Chapter 1283: Spirit Devourer Black Dragon

Going off of his own Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, Wu Yu saw that the Full Moon of Nanshan's Great Trial of the Demonic Dao did not seem too powerful.

Marshal Tian Peng was probably an upright immortal with a righteous legacy. The Nine Cycles of the Imperial Immortal Body was mighty and full of righteous power.

Although he had yet to become an immortal, he already had a stronger immortal aura compared to many others.

If he became an immortal, then his pure immortal aura would be quite something to behold.

The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had a domineering, rebellious, and unruly will.

As for Marshal Tian Peng, he was righteous, and even saintly.

As for the Curtain Lifting General, he was dark, menacing, and cold.

All three had different qualities.

The Full Moon of Nanshan, as an "immortal beast," would be able to roam the sky palaces with even more ease.

"This guy, he looks like he's going to reach immortalhood very easily," Ye Xixi blurted out, seeing how casually the Full Moon of Nanshan was facing the trial.

"I've given him many immortal medicines and immortal treasures to protect himself with. Moreover, he has his own legacy. It would be strange if he could not pass the trial. Why? Nervous?" Wu Yu asked.

Ye Xixi shook her head. "Nope. I was just thinking that I'm a ghostly cultivator, and I wondered if there would be anything wrong with attempting the Great Trial of the Ghostly Dao here in the 8,000 Sky Palaces."

Wu Yu had, of course, considered this before.

"It seems like there have been ghostly cultivators who passed the trial here without any problems. If we return to the mortal domain, you might ascend to the 10,000 Levels of Hell after you pass the trial, since you are not a native immortal in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Therefore, you can only try in the sky palaces."

"Mm, I know. I don't want to leave Big Brother Yu and go to the 10,000 Levels of Hell alone. Too many scary ghostly immortals." Ye Xixi was more inclined towards the 8,000 Sky Palaces herself. It looked beautiful.

"Don't worry, I'll give you protection. There will be no problem. Once you two become immortals, I will be thoroughly relieved. At that time, you can continue to cultivate in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and I've prepared all sorts of cultivation resources for you. Besides, I know of some treasures that can mask your ghostly immortal aura. I will search for them."

"That's wonderful. In the future, I will be able to move about freely, and won't have to keep staying in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and stare at that bastard!" Ye Xixi was overjoyed.

After about an hour, one could see that the Full Moon of Nanshan had all but dealt with the trials.

He was currently absorbing the energy from the Great Trial of the Demonic Dao to build his immortal body and spirit. This was a life-changing metamorphosis, and Wu Yu guarded him without interfering.

"I'm so envious of Big Brother Nanshan. He succeeded so easily," Ye Xixi said.

"Don't worry, you'll definitely do even better than him." Wu Yu patted her head soothingly.

After being together for so long, Wu Yu already saw her as his kin sister. 

Actually, their fighting ability was at immortal level already. Besides, after such a long time, Ye Xixi had already uncovered all of the Heaven Dao Mystiques of the Curtain Lifting General. Her Hell Incarnation Avatar had also made huge improvements.

After another hour, the smoke around the Full Moon of Nanshan's body faded, then a pure and respectable immortal appeared before the two of them. The Full Moon of Nanshan was even more beautiful now, both in terms of figure and features. Even immortal women would be moved by him. Besides, he looked very noble. With a sharp brow and shining eyes, he was a tall and dashing prince. It was the exact opposite of his character....

"If this form could be swapped with Big Brother Jiu Ying’s, that would be awesome!" Ye Xixi sighed.

Jiu Ying was a true gentleman!

"Little girl, you're saying bad things about me again. I felt like someone was cursing me the whole time I was facing the trial. Now that Big Brother here has ascended, see if I won't spank you?"

He could feel his immortal spirit and body, and was over the moon with joy.

"Let me back into Floating Dreams Pagoda! There are too many good things, and I have to slowly digest them!" the Full Moon of Nanshan exclaimed.


"Little girl, you had better hurry up. The Great Trial of the Immortal Dao is too easy, it won't trip you up," the Full Moon of Nanshan said, then he hurried back into the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Wu Yu patted her shoulder. She was still nervous.

"Go on. Xixi, this is a great trial in your life. Don't forget our legacies. This will be nothing to you," Wu Yu said seriously.

"Yes. As a bearer of a legacy, I should not be afraid."

Ye Xixi steeled herself and then began to undergo the trial right where the Full Moon of Nanshan had.

The Great Trial of the Ghostly Dao!

It was indeed different!

Whether in terms of lightning, fire, or wind, it was completely different.

But Ye Xixi did not react badly. On the whole, her trial seemed to be going as well as the Full Moon of Nanshan's had.

Therefore, seeing the black clouds, lightning, wind, and flames begin, Wu Yu was already relaxed. Ye Xixi was currently handling herself at least as well as the Full Moon of Nanshan had, so it should be fine.

"Meow." Lazy was quite nervous, jumping into Wu Yu's arms.

"Don't worry. She'll be safe," Wu Yu said gently, stroking it.

When Ye Xixi got serious, it was a reassuring sight. She was calm when dealing with the trial, even using it to train her own ghostly immortal body and ghostly spirit.

Time ticked by, and all was proceeding as it should. The power of heaven's wrath was gradually being controlled by Ye Xixi.

However, because it was the Great Trial of the Ghostly Dao, there was something different from the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. If it was the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, no one would take much notice. But this was the Great Trial of the Ghostly Dao, so the whole air was filled with ghostly immortal qi. Even from far away, one could see a ghostly immortal being born, and the aura was in the shape of a giant skull.

"If we're unlucky, others might happen upon it."

Wu Yu was playing it on the safe side. Therefore, his 100,000 clones spread out all over a huge area.

Just to be safe.

However, in the midst of it, Wu Yu still saw that mystical dragons had noticed the commotion.

If they were strong, things would get hairy. He might need to think of a way to buy time for Ye Xixi to succeed.

However, these two mystical dragons were just barely within the range that Wu Yu could handle. Wu Yu had fought such opponents before.

They should be 3-Xuan immortals, roughly equal to Xing Ling.

Ye Xixi's matter was extremely important. If she were interfered with, the results would be too dire to imagine. There had been countless people throughout the course of history who had crumbled to dust because their trials were interrupted by others.

Therefore, in order to prevent that, Wu Yu immediately used the Somersault Cloud to leap in front of the two mystical dragons who were headed for Ye Xixi.

It was quite unsettling for him to appear like that.

The two mystical dragons almost jumped out of their skins.

These were two black mystical dragons. One was stocky, and moved powerfully. She was clearly a female dragon, and had a single sharp horn that pointed forward. She looked like a speedy creature who could come and go like the wind. The other mystical dragon was also black, but much more majestic. His head was exceptionally big, and Wu Yu actually recognized these two types of mystical dragons from Ao Ding's memories.

They both came from the Shackled God Tribe, a bigger tribe compared to the Sky Heart Tribe.

The male dragon with the large head was a Spirit Devourer Black Dragon, which had the formidable mystique of being able to devourer immortal spirits. Spirit Devourer Black Dragons were considered high-tier mystical dragons, and they had the potential to reach the Immortal Lord Realm.

The other was a Deadly Nightshadow Dragon, a famous killer within the mystical dragon tribe. They specialized in assassinations from the shadows, striking a lethal hit in one blow. They were also high-tier mystical dragons, and their futures were bright. Neither of these two mystical dragons were old - they were probably less than two yuan old.

They were currently rushing over to Ye Xixi's location. Wu Yu appeared before them and hurriedly said, "Please halt for a moment."

For safety's sake, he randomly took the guise of a Great Ancient Ink Realm immortal.

The Spirit Devourer Black Dragon and the Deadly Nightshadow Dragon stared coldly at Wu Yu, who had stopped them. The male dragon said, "That ghostly cultivator is one of yours! That means you brought a ghostly cultivator to the 8,000 Sky Palaces! And to the Dragon Immortal Sky! Despicable immortal, you have committed blasphemy! Are you trying to use ghostly cultivators to sully our Dragon Immortal Sky?"

Attitudes towards ghostly cultivators differed between immortals, but, evidently, these two mystical dragons were extremely negative about it.

"Please do not be hasty, and hear me out." Wu Yu even put on a smile. After all, Ye Xixi could not be disturbed at any cost.

The Deadly Nightshadow Dragon harrumphed. "The truth and the evidence are all right before our eyes. You dare to stop us from killing the ghostly immortal? That means you're in cahoots with her! If this ghostly immortal successfully passes the trial, they will commit evil in the Dragon Immortal Sky from now on! Ghostly immortals should go to the 10,000 Levels of Hell, but you let her come here. You are implicated too, and your sin is great!"

The Spirit Devourer Black Dragon said, "Ye Ling, you go kill that ghostly immortal. I'll deal with this one."


Both of them immediately sprung into action without further comment. The Deadly Nightshadow Dragon moved very swiftly, immediately skirting Wu Yu and streaking towards Ye Xixi. Given her speed, she would probably only need 30 breaths of time to reach Ye Xixi's location.

As for the Spirit Devourer Black Dragon, he immediately moved to suppress Wu Yu. However, he was treating Wu Yu like a heavenly immortal-level opponent.

For him, it was fairly straightforward.

They had made their decision.

Wu Yu knew that the slightest hesitation from him would spell Ye Xixi's death.

Wu Yu could not bear death. Any softening of his actions might kill her!

He only had 30 breaths of time!

The Spirit Devourer Black Dragon laughed coldly, opening his huge dragon maw and pouncing on Wu Yu!

"I hate you immortals the most. There are so many other levels of heaven, but you had to come here to the Dragon Immortal Sky. If that's not bad enough, you're even causing trouble! No one will regret your death!"

He did not take Wu Yu seriously.

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