Chapter 1277: Primordial Immortal Empire Dragon King

The "trial" was meant to come to a smooth close, and the Primordial Immortal Empire mystical dragons were preparing to leave.

But when the Jade Mirror Dragon King suddenly said such a thing, everyone stopped and turned to listen.

As for the two champions of this tournament, they had already discussed them until they were sick of it.

Everyone in the Primordial Immortal Empire knew about it.

The recently arrived Primordial Immortal Dragon Luo Pin actually had a mortal domain husband, and Wu Hao and Ye Qianning had brought him to Qinyin Palace!

Everyone looked at each other, the excitement rising. They knew that a clash between dragon kings was about to start.

Everyone looked forward to the show.

"That's right, I heard about it as well. I had my doubts. Pin Er is just a young dragon, and an incredibly rare ultimate mystical dragon at that. How could she have an immortal husband, who is allowed to stay in the Primordial Immortal Empire?" the Luminary Dragon King asked.

Suddenly, all eyes were lined up on Wu Hao and Ye Qianning.

It was very understandable that the mystical dragons would be unsatisfied that such a beautiful girl with a bright future would have a pathetic husband. And an outsider at that.

How could an immortal outsider gain what they could not? Did that mean they were inferior to the immortal?

Did that mean that the entire Primordial Immortal Empire did not have a mystical dragon more brilliant than this immortal?

Interest in this issue was palpable. The Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king surveyed the crowd, then asked mildly, "Am I the last to know about this?" His gaze landed on Wu Hao and Luo Pin.

The pressure was on the three of them now. Wu Hao was unruffled. He was already prepared, and spoke at length to Wu Jun in private.

He probably told the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king about Wu Yu's situation, as well as his story with Luo Pin.

Wu Jun listened with no emotion.

The Jade Mirror Dragon King hurriedly said, "Actually, I feel that this is not appropriate. After all, there are so many more excellent talents in the Primordial Immortal Empire that are far better than that immortal. Besides, Pin Er is still young, and an ultimate mystical dragon at that. If news of this gets out, our entire Primordial Immortal Empire will lose face."

The Interstellar Domain Dragon King said, "Let me acknowledge the ugly truth. Our Primordial Immortal Empire has become the laughing stock of our neighboring empires because of this. An ultimate mystical dragon bears a heavy duty to our legacy, and there have been no precedents of external marriage. I feel that the Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen have been remiss on this matter."

The Luminary Dragon King continued, "If news of this gets to the dragon emperors, and even the Revered Dragon Council, there will be no good end."

Luo Pin looked at each of them as they spoke. After all, they were the dragons of the moment, as their sons had ranked top three in the trials. They all stood before the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king.

She had seen this coming, and had asked Wu Yu not to come because she had been worried that they would make trouble. Which they did.

Yu Manyuan suddenly laughed. "I actually feel that all the seniors need not be so anxious. Pin Er is still young and is easily swayed by outsiders. Let us first get this Wu Yu person out of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. When Pin Er grows up, she will naturally know better and forget this mortal domain person. We have talents aplenty at the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. For example, myself, Yu Manyuan. Perhaps Pin Er could consider me?"

He had been like this since young, daring to say anything.

And after saying this, many people also expressed support that Yu Manyuan and Luo Pin were more compatible.

But Luo Pin was angry now. She said publicly, "You're nothing. Who I like and who I want to be with is none of your concern. It's not your place to chase him away. You are still light years away from being his match."

Luo Pin very seldom got angry. Everyone remembered her as an obedient child, but this outburst stunned Yu Manyuan. His face turned green and he seethed. At the side, Xing Ling and Ye Xuanyi were sniggering.

The Jade Mirror Dragon King suddenly raised her head and glared at Luo Pin, berating her, "Watch your tongue, wench! What a sharp tongue you have! We are all doing this for your own good, but you're speaking up for an outsider. You...."

She herself could not even bear to scold her own darling son, but now Luo Pin had given him a verbal lashing, so she was bleeding inside for her son. 

If she were anyone but Luo Pin, and if Luo Pin did not have three Primordial Immortal Dragons by her side, Luo Pin would probably be dead.

"Enough. Wu Hao, bring him here to see me." The Jade Mirror Dragon King's outburst was cut short by Wu Jun.

"Mm." Wu Hao nodded.

Hearing that Wu Yu was about to come, things got even more heated. They believed that Wu Jun could dispense justice and would not let their talent flow out.

"This Wu Yu person is doomed."

"Luo Pin is still young, I hope she can quickly shake off this rascal's seduction."

Wu Hao sent out an Immortal Message Talisman.

Luo Pin was a little anxious. Ye Qianning bumped her. "If the two of you wish to be together, there will always be obstacles. They are all trivial. Face them bravely. Don't forget that we support you. Don't worry, your uncle is not a bad person. He is just a little surly that your adoptive father did not tell him about this sooner."

Hearing this, Luo Pin breathed a little easier.

Wu Yu was focused on cultivation, and did not bother with the events at the 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield.

He was busy training the Lightning Aspect Realm. It was already getting very complex, and Ao Ding's comprehensive abilities were of limited use.

He now had a glimmer of understanding as to why immortals often needed millennia of cultivation for a breakthrough - because there was just too much information that was too complex.

"Fusing seven different aspects of Vajra buddha energy together as one, and using them simultaneously, is an art in itself.

"The more you add on, the greater the difficulty."

He started to realize that immortal dao cultivation was not so easy.

Perhaps he had cultivated quickly because he was still at the Heavenly Immortal Realm. When he entered the Xuan Immortal Realm, it would be even more profound, and the Immortal Lord Realm after that would only get harder.

It went without saying for the enigmatic Great Void Immortal Realm, and the eventual goal of becoming an Eternal Immortal Emperor.

Just as he was pondering this, he suddenly received an Immortal Message Talisman. Even without looking, he could guess that it was from Wu Hao.

"Here in Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, only the three of them would send me Message Talismans."

After opening it, he saw that it was indeed Wu Hao, telling Wu Yu to come to the 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield immediately.

"Someone must be causing trouble because of me and Luo Pin. I actually left her alone there....

"The opinion of the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king is very important. I wonder what his judgment is!"

Wu Yu knew that what happened next would be key to whether he could become immortal dao companions with Luo Pin!

He immediately dropped everything and charged out of Qinyin Palace, which was in the clouds. He then zoomed towards where Wu Hao and the others were.

Although the Primordial Immortal Empire was vast, Wu Yu flew quickly. Before long, he was at the jade platform, where mystical dragons were flying everywhere. There were hundreds of thousands of them, and all of them immediately spotted Wu Yu. They seemed to be trying to pressure him.

"That must be the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king!" Wu Yu ignored all the other mystical dragons, and also the dozens of dragon kings. He only had eyes for the Primordial Immortal Dragon, who was even bigger and more terrifying than the Baiyin Dragon King. He had reached a level that Wu Yu could not even imagine.

He had already passed the Baiyin Dragon King's test. Next, this even more elite expert would test him.

"Wu Yu, come here."

Ye Qianning called out directions to Wu Yu. He dismissed his Somersault Cloud and then landed swiftly by their side. First, he noticed Luo Pin. He became angry. He could see that someone had upset her.

Even he could not bear to make her angry, usually.

Wu Hao had already said that they would have to overcome many obstacles if they wished to be together!

This was one of those hurdles. He first calmed her down and then made a respectful greeting. "Humble Wu Yu greets the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king and the other dragon kings."

Of course, many of the dragon kings had never seen him before. They were all focused on him now.

"A 7-Yuan heavenly immortal? 8-Yuan heavenly immortal?" The dragon kings began to evaluate Wu Yu based on his aura. They were already very surprised because the rumors said that they were both mortal domain people, and Wu Yu did not seem old.

However, what made Wu Yu most unsettled was the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king. His eyes were as piercing as knives, which seemed to shred Wu Yu apart. However, Wu Yu had the Ruyi Jingu Bang fortifying him. The Baiyin Dragon King could not see through him, and the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king seemed to be the same, from the way he was frowning.

When Wu Hao saw Wu Jun test him, he said to him secretly, "Brother, I told you. The immortal who backs him is too powerful to be tested! Too powerful!" 

Wu Jun did not reply, but his expression showed that he agreed with Wu Hao.

At this time, everyone was eagerly watching to see how things would turn out. They expected that Wu Jun would banish Wu Yu, or perhaps give him some punishment that would kill Luo Pin's interest.

"Seems like just an ordinary immortal. He might not be old, but in the future, he won't rise too high."

"How high can a mortal who has just ascended rise? Compared to us mystical dragons, he's a long shot away. I have no idea what Luo Pin even sees in him. Even a mid-tier mystical dragon like myself would look down on him."

"Well, understandable, I suppose. The mortal domain is a frightfully barren place. It's rare that two immortals can rise from there. Of course they would take comfort in a like-minded soul. After all, he's the only immortal there in the mortal domain." The mystical dragons made impolite comments as they sized Wu Yu up.

"This guy is considered to be light years ahead of me? I think he doesn't even deserve to worship my feet." Yu Manyuan snorted. He found this too laughable.

"I've never seen such a bimbotic ultimate mystical dragon before. She must have never seen what good food looks like. Even a humble bun would be a treasure. Everyone, we have to understand that." Yu Manyuan was angry, and it showed in his words.

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