Chapter 1286: Rules of the Purgatory

There were not many in this world who knew that Wu Yu was the recipient of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy.

However, Wu Yu was sure that he had not imagined that voice.

Who was that?

This naturally became Wu Yu's greatest question in mind.

Besides, that person had said that he was waiting for Wu Yu at the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

Wu Yu had only heard about the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory not long ago.

He had no intention of barging into the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory where he did not belong. The Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king, Wu Jun, had said that Wu Yu should keep a low profile in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

"Who is it?"

Wu Yu surveyed his surroundings. There was only endless immortal fog. No one answered him.

"This, how could it be...." Ming Long was speechless as she had heard that voice as well.

"Who do you think that is? The Nine Great Dragon Emperors? They may appear at the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. Or was it some elite immortal who is being imprisoned there?"

"But how would they know that you are the recipient of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy? It seems like no one else knows about the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal in the sky palaces."

"So, who could it be...."

Wu Yu was deep in thought.

Luo Pin had noticed his sudden change in behavior.

Wu Yu told her about this strange occurrence.

Luo Pin was also clueless and frowned.

"Then.... are you really going to the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory to look for him...."

"Let me think about it first."

Wu Yu had to calm down.

First, he had to analyze who this person was and if he would bring about a transformation for Wu Yu or be a danger to him.

"I'm afraid that he might be yet another Ancient Emperor. This contact looks like a mysterious encounter, but in reality, it is actually dangerous," Luo Pin said.

"Well, he is different from the Ancient Emperor. This person already knows that I have received the immortal's legacy. Also, he sounded righteous and is sure that I will definitely be at the purgatory. Actually, I think that he may be the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's companion, or perhaps someone who can answer my question. Maybe he can tell me what I need to do in return for inheriting the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy?"

This was what Wu Yu had always wanted to know. In fact, this was one of the most important goals that he had for coming to the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

And now it seemed like the opportunity to fulfil this goal had presented itself before him.

It was not only the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, but also Marshal Tian Peng and the Curtain Lifting General whom Wu Yu was very familiar with.

Why had three phenomenal immortals disappeared without a trace but left behind their legacies?

Luo Pin looked worried as she said, "Even so, I still think that it is too dangerous for you to go."

Wu Yu knew that she was worried for his safety. However, some things were worth the risk. Otherwise he would never learn the truth.

Who was this person?

He said, "Let's not be hasty in making our decision. Can you give me more details about the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory? I'm still not too clear about that. Especially about the trial that will take place in seven years."

Luo Pin nodded.

Both of them had thought that their future days would be peaceful. They had never expected such a sudden turn of events.

She explained, "The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory is the place where the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm imprisons their enemies and criminals. Basically everyone in there faces a death sentence. That is the reason why they are trapped in the purgatory. There are immortals who have slayed mystical dragons, mystical dragons who have committed heinous crimes, and also ghostly cultivators who have desecrated the mystical dragons in the Heaven and Earth Ancient battlefield. There are many other criminals and even Spirits of the Universe in there. You can say that most of them are vicious beings waiting for their death sentences. Because in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, their cultivation levels only regress. They will only weaken as time passes. Eventually, they will die in the huge Dragon Emperor's Purgatory Immortal Design.

"The trial held every 1,000 years actually brings their death sentences forward. Of course, it is also an opportunity for them to escape death. There will be a great battle in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory."

Actually, Wu Yu had participated in similar games in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent with the demons and in the Shushan Immortal Sect. It was just that the trial of the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory was more complicated.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had survived and gained his freedom from such a game.

However, the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory was different. 

"There are a few levels in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. Of which, the first level is the place where our trial will be held. It imprisons immortals, ghostly immortals, and mystical dragons below the Immortal Lord Realm. It also means that the strongest in the first level can have the battle power of a 9-Xuan immortal. That is relatively terrifying. They are trapped individually in Immortal Lord Realm-level Dragon Emperor Prison Cells. When the challengers enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, they have to seek out these hidden Dragon Emperor Prison Cells and then defeat the prisoners.

"Each challenger will have two spirit designs drawn on them before they enter. One of them is the Dragon Emperor Immortal Design and the other is called the Escape Immortal Design.

"The Escape Immortal Design will activate when the challengers are at the brink of death. It is for them to escape from the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. It helps them to escape death. But that is also equivalent to giving up on the trial.

"Whereas the Dragon Emperor Immortal Design forms the challenger's base. There is a corresponding Purgatory Immortal Design on each prisoner.

"The challenger will need to kill the prisoner. After killing the prisoner, the prisoner’s Purgatory Immortal Design will integrate into the challenger’s Dragon Emperor Immortal Design, making it stronger. 

"And the Dragon Emperor Immortal Design is usually drawn on the mystical dragons’ horns. If a prisoner cuts off a mystical dragon’s horn, he can obtain the Dragon Emperor Immortal Design. Similarly, this design will be integrated into the prisoner's Purgatory Immortal Design, strengthening it. 

"Of course, if the prisoner accidentally kills a mystical dragon, he will be killed immediately, and in a very cruel way. After all, we mystical dragons value our descendants a lot. We will not allow any one of them to die just like that. After all, it is too difficult for us to reproduce.

"Finally, all the challengers will be ranked according to the strength of their Dragon Emperor Immortal Design when the trial ends. The top ten will then emerge victorious.

"If the prisoners manage to stay alive until the end, their Purgatory Immortal Design will be of a certain strength as well.

"Every challenger will start off with Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs of the same strength. This is standardized. Everyone starts from scratch. 

"However, the strength of each prisoner's Purgatory Immortal Design is different. The stronger the prisoner, the stronger their Purgatory Immortal Design will be at the start. It is possible that after slaying a 9-Yuan Immortal, the challenger will earn a Purgatory Immortal Design that is 10 times stronger than that the one he would get from killing a 1-Yuan immortal.

"Therefore, the final ranking of the strength of the challengers’ Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs is not based on the number of prisoners that they kill, but the total strength of the Purgatory Immortal Designs obtained. Therefore, the goal is to find more powerful prisoners and kill them. Even if one has killed numerous immortals with weak Purgatory Immortal Designs, they cannot compare to those who killed prisoners with powerful Purgatory Immortal Designs.

"And to the prisoners, if their Purgatory Immortal Design can strengthen and reach a certain level, they will be released by the mystical dragon tribe. Of course, each prisoner will have to meet different requirements. The stronger the prisoner, the stronger their Purgatory Immortal Design will have to be before they can be released. Moreover, they themselves don't know what are the requirements that they have to fulfil, so in order to escape, they will try their best to fight against the challengers. Of course, they will need to control themselves and not kill any mystical dragons. Otherwise they will lose all hope of escaping.

"There is another rule, which is more interesting. The challengers can actually battle with each other. If they cut off their opponents’ horns and obtain their Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs, they can eliminate their opponent directly."

Wu Yu asked, "Will he get the other party's Dragon Emperor Immortal Design?"

Luo pin replied, "Of course not, we can only eliminate and disqualify the opponents. Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs cannot be integrated into another Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs. Only Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs and Purgatory Immortal Designs can be integrated into each other."

"How long will the trial last?"

"At the end of one year, the top 10 challengers with the strongest Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs will emerge victorious, gain fame, and many other extremely precious rewards. Of course, the top four will still have to participate in a special round of battle to determine the top three. As a matter of fact, the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory Trial is divided into two parts. The first part is conducted in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, and the second part is actually more popular amongst the mystical dragons. It will be conducted on the level above the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, namely the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield. This is where we will determine the top three winners of the trial."

"Won’t the top three be determined according to the ranking of the strength of their Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs?" Wu Yu asked.

Luo Pin shook her head and said, "It's not as simple as that. For the fifth to tenth places, the strength of their Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs will indeed determine their final ranking. However, for the top four, no matter how strong their Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs are, they can only be regarded as tickets to the final battle. Ultimately, the ranking of the top four can only be determined through the four final battles.”

This was why the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory was more advanced and complicated, especially with the setting of the final battle. This final battle made the whole Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory Trial more interesting. Of course, it could also make the young dragons more enthusiastic. It was always more exciting to defeat opponents and win first place in front of an audience! 

"The first battle will be between the challengers ranking second and third place according to the strength of their Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs, while the second battle will be between the challengers ranking in the first and fourth places. The two challengers who lose the first round of battle will fight to compete for third place in the final battle. While the two challengers who won the first round of battle will fight to compete for the championship."

This was basically how the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory Trial would proceed.

In the Dragon Emperor’s Purgatory, no one would know how strong their own Dragon Emperor Immortal Designs were, so they would need to kill constantly to ensure that they were leading in the rankings.

Every mystical dragon will fight hard to enter the top 10, to gain fame, to bring glory to their ancestors, to bring pride to their parents, and, of course, for the sake of their future! For the reward!

The entire Sky Heart Tribe was revved up for this!

Of course, after listening to Luo Pin's introduction, Wu Yu was very calm. His goal was simply to learn more about the purgatory.

If he were to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, he would not be interested in the prisoners or the reward. This was because he wanted to keep a low profile. His goal was to seek the person who had spoken to him.

He wanted to know what that person wanted to do.

Would he be a friend of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal....

Would he be able to answer his questions....

Or would he be Sun Wudao....

It was all these possibilities that tempted Wu Yu to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, not the great challenge that was about to take place there. That challenge belonged to the mystical dragons and not him.

Even the Dragon Emperor Immortal Design, which was the basis of the trial, was to be carved on dragon horns, which he did not have at all.

Wu Yu could not decide what to do now, so he had to calm down.

"In fact, I found out recently that the rewards for the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory are generous. The winner gets the opportunity to train in the Tower of Dragon's Dawn. This is actually the ultimate goal of every mystical dragon. Because that is the place that every mystical dragon dreams of entering."

Luo Pin was looking forward to that as well.

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