Chapter 1281: Dragon Emperor's Purgatory

That light column was so bright and glaring that it almost cut through Wu Yu's Immortal Cloud Field.

After all, the other party had the immortal energy of a 4-Xuan immortal. He also possessed four immortal dao marks as the base of his strength.

Within that light column, the four types of dao transformed marvelously and tore apart Wu Yu's most confident move, the Immortal Cloud Field!

Wu Yu's cultivation level was not considered low, but he still lacked immortal energy and buddha energy.

He felt very pressured as he faced Ye Xuanyi's attacks.

At this moment, he looked as though he was about to be engulfed by the light column! The 3,000 Boreal Slashes in his hands was also about to be destroyed!

Everything was happening in a flash!

All the mystical dragons were on the verge of bursting out in triumphant cheers. They could vaguely see the difference in strength between the two. Wu Yu indeed had a lot of moves, but Ye Xuanyi definitely surpassed him in absolute power!

However, at that moment, Wu Yu suddenly disappeared in front of the light column.

Fulgurating Shadows!

Ye Xuanyi had used up all his strength to launch this attack, but it had failed to hit Wu Yu.

At the next moment, Wu Yu appeared right below him.

When Ye Xuanyi finally saw where Wu Yu was, he had already felt a terrifying attack rushing towards him!

"Spirit Chaser Art!"

Ye Xuanyi could not defend against this attack at all. His immortal spirit was hit!


That huge mystical dragon howled out in pain.

The audience's heartstrings were once again taut with suspense.

In the next instant, Wu Yu's thick, muscular arms swelled with strength. He had obviously used the Violent Art again!


He used the 3,000 Boreal Slashes again, and this time, he executed it after the Spirit Chaser Art. He was now engaged in close-range combat with his opponent!

Ye Xuanyi's dragon fangs, claws, and tail were shining with piercing, white light. His immortal energy burst out as he attempted to tear Wu Yu apart!

However, at this point, when Wu Yu had already used his Violent Art, Ye Xuanyi's vibrant immortal energy was no competition for Wu Yu's great physical strength and agility! 

Kill, kill, kill!

Wu Yu unleashed a frenzy of violent attacks on Ye Xuanyi!

After Wu Yu's attacks had breached Ye Xuanyi's defenses, his 3,000 Boreal Slashes tore into Xuanyi's dragon scales continuously, drawing blood with each slash.


Wu Yu was cold, violent, and swift. He stood before Ye Xuanyi with an overbearing presence, causing the latter to break down!

Ye Xuanyi was entirely suppressed!

He could even see a black flame burning on Wu Yu!

After these black color flames started burning, Wu Yu seemed even more terrifying.

Actually, Ye Xuanyi did not know that this was the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's ability to immolate. Without immolating some of his immortal energy, Wu Yu would never have been able to break through Ye Xuanyi's defenses and suppress him entirely.

After all, there was still a distinct gap in strength between the two of them.

However, since he had chosen to immolate, Wu Yu would never allow Ye Xuanyi the opportunity to escape!

In an instant, blood spilled within the Immortal Cloud Field!

The mystical dragon screamed painfully!

"That's enough!" The Luminary Dragon King was trembling with fury. With a wave of his hand, his son passed through the Immortal Cloud Field and was summoned to him. At this point, Ye Xuanyi was covered in blood and at the brink of death. If not for the Luminary Dragon King rescuing him, Ye Xuanyi would only be in a worse state of defeat. 

Of course, Wu Yu was in no better state. He was already lacking energy before the battle, and now that he had immolated, he was fatigued. He could only withdraw his powers and transform back into his human form. He landed on the ground. While he was pale, his intrinsic domineering aura and extreme talent had been well exhibited!

When the audience saw that Wu Yu was practically unhurt, while Ye Xuanyi was in a terrible state, they were shocked to their cores!

Wu Yu had surpassed the limits of their imaginations!

At this moment, the mystical dragons stared at each other with gloomy expressions. There was nothing else that they could do. They had lost completely.

If the news of today's battles had spread out, Wu Yu would become famous and their Primordial Immortal Empire would only end up as the laughing stock of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. The young mystical dragons would now find it difficult to stand tall and proud after their geniuses had lost to a mere immortal from the mortal domain. 

However, there was one truth that everyone acknowledged.

It was not that the Primordial Immortal Empire lacked talents, it was just that Wu Yu's talent was heaven-defying!

He had ascended from the mortal domain and had not trained for long as an immortal. In the future, there was no doubt that he would become an extreme expert!

Perhaps it was at this point that more mystical dragons understood why the Baiyin Dragon King couple was willing to recognize and accept Wu Yu. Wu Yu had earned their recognition and acceptance with his own talent and strength.

The battle had ended!

It left the audience speechless.

Wu Yu rushed into the sky and grabbed the huge Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword. He then grinned at Ye Xuanyi and said, "I thank you, Brother Ye, for your generosity. I will definitely take good care of it from now on."

This ancient immortal treasure had finally landed in Wu Yu's hands.

This was another great reward for today's battles! This was a much preferred reward compared to having Ye Xuanyi leave this place for 10,000 years. That would not benefit Wu Yu at all! 

"Don't celebrate too early. One day, I will get it back even if I no longer need it!" Ye Xuanyi snarled.

"Looks like you still have some confidence in your future. I wonder, how long will you take to complete this goal?" Wu Yu chuckled.

Ye Xuanyi could not answer. His expression was bitter.

"I'm afraid that by that time, I might have forgotten about Ye Xuanyi and will wonder which nameless pawn you are." When Wu Yu said that, he stopped smiling.

Such humiliating words only made Ye Xuanyi's face darken further. Of course, as his father, the Luminary Dragon King was furious. However, a defeat was a defeat - he recognized the result.

"I congratulate the Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen. I also congratulate the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king. Wu Yu is an extreme genius, and the immortal backing him is definitely terrifying. He is indeed a good match for Luo Pin. We have no objections. In the future, we will also no longer complain about Wu Yu's presence in our Primordial Immortal Empire," the Luminary Dragon King said seriously.

"I shall bring my son back to tend to his injuries," the Jade Mirror Dragon King announced.

"Me too."

The three dragon kings could not bear to stay a second longer. They had chosen to leave before the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king could say anything. After all, they had embarrassed themselves greatly today. While they had earned the top three positions in the trial, they could not feel happy about that.

The other mystical dragons were also depressed.

Although, they were impressed with Wu Yu's battle abilities. If such a genius had truly joined the Primordial Immortal Empire, then the future of the Primordial Immortal Empire would only be brighter.

Everyone was in anticipation.

They wanted to see what the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king would do next.

Would he really take out the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree?

Just as the audience were thinking about that, the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king had already taken out the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree and handed it over to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu took the decree. That was a white token. It was larger and its design was more complicated than the Dragon Immortal Pass. There was a white ancient mystical dragon carved on the token. 

This material was definitely of ancient immortal treasure level. It was probably made from a precious artifact with hundreds of spiritual marks.

There was a complicated immortal design within the token, so no one else could forge this. Besides, this was unique and belonged only to one individual, as Wu Yu's name was already carved on the token. As long as one exerted some immortal energy on the token, Wu Yu's appearance would surface.

"Congratulations. From now on, you are part of the Primordial Immortal Empire." The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king finally smiled.

In the future, he could enter and exit the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm freely. That would be convenient for him.

The Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree would give him a status equivalent to that of a dragon monarch. This battle was worth it.

The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king looked at Wu Yu and said, "In the future, if you meet the immortal who has passed you his immortal's legacy, greet him on behalf of me. He is indeed a supreme expert. I am deeply impressed."

"I will definitely pass the message." Wu Yu nodded respectfully.

"But." The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king looked at Wu Yu then at Luo Pin and continued speaking, "The two of you are still young. There is a long road ahead of you. According to the rules of our Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, young mystical dragons have to be at least 10,000 years old before they can be married. And become immortal dao companions. So you two should still continue to be dating. Don't be too conspicuous during the course of your courtship."

Wu Yu was dumbfounded.

There was indeed such a rule, but….

Forget it. Anyway, this rule would not affect their relationship. It was only a matter of a marriage status.

Luo Pin was also in no rush. To immortals, 10,000 years was considered as a very short period of time. Wu Yu had to adjust to this new timeframe.

The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king looked at the mystical dragons around them.

"Their relationship is not official until the day that they hold their wedding ceremony. You should not be gossiping about their relationship. Wu Yu is now simply a genius immortal who is willing to work for our Primordial Immortal Empire."

The dragon king's statement was very odd. To a number of mystical dragons, they might think that this would mean that they could always go back on their word about Wu Yu and Luo Pin's relationship as long as the wedding ceremony was not held.

But Wu Yu knew that the dragon king was actually protecting him and Luo Pin. The gossip about their relationship had spread like wildfire, and if stronger mystical dragons or other Hundred Empires Dragon Kings were alarmed, they could pose a danger to Wu Yu.

After all, there would always be someone who would feel that Wu Yu's relationship with Luo Pin was inappropriate and would interfere.

Wu Yu only wanted to live with Luo Pin peacefully, to train and become stronger together. In fact, he had no need to remain in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm and could explore the realms outside. He could treat the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm as his home because Luo Pin was here.

Wu Yu looked at Luo Pin. She gazed back at him with tears shining in her eyes. She was obviously pleased.

"You may all leave now. Disperse," the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king said.

At this moment, the Misty Dragon King asked, "There is something that I'm not too clear about. Since Wu Yu is considered a member of our Primordial Immortal Empire now, and he has defeated the top three of our trial, will the third person to enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory be Yu Manyuan or Wu Yu?"

The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king was taken aback. He had obviously not considered this question.

This was because Wu Yu could not be considered as having taken part in the trial.

"Yu Manyuan."

Wu Jun finally said.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that. Wu Jun was still fair and did not give Wu Yu any special privileges. While Wu Yu had fulfilled the conditions and was very strong, the other mystical dragons had gone through the trial and prevailed at the end of the trial. Wu Yu did not have the special permission to be considered one of the top three just by defeating them.

Besides, there was no precedent of outsiders taking part in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory, a grand affair of the mystical dragon tribe.

After the announcements, Wu Jun turned to Wu Hao and said, "Make some dishes for supper. Take out your ancient immortal essence wine. We shall drink as brothers."

Wu Hao was instantly glum. However, he still agreed. "Of course, no problem."

"Are you reluctant to serve your precious wine? Haha. This is a happy event, we have to celebrate. You can't just hide and enjoy it alone!"

Wu Jun left after speaking. Ye Qianning gestured to Wu Yu and Luo Pin. She was going to bring the two of them back to the palace. The other mystical dragons were deep in conversation and had also left the 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield. 

Wu Yu recalled that Yu Manyuan and the others had to take part in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

He had some impression of that event, so he searched Ao Ding's memories. He discovered that this was a grand event that concerned the entire Sky Heart Tribe. It was designed specifically for mystical dragons younger than one yuan old. The reason for this trial was to determine the top three young mystical dragons who would be taking part in the great battle during the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

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