Chapter 0128: The Ninth Spirit is Looking for You

A moment of life or death!

Wu Yu was a decisive person. Jiang Ding had not gone for the Hundred Ghost Devouring Talisman, but instead gone for Wu Yu. But that had allowed Wu Yu to snatch the Hundred Ghost Devouring Talisman!

In the instant that Wu Yu grasped the talisman, his spiritual power poured out, activating the Talisman Spirit Design on the charm. Its power was unleashed, bursting forth!

Wu Yu's target was, naturally, Jiang Ding!

Jiang Ding was at the 10th tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and he was not considered old. He could very well become a Jindan Dao practitioner in the future. One thrust from his spear could send Wu Yu to the next world.

But just as he was about to kill Wu Yu, a hundred ghosts suddenly rushed forth from the talisman, directed by Wu Yu's will. Instantly, Wu Yu could see nothing but thick, black smoke engulfing Jiang Ding!

The shrill cries of ghosts were extremely chilling. Jiang Ding was howling and screaming. Not even his complete qi condensation could withstand the deadly power of the charm. Wu Yu's decision to kill Jiang Junlin had been a perfect read of the situation!

In truth, he had also been forced to resort to these measures by the extreme danger of the situation.


This was a great chance!

Jiang Junlin dead, and Jiang Ding held by the Hundred Ghost Devouring Talisman. Only the Thunder Seabird and the two Scarlet Sea Ghosts remained.

Wu Yu could only hope that Elder Shentu would capitalize on this rare opportunity! 

The chance had arrived too quickly, and was completely different from what Elder Shentu had been formulating against Jiang Junlin. But it was still a chance!


Fortuitously, Elder Shentu seized the chance. His Demon Fishing Rod spewed multiple fishing lines out and bound Night Wishes for Snow and the other disciples as though he were baiting seven hooks!

Elder Shentu used his Demon Fishing Rod to get a hold of them, and readied himself to break away and escape.

However, he still left one line, which flew towards Wu Yu. Even at this time, he would not leave Wu Yu behind.

Of course, Wu Yu would not pass up on this gift of life. He rushed over with all his might!

The short distance was practically nothing. Normally, he would reach it in a flash, but right now, it seemed like a chasm.

Just as the Demon Fishing Rod was about to wrap around him, Wu Yu felt his body go light. He was actually flying!

And then a bolt of lightning coursed through him, almost cooking him. His entire body went numb, and he was petrified. Only now did he realize that the adult demon Thunder Seabird had grasped him in his claws and flown up with him.

Held by the Thunder Seabird, Elder Shentu could not bring Wu Yu away.

He opened his tired eyes and looked towards Elder Shentu. Su Yanli, Lan Shuiyue, and the others were staring at him, their eyes wide with heartbreak.

"Go! Don't worry about me! 

"If you don't go, we'll all die!” 

Wu Yu roared with his last vestige of strength.

It was not that he was tired of life. He definitely did not want to die, but even more, he did not want others to die for him. This was the best chance. If Elder Shentu did not seize it, and instead allowed the Thunder Seabird to delay them, then they would all die.

He was not a noble person, but neither did he wish to have to owe others their lives.

As for his own capture, this was his fate. At least he had tried, and also killed Jiang Junlin.

"Go!" Wu Yu's eyes were wild. He roared again to Elder Shentu, his manner wild.


Ultimately, Elder Shentu decided to leave. This was a rare opportunity, but his old tears fell freely!

"Sect Leader, it is not that this old man fears death! These seven disciples must live on. I can only let Wu Yu go for now! As long as these seven are safe, this old man will definitely return to fight with Wu Yu to the death!" 

Elder Shentu took to the skies with an anguished bellow!

His eyes were full of ancient tears.

Seven on one side, and one on the other. But he could not hesitate even a moment when presented this window of opportunity. He could only hold his bitterness and make the agonizing choice.

"Wu Yu...." Su Yanli was grabbed by the fishing line and whisked away at high speed by Elder Shentu. They were battered against the vegetation, which covered them in mud and leaves!

But her eyes were locked on to Wu Yu.

Until the Thunder Seabird gripped Wu Yu and took to the skies, vanishing from her view!

In that instant, her heart was torn asunder.

Just an instant - and then parted forever? She could not bear it. Wu Yu had paid for this opportunity with his life, allowing them to leave.

"Elder Shentu, let me go! I will accompany Wu Yu and fight them to the death!" Lan Shuiyue wailed at the side.

"Quiet! You will only go to your death. He fought hard for this, and you would ruin his efforts by committing suicide?!" Lan Boli admonished her hurriedly.

"As sword cultivators, we cannot abandon him! If Master knew that we had actually left our Junior Brother behind and escaped with our lives, then what dao am I, Night Wishes for Snow, even cultivating! Elder Shentu, release me!" At this moment, Night Wishes for Snow had made his decision.

"You're ignorant and naive! You go to your death!" Lan Boli stared at him angrily.

"Stop quarreling!"

Su Yanli's eyes were red. Her petite frame was trembling as she stared angrily at them.

Time seemed to have stopped, save for the rustle of the passing leaves.

On the side, Yi Qingfeng spoke softly, "That's right. Stop arguing. We are not yet free from danger. Besides, Wu Yu is a tough one. He won't die so easily." 

"You go to hell!" Lan Shuiyue spat at him. Yi Qingfeng was confused, unsure what he had said wrong.

Their hearts were in disarray, and they each had their own views. But the one who had decided for them was Elder Shentu. His responsibility was enormous. He would not leave any of them behind.

"We're not free of danger yet!" Lan Boli pointed. They could clearly see a huge shadow nearing on the ground. Behind them was darkness, and ghosts could be vaguely made out. A sinister energy was closing in on them, and the wails of ghosts had yet to cease.

"Two ghostly cultivators are in pursuit. And they're leaving a trail for the others...."

Zhao Changtian's face was pale.

Bang, bang, bang!

As they looked back, a flaming horse galloped out of the forest at speed. And the rider was Jiang Ding, whose savagery had reached its limits! Jiang Junlin was dead, and the responsibility was on him. If he still allowed them to escape, then he would not be able to face Jiang Xie.

Pitter patter!

From above, the thunder boomed out. Evidently, the Thunder Seabird was still around, and probably around where Jiang Ding was.

"We're doomed! They're all catching up to us!" Yi Qingfeng trembled. With a loud “waa” he suddenly broke out in tears.

Gloom, fear, and despair swamped them.

There were four of them, while on this side, only Elder Shentu, Night Wishes for Snow, and Lan Boli could barely hold their own against them. But they were not their match.

"We'll be caught...." Zhao Changtian mumbled dispiritedly.

Just as they were panicking, Su Yanli looked up. Through the layered canopy, she could make out Wu Yu in the claws of the Thunder Seabird!

Wu Yu looked weak, but he was definitely not dead. He was resisting the Thunder Seabird's control!

"Junior Brother is not dead!" 

Su Yanli's wavering voice did not seem very reassuring. Wu Yu had killed Jiang Junlin. Why would the Thunder Seabird not kill him?

In truth, Wu Yu was stumped by this as well. The Thunder Seabird did not even look at him. He let Wu Yu struggle, intent on his pursuit of Elder Shentu.

"Thunder Seabird! Give Wu Yu to me! He killed Junlin!" 

Below, Jiang Ding rode the Burning Spectral Horse, rampaging through the forest like a knight on a battlefield.

But the Thunder Seabird did not heed him.

"Thunder Seabird! I will use Wu Yu to force them to stop!" Jiang Ding roared, shaking the trees and mountains. Even Elder Shentu in front could hear him.

Only then did the Thunder Seabird's sharp eyes look down to regard Jiang Ding. "This is my spoil of war. Why must I give it to you? If you want it, come and get it."

His words were strange, and everyone present could hear him. Elder Shentu also realized that they were but an assembly of three groups, not a united front.

All of them were strong, and a complete alliance was impossible. There would be fights over their own interests.

"You! Thunder Seabird, remember this! Once I take care of things in front, I'll come back to settle the score with you!" Jiang Ding howled in fury. He urged the Burning Spectral Horse on, increasing the speed. He was chasing them as though his life depended on it.

"Whatever you say. As if I'm afraid of you," the Thunder Seabird replied indifferently.

The pursuit continued, and Wu Yu did not struggle anymore.

He wanted to pull out the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword to cut away at the Thunder Seabird's talons, but even that had been taken away from him. He was completely undone now.

This Thunder Seabird was even stronger than the Ghost-Faced Ape. He was also a 1,000-year demon, only he had not condensed his Yaodan. That was why he served the Ninth Spirit.

Wu Yu had just begun his Immortal Dao. How could he hope to compete with a 1,000-year demon? The fact that the enemy had not killed him was already a blessing.

But why had he not killed him? He was but a minor character. Why would the Thunder Seabird set himself against Jiang Ding's anger?

Wu Yu's mind was in a mess.

All of this had happened too suddenly.

The Thunder Seabird suddenly addressed Wu Yu. "Wu Yu, you are the one that our Ninth Spirit seeks. Don't worry. I won't kill you or hurt you. But you had best behave yourself. Or I won't go easy on you." 

"The one that the Ninth Spirit seeks?" This thoroughly threw Wu Yu off.

But this seemed to confirm that he was temporarily in no mortal danger.

"What does she want with me!?"

She was a 1,000-year fox demon with a Yaodan, and she had never met him before. What would she want with him? This was indeed puzzling.

"Shut your mouth," the Thunder Seabird said, sending another wave of electricity his way. It zapped Wu Yu, and he did not even have the energy to speak.

"Since she is seeking me, then I should be important to her. We're all friends, so can you let my senior brothers and sisters....." Even through the pain, Wu Yu had to plead with the Thunder Seabird. He could see clearly from above that Elder Shentu and the others would be caught.

"No can do. My mission is to deal with them. Even if they don't die here, they'll be held captive."


Once they were held, things would be even worse. Jiang Xie would definitely use them to force Feng Xueya's surrender, and then slaughter them all!

"What can I do...."

The danger to the Heavenly Sword Sect was all his fault.

Wu Yu was deeply consumed by his self-blame.

This entire harrowing affair was a nightmare.

He could clearly see the eyes of his senior brothers and sisters below. They were frustrated and angry at their own helplessness.

Life and death was completely out of his hands.


Wu Yu thought desperately for a solution.

Suddenly, he realized that his Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order had not yet been returned to Feng Xueya.

Perhaps everyone had forgotten about it.

After all, who would even care about the mortal kingdom now?

But Feng Xueya had left a Spirit Design on it before. If the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order was torn, Feng Xueya would know....


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