Chapter 1274: Ancient Immortal Essence Wine

In the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, Wu Yu had successfully passed the first hurdle.

For now, the two dragon kings had acknowledged his ability.

Wu Hao had moved deeper into the palace, and only Ye Qianning was still with them.

She had also changed into her human form, which was an otherworldly beauty. For her age, she was the most beautiful woman that Wu Yu had seen.

She said, "Child, since you're here, no need to be too reserved. I'll arrange a quarters for you."

"Thank you, Senior," Wu Yu said respectfully. It seemed like Ye Qianning was willing to let him live here for a long time.

"No need to call me ‘Senior.’ If you're not averse to it, you can just call me ‘Aunt Ning.’ And that guy, you can just call him ‘Uncle Hao,’" Ye Qianning said.

Although Luo Pin had said that they were husband and wife in the mortal domain, to the mystical dragon tribe, their relationship was still not yet set in stone. Therefore, they could not have Wu Yu call them by the same names as Luo Pin.

Next, Ye Qianning arranged for a place within Qinyin Palace that was not too far from Luo Pin. Qinyin Palace was huge, and Wu Yu's quarters here were spacious as well. Furthermore, they were magical and luxurious, and the immortal qi was concentrated with spirit designs, making it conducive for cultivation.

From now on, Wu Yu had free reign in Qinyin Palace. There would occasionally be concealed places where Wu Yu could not reach.

This was equal to allowing Wu Yu to stay here.

"I told you. They're wonderful, right?" Luo Pin said to Wu Yu.

"They're wonderful, indeed. Your luck is really something." Wu Yu was gratified that he could meet such adoptive parents here in the vastness of the sky palaces. It was a blessing indeed.

Along the way, Ye Qianning also made small talk, asking Wu Yu about matters in the mortal domain and after he ascended. She did not ask about private matters, and Wu Yu answered selectively as well.

"I have no idea which mighty immortal took a liking to you. However, we immediately knew that you were very talented at first glance. Those at your age are like newborn dragons to us. To think that you have such rich experience. It seems like that immortal's thinking was inspired when they chose to look to the mortal domain for a successor. Once you ascended, your qualities, experience, and talent far surpassed that of other immortals."

After all, they were in the Great Void Immortal Realm, so they could see many things that Wu Yu could not.

Wu Yu guessed that they evaluated the immortal behind Wu Yu's legacy very highly.

If not, they would definitely be worried about the pair's future.

"Almost done. Come, let's go taste your Uncle Hao's work." Ye Qianning beckoned them to the Delicacy Hall. 

"What do you mean?"

"My adoptive father is very good at cooking, but it's different from mortal domain dishes. They are all the finest immortal essences, much better than true immortal medicines, and also very delicious! One meal and you will gain much immortal energy. In this aspect, no one can match him, at least within the Sky Heart Tribe," Luo Pin said.

A great chef!

It was hard to tell that an old, stony-faced dragon like Wu Hao would have such a hobby. Throughout the ages, besides cultivating, they could still focus on other passions.

Wu Yu was stunned to see a sumptuous banquet awaiting them.

Although they were all immortal essences, and there was no meat, immortal qi hung around the table. The fragrance wafted over to tickle their noses. It was all the finest immortal essences. Even the broths could extend a mortal's life by a great amount.

This was the first time that Wu Yu had seen something like this, and he was completely impressed by Wu Hao.

Of course, they usually lived as mystical dragons, which was why the portions were huge - even the table was massive. If Wu Yu did not use the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he would be like an ant in the Delicacy Hall. Therefore, he used it to turn himself into a giant, then he could enjoy this feast.

The "family of four" sat around the table. Wu Yu was still admiring the dao and art of the food, as well as the immortal designs imbued within. Ye Qianning raised her cup. "Wu Yu, welcome to Qinyin Palace. The three of us toast to your arrival. Wash the dust from your throat. Cheers."

Wu Yu was like a son-in-law who had turned up at the door. He hurried to pick up his own wine cup. It held a fiery red liquor within, which was both thick and fragrant. It was a heady brew, and difficult to stand.

"Thank you, Uncle Hao, Aunt Ning." Wu Yu had not sat down in such a setting in a long while. This was a feeling that he had last experienced back in the mortal kingdoms. He was grateful for the warmth here in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. He had still thought all immortals were high and mighty, and far above human pleasures.

Before drinking, Luo Pin warned Wu Yu in a low voice, "This is wine brewed from an ancient immortal essence. It's very potent. Don't drink too much. Even an immortal will get drunk." 

Ancient immortal essences had more than 100 spiritual marks, and they were ancient objects that had endured many yuan. Some had even persisted for more than 10 yuan, and were extremely rare.

"No matter. If you are a real man, how could you hold your head up high if you can't even drink a cup of wine?" Wu Hao said mildly.

Putting it that way, Wu Yu could only be looser. Luo Pin drank very little, but he would have to go hard. This was definitely the most potent alcohol that Wu Yu had ever drunk. One mouthful set his body on fire, and every single buddha shuddered. Besides its intensity, after drinking it down, it was changed into formidable power that coursed through his whole body. It even burst forth from his body, causing him to steam.

"I told you to drink less...." Luo Pin grumbled.

"It's fine. Haha, today is a celebration."

An immortal's wine could numb one's mental faculties. With a cupful of wine, Wu Yu was already much looser.

As for Wu Hao, he was a direct sort of guy. When he saw that a heavenly immortal cultivator like Wu Yu dared to drink his own ancient immortal wine brew, his brows lifted in surprised approval.

However, he was also intrigued to test Wu Yu's limits.

Therefore, he poured it on....

Following that first glass, Wu Yu matched Wu Hao's drinking, even as he continued to savor the delicacies. The ancient immortal essence wine did not affect Wu Hao greatly, but Wu Yu was flushed red from it. But he was also the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, so his digestive abilities were formidable. When the ancient immortal essence wine reached his stomach, it was very quickly broken down into pure strength and then stored in the black buddhas. They filled up more and more, until it was like Wu Yu was devouring bodies.

Two hours had passed since they began eating. Wu Yu and Wu Hao were the main highlights here. Luo Pin and Ye Qianning could only watch on helplessly. These two men were laughing and chatting as though they were old friends. As the saying went, friendships developed faster over alcohol.

"Enough. Any more and he won't be able to take it. The fact that he can take this much already shows how strong his body and immortal spirit are. He's definitely a match for Nine Xuan Dao Realm cultivators," Ye Qianning said quietly to Wu Hao.

Actually, they were testing if Wu Yu was truly capable.

"Don't underestimate him. He's not at his limit yet. But I've already run out of ancient immortal essence wine. What madness. Such fine wine, and it's all gone down the throat of that young kid. I've brewed it for 8,000 years to develop that taste!" Wu Hao's heart was bleeding. He no longer wished to continue.

"Wu Yu, you can remain at Qinyin Palace from now on. You can ask us anything regarding cultivation. As for Pin Er, you still have to go to the Hidden Dragon Peak." Ye Qianning finished. This meant that Wu Yu had passed their test.

The test of drinking....

"Thank you, adoptive parents." Luo Pin was secretly glad.

Although she had to go to the Hidden Dragon Peak, the program was not full-time. She could return every 10 days or so, or actually anytime she wished.

There would be many opportunities for them to meet.

And Wu Yu could also improve greatly when he quietly cultivated here. For example, this meal tonight had been equivalent to devouring many opponents.

"Take him to rest," Ye Qianning said to Luo Pin.

Wu Yu still maintained some level of alertness. His devouring ability was a match for the peculiar ancient immortal essence wine. What he struggled to contain now was the strength.

In this meal, Luo Pin had only eaten a little, while Wu Yu had eaten well over 100 times more than her....

The two left first, returning to their quarters. Wu Yu very quickly calmed down. "This test from your adoptive parents was quite something. But also very interesting."

Luo Pin said, "You're one to talk. I was worried sick. I only dared to drink a sip of the ancient immortal essence wine, but you downed it cup after cup. How reckless."

"Don't worry, it was a piece of cake." Wu Yu was still fired up from his drunkenness.

"You might be happy, but my adoptive father is definitely hurting. That ancient immortal essence wine is like his baby usually. You drank so much of it."

"Ah?" Wu Yu still thought that he could drink more of it....

But he did not dwell on it. After returning to his quarters, Wu Yu said, "I can't be with you for now. I have to deal with all this energy. You can just go to your lessons at the Hidden Dragon Palace, as usual."

"Mm, okay."

Now that Wu Yu could stay here, they would have plenty of time to get mushy in the future.

An immortal had a lot of time. Wu Yu's cultivation and digestion would also take a lot of time.

He mainly wanted to grind his Bodhi Immortal Dao Art and increase the amount of Bodhi Seeds. He would turn this flood of power into Bodhi immortal energy. Otherwise, it would be wasted if left alone long enough.

Actually, he had not sat down to cultivate properly in a long time now. And now that he had met Luo Pin, he could peacefully remain here and continue to grow stronger.

He had the cultivation experience of a Xuan immortal. It came from Ao Ding.

The cultivation experience of the 9-Yuan heavenly immortal Ao Yang was also helpful for Wu Yu.

Of course, Wu Yu still had access to the thinking, perspectives, and experience of dozens of immortals and ghostly immortals, which he used to cultivate the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art. This time, he aimed for the fifth tier.

The fifth tier would allow him to create 81 Bodhi Seeds.

After settling down, he used the dao and experience that he had devoured to ponder difficult issues. The immortals of the Great Ancient Ink Realm were limited in their thinking, but after adding Liu Yuanqing, Ao Yang, and Ao Ding - especially Ao Ding, who was already at the Xuan realm - these questions were not particularly difficult for his dao.

Wu Yu again raced forth like a horse over flat ground. Within a month, he understood the fifth tier of the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art and gained 81 Bodhi Seeds.

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