Chapter 1272: Qin Yin Peak

If he took Wu Yu to Qin Yin Peak himself, and Luo Pin was left behind, the Baiyin Dragon King and the others would naturally not know who Wu Yu was.

They might even cut him down on the spot.

And so Luo Pin insisted, "No way. I have to go with him. Otherwise, you might talk nonsense in front of my parents."

In truth, Luo Pin was a thorn to the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch. If she was unhappy, there was nothing that he could do against her.

Because he naturally could not win against her. This was the Primordial Immortal Empire, and no one would be on his side.

He only insisted to save his pride.

Of course, to him, it did not matter whether Luo Pin came along. As long as the Baiyin Dragon King objected, the entire case would come crashing down.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch naturally knew how difficult it was for an immortal to want to wed a mystical dragon, let alone an elite ultimate mystical dragon. He suspected that the Baiyin Dragon King did not even know about this!

"Fine. Come with me, then. The others, back to training!" the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch snapped irritably.

He glared at Wu Yu and then took control of him and Luo Pin. He casually dragged them out of the Demon Hunting Zone and then took to the skies. With frightening speed, he headed for Qin Yin Peak.

It goes without saying, but Qin Yin Peak was the territory of the Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen.

The Baiyin Dragon King's name was Wu Hao. Of course, he shared the same surname as Wu Yu as well.

The Baiqin Dragon Queen's name was Ye Qianning.

An Immortal Lord Realm cultivator flew at great speeds. The scenery ripped past them so fast, they could not see it.

Wu Yu saw that Luo Pin was smiling serenely beside him. Clearly, she was confident.

"Aren't you worried that your adoptive parents won't play along? Or are unwilling to play along? After all, I don’t think they will accept such a direct declaration."

Luo Pin was taking a risk.

"Don't worry. I know them," Luo Pin said.

"If I come visit you as Ao Yang frequently, won't that be much safer? Won't that do?" Wu Yu asked her. She had determined all of this.

Luo Pin shook her head. "I don't like that. I want you to stay for a long time. I don't want to have to skulk around to be with you. Besides, that's not sustainable. After a few times, people will start to suspect. After all, Ao Yang counts for nothing in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm."

Wu Yu naturally wished for the same thing, to be able to live here openly.

"Of course I want that too. But I don't know the actual situation. Will they be willing to let us live together?" Wu Yu still remembered Ao Yang's words clearly. It was those words that had cut him so deep that he had killed Ao Yang.

The mystical dragon tribe still discriminated against outsiders that would sully their bloodline. They highly valued their legacies, especially those of elite bloodlines. Because the immortal beasts would have to multiply until they were strong, or they would simply die out.

"There's hope. Wu Yu, would you be willing to throw away your pride for our sake? For example, if we become immortal dao companions, the mystical dragon tribe only accepts marrying in. This means that you'd be a member of the mystical dragon tribe. You would have to work on our behalf. They don't care about names, so our children can still have your surname."

Wu Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Children…. Too far to think about. As long as I can be with you, husband and wife are enough. All that you say is too abstract for me."

He did not care about any of this. It was not important for him. Especially here in the sky palaces. As long as you were strong enough, no one cared about marrying in. Even for the legendary beasts like mystical dragon immortal beasts, they were worried that their talents would leave. That was why they used such a policy to attract the elite immortals to work on their behalf. Since Luo Pin was a princess here, he would be her consort. That was a comfortable position. Wu Yu had even been an emperor before.

Hearing this, Luo Pin smiled, contented. "I knew you wouldn't care about those trivialities. Then I'm not worried. I also know that even an ordinary mystical dragon would meet resistance in trying to marry an immortal. They would need the immortal to be stronger and more talented and willing to work for the mystical dragons. Then they would be willing. As for you, you completely fulfill those conditions. Your future is limitless. Of course, because I'm an ultimate mystical dragon, the resistance might be greater."

She gently told Wu Yu, "But I've asked my adoptive mother before. She said that she supports me seeking true love. Because that was the case for them, they know how important it is. She said that no matter who I like, she will support me. After all, they are both Primordial Immortal Dragons. It is very difficult for them to have a child, and so they see this more liberally."

Hearing her words, Wu Yu knew that her adoptive parents were wonderful people. Such a way of thinking might be madness to most of the elite mystical dragons.

In order for the two of them to be together, she had done so much!

After Wu Yu heard this, he said, "I was afraid of affecting you. After I found that all was well with you, I had planned to leave. But now, I've decided. No matter what, I want to remain by your side! I will fight to earn respect and admiration from the mystical dragon tribe! Until I can openly marry you! And make you the wife of Wu Yu! Let us not skulk around. Let us make everyone envy us!"

Luo Pin broke into a tender smile. She was too happy, and it made her more beautiful than ever.

She said, "Silly, you're thinking too much. What do you mean by making me the wife of Wu Yu? Here, I'm making you the husband of Luo Pin."

Even she had a humorous side.

"Don't be like that. I have some dignity." Wu Yu's brain spazzed out.

"Are you sure?"

"For such a beauty, I guess my dignity isn't worth much. Forget it, I'll throw it away. Haha...."

He had not been this happy in a long, long time.

Their hearts felt close to each other. Wu Yu understood her, and she, too, understood Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had decided that no matter what storms came at them, he would stand by her side. He would win the respect of the mystical dragons in an open manner.

This needed him to become stronger, and he was ready.

When they finished speaking, they arrived at Qin Yin Peak.

"Respectful greetings to the Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen. The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch begs an audience."

Outside, the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch still needed to announce himself.

"Pin Er is back? Come in." From an even higher mountain compared to the Hidden Dragon Peak, a woman's warm voice came ringing out. Just from her voice, one knew that it belonged to a kind soul, and she was likely very beautiful as well. It had to be Luo Pin's adoptive mother, Ye Qianning.

And also a Primordial Immortal Dragon.

"Greetings." The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch brought Luo Pin and Wu Yu in. Although Luo Pin had been composed along the way, they were about to be challenged, so Wu Yu was now nervous. After all, they might be exposed.

Above them were two incredibly terrifying auras. They were experts of the Great Void Immortal Realm. It was Wu Yu's first time seeing experts at this level.

"Are you nervous that you’ll meet my parents? Don't worry, they're very nice." Luo Pin smiled slightly.

In the mortal domain, Luo Pin had lost her parents at a young age.

And for these new parents that she had just become acquainted with, she could not possibly be that close with them, compared to Wu Yu.

But the way she said it, it felt like an unworthy son-in-law going to meet the parents. The more he thought about it, the more anxious he got. What if they were unsatisfied with him....


The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch charged into the cloud layer, and they could see a huge, silvery-white palace at the peak. That was Qinyin Palace, where Luo Pin usually lived as well.

After passing through the dense immortal fog, the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch landed before the magnificent Qinyin Palace. It was breathtakingly beautiful. A sea of clouds stretched out in every direction, and Qinyin Palace seemed to be built on the clouds itself. It was huge and pristine, and built from some jewel-like precious artifact. Absolutely gorgeous.

Wu Yu could not breathe for a moment. Because in front of Qinyin Palace, there was a huge, white mystical dragon. It was evidently a Primordial Immortal Dragon, and dozens of times larger than Wu Yu. It was completely shrouded in immortal qi, and was extremely beautiful from head to tail. This should be Luo Pin's adoptive mother, the Baiqin Dragon Queen, Ye Qianning.

There was also an even more majestic and massive Primordial Immortal Dragon. He flew out from Qinyin Palace. This mystical dragon was more dignified and impressive. He was probably stronger, and the pressure he exuded was incredible. After all, he was at the Great Void Immortal Realm, and considered an elite immortal even throughout the sky palaces. Reaching that level was Wu Yu's future goal. It was normal for Wu Yu to be so shaken.

The feeling they gave Wu Yu exceeded the Immortal Lord Realm cultivators. It was an abstract realm that he did not understand at all. He felt like they were at an enigmatic level that transcended this world, and nothing could stop them.

The one who came out was, of course, Wu Hao!

The Baiyin Dragon King!

Baiyin Dragon King said immediately, "Why have you personally brought Pin Er back? Did she have an accident at the Hidden Dragon Peak?"

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch was a little fidgety before the two dragon kings. He naturally did not dare to bind Wu Yu and Luo Pin at this time, so he hastened to get in the first word. "Not at all. Luo Pin's performance has been outstanding. But today, when we were in the Demon Hunting Zone, I caught her husband sneaking in. After all, he is an immortal, and it's not appropriate for him to be in the Demon Hunting Zone. I brought him back to you. As for Luo Pin, she herself wished to follow."

He had already prepared this along the way.

If the dragon king and queen did not know about Wu Yu, they would definitely be shocked to hear the word “husband,” and would fly into a rage.

And the whole lie would come undone.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch was a wily one.

Wu Yu was also anxious, because he knew how terrifying the might of these two mystical dragons was.

He held his breath.

He looked at the Baiyin Dragon King, whose eyes flicked over Wu Yu. Wu Yu felt a chill, as though he was being completely read.

The moment dragged on and on, as though time had stopped. Wu Yu started to sweat.

And then the Baiyin Dragon King spoke.

"Oh, I did not make it clear to him. You may go. I will take appropriate action."

A simple statement.

But Wu Yu could hear that the Baiyin Dragon King doted dearly on Luo Pin.

He did not know anything, but he was completely calm upon hearing the word "husband," and had the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch leave first. That spoke volumes.

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