Chapter 1285: Awaiting for Wu Yu at Dragon Emperor's Purgatory

Wu Yu could not find words to describe Ye Xixi's transformation.

Her aura seemed to have changed, but it was not the same aura that Wu Yu had seen on other ghostly immortals.

Her aura was dark and cold, but very pure. There was nothing sinister or evil about her aura, unlike the auras of other ghostly immortals. Ye Xixi's aura was simply pure darkness.

Of course, her aura made her special and unique.

It made her highly attractive.

Ye Xixi was petite and her physique was highly compatible with such a pure aura. It accentuated her attractiveness, and even when she stood with Wu Yu and Nanshan, she could become the focus of attention.

"Big Brother Yu, do I look good?" Ye Xixi asked when she saw Wu Yu staring at her.

"Not bad, you look great. I believe that you will have many suitors in the future." Wu Yu laughed.

He gestured for Ye Xixi to hurry over. They had to leave immediately for safety reasons.

"What do you mean by just 'not bad?!' I feel that I have become quite beautiful! This is irritating, you only have eyes for Big Sister Luo Pin. I think I should let Big Brother Nanshan take a look at me instead." Ye Xixi was anxious.

"Ha ha, you are not his type. He will probably complain that you are not the voluptuous type that he likes." Wu Yu chuckled. 

As Wu Yu had predicted, when Ye Xixi entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the Full Moon of Nanshan only gave her a lazy look and teased, "Yo, you've become prettier, but still not my type."

"Asshole!" Ye Xixi was exasperated by these two unromantic men. Of course, in her heart, she still felt happy. She had taken these two to be her older brothers. They were like family.

She still had a long road ahead of her, and this was considered a good beginning.

"I shall transform my pain and anger into hard work, and one day, I shall have a man better than the two of you fall in love with me!" Ye Xixi declared.

"Meow!" Lazy yowled loudly at the Full Moon of Nanshan in a boastful manner.

They had 10 times the time inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This was very beneficial for their training. As expected, they had earned the Longevity Immortal Art from Marshal Tian Peng and the Longevity Ghostly Dao from the Curtain Lifting General respectively. 

The two of them were now engrossed in studying their immortal art and ghostly dao and were no longer paying any attention to Wu Yu.

"One has become an immortal and the other a ghostly immortal. This is great." This meant that both of them had at least 129,600 years of lifespan. He no longer needed to worry about them dying in 600 years.

"Soon, when the Full Moon of Nanshan is stronger, he can even go out and explore on his own. As for Xixi, I still need to find a way for her to hide her aura. It is lucky that she is different from the usual ghostly immortal, which should make it easier to hide her aura."

Of these three people, Wu Yu was considered human, but also a Spirit of the Universe. He was a combination of an immortal and a Spirit of the Universe.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was originally a demon, and through his training of the immortal technique, he had turned into an immortal beast. Actually, there was not much of a difference between immortal beasts and demon immortals.

Whereas Ye Xixi, who had trained in the ghostly dao since young but never did evil, had now become a ghostly immortal.

All of them had taken different paths.

After Nanshan and Xixi returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Wu Yu instantly left the place and headed towards Golden Fate Dragon City. He had not really spent much time with Luo Pin and could not bear to leave yet. Hence, he was going to return to the Primordial Immortal Empire.

Besides, he had received the daos of two mystical dragons, so he could study the Lightning Aspect Realm and the eighth tier of the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art.

As he progressed to the higher tiers, he would require longer periods of study. An immortal's training was endless.

"If my real body and my avatar did not combine, then I may have been like them and would require a long time just to improve by a smidgen.

"So it turns out that the Ancient Emperor actually helped me gain this crazy ability to train at an unbelievable speed."

This was all fate.

Wu Yu had won in this game of fate.

His current body was truly heaven-defying. It was even better than the Heaven Devouring Avatar before.

Especially since he had the Ruyi Jingu Bang to suppress the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast.

After devouring the two mystical dragons, his immortal spirit had started to transform into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast once again. About a third of his immortal spirit was transformed before the Ruyi Jingu Bang had suppressed the transformation. It would probably take quite some time before it could reverse the transformation and allow him to regain his state of normalcy.

The powers of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal were actually complementary.

Under the astonished gazes of various mystical dragons, Wu Yu used the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree to return to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm before going back to the Primordial Immortal Empire. He waited for Luo Pin's classes to end at the Hidden Dragon Peak  so that they could return to Qin Yin Peak together.

"That's him, Wu Yu, Luo Pin's husband!"

"He's here to pick Luo Pin up!"

"That's so blissful."

"Stop saying that he is her husband. The Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king said that we should not say that. Luo Pin is still young."

"But he is practically her husband."

The other young dragons started gossiping when they saw Wu Yu.

"How are things going?" Luo Pin smiled when she saw him. She rarely smiled in front of other people.

"Very well." Wu Yu piloted the Somersault Cloud and the two of them returned to Qinyin Palace cuddled together. Wu Hao and Ye Qianning were often training in seclusion. Hence, Wu Yu and Luo Pin rarely saw them.

"You have only been gone for a short period of time. Why are you so anxious?" They had only just touched down at Qinyin Palace when Wu Yu started embracing her.

"I miss you even if I leave for only one second." Wu Yu grinned cheekily.

She was too perfect. Wu Yu was drunk on her scent.

She had such soft skin, such perfect features, such smooth, flowy hair, and such gentle yet wise eyes. Everything about her could drive Wu Yu crazy.

Luo Pin blushed and whispered, "Be good, stop your wandering hands. If my adoptive parents sense that, it will be embarrassing." 

After all, the couple was still in the palace.

"Ai yo, my dear lady, when will you elope with a ruffian like me," Wu Yu teased.

"What are you saying? I'm still a baby dragon. I cannot elope with you. You will have to wait for a long time."

Luo Pin poked fun at Wu Yu's pain.

Wu Yu felt that these mystical dragons were crazy. It was obvious that Luo Pin was much more mature than the other little dragons. Her body had also matured faster in the mortal domain. How could they treat her like a baby?

After fooling around for a while, they simply enjoyed each other's company. Amidst these peaceful and happy moments, Wu Yu's anxious heart managed to calm down, and the transformation of his immortal spirit back into human form actually sped up. Luo Pin was indeed a woman who could bring him peace.

She was different from Nangong Wei, who would only test his patience.

Luo Pin had trained under the instruction of a dragon king and would probably become a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal within a few days.

Her speed of training was very fast too!

When she reached the level of a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal, Wu Yu could probably bring her out to travel and see the bigger world outside.

When Wu Yu was tired, he laid his head on her smooth thighs and gazed up at her face and the immortal fog in the sky. Luo Pin's head was also raised when she suddenly said sadly, "Wu Yu, I was suddenly hit with some unhappy thoughts these few days. In the mortal domain, we used to say that dao companions have to be equal in power. That was the only way we could encourage each other to improve. Perhaps in the mortal domain, you worked very hard to catch up to my level. When you have succeeded, we seemed to finally match. But ever since we reached the sky palaces, things seem to be different."

Wu Yu shook his head and comforted her. "Don't overthink."

Luo Pin murmured sadly, "I'm not overthinking. You are improving at a very fast pace now. It is obvious that I can never catch up to you. In the future, the gap between us will only widen. I may always remain a little dragon, while you can reach higher sky palaces and get to know stronger and even more talented immortals. I think that I may no longer be good enough for you."

"That's nonsense!" Wu Yu suddenly sat up and grabbed her shoulders. He stared into her eyes and said, "I don't like hearing you say those words. You and you alone shall be mine. No one can stop us from being together. Listen carefully. Firstly, my situation is unique, especially right now. If you want to talk about cultivation rate, then there is no one in the entire Heavenly Domain that could catch up to me. Doesn't that mean that no one is a good match for me? Secondly, at this point, I no longer feel that dao companions need to be equally matched in power or status. Because when two people want to be together, especially two immortals, the most important thing is not strength, but heart."

He pointed at their hearts and said, "I have vowed in the mortal domain that no matter what, I will be with you forever. And you should not be anxious. No one can tell what will happen in the future. If I'm really so talented, I will naturally let you, my woman, live an eternal life together with me!"

Wu Yu was no longer the same Wu Yu who was restricted by the societal expectations of the mortal domain. Similarly, the Wu Yu now refused to be restricted by the rules of the sky palaces.

Luo Pin smiled after listening to Wu Yu and said, "You don't have to be anxious either. I'm just sharing with you that I have such worries in my heart. Of course, now I finally see that a little guy like you is truly a rare top-rate husband material. Your future is unlimited. I'm not so foolish to push you to other women."

"Did you just say that I'm little?" Wu Yu grinned devilishly.

"Why are you always thinking in that direction?" Luo Pin blushed again. She explained, "I'm already a few hundred years old, while you are not even 100 years old. In the mortal domain, didn't you say that I was a cougar? So, in my eyes, you are still a little rascal."

Actually, it was enough for Luo Pin to stop worrying when Wu Yu had made his attitude clear.

Of course, within the mystical dragon tribe, there would be many who would still think that it was Wu Yu who was not good enough for Luo Pin.

But Wu Yu did not care. The Wu Yu of today did not like being troubled by other people's criticisms. If someone were to obstruct their relationship, he would only break through those obstructions.

As he joked and chatted with Luo Pin, several hours passed.

She started training, and Wu Yu also started to study about the Lightning Aspect Realm. Many difficult questions seemed easily solvable now.

They sat together and watched as the clouds rolled by on Qin Yin Peak.

All was serene.

Two hearts beating in synchrony.

Actually, Wu Yu had taken Luo Pin's words to heart. He disliked that he had caused Luo Pin to have such thoughts.

He did not want her to suffer even a moment of unhappiness.

Hence, he kept thinking of what to do in the future.

Not even the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi could not catch up to Wu Yu's cultivation rate. What else could Wu Yu do? The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was really an incredible being.

At the moment, he could only put this matter aside.

He was now extremely focused on studying the Lightning Aspect Realm.

As he was training in silence, an ancient voice suddenly came out of nowhere. The voice blasted into Wu Yu's ears.

"Recipient of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy, I shall await for you at the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory!"

Wu Yu felt as though thunder had struck him. His eyes opened in shock and he looked at his surroundings.

There was only Luo Pin by his side.

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