Chapter 1282: Nanshan Challenges the Great Trial

The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory was actually a prison. 

It was used to incarcerate the criminals of the mystical dragon tribe. 

Moreover, they were basically all offenders that had been sentenced to death. 

Some of them were immortals or ghostly immortals. 

However, the majority of them were mystical dragons. They had committed heinous crimes, brought harm to their own kind, or betrayed their comrades.

The mystical dragon tribe had a long history. There were lots of immortals that had harmed mystical dragons.

In fact, the number of people in it was still increasing. 

The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory would be opened once every thousand years for the younger generation of mystical dragons as a trial. 

The nine major tribes would take turns to open it. 

It had been 9,000 years since the Sky Heart tribe opened their Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

This time, it would open in seven years.

The Primordial Immortal Empire had three slots. 

The assessment today was to determine who would receive the rights for the three slots. 

All three of them were fresh and had not participated 9,000 years ago. Moreover, they were all sons of dragon kings and below 20,000 years old.

The truth was that anyone below one yuan of age would fulfill the requirements. 

Elite geniuses below one yuan were scarce and few in the Primordial Immortal Empire. Ye Xuanyi and the others would probably need several cycles of 9,000 years before they would have strength close to the Immortal Lord Realm and could finally match the geniuses from the other tribes. 

For other mystical dragons, if they could become Xuan immortals in one yuan, it would be commendable. 

Wu Yu didn't know about the details of the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory right now. The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king had announced the candidates, and Wu Yu didn't want to complicate the issue. After all, the main reason he was here was to be with Luo Pin. Therefore, he didn't try to find out more and left this matter aside. 

Moreover, he had something that he had to do soon.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would have to challenge the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao and the Great Trial of the Ghostly Dao soon. 

Mystical dragons were everywhere in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, so it wouldn't be very appropriate to do that here. As he now had the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree, he was thinking of heading to the Dragon Immortal Sky for them to challenge their Great Trials, become immortals, and complete the most important final step. 

Wu Hao and Ye had only allowed Wu Yu to live in the Qinyin Palace. Wu Yu didn't want them to know that he had brought others along. 

The commotion from challenging the Great Trial would be rather huge, so he naturally wanted to find a more hidden place. 

However, he wasn't in a rush. Wu Yu had told Luo Pin that he would be heading out after preparing for 10 days.

Regardless, Luo Pin would still need a long time to "grow up." 

Wu Hao was in high spirits. When he returned to Qinyin Palace, he prepared a sumptuous feast. He probably knew Wu Yu was exhausted, so the dishes he prepared were nourishing. 

After which, he took out his ancient immortal essence wine that he had preserved for a long time. This time, Wu Yu restrained himself. This was because the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king, Wu Jun, was here too. Just the two brothers alone were sufficient to liven up the place. 

"Brother, I'm really envious of you. You have a child, and God damn, you even have a son-in-law now. Yet, here I am, still alone!" Wu Jun took a look at Luo Pin and Wu Yu and couldn't be more envious. 

Ye Qianning said, "Big Brother, that's because you didn't want one and you sent Luo Pin to us. You can't go back on your word~" 

Initially, Luo Pin was sent to Wu Jun for him to take care of. However, he had no time to guide Luo Pin. Therefore, he asked Ye Qianning to be her master. In the end, Ye Qianning took her in as a foster child directly. Wu Jun regretted that he hadn't thought of this at the beginning.... 

"Uncle, we are one family. Pin Er will also be filial to you." Wu Yu was surprised by how tactful Luo Pin was. She had been the Lord of the Four Seas for so many years and was probably used to being domineering in how she acted. Now that she was in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm and faced these elite dragon kings, she knew that she had to recognize where she stood. 

Moreover, these dragon kings were all hundreds of thousands of years old - being respectful to them was a given. 

"Pin Er is really good with words. I'm so grateful. Come, let's have a toast! No one shall rest before getting drunk today!" 

"This won't do. Drink less. I don't have much wine left!" Wu Hao was also tipsy by now. 

"What a miser! I'm drinking your wine, not asking for your life. Bring it out!"

Both of them were of a certain age, yet they had gotten into a quarrel so casually. 

However, one could tell that they were truly happy. 

After having a good meal, Wu Jun patted Wu Yu's shoulder and asked, "You know about the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, right? That's a great trial, and it helps any young man or woman greatly. That is also an opportunity that many young men and women covet. You defeated Ye Xuanyi today. If I had announced that I would be swapping you in for Yu Manyuan, no one would have objected to it. However, I didn't do so. Do you know why?" 

Wu Yu nodded and said, "That's because my identity of being an immortal would be an eyesore in that place. Others would investigate my background and identity and eventually learn about my relationship with Luo Pin. As she's an ultimate mystical dragon, it wouldn't be good for us if other elite dragon kings or even dragon emperors heard about us. They might even make things a lot harder for us." 

Wu Jun nodded and remarked, "You are smart." 

It was also because of this that Wu Yu was too lazy to find out more about the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory. He had won the approval of the other mystical dragons in the Primordial Immortal Empire. What he needed to do now was keep a low profile. 

"Keep a low profile and be careful. Make good use of your immortal's legacy and your future will be bright. Surpassing us won't be difficult." After speaking, Wu Jun left.

Wu Hao was also drunk. 

"You fought three battles in quick succession today, so you are probably tired now. Have a good rest," said Ye Qianning. 

"Alright, Aunt Ning." 

"I shall go too." Luo Pin returned to their residence with Wu Yu.

Both of them were walking on the long corridor. 

Luo Pin took a deep breath and said, "I was really anxious today and thought things would go bad...."  

"I'm surprised that the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king is such a good guy. I'm at ease with you living here." Those who were sheltering and protecting her were strong and had influence.

"For our future...." 

They seemed to have accomplished the goals they had set when they were in the mortal domain. They could be together openly. 

"Let's continue working hard together." 

Wu Yu pulled her into his embrace. 

The future was bright and blissful. 

"One day, you will become a dragon queen and I'll become an immortal king or even stronger. Then, let's travel around this world." 

"Just like my foster parents." 

Thinking about it was blissful. 

Wu Yu rested for a few days. The sumptuous feast had helped his recovery from the battles greatly. As for Luo Pin, she continued her lessons at the Hidden Dragon Peak. 

Now her friends were asking her about Wu Yu all the time. Within the Hidden Dragon Peak, Wu Yu was now a well-known figure. 

When everything was settled, Wu Yu informed Wu Hao and Ye Qianning that he would be heading out for some time.

Everyone had secrets, so Wu Hao naturally wouldn't try to encroach upon Wu Yu's personal space. Moreover, Wu Yu wasn't taking Luo Pin away. After all, Wu Yu wasn't a mystical dragon. It would be common for him to come and leave often in the future. 

After bidding farewell to Luo Pin, Wu Yu headed towards the exit of the Dragon Immortal Sky. This time, he didn't have to search. This was because there was a tunnel in the Primordial Immortal Empire that led to that exit directly. 

After entering the tunnel, there was a river. Wu Yu floated downstream to the end, where he saw a waterfall. When he fell off the curtain of the waterfall, he reached the Dragon Immortal Sky. 

He arrived at the back of the Imperial Realm Palace near Golden Fate Dragon City. The front of the Imperial Realm Palace was the entrance into the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. 

There were checks when one entered, but the checks for exiting weren't too stringent. However, Wu Yu was a human. When he tried to get out, he was still stopped by a Xuan immortal realm mystical dragon. 

Wu Yu flashed his Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree. 

"Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree!" That mystical dragon got a scare and checked it carefully. Wu Yu's name was engraved on it, and one could even see Wu Yu's image. After verifying that it was really Wu Yu, he let Wu Yu go through immediately and was courteous. 

There was a substantial number of immortals who held the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree and could enter and exit freely. 

After he got out, Wu Yu left Golden Fate Dragon City swiftly and headed towards a more deserted area with his Somersault Cloud. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were ready.

Wu Yu took several days to arrive at the fringe territory of the Dragon Immortal Sky. This place was very far from Golden Fate Dragon City and the immortal qi here was ordinary. It was also arduous for one to visit other levels of the 8,000 levels of heaven. Therefore, few mystical dragons lived in the vicinity, and the place was surrounded by tall mountains and deep valleys. 

Wu Yu transformed into the Immortal Locust and spread his body over a large area to verify that no other mystical dragons or creatures were around. 

"This should do." He chose a deep and deserted valley before letting the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi out. 


"We are finally out! The outside world is really beautiful, and the beautiful fairies have been waiting for me." The Full Moon of Nanshan was beaming with excitement. 

Finally, he had the hopes of becoming an immortal. For him, this was a major hurdle. 

The thought of countless beautiful fairies in the 8,000 Sky Palaces had always fascinated him. If not for the fact that he was too weak and couldn't leave Wu Yu for now, he would have run away. Staying in the Floating Dreams Pagoda was too boring for him. 

For Ye Xixi, it wasn't convenient for her to move around in the sky palaces. Moreover, she didn't want to leave Wu Yu. Now she could only remain in the Floating Dreams Pagoda to continue her cultivation and get stronger. 

"Who shall go first?" Wu Yu asked. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Me! Of course! I'll demonstrate to this little brat!"

"Be careful, the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao that might strike you dead. Think about how many people you have trampled on! You will receive your retribution soon!" Ye Xixi stared daggers at him. 

"Meow!" Lazy also cried out. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled and said, "You should be aware of my principles. I have never forced myself onto anyone. Those beautiful girls were all after my stunning looks and threw themselves at me. I was not causing sins. Rather, I was bringing joy to these beautiful girls! In fact, I was accumulating merits!" 

The Full Moon of Nanshan began his challenge confidently.

Wu Yu created a number of doppelgangers to keep watch of the surroundings. The Great Trial of the Immortal Dao would cause a huge commotion, and it wouldn't be great if others were attracted to this place. This was because some people were fond of causing trouble. 

Wu Yu had not experienced the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, but he did know the power of it.

Soon, with Wu Yu watching attentively, it began. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan was still a little anxious. 

However, Wu Yu believed it wouldn't be a big issue for him.

Ye Xixi was even more anxious.

The dao calamities for ghostly cultivators were often stronger. 

It was beginning! 

During the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, one would experience the wind, fire, and lightning coming in wave after wave! It would be way more frightening than the previous three dao crises. 

Blade-like wind was blowing around him! 

Flames that could devour one's five viscera and six organs would light up in one's body.

Thunder was rumbling in the sky! 

If he couldn't become an immortal, he might be reduced to ashes! 

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