Chapter 1273: The Mysterious Immortal Backer

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch had been quite confident.

Because he thought that if Wu Yu had been called by the Baiyin Dragon King, he would have heard some words.

But the Baiyin Dragon King's answer had killed his hopes.

So Luo Pin did have a mortal domain husband. Crucially, these two Primordial Immortal Dragon kings seemed to be supportive of it.

This was an ultimate mystical dragon!

"I see. But, Dragon King, she is an ultimate mystical dragon after all...."

Before the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch could finish speaking, Luo Pin's adoptive mother, the Baiqin Dragon Queen, interrupted him. "Is the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch prying into our family business?"

The Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon hurriedly lowered his head. "This humble subject would not dare, would never dare. I'll take my leave now, and not bother you further."

He knew that the Baiqin Dragon Queen often spoke warmly, but was a terror when angered. Clearly, this matter was beyond his interference. He was wise enough to hurriedly take his leave.

In the wide space of Qinyin Palace, only Wu Yu, Luo Pin, and the two dragon kings were left.

Even the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch had been so deferent before these Great Void Immortal Realm cultivators, and Wu Yu did not feel too comfortable under their combined gazes either.

After all, he had come as a surprise to them.

A brief moment of silence.

Luo Pin immediately stood up. She addressed both of them sincerely. "Adoptive Father, Mother, I did not mean to hide it from you. I was only trying to find the right opportunity to tell you. He is my husband from the mortal domain. We cultivated together, grew up together, and ascended together. We have been through much, and without him, I would not be in this world at all. He is my dearest love. I will only acknowledge him in this life. His name is Wu Yu."

To only acknowledge him in this life.

For Wu Yu, these words at this time were too precious to behold.

She spoke simply, and not completely truthfully. After all, they had not been together that long in the mortal domain. But in order to make the news more palatable, she had twisted it that way.

Both of them were elite immortals worthy of respect, Great Void Immortal Realm dragon kings. Although they were her adoptive parents, they were as good as birth parents. Wu Yu knelt on the floor, and said respectfully, "Wu Yu greets the two seniors. I made a pact with her before that I would come to find her after I reached immortalhood. I infiltrated the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm and came to the Sky Heart Tribe. I traveled through 79 empires before I found her in the Primordial Immortal Empire. Unfortunately, I was discovered by the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch. She saved me, and had to tell the truth to the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch." Wu Yu also told his side of the story so that they would know what had transpired before.

"To be reunited in the sky palaces was our vow, and also our dream. We hope that we may have your blessing." Sincerity was clearly written on Luo Pin's face.

They were done speaking.

A few short sentences had explained everything. They were in love, and did not wish to be separated by anything.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin looked at them anxiously.

Wu Yu had not expected that Luo Pin would be taken in by such mighty mystical dragons. Their decision here would affect everything.

The Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen looked at the two and then at each other.

Evidently, today's turn of events was too great a surprise.

The Baiqin Dragon Queen said kindly, "No need to kneel. Stand up when you speak. We will go home first. Let's not talk outside. Child, follow us."

"Yes, Adoptive Mother." Luo Pin saw a glimmer of hope.

Wu Yu could see that Ye Qianning clearly doted on her. She was also a kind and reasonable person.

The Baiyin Dragon King did not speak. He turned and headed back into Qinyin Palace. Ye Qianning followed. Wu Yu and Luo Pin looked at each other, unsure of how the response was. They could only follow.

Wu Yu naturally knew that he was a bother to the two dragon kings.

Walking into the classy and cosy Qinyin Palace, Wu Yu was immediately fascinated by the drawings and carvings on the walls. They were very artistic and magnificent, and even had deep "dao" imbued within them. He felt like he was benefiting just by looking at them. It was enchanting.

"This is the work of Adoptive Father. He often lets me look at them. I often get a lot of inspiration," Luo Pin said quietly by his side.

Truly a god among gods. Because of these two Great Void Immortal Realm beings, the entire palace was elevated to a whole new level, and Wu Yu felt completely thrown off by the logic of the place.

Just based on all this, he was already completely humbled by the two dragon kings.

Walking deeper, they reached a hall where the Baiyin Dragon King's bulk could move freely.

He turned around and stood side by side with the Baiqin Dragon Queen. Wu Yu and Luo Pin also came in, and their eyes were locked onto Wu Yu, especially the Baiyin Dragon King’s.

"Your family name is also Wu?" the Baiyin Dragon King Wu Hao asked.

Wu Yu nodded.

Beside him, Ye Qianning said, "Enough with that grim face, you're scaring the children. Speak your mind."

"You do it." Wu Hao shook his head, frowning slightly.

"I'll speak, then." Ye Qianning turned to the pair. "In truth, this has come very suddenly for us, and we're still not sure how to feel about it. After all, Pin Er is like a newborn in our eyes. How can she suddenly have a husband?"

Her voice was especially kind, and her attitude as well. She was like the embodiment of the water of life. With her around, Wu Yu felt hopeful.

She continued, "But this, too, is normal. Pin Er has spent a few centuries in the mortal domain, and has been through a lot. To have someone like you cultivating with her, and in a Lesser Realm, no less, that's a rare destiny. I once told her to fight for anyone she loved, and we would support her. However...."

She paused, pursed her lips, and shook her head. "We won't interfere, but there might be more hurdles than you have anticipated. If she were but an ordinary mystical dragon, or you were stronger and willing to work on the mystical dragon tribe's behalf, it might be seen as acceptable. But in reality, there are few precedents in history where ultimate mystical dragons have taken immortals as companions. Perhaps none at all. Therefore, even if we do not object, others will step forth to express their dissatisfaction, or even stop you."

Luo Pin nodded. "I know all of this. But we will not give up. I simply want the both of you not to object. That will be enough for me."

Ye Qianning said affectionately, "Silly child, how could we? I am just worried. I have a simple suggestion. If you need to convince people, there is one necessary and fundamental criterion. Be it in talent or fighting ability, he has to be stronger than you. Otherwise, many will not agree. After all, you are one of the future pillars of our tribe."

She spoke in a reasonable manner. There were many things that they could not get around. Even with their support, if Wu Yu was far from Luo Pin, then the resistance would be fairly violent.

Besides, they had probably never met anyone who came from a Lesser Realm that could surpass an ultimate mystical dragon.

But Luo Pin was all smiles. She looked at Wu Yu as she said, "There's no need to worry about that. Whether in terms of talent or fighting ability, Wu Yu eclipses me. We became immortals at the same time, and he is already at this level. In the mortal domain, I spent a few centuries before ascending, while he did it in less than 50 years."

Wu Yu had urged her to say this. Since both of them seemed to be open, then Wu Yu would win their support. He could not make them worry.

"What?" The two dragon kings, originally very worried about their future, were shocked.

"Your immortal energy is probably already at an 8-Yuan heavenly immortal's level. Less than a year?" Baiyin Dragon King Wu Hao stared incredulously at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu gritted his teeth, saying, "Esteemed Senior, Wu Yu obtained the legacy of an elite immortal in the mortal domain. It has helped me progress tremendously."

This was the answer that he had come up with after much agonizing. Otherwise, he would not be able to stand here beside Luo Pin.

"Which immortal? What's their title?" Wu Hao asked.

Wu Yu said, "Because the immortal has instructed me thus, Wu Yu cannot say it. I seek your understanding."

"What cultivation level is this immortal at?" Wu Hao probed.

"I do not know. To me back then, immortals were all very powerful."

He purposely made it sound like the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was still alive, rather than dead. This made him seem more powerful, as though there was "someone" backing him.

"Do you know where he is?"

"After imparting me the legacy, he vanished, and I have not seen him since."

Wu Yu refused to give Wu Hao any of the information he wished. After all, he had to keep Wu Hao interested and guessing, as well as anyone else in the mystical dragon tribe.

After all, there were many experts in the sky palaces. Their guesses could go anywhere.

"Show me one of his mystiques," Wu Hao said.

This one could not be avoided. Wu Yu directly demonstrated the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. He immediately grew to 12 zhang, a giant that towered over Luo Pin. He clenched his fist slightly, showing off the prodigious strength he had.

"This mystique is called the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. It makes my physical flesh stronger," Wu Yu said.

Wu Yu could see a hint of surprise and alarm in their eyes when witnessing this mystique. Wu Yu had guessed right. They did not know about the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. They did not know this mystique.

Therefore, they did not know who the immortal backing Wu Yu was.

Wu Hao simply said, "Your immortal energy is righteous, and your aura pure. Your master must be a righteous immortal, and his cultivation level fairly high."

Hearing this, Ye Qianning gave a warm laugh. "Enough, you old tot. Stop that sour face. The fact that he has such talent is indeed a good thing. If this child's future can continue to outstrip Pin Er's, then their future is bright indeed. And you will have gained a fairly incredible son-in-law."

"Alright! I'm off to make food!" Wu Hao said. He immediately left via a passageway.

"Make food?" Wu Yu was nonplussed.

Luo Pin took Wu Yu's hand and then knelt before Ye Qianning, her eyes full of tears.

"We thank adoptive parents for your blessing," she choked.

Ye Qianning huffed gently and stopped them from kneeling. Her eyes were loving as she said, "We're all family now. No need to stand on ceremony. We two old folks have wished all these years that Qinyin Palace can be a little livelier. With you and this child, we are actually very happy."

It was a great surprise that this had gone so smoothly.

They truly were in debt to this couple.

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