Chapter 1276: Sons of the Three Dragon Kings

Wu Jun was the dragon king of the Primordial Immortal Empire, the absolute ruler of this place. 

He represented the Sky Heart Tribe among the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings. 

Up till now, he had not been in the Primordial Immortal Empire. Therefore, Wu Yu had not met him. Wu Yu was surprised he would return for this assessment. 

The immortal dragons defined the age of one yuan as mystical dragons below the age of 120,000. This was similar to the definition mortals had for children below the age of 10. 

Therefore, this was equivalent to mortals assessing children below 10 years old. 

Luo Pin would undoubtedly be seen as a baby in this place. She naturally couldn't compare with those that had cultivated for 100,000 years. 

She would just be following Wu Hao and Ye Qianning to spectate the battles the next day. This was also the rule. Watching battles between children would still be greatly beneficial to babies who had just started cultivating. 

As an outsider, it was best that Wu Yu not show himself at this critical juncture. 

Therefore, after spending the night with Luo Pin, he sent her back to Wu Hao and Ye Qianning the next day. He continued his routine and started cultivating. 

While heading towards the 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield, Ye Qianning asked spontaneously, "Pin Er, do you know the extent of his improvements over the past half a year?" 

"I guess it's alright? He cultivated at about the same speed when he was in the mortal domain," answered Luo Pin. 

Ye Qianning didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She said, "Child, how could the cultivation in the mortal domain be compared with the sky palaces? Within our Primordial Immortal Empire, the quickest to complete the cultivation of heavenly immortal to Xuan immortal was at least a thousand years. You are a top notch genius, but you will likely still require 2,000 years." 

Wu Hao interjected and said, "And for him, judging at the pace he’s going, he will likely take less than 10 years! What kind of speed is that? Or could it be that he has exceptional perceptive acuity?" Luo Pin naturally knew about the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, but she couldn't say a thing about it. Therefore, she answered, "Perhaps the immortal that imparted his legacy to him was truly formidable. He is as frightening as he was in the past." 

Ye Qianning nodded and said, "That should explain it. However, it's still early. Perhaps his speed of improvement will be more typical after this spurt period. Nonetheless, his legacy definitely isn't bad since he is moving at the current speed. That kid has a righteous personality and is especially resilient. Moreover, the bond between you two is really strong. We are still supportive of you two. However, before you guys are considered strong, it is best to keep a low profile and not cause too huge of a ruckus. Do you understand?" 

Luo Pin nodded and replied, "I do." 

Soon, they arrived at the 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield. This was an unusual piece of flat and vast land within the mountain ranges. The ground was paved with jade stones with dense engravings. Those were all the art of Wu Hao! Looking down from above, this land resembled the peaceful sea and smooth surface of a mirror. 

At this time, a large number of mystical dragons had gathered. There were tens of thousands of immortal mystical dragons, among which many were Xuan immortals. Immortal Lord Realm dragon lords like the Immortal Radiance Dragon Lord could also be seen around. Obviously, even dragon lords couldn't sit at the highest point. This was because that area was reserved for Great Void Immortal Realm dragon kings! 

The Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen landed at that height and brought Luo Pin along. 

Looking down, one could see all the mystical dragons packed densely below. This was a grand event for the Primordial Immortal Empire! 

At the same height, there were also several dozen dragon kings that had arrived. Luo Pin knew all of them. They weren't Hundred Empires Dragon Kings, they belonged to the Primordial Immortal Empire like the Baiyin Dragon King. All of them were subordinates of Wu Jun. 

Nonetheless, the Baiyin Dragon King was definitely stronger and had slightly higher standing. Therefore, when they arrived, most of the dragon kings were courteous. 

As for the various mystical dragons below them, they lowered their heads to welcome the two dragon kings. After all, they were all ultimate mystical dragons, and ultimate mystical dragons were extremely rare. Other dragon kings were largely supreme mystical dragons. 

"Greetings, dragon kings. I hope everyone has been well!" Luo Pin was polite. After the other party showed goodwill, she stepped out and paid her respects to her seniors. 

"It's been half a year and Pin Er has gotten even more stunning!" 

"Yeah, and she's making good improvements. She'll probably reach the strength of a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal soon despite her young age!" 

"With the guidance of the two dragon kings and her exceptional talent, her future is bright. We are really envious of the two dragon kings!" 

The dragon kings had not met in a long time and therefore were exchanging pleasantries. In this place, the Baiyin Dragon King definitely had the highest standing! This was because he was the younger brother of the Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king.

Below them, the ground for the assessment was prepared. The young dragons couldn't wait to give it a try. 

The crowd was raucous. 

It was clear that they had to wait for a crucial person to arrive. 

At this moment, the mystical dragons chanted in unison, "Greetings, Primordial Immortal Empire dragon king!" 

Even the dragon kings at the highest point lowered their heads. 

Luo Pin knew it had to be Wu Jun that had arrived. 

After going through the ritual bows, she lifted her head. Above her, she saw a familiar mystical dragon. That was a Primordial Immortal Dragon as well, but he looked even more unique. His size was similar to Wu Hao’s, but his colors were stronger and deeper. As the strongest dragon king among the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings of the Sky Heart Tribe, he was naturally different from Wu Hao. Just his demeanor was enough to cast a shadow over Wu Hao and other dragon kings. Moreover, he was more solemn than Wu Hao. Although Luo Pin knew he was fond of her, she was still a little afraid of him. 

"Skip the trivial matters and let's begin." The moment the Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king, Wu Jun, arrived, he waved his hand and declared the start of the assessment. Simple and direct. 

"Yes! Yes!" The one in charge was none other than the Immortal Radiance Dragon Lord. He started the assessment in a hurry to determine the final three among all mystical dragons within the age limit. 

Luo Pin wasn't very interested initially, but Wu Hao wanted her to watch and learn. Therefore, she was watching attentively. Multiple thrilling battles broke out below as mystical dragons gave everything they had. Indeed, Luo Pin found it to be useful. 

As Wu Jun was watching silently, the other dragon kings didn't exchange words extensively. As for the mystical dragons below them, they were cheering and rallying!

It might take a few days to determine the top three. However, as the battles were intense, they were thrilling to watch, so one wouldn't lose interest. Moreover, many people were curious to know who would be the top three. 

Among them were the sons and daughters of the dragon kings. Therefore, several dragon kings were watching with exceptional attention and Wu Jun rarely spoke. 

After several days, amidst all the intense battles, Luo Pin could see several familiar faces that had outstanding performances. They thrashed their way through and made it to the very end! 

Almost all of them were well known. After all, they were the descendants of dragon kings. Their starting lines were different from others. 

Luo Pin met them previously when Wu Hao brought her to the gathering of descendants of the dragon kings. For her, those were her elder brothers and sisters. 

For example, there was a Clear Jade Xuan Dragon named Yu Manyuan. He had been cultivating for 10,000 years and was currently a 2-Xuan immortal. On the battlefield, he was probably one of the youngest. However, he had lots of tricks and frightening Natural Mystiques that allowed him to defeat several opponents at his level in quick succession. 

There was another Clear Jade Xuan Dragon a short distance away from Luo Pin and that was the Jade Mirror Dragon King. She was a female dragon and was said to have strength comparable to Ye Qianning. She had a flirtatious look and a bombastic personality. At this point, she was singing high praises of her son in front of Wu Jun. 

Wu Jun commented, "To be able to defeat five opponents at the same level as him, he's not bad." 

Jade Mirror raised her eye amorously and said, "Manyuan is still young and definitely slightly weaker than the sons of the Luminary Dragon King and the Interstellar Domain Dragon King. However, once Manyuan reaches their age, he might not be any weaker than them." 

The sons of the other two dragon kings were also on the battleground today. Their performances were indeed more eye-catching than that of Yu Manyuan as they were stronger. The son of Interstellar Domain Dragon King, the 3,000 Stellar Domain Dragon, Xing Ling, had a cold personality. He was ferocious, swift, and decisive against his opponents, and basically no one was a match for him as he progressed to the final stage. He was the only 3-Xuan immortal. Other mystical dragons might not even be at this level after cultivating for 120,000 years. 

However, no matter how outstanding Xing Ling was, the light on him dimmed when compared to the son of the Luminary Dragon King. That Taiyi Luminary Celestial Dragon was Ye Xuanyi. He had a righteous demeanor and gentle looks. When he fought, he seemed gentle, but he easily crushed anyone in his way. Moreover, he was widely regarded as the absolute number one and the only 4-Xuan immortal on the battleground. The closest to him was the 3,000 Stellar Domain Dragon, Xing Ling. 

Ye Xuanyi had taken 20,000 years to become a 4-Xuan immortal. The dao of a Xuan immortal was extremely hard to grasp. Considering his speed, he could be considered a supreme genius. 

Where the dragon kings were, the Interstellar Domain Dragon King chuckled upon hearing the Jade Mirror Dragon King. He said, "Manyuan isn't bad. However, it's unknown if he could complete another dao in two thousand years. Younger Sister Jade Mirror, let's not exaggerate. You have been spoiling your son too much. From what I see, Yu Manyuan seems a little too pampered." 

Jade Mirror Dragon King wasn't too pleased. "Isn't a son supposed to be spoiled? Or should I be like you? Xing Ling always puts on a cold expression and barely speaks to anyone. Who knows if he will get himself in trouble in the future." 

Sensing the confrontational vibes between the two dragon kings, the Luminary Dragon King stepped in to ameliorate the situation. "Let's stop the quarrel here, or we might be seen as a joke by the other dragon kings. Both your child-raising ways are the best, and both your children will definitely grow up well. They are definitely the future pillars of our Primordial Immortal Empire. We are nearing the end of the assessment to determine the top three. Let's keep our focus and attention there." 

The Interstellar Domain Dragon King snorted, "That's easy for you to say. Your son is 8,000 years older. The number one spot will definitely be his." 

The trio was of comparable strength and therefore wouldn't give in. As for the others, their descendants weren't participating and therefore were too lazy to get dragged into their verbal war. Luo Pin felt out of sorts. She had seen multiple battles over the few days. Although the battles had reached the final stage, the outcome was pretty much cast in stone. 

In the end, it was just as everyone had expected. 

Clear Jade Xuan Dragon, Yu Manyuan. Third! 

3,000 Stellar Domain Dragon, Xing Ling. Second! 

Taiyi Luminary Celestial Dragon, Ye Xuanyi. First! 

The assessment had ended! 

Wu Jun threw out the rewards and announced, "That will be it. The three of you will enter the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory."

When the three teenagers were receiving the rewards from the Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king, they were restrained and anxious. 

The Jade Mirror Dragon King was satisfied with her son no matter how she saw it. 

When she saw the beautiful Luo Pin, a thought struck her and she said to the Baiqin Dragon Queen, "Sister Qin, my son is of similar age as your daughter and both are young geniuses. If they could get together in the future and we become in-laws, how great it would be! Why am I hearing you are allowing an ordinary immortal to become the husband of Pin Er? Pin Er is still really young...." 

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