Chapter 1284: Deadly Nightshadow Dragon

No matter how strong Wu Yu was, if one of them shook him off to ambush Ye Xixi, it would be troublesome for him. 

He only had one option left. 


"It seems like that's a girl. So, you are interested in a ghostly immortal? What a strange taste you have! Aren't you afraid she will wring your head off when you guys are doing the thing together?" The Spirit Devourer Black Dragon mocked Wu Yu as he darted towards him. 

Arrogance filled the eyes of this mystical dragon. It was common to see mystical dragon immortal beasts acting arrogantly before immortals. However, the arrogance that this dragon had was especially high.

Wu Yu's response to him was indifference. 

"Immortal Cloud Field!" 

He struck instantly, and the Immortal Cloud Field expanded out swiftly to cover the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon completely. 

"What the hell is this!?" The Spirit Devourer Black Dragon was surprised to find that it was hard to move even an inch within the clouds. The pressure from the immortal clouds was difficult to bear, but Wu Yu could still move like a fish in water.

"How dare you!" 

He raged and wanted to tear the Immortal Cloud Field with force!

However, what he didn't know was that Wu Yu had transformed into an Immortal Ape. At the same time, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth so that he wouldn't be any smaller than the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon. Furthermore, he had the ancient immortal treasure Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword with him! 

This was what he had won from Ye Xuanyi in battle. 

Swift and decisive!

With the Immortal Cloud Field trapping his opponent, Wu Yu charged forward instantly. The Spirit Devourer Black Dragon was thinking of a way to rip through the Immortal Cloud Field when Wu Yu's Spirit Chaser Art hit him directly! 

Wu Yu was out of time!


The effects of the Spirit Chaser Art were huge, and when striking one's immortal spirit, it could knock one into a stunned state. 

"100,000 Dragons Immortal Butchering Design!" 

This was an ancient immortal design with over 40,000,000 spirit designs. Spirit designs with over 10,000,000 spirit designs could be considered ancient immortal designs. 

The powers of ancient immortal design exceeded ordinary immortal design extensively. It was especially so when Wu Yu used it with his current strength. 

While the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon was still stunned from the Spirit Chaser Art, Wu Yu charged forward and swung out his Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword without saying a word.

100,000 immortal dragons morphed into sword qi, broke the defense of the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon, and penetrated his body. Instantly, numerous wounds were opened on the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon's body. He cried tragically and stared at Wu Yu with extreme fear. 

"Call her back to save you, or I will send you to the afterlife right here!" Wu Yu appeared before the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon with his savage golden immortal ape form. 

"You dare to kill me in my territory? How hilarious! You won't live past today because of your actions! Do you know who I am? Haha!" 

The Spirit Devourer Black Dragon was fearless. He was confident that no one would kill him in the Dragon Immortal Sky, let alone an immortal. At the same time, he was certain that Wu Yu must have used some treasure to mask his strength and let others see him as an heavenly immortal.

He was haughty. 

However, Wu Yu responded with 100,000 immortal dragons made of sword qi! 

Sha, sha, sha! 

In a split second, the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon was engulfed in Wu Yu's sword qi amidst his tragic cries. 

Perhaps the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon couldn't understand what had happened even just before his death. He had never expected to encounter someone who was fearless and who would not act according to how most people would.

He was just sticking his nose around, he had not expected to lose his life. This was because he was used to toying with others' lives, and he didn't know how important Ye Xixi was to Wu Yu. 

The more important someone was to him, the more Wu Yu wouldn't show any mercy!


She was close! 

The Deadly Nightshadow Dragon was drawing closer and closer to Ye Xixi. She could now see the black calamity clouds integrating into Ye Xixi's body. 

"It's a girl! Filthy ghostly immortal! How dare you show up in my Dragon Immortal Sky! You must have lived too long! How annoying!

"Let me send a filthy one like you to hell! That's the place most suitable for you!

"Our holy and clean Dragon Immortal Sky is getting tainted by your repugnant aura!" 

She didn't have to use any major moves, as it would be simple to let Ye Xixi suffer from the backlash of the Great Trial of the Ghostly Dao. 

Just as she was about to strike…

At this very moment!

A giant figure popped up in front of her out of the blue.

It was golden in color. Taking a closer look, she could see a golden ape. It was savage, ferocious, domineering, and filled with terrifying ancient vibes. 

"Demon immortal? Immortal beast?" The Deadly Nightshadow Dragon was a little stumped. The feeling she got from the giant beast was stifling, and she was forced to stop her attack.

However, the next instant, she saw that the golden ape was carrying a giant dragon head in its hand. 

Blood was still dripping from the dragon head that was without a body. The eyes were still open and wounds were scattered across the head. One could tell that it had died with indignance. 

"Argh! Argh!" the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon cried tragically. 

She naturally recognized that person! That was the man that had been wooing her, and she was about to agree to becoming his dao companion. 

"You killed him! You killed him! Do you know who he is?" the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon screamed frenziedly. 

"Him? He's a dead man. Or should I say a dead dragon," Wu Yu answered indifferently. 

At this point, the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon was too close to Ye Xixi. 

Furthermore, her presence might draw stronger enemies for Wu Yu at any point. Perhaps more terrifying enemies would arrive before Ye Xixi succeeded. 

Therefore, he could no longer hesitate after taking the first step. He transformed into a cloud of black mist and devoured the remaining dragon head. After digesting, he transformed back into his golden immortal ape form.

"You better back off now!" While digesting and converting, the immortal energy and buddha energy he once lacked were quickly filled. His Earth Aspect Realm and Wind Aspect Realm reached full mastery and the Bodhi Seeds in his immortal spirit were lighting up! 

"You killed him! I will kill you to be buried with him! First, I'll kill your woman!" The Deadly Nightshadow Dragon had lost her mind. She was locked on to Ye Xixi as it was easy for her to strike Ye Xixi.

She was confident she could escape after killing Ye Xixi. However, due to her anger, she had forgotten how long Wu Yu had taken to kill the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon. 

Furthermore, Wu Yu was now stronger. As each moment passed, his strength escalated! 

The Deadly Nightshadow Dragon made her move. 

Wu Yu was quicker, and he wouldn't let her reach Ye Xixi! 

Once again, Immortal Cloud Field! 

This was useful as the clouds surged outwards and had the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon trapped. Within it, it would be as though she was moving in a swamp, or rather a swamp full of glue. Her advantage in speed diminished instantly. At the same time, Wu Yu was able to move freely within with Fulgurating Shadows. 

"Uh...." The Deadly Nightshadow Dragon was stumped. She could still conceal her body, but within the Immortal Cloud Field, it was pointless. Wu Yu would still know where she was. 

"Optics of Immortal Expanse!" 


The next instant, the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon was set ablaze from the ferocious eyes! 

Pa, pa, pa!

Her dragon scales started cracking and were badly mangled!

This was just the beginning!

Killing sword qi from the ancient immortal treasure rushed forward once again and had her surrounded and devoured! This was stronger than before and therefore was harder for the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon to resist! 

"Do you know the hefty price you have to pay for killing us!?" the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon screamed. She was flustered. She finally understood that she couldn't kill Ye Xixi with Wu Yu protecting her.

The response she got was rampant sword qi from Wu Yu!

"Stop! I admit my defeat! I won't dare to do anything! I won’t poke my nose in areas where I shouldn't! We have nothing to do with this ghostly cultivator! I know my mistake now! Don't kill me! Please don't kill me! Spare my life and I'll leave immediately! I will not cause you any trouble!" 

To sum it up, being too nosy had caused their downfall. 

However, Wu Yu could tell that they were used to being arrogant and despotic. They could only blame their bad luck for encountering Wu Yu today. However, this was just their retribution. If they had not done what they did, they wouldn't have had to suffer the consequences now.

"It's too late." 

There's no way Wu Yu could trust her. Once she left, there was at least a 99% chance that she would return with stronger mystical dragons.

He wouldn't risk Ye Xixi's life to show kindness or mercy. 

Sha, sha, sha! 

Countless sword qi dragons bombarded her immortal spirit until she was fully decimated. Wu Yu hadn't been devouring for a long time. Now that he had started killing, he naturally wouldn't waste it. Two mystical dragons with dense flesh and blood essence entered the stomach of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. 

Wu Yu reverted to his human form and serenity returned to the place. Wu Yu could see that his battles had still affected Ye Xixi greatly. Her condition wasn't too stable and the powers of the calamity were still rampaging in her body. Looking at her grimacing, Wu Yu couldn't help but feel his heart aching. 

"I should have been more decisive in killing those two." He didn't regret his actions.

Fortunately, the battles had ended and Wu Yu had successfully killed his opponents. This also allowed Ye Xixi to suppress the calamity again to continue forging her ghostly immortal body and ghostly spirit. 

Although Wu Yu wasn't speaking to her, she could understand everything from the battles.

Wu Yu hadn't allowed them to send out any Immortal Message Talismans. Therefore, it was peaceful for the remaining time. Over this period, Wu Yu digested everything they had and converted it into his own. 

Wu Yu understood that the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon had threanted him because of his parents, who were powerful and elite dragon lords. They were also members of the Shackled God Tribe. 

As for their growth, Wu Yu wasn't interested. He only took in information on the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm and the 8,000 Sky Palaces. Naturally, he also digested their daos.

Their perceptive ability and dao of three immortal dao marks were greatly beneficial to Wu Yu.

Together, that would be six immortal dao marks. It wasn't easy to digest all of them, as the dao within them was too rich. Wu Yu started with devouring their physical bodies and immortal spirits before focusing on the immortal dao marks. Overall, he had reaped handsome rewards. 

"Once I become a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal, I will be able to use their daos to form my immortal dao mark immediately. However, their immortal dao marks can't enter my eyes. When the time comes, I should still try to create my own dao." 

Ao Ding only had one immortal dao mark. 

Wu Yu believed that with the perceptive abilities of these two mystical dragons, he would make further improvements in his two Longevity Immortal Arts! 

He was researching and digesting while the 100,000 doppelgangers were scattered in the surroundings to stand guard. Ye Xixi was also approaching the end without any major danger. 

Finally, she succeeded. 

When Wu Yu saw the ghostly immortal she had become, he was stumped. 

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