Chapter 1280: Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword

Ye Xuanyi had achieved his goal of clinching first. 

Obviously, he was undoubtedly the number one in many people's eyes. 

Regarding Wu Yu, he had seen Yu Manyuan and Xing Ling losing to Wu Yu consecutively and embarrassing themselves in the process. His experience was telling him it would be best to not act recklessly before a mysterious person like Wu Yu. 

Even if he defeated Wu Yu, the most he would gain would be more admirers and nothing else. 

But the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king wanted him to fight Wu Yu.

Ye Xuanyi exchanged a glance with his father. 

"Father, what does he want?" 

"He probably isn't fully confident in you defeating Wu Yu and regaining respect for the younger mystical dragons in the Primordial Immortal Empire. This might be part of his objective, but more likely, he wants to see Wu Yu's limits." 

In the previous battle against Xing Ling, Wu Yu finished the battle swiftly. Perhaps Wu Jun hadn't seen enough.

"What should I do, then?" asked Ye Xuanyi. 

"Defeat him." The Luminary Dragon King knew clearly that this was the only way.

It wasn't just for the face of the Primordial Immortal Empire, it was also for the faces of the father and son. 

Ye Xuanyi nodded. Standing from above, he stared down at Wu Yu. He was infuriated when Wu Yu agreed to the battle readily without hesitation previously. 

In the Primordial Immortal Empire, he had been regarded as a genius for a very long time and had seen many large occasions. 

Now that he was gradually emerging before the eyes of the crowd, many were cheering for him. 

"Ye Xuanyi, do your best. If you lose too, we won't be able to face others in the future once news of what happened today gets out!"

"Ye Xuanyi and Xing Ling might have lost, but Ye Xuanyi definitely won't. After all, he's slightly older. In fact, he's close to achieving his fifth immortal dao mark." 

Every mystical dragon, every gaze he could see, and every sentence he heard were suggesting that the current moment was more anticipated than when he clinched the crown previously. 

This was more enthralling than when he defeated Xing Ling easily to clinch the win previously.

He knew that if he lost, both his father and him would be utterly embarrassed. 

Now he was the only one among those below 120,000 years old that could still stand opposite of Wu Yu.

Looking at this outsider throwing his weight around on his territory, Ye Xuanyi was seething in anger too. 

He stared intensely at Wu Yu, but Wu Yu was indifferent. It was as though Wu Yu didn't think much of him.

Ye Xuanyi took the initiative to propose, "It would be a little boring to just start the fight like this. Why don't we put up something as a reward?" 

Since he was going to defeat Wu Yu, he wanted him to lose even more. Otherwise, gaining a better reputation from defeating him would be too meaningless. 

Wu Yu was stumped but replied, "Feel free to propose." 

Ye Xuanyi had thought about it. Amidst the curiosity of the crowd, he said, "If you win, you will get the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree, which places you as the equivalent of an immortal lord. You have much to gain from it, and many would probably be envious of you. In that case, if you lose, you shall get out of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm immediately and never return here again. Do you dare to accept?" 

Upon hearing this, the surrounding mystical dragons burst into an uproar before Wu Yu could react. 

"Indeed, if you lose, get out of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm immediately."

This wasn't showing disrespect to the Baiyin Dragon King. After all, this battle was raised by the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king, and everything would be determined on the battleground. 

"I'm guessing you don't have the guts," added Ye Xuanyi. 

Wu Yu waved his hand. Since he had agreed to the battle, he was fearless. He questioned, "What happens if you lose?" 

Ye Xuanyi answered, "Why don't you tell me what you want from me?" 

The truth was, Wu Yu had not thought of anything suitable. He was also too lazy to put his focus on this wager. Looking at how confident Ye Xuanyi was, and to exert some pressure on him, he chuckled. "In that case, you shall get lost from the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm and never return. However, noting your young and fragile mind, hmm…. Why not set the limit to 10,000 years? That will do, or you might be too scared to even fight to the death. If you lose, get lost from this place and you can only return after 10,000 years." 

One was eternity, while the other was 10,000 years. 

It might seem like Ye Xuanyi had gotten the better end of the deal, but this wasn't the case. This was because the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm was his home. As for Wu Yu, even if he couldn't enter the place, there would be a day when Luo Pin could get out. 

"This won't do!" Ye Xuanyi was unnerved. Seeing Wu Yu not showing any fear till now had intimidated him. 

"Haha...." Wu Yu laughed heartily. "If you don't have the guts, let's do away with the wager and let's start the battle, coward." 

Ye Xuanyi had acted haughtily and allowed Wu Yu to propose what he wanted. In the end, he was intimidated. In their first clash, Wu Yu had an overwhelming advantage mentally. This left the countless mystical dragons furious and embarrassed. 

Ye Xuanyi was infuriated. He knew that he had to finish the battle swiftly, defeating Wu Yu with overwhelming strength to mend his image. After all, he was going to be involved in something more important soon. 

The Taiyi Luminary Celestial Dragon had eyes that resembled two blazing torches. Without saying a word, he was about to strike. 

However, he acted differently from other mystical dragons.

Other mystical dragons would often use their Natural Mystiques. 

The Taiyi Luminary Celestial Dragon naturally had his Natural Mystiques too. However, he retrieved an immortal treasure at this point instead!

Demons and immortal beasts could also master immortal treasures. However, most of them were more willing to spend their time mastering their Natural Mystiques. Those were their strongest moves. For them, an immortal treasure would just be used for supporting.

However, this seemed to be the main offensive means of this Taiyi Luminary Celestial Dragon. 

A giant, snow-white dragon insignia sword came before the eyes of the crowd. 

That sword hung over Wu Yu's head like a huge mountain. 

Other than the boundless might of the immortal designs, Wu Yu could also sense ancient vibes from it!

Its boundless dominance and might were on a whole new level! 

This was definitely an ancient immortal treasure! 

Only when the immortal design had over 10,000,000 spirit designs would it be considered an ancient immortal treasure. 

Many Nine Xuan Dao Realm immortals owned ancient immortal treasure, ancient true immortal medicines, and ancient immortal talismans. 

However, few immortal beasts owned ancient immortal treasures. Relying on their powerful Natural Mystiques, they could even counter ancient immortal treasures. 

Who would have thought that this Taiyi Luminary Celestial Dragon had an ancient immortal treasure. Moreover, it wasn't an ordinary ancient immortal treasure. With just a single glance, one could tell it had several tens of millions of spirit designs. Among ancient immortal treasures, it would be considered as above average! 

At this point, Wu Yu heard a reminder from Ye Qianning. "The Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword is pretty powerful. Be careful." 

Ye Xuanyi wanted to crush Wu Yu like a hurricane. 

When Wu Yu saw the Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword, his eyes lit up and he said, "Wait a minute, I just thought of a good prize for our wager."

"What do you mean?" 

"As you have said, if you win, I will leave. If you lose, you won't have to leave for 10,000 years. You just have to give me the sword you are holding!" 


"It sounds like you are still afraid. Or perhaps you are extremely worried and believe you will definitely lose to me?" 

Wu Yu said this with a chuckle, but Ye Xuanyi got more and more gloomy. 

Ye Xuanyi had rejected him once. However, the key was that he had proposed to have a prize for this battle.

Wu Yu was daring. If he didn't dare to agree, it would be perfect proof that he believed he wouldn't be a match for Wu Yu and therefore was intimidated. 

Whether or not this was what he truly thought, others would believe this was the case after hearing their conversation. 

"Let it be, then! Take this!" 

Ye Xuanyi was fuming.

Before the battle started, he was suppressed by Wu Yu with mere words several times. He could see the disappointment in the eyes of the other mystical dragons. 

Just an hour ago, he was the man of the hour and everyone's attention was on him!

And now, he could sense disdainful eyes towards him.

This wasn't something he could endure. 

"No matter how good you are with words, strength is everything!" 

Ye Xuanyi berated.

He flew in the sky and the immortal energy around him started coiling around the Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword. When tens of millions of spirit designs were triggered, trillions of sword qi rays burst forth! 


Wu Yu stomped on the ground and surged into the sky. While soaring into the sky, his body transformed into a savage-looking golden ape through the Immortal Ape Transformation!

Immediately after, he grew exponentially larger. His 12-zhang body was no smaller than the mystical dragon! 

He charged straight towards the terrifying sword formation that was released. 

"100,000 Dragons Immortal Butchering Design!" Ye Xuanyi released 100,000 immortal dragons from his sword, and the immortal dragons morphed into dragon-shaped sword qi! 

They looked ferocious and frightening. 

However, at this moment, Wu Yu rushed towards the 100,000 Dragons Immortal Butchering design and used the Immortal Cloud Field! 

It was the Somersault Cloud again! 

The Somersault Cloud expanded swiftly, and the endless clouds devoured his opponent and immortal design! 

Within it, Wu Yu could use Fulgurating Shadows as he wished. For the other party, regardless if it was the rampaging of sword qi or the movements of the main body, he felt like he had sunk into a viscous swamp. His movements were restricted by the strange cloud, so it was hard for him to move! 

"What kind of strange mystique is this?" 

Ye Xuanyi was flustered. In fact, he had witnessed it before. However, Wu Yu had used it for defense previously and hadn't used it to surround his opponent. 

He calmed himself quickly despite getting restrained. Once he locked on to Wu Yu, he triggered the 100,000 rays of sword qi to forcefully rip through the Immortal Cloud Field to pursue Wu Yu relentlessly! 

"You can't escape!" 

"Really?" Wu Yu smiled.


100,000 doppelgangers popped out in the Immortal Cloud Field. Although they weren't strong individuals, their strength was in numbers. Wu Yu's doppelgangers had the Taiyi Luminary Celestial Dragon completely surrounded!

Unshackled Doppelganger!

Comparable to the 100,000 immortal dragons made of sword qi, it would be one against one! 

This time, it wasn't the immortal dragon sword qi pursuing Wu Yu. Instead, Wu Yu's doppelgangers moved to take on each of the 100,000 immortal dragons made of sword qi! 

As for his main body, he moved silently above his opponent's head! 

Fulgurating Shadows! The Immortal Cloud Field was Wu Yu's domain!

Ye Xuanyi's sword formation was broken through! 

However, this wasn't the end. 

He noticed that Wu Yu was coming down on him with the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk and casting 3,000 Boreal Slashes! 


Ye Xuanyi wasn't panicking. Opening his mouth slightly, a huge column of light soared into the sky! 

Wu Yu was falling and happened to be devoured by the light column! 

"Mastering this mystique to this extent at such a young age must not have been easy, Ye Xuanyi!" 

Other dragon lords and dragon kings exclaimed in surprise. 

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