu Yu shook his head.

The three elders became lost in thought. 

Perhaps they were considering the risks. If this immortal was plotting something against the mystical dragon tribe, then they would be sinners if they let him enter the trial.

However, the possibility of that was small.

Besides, at the moment, there were no immortals that would use such special means to go against the mystical dragon tribe. This was because there was no reason for conflict.

Mystical dragons and immortal beasts were part of the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

The 8,000 Sky Palaces were very peaceful. No one would stir up fights and wars for no reason.

They really valued Wu Yu's immortal and even respected him. After all, Wu Yu's performance had surprised them.

"The two of you should go back for now. I will give you an answer in three days' time."

They needed to discuss and consider their options.

"Okay. Also, please don't worry. After entering the purgatory, I will be careful not to cause any trouble."

Wu Yu nodded and bowed.

Then he left with Luo Pin to allow the three elders to discuss.

They waited at Qinyin Palace.

During their time together, the three seasoned mystical dragons had seen clearly what type of person Wu Yu was, so they believed in him.

Their main point of consideration was whether they should take the risk for Wu Yu. Because if they allowed him to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, it would be difficult to predict what would happen next.

"They will definitely allow you to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory," Luo Pin said confidently.


"Because they are good people. They like and value us, so they would not mind going through the trouble."

Luo Pin had already lived here for quite some time. She could feel that the couple treated her sincerely and were extremely happy to have her as their daughter.

As expected, after three days, the three of them summoned Wu Yu and Luo Pin to the Primordial Immortal Mountain Peak. The moment they entered, Wu Jun nodded and said, "I will allow you to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. However, you also need to bear in mind that you must be careful before you make any decisions. Think of Pin Er before you act. Wu Yu, the three of us like you a lot. We also think that you will be Pin Er's future husband. Hence, you must not disappoint her."

Wu Yu bowed in gratitude and said, "Thank you. We have already overcome so much to be together now. It can be said that we have experienced many ups and downs, so I will definitely bear that in mind."

"Very well."

It was really convenient to converse with them. They were really supportive and reasonable.

Wu Yu stood up, delighted. However, he thought of something and asked, "If I'm entering the trial, will Yu Manyuan be losing his qualification to participate in the trial? If that is the case, will the Jade Mirror Dragon King be upset? Will the others have something to say about this?"

He thought about the possibility of objections from the other mystical dragons.

The three elders laughed.

Wu Jun said, "I'm a bit embarrassed to say this, but the Primordial Immortal Realm actually has five slots for participation in the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory. However, considering that there are no outstanding talents in the current 1-Yuan generation, I have only opened up three slots. This saves us the trouble of sending two more people just to embarrass ourselves. I hope that with your addition, the Primordial Immortal Realm will not perform too badly."

So this was the truth.

Even with Wu Yu's participation in the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory, there was still another slot that Wu Jun did not want to fill up.

If they sent someone weaker than Yu Manyuan to participate in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, it would indeed be embarrassing. After all, the 600-plus participants would be clearly ranked. If most of the participants from the Primordial Immortal Realm ended up at the bottom of the rankings, it would be truly humiliating.

"You still have seven years of time. Prepare well. With your potential, you can become much stronger within seven years. Many of your opponents might be at the Nine Xuan Dao Realm, or even at the Immortal Lord Realm," Wu Hao said.

He was still very concerned about the Primordial Immortal Realm’s reputation.

Wu Yu said, "My main goal is to find out why I must enter the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory. As for the competition, I will still keep a low profile."

Ye Qianning said, "You’re right. Don't listen to your Uncle Hao. He is just being prideful and wants you to make it to the top 10 so that he can have something to boast about. You can just go ahead with your own plan."

"Shoo, don’t talk nonsense in front of the children," Wu Hao said with a straight face.

Both Wu Yu and Luo Pin laughed. Wu Hao was actually quite cute. He liked art and cooking, and he loved his wife, but he also loved maintaining his image. He lived an interesting life.

Of course, Wu Jun was also a good person. Although he was very strict, and his actions were always quick and swift. But no one could sway his determination.  He had even fulfilled Wu Yu’s request for him.

Next, Wu Yu had seven years to prepare.

Of course, to an immortal, seven years was actually a very short period of time. It would pass by in a flash.

It had taken Wu Yu a lot of effort to figure out the last few tiers of the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art and the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha. After all, the strongest beings that he had devoured were those two mystical dragons, and they were not very strong.

Hence, even when Wu Yu stole their comprehension abilities, it was a tedious affair to break through to the higher tiers. He needed to take more time and rely on himself to train.

Luo Pin was also training to be stronger.

She did not want to lag too far behind from Wu Yu. Although she did not mention it again, she obviously wanted to keep up with him as much as possible.

Because Wu Yu had also worked just as hard to catch up to her.

To her, love meant giving to each other. She did not want to be the only one on the receiving end.

Wu Yu and her trained in seclusion together.

Seven years!

For seven years, they stayed by each other’s side.

For these seven years, Wu Yu was happy and satisfied.

Occasionally, he would leave the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm and return to the Great Ancient Ink Realm to visit Wu You and the others, and check on their progress.

He would also bring the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi out for a breather.

And he would purchase some more resources.

Most of the time, of course, he was training.

Seven years of hard training!

Finally, even with his limited comprehension ability, he still managed to raise the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art to the ninth tier at a terrifying speed. It was a complete success!

The Lightning Aspect Realm, the Darkness Aspect Realm, and the Light Aspect Realm had all been formed successfully. The Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha was completely formed!

He had completed his training in the two Longevity Immortal Arts.

Of course, as he had not devoured anyone, he had spent a lot of time absorbing and refining immortal qi. Occasionally, he would use some true immortal medicines to help speed up the process.

Now he was extremely strong and had reached a stage where he thought was perfect. Next, he just had to break through to the next realm to become a Xuan immortal!

However, to achieve that, he would need to integrate all the dao that he had into one. For the time being, he did not know the way to do that.  He would have to continue training and consolidate his thoughts. Hence, he had reached his limit in his cultivation before the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory started. 

Luo Pin had progressed smoothly into a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal as well.

In fact, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had also become 2-Yuan heavenly immortals. Of course, Ye Xixi was considered a 2-Yuan ghostly immortal.

Now Wu Yu was a true 9-Yuan heavenly immortal.

Of course, the average Xuan immortal could not even compare to his current combat power.

Soon after that, the battle of the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory began!

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