Chapter 1278: Clear Jade Amnesic Field

Of course, it was because he had been angered by Luo Pin's words before. His belly full of spite was being vented through these vindictive comments.

Wu Yu, Luo Pin, and basically everyone else heard him.

Wu Yu did not really care if he was attacked. But an affront to Luo Pin, especially one so vile, could not be tolerated!

Wu Yu turned back, his own cold gaze meeting Yu Manyuan's. He did not know who this guy was, nor who was backing him.

It did not matter.

Wu Jun was still examining him.

Examine this, then!

Wu Yu turned, and everyone was surprised to see him challenging the Clear Jade Xuan Dragon!

Yu Manyuan started and then snorted. "You? What is the meaning of this? Are you challenging me? Are you unhappy with what I just said? Do all mortal domain immortals think that they're the best in the world? Why don't you lift your head and look? Is this the same barren wasteland of yours, that birds wouldn't even deign to shit on?"

"Yuan Er, hush. Don't make his head burst. Otherwise, if he can't progress any further after this, he will blame you." The Jade Mirror Dragon King seemingly tried to stop him, but she was equally scornful. Luo Pin's words just now had lit the fire in her heart as well.

Suddenly, the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king spoke. "Wu Yu, you can test your skills against him. Show us what Pin Er likes about you."

This silenced the entire crowd!

"What is the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king thinking? An ordinary heavenly immortal against a 2-Xuan immortal? This is truly light years apart...."

Many of the mystical dragons were speechless.

Even the dragon kings did not expect this.

Yu Manyuan immediately reacted, saying to Yu Manyuan, "Son, acquit yourself well. The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king is giving you this chance to prove yourself. He wants Luo Pin to see how useless these mortals are!"

She did not know what Wu Hao and Wu Jun had spoken about, and her reaction was normal. The other dragon kings like the Luminary Dragon King and the Interstellar Domain Dragon King were probably also thinking the same thing.

But Wu Yu knew that Wu Jun was giving him a chance. Of course, he also wanted to judge how strong the immortal backing Wu Yu was.

Wu Yu was very grateful to Wu Hao. He not only thought that Wu Yu was being backed, but he had also conveyed this to Wu Jun, compelling him to seriously consider this matter.

Therefore, he immediately turned to Yu Manyuan, saying, "No problem. I'm afraid that this punk will snivel when he loses though."

Saying thus, he flew down to the battlefield. The battle was over, but the mystical dragons backed off when Wu Yu landed, giving them space to fight.

"Snivel?" Yu Manyuan almost doubled over from laughing.

"Son, make it a good show! Don't just end it in an instant. Toy with him," the Jade Mirror Dragon King said. She looked at Ye Qianning contemptuously, as if to say, "Even though your daughter is an ultimate mystical dragon, there's something wrong with her brain, and she's not fit for my son."

Yu Manyuan had already gone after Wu Yu.

Xing Ling and Ye Xuanyi were left.

Ye Xuanyi said, "Who wins, who loses?"

Xing Ling started. "You're asking that?"

"This Wu Yu is very bold. He might have something up his sleeve."

"No amount of things up his sleeves will save him from that sort of absolute power. They will be like petty magic tricks."

Ye Xuanyi laughed. "Don't be so confident. If Yu Manyuan loses, all of us youngsters of the Primordial Immortal Empire will be disgraced. At that time, I'm afraid you'll have to be the one to go and win back our dignity."

Xing Ling shook his head. "You have too little faith in Yu Manyuan. Although that kid is spoiled rotten by his mother, he's quite a capable fighter."

"What would you do if you fought?" Ye Xuanyi asked.

"Make him an invalid for a few thousand years. See if he dares to come hanker over our mystical dragon tribe beauties after that." Xing Ling smirked.

Ye Xuanyi smirked as well. "You do have quite some nasty techniques, I'll grant that."

"Indeed. Depends on who I'm against."

Hostility from all sides!

But this did not cow Wu Yu.

He lifted his head to look at her, and her passionate gaze fired Wu Yu's blood.

Such a beauty, whose heart was already one with his. It was nothing to fight for her!

And this Yu Manyuan had a vile tongue. No man could stand by and watch him attack Luo Pin like that.


The Clear Jade Xuan Dragon charged Wu Yu with cold fury.

All eyes!

"Filth, I will enjoy toying with you. I will embarrass you, and that little beauty will see how useless you are! You dare to come to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm to take our women? Today, I have to teach you the lesson of your life."

Of course, Yu Manyuan had said this secretly to Wu Yu.

"Enough nonsense. Let's fight." Wu Yu dismissed his words. He was already past the phase of shooting his mouth.

"Prepare yourself, then!" the Clear Jade Xuan Dragon growled. His huge body shifted in the air, his head and tail connecting in a complete circle!

The mystical dragons familiar with him knew what he was about to do!

"He immediately used his Natural Mystique, not even an immortal technique! Seems like Yu Manyuan really wants to acquit himself!"

This Natural Mystique was the signature of the Jade Mirror Dragon King, and it was well-feared.

"Clear Jade Amnesic Field!"

When his head and tail connected, they formed a full circle, and powerful symbols began to form in the middle, coalescing into a pair of cavernous, black and white eyes.

As the eyes burned on Wu Yu, he felt the power of the Clear Jade Amnesic Field take hold. It could make one drowsy or be controlled, just like a puppet.

If it succeeded, he could make a fool of Wu Yu.

The Clear Jade Amnesic Field was quite powerful, and Wu Yu indeed felt his head go fuzzy!


His eyes shone with golden flames, and he called forth his buddha energy and immortal energy!

And then they blasted out from his eyes.

"Optics of Immortal Expanse!"

The sixth tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold!

They blasted out!

The two golden pillars of fire shot out with frightening speed and pierced the Clear Jade Amnesic Field!

In this fight, it was all too clear who was stronger. One was the penetrating pillar, the other was a receiving hole! Yu Manyuan's Clear Jade Amnesic Field had been burned clean through and was consumed by the flames!


The prideful and puffed-up Yu Manyuan was completely on fire now, his dragon scales scorched black. His entire body was being tortured by Wu Yu, and his flesh and bones were also severely burned!

Defeated in one move!

Wu Yu's eyes were still burning, and the Clear Jade Xuan Dragon was thrashing on the floor, getting more and more charred. The flames were growing hotter and hotter. If no one stopped this, he might be burned to death!

When the battle first started, everyone had been laughing and analyzing it. Now, all were silent.

The Jade Mirror Dragon King had still been laughing, completely unworried about her son. But now she shrieked, and her voice almost made the little dragons faint.

"My son!"

The Jade Mirror Dragon King took to the air, screaming. Her aura came sweeping over Wu Yu!

She actually attacked Wu Yu!

An attack from a Great Void Immortal Realm cultivator would be fatal for Wu Yu. He could feel death descend upon him.

But in the next instant, he escaped death again. He had not seen clearly, but he roughly knew that Ye Qianning had sent out a beam of light that had dissipated the Jade Mirror Dragon King's aura. Wu Yu was unharmed.

"You!" The Jade Mirror Dragon King stared furiously at Ye Qianning.

Ye Qianning shook her head. "Go and save your son. You still have the heart for murder at this time? Ridiculous." The clash between the two great dragon queens was thrilling to watch as well. Clearly, Ye Qianning had won, and Wu Yu was only too happy to back off. The Jade Mirror Dragon King dissipated the flames on her son's body. Seeing his charred body, she quivered with rage as she sent a long scream towards the sky. Her eyes were full of killing intent! Wu Yu did not dare to meet her eyes at all.

Of course, Wu Yu also had a backer.

"Jade Mirror, return to your position." The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king finally spoke. This was an order.

Seething, the Jade Mirror Dragon King could only comply.

Yu Manyuan was completely charred and severely injured. Of course, he was still conscious. As the Jade Mirror Dragon King helped him to take flight, Wu Yu met his eyes.

His black eyes were filled with terror.

"Who's the trash? Take a look in the mirror." Wu Yu smiled at him.

"Pah!" Yu Manyuan spat out another mouthful of blood, dyeing the ground red.

He looked at the Jade Mirror Dragon King again. Her face was as black as thunder, and she was trembling with rage. But under the stern gaze of the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king, she could only return to her own position and treat her son's wounds!

The entire field was silent. The mystical dragons looked at Wu Yu restlessly.

How had he done it? Destroy a Xuan immortal?

The fight had ended too fast, and no one could see what had happened. Even now, they were still frozen, not sure as to what had happened.

But without a doubt, they had underestimated Wu Yu! This guy was really something!

At this time, the one who came in second place, Xing Ling, suddenly said, "Based on Yu Manyuan underestimating him, he used his full strength to defeat Yu Manyuan. Although his strength is not bad, this was too much of a fluke. I feel like this battle does not count for much, and doesn't test Wu Yu's true strength." 

Silence met his loud declaration.

"Xing Ling, shut it," the Interstellar Domain Dragon King said.

"No, Father, this punk has won unfairly. Doesn't his win here mean that none of us at the 1-Yuan age in the Primordial Immortal Empire are his match? How will we look if word of this gets out?" Xing Ling scoffed.

When the other mystical dragons heard this, they understood the blow to their pride. Wu Yu had come to snatch their beauty, and if news that he had one-shotted the battle got out, he would be made out to be a legend. Such news could not be allowed to get out.

Just as he finished speaking.

The Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king gave a small laugh. "Alright, you go, then."

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