Chapter 1287: Floating Dreams Immortal King

"The Tower of Dragon's Dawn? That's the prize too?"

Wu Yu was a little surprised. He had the memories of some mystical dragons, so he knew what the Tower of Dragon's Dawn was.

To put it simply, it was a little similar to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. 

It was a place for dao musing.

At the same time, it was also a little similar to the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques that Wu Yu had obtained previously.

The Tower of Dragon's Dawn housed countless wills of the mystical dragon tribe. Their daos, understanding, demonstrations, and numerous mystical dragon immortal techniques were left within. 

If a fortunate person entered and received the guidance from his ancestor, the rewards would be massive. 

The elite mystical dragons around today had basically all cultivated in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn. It was a place for one to forge a solid foundation. On top of that, the rule of the Tower of Dragon's Dawn was that one could only enter once in one's lifetime. 

Most of the mystical dragons wouldn't have the opportunity to enter the Tower of Dragon's Dawn. 

Those that had entered had undergone huge metamorphoses after exiting. Many of them had raised their cultivation levels by several tiers within the short span of a few hundred years.

Space within the Tower of Dragon's Dawn was limited. Therefore, for the mystical dragon tribe, and the younger mystical dragons in particular, clinching the right to enter the Tower of Dragon's Dawn was critical. 

It was definitely an opportunity to reach for the skies. Not only would it enable successive cultivation level breakthroughs, it would even have great influence on one's future cultivation path.

It would help one forge a solid foundation and would guide one on the correct path.

Basically, the opportunity to enter the Tower of Dragon's Dawn dwarfed all other rewards.

This was the case despite there being supreme treasures that only those at the Immortal Lord Realm could possibly obtain!

Luo Pin also told Wu Yu about the other rewards. 

After the battles, the fifth to tenth ranked mystical dragons will have the opportunity to cultivate in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn for 500 years. They will also each receive a destinable immortal treasure, a destinable immortal talisman, three Genesis Mystical Pills of destinable true immortal medicine-grade, and a certain amount of true immortal medicines, immortal kernels, and precious quintessences. Wu Yu understood that when the interior spirit designs within an immortal design exceeded 10 million, it would be considered ancient immortal design. For example, the Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword possessed an ancient immortal design. 

When the scale and number reached and exceeded the limit of 100 million, it would be called an immortal lord design. It was said that each immortal lord design had its own world that made it possible to encompass 100 million spirit designs. 

Immortal lord designs could come in various forms. Among which, if an immortal lord design was engraved and used in forging immortal treasures using precious quintessences with at least 1,000 spiritual marks, one could create a destinable immortal treasure after 1,000 or even 10,000 years of refining.

Destinable immortal treasures were on a whole new level compared to ancient immortal treasures. A destinable immortal treasure had its own power of a world. While attacking and defending, it would be as though they had a world reinforcing them. 

Immortal lord designs could also be used with immortal essences with at least 1,000 spiritual marks to create a myriad of destinable true immortal medicines. Similarly, it would take a long time. The Genesis Mystical Pill was just one type of these medicines. It could help one enlarge or create his own autonomous realm. 

Destinable immortal talismans also had at least 100 million spirit designs. If used by an ordinary immortal, one could even exterminate an elite Xuan immortal! 

"If the rewards for the fifth to tenth ranked are so amazing, what about the top 4?" 

The top four would be determined with battles. The rewards were amazing enough to light up anyone's eyes. 

Luo Pin's eyes gleaned with envy as she explained, "The fourth ranked dragon is slightly better than the other six. He will get 1,000 years of cultivation in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn. He will also receive a destinable immortal treasure, a destinable immortal talisman, three Genesis Mystical Pills of destinable true immortal medicine-grade, and a certain amount of true immortal medicines, immortal kernels, and precious quintessences. However, the quality of his destinable immortal treasure will be slightly better." 

Putting it simply, the fourth ranked would get 500 more years in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn. As for the other rewards, they were similar to those of the other six. The main reason is because getting fourth would mean he had lost two fights in a row. In other words, he was a failure.

"The third ranked will get substantially more. The time in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn is increased to 2,000 years. Also, he will get three destinable immortal talismans, a type of immortal lord technique, and five pills of destinable true immortal medicine-grade, of which three will be Genesis Mystical Pills." Immortal lord techniques could only be practiced by those at the Ruling Immortal Realm. Their power was naturally more frightening, and only the top three would be rewarded with one. 

"What about the destinable immortal treasure? The third ranked doesn't get one?" Wu Yu asked. 

Luo Pin answered, "The destinable immortal treasure for the third-ranked has been announced. It will be the Momentary Heavenly Thunder Bead, which has more than 200 million spirit designs. It can summon immortal kernel thunderbolts with over 1,000 spiritual marks to attack. It is also a destinable immortal treasure that many dream to own." 

"What about second?" 

"That will be even more amazing. The amount of destinable true immortal medicines, destinable immortal talismans, and immortal lord techniques will be even higher. They will also get to cultivate in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn for 4,000 years. Moreover, the destinable immortal treasure for second place has been announced too. It will be the Heavenly Wheel of Melody that is capable of creating sounds that can extinguish immortal spirits and massacre mortals. If it were used in the mortal domain, just a sound note would decimate all the living creatures in that realm." 

Wu Yu was stumped. That sounded too frightening. It was not surprising that so many people were losing their minds over the assessment of the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. 

Regardless, Wu Yu wasn't too interested. This was because it would be too high-profile, making it harder for him to be with Luo Pin. His objective was still to find out who was waiting for him in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. 

Only the rewards for first place were left. 

Luo Pin said, "The one who wins two consecutive matches in the end will get 10 destinable immortal talismans, three immortal lord techniques, and 10 destinable true immortal medicine-grade pills, five of which will be Genesis Mystical Pills. The opportunity to cultivate in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn has a maximum time limit of 10,000 years. Even the dragon emperors themselves only spent 10,000 years in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn." 

10,000 years was the limit, and one would benefit massively from it.

It was said that if one entered as a peak heavenly immortal, he could exit as a peak Xuan immortal in just 10,000 years!

The earlier one entered, the better it would be. 

"As for the destinable immortal treasure rewarded to the champion, I feel that it might be related to your Floating Dreams Pagoda based on its name. Its name is the Floating Dreams Sword. It is said that it was forged by an elite immortal known as the Floating Dreams Immortal King in ancient times. It is rumored that it has the power to slice through the space of the 8,000 Sky Palaces and can cut through everything with its incomparable sharpness. It has 500 million spirit designs, and the Floating Dreams Sword is something that many dragon lords are interested in." 

"Floating Dreams Immortal King? Floating Dreams Sword?" 

Wu Yu was a little surprised.

This was because the name was too similar to his Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Even at this point, the Floating Dreams Pagoda had yet to fully recognize Wu Yu as its owner. Wu Yu could even control ancient immortal treasures now. Could it be that the Floating Dreams Pagoda was a destinable immortal treasure? Similar to the level of the Floating Dreams Sword? 

And the voice from the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory....

The rewards for the champion... 10,000 years in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn, various immortal medicines, and immortal talismans... and there was the Floating Dreams Sword. 

All of these had piqued Wu Yu's interest, unknowingly drawing him to participate in the assessment of the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. 

It was especially so for the voice that Wu Yu deemed as extremely important.

Subsequently, Luo Pin explained the details of many other aspects to Wu Yu. 

For example, his competitors.

"I heard that the three dragons from our Primordial Immortal Empire are almost certainly the weakest among all participants.

"We are ranked 87th among the Hundred Empires. Overall, our Primordial Immortal Empire is weak when compared to the other empires.

"Therefore, we are only allowed three participants this time. For those larger empires, like the number one empire of the Sky Heart Tribe, the Heaven's Will Empire, I heard that they just determined who will be participating a few days ago. They will be sending 19 dragons. That's several times more than us.

"Counting the entire Sky Heart Tribe, there will likely be over 600 participants. Among which, the weakest will be 2-Xuan immortals, the level of Yu Manyuan. In total, there will only be four or five at this level. Xing Ling will probably be in the bottom 20 among the 600 participants, and Ye Xuanyi won't be much higher. Therefore, I think you can also tell that my uncle isn't very interested in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. In a way, he feels helpless. This is because the Primordial Immortal Empire is facing the issue of a weak younger generation. 

"Right now, it's hard for the mystical dragons from our Primordial Immortal Empire to lift their heads up high when they walk outside. Although our rank still remains at 87th, our true rank might even be below 95th. Regardless, my uncle is pretty strong himself. Among all the dragon kings, he could be ranked around the middle." 

Wu Yu had a rough understanding now. 

He was thinking hard

"How is it? Little villain, have you decided on your next move?" Luo Pin reached out her finger, lifted his chin, and winked flirtatiously at him.

"Don't try to seduce me. If I get crazy, I'll be a real beast," said Wu Yu.

"I don't believe you." 

"Huh?" Wu Yu was enraged. He pounced on her and kissed her intensely. 

After which, he said, "I've made up my mind. I'll be going. If I don't go this time, I might regret it forever. Moreover, I won't have the opportunity to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory again. Since this is a trial given to me, I'll be willing to accept. Moreover, with my uniqueness, I might get stronger quicker in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory." 

Luo Pin naturally knew that what he was referring to was his devouring ability.

That was a battlefield. 

Currently, it would be hard for Wu Yu to improve in a peaceful environment. On the other hand, if he was on the battlefield, he would be a predator and the nightmare of many people.

He would get stronger than anyone and could be more frightening than anyone. 

It was especially so in a place shrouded in death like the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. 

That was the battlefield for the young men and women of the Sky Heart Tribe! 

"I'll support you. Moreover, you might not get into any trouble." Luo Pin pulled him into her embrace. Wu Yu loved her hugs. They were soft, gentle, and warming.

"Aren't you afraid that our relationship will be affected if you’re under the limelight?" Luo Pin asked beside his ear. 

Wu Yu thought about it and said, "I understand. However, cowering in fear isn't my style. I'm not afraid of hurdles, I can only react accordingly. Now that even the Ancient Emperor is dead, is anything impossible?" 

Once, the Ancient Emperor was unimaginably frightening in his eyes. 

In the mortal domain, where his cries for help went unanswered... He had grown up in the tiger's cave where the Ancient Emperor was, staring at him and waiting to feast on him. 

In the end, Wu Yu ended up devouring him instead!

In that case, he couldn't possibly back off and cower in fear in the sky palaces. He was a brave man. 

Accepting challenges was in his fate and what he desired. 

As for Luo Pin, she loved his restlessness, passion, and direct personality.

Therefore, she said, "That's how I feel too. Cultivating silently with me in this place isn't suitable for you. We still have time. As long as you become an elite immortal in the sky palaces, there will be nothing that can stop us!" 

Regardless of the hurdles that were ahead of them, they would proceed together, hand in hand. 

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