Chapter 1271: Husband

The Baiyin Dragon King had already arranged a reasonable cultivation plan for her.

In the first few years, learn about the heritage of the mystical dragons and undergo instruction at the Hidden Dragon Peak.

The Baiyin Dragon King had already given her the best Longevity Immortal Art, which was definitely better than her peers'.

Occasionally, the dragon king couple would also instruct her.

When she reached the 5-Yuan heavenly immortal level, they would guide her personally.

"Before becoming a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal, they will not let me leave the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. And not even the Primordial Immortal Empire. They say that it's too dangerous with my current strength. That is why I could not go out to find you. I tried asking my adoptive parents, but even with their power, it would be extraordinarily difficult to search the 8,000 Sky Palaces for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. I was also afraid that I would expose your secret, and so.... At first, I did not know that they would treat me so well. Recently, I was conflicted as to whether I get them to help me catch the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor first.... But you’ve already succeeded......"

Wu Yu understood her difficulties.

"It's all in the past. Next, we should look to the future. After all, we have finally reached our goals, and we're together in the sky palaces." Wu Yu brushed away her tears.

"Mm." Luo Pin nodded.

Wu Yu thought about it. "I probably cannot stay here for long. I came here because I wanted to see you and let you know that I'm still alive, and to check in on your situation. Now that everything is good, I might have to leave. After all, there are too many experts here. In the future, can I come visit you in the guise of Ao Yang? We can say that I escorted you to the sky palaces and we became friends along the way."

Luo Pin's face clouded. She mumbled. "As Ao Yang, of course you can.... But I don't want to be separated from you...."

Wu Yu shook his head. "No, the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm is the best place for you. I cannot take you away from here to wander and risk yourself with no one to guide you...."

Luo Pin smiled and tapped him on the head. "What are you thinking? I was thinking of how to get you to remain here publicly."

If he could stay, or if he could enter and leave the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm at will, that would, of course, be great! But the thing was, this was the territory of the mystical dragons. He had sneaked in, now how was he to breach the issue?

Wu Yu, too, wished he could stick with her every day. After all, he had plenty of time. Besides chasing eternal life, his only other goal was to be with Luo Pin.

To watch her cultivate and see her smile.

At this point, suddenly Wu Yu was seized with extreme discomfort!


A powerful force held him. Although he was still in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, there was an additional layer on his body that seemed to move him to another world. He was completely immobilized, and even his flesh started to crumble!

This was the terrifying pressure that an absolutely superior expert could call forth!

"Damned immortal! You dare to sneak into the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm! And even to the Demon Hunting Zone!"

From afar, there was a loud roar. It was the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon!

The voice traveled from far away, and the little dragons nearby could all hear it.

The huge Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon appeared before Wu Yu and Luo Pin. His face was furious, and he was probably worried about Luo Pin. He demanded, "You best have a good reason for why I should not kill you! Otherwise, I will end your life immediately!"

It was still within the realm of possibility for immortals to appear in the Primordial Immortal Empire, but the Demon Hunting Zone was where the mystical dragon tribe nurtured their young dragons. The mystical dragon tribe took their heritage very seriously. If something happened here, the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon would bear huge responsibility.

"This is the power of the Immortal Lord Realm? I’m completely unable to resist or react!"

Wu Yu felt this keenly. Before the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon, he was as helpless as a trussed up chicken! His adversary held the power of a world. An immortal lord was too far above him.

Even the Somersault Cloud could not be used. This was like the Fixed Body Art, paralyzing him completely.

The power of a world entered his body, freezing his immortal spirit, immortal energy, and buddha energy completely.

Wu Yu guessed that the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon had been left unsatisfied and had come back to see Luo Pin again. And then he had spotted Wu Yu. And seeing Wu Yu so close to Luo Pin, he naturally acted.

Seeing Wu Yu being manhandled thus, Luo Pin flew into a rage. She shouted at the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon, "I warn you! Let go of him! He is the most important person to me! And also an esteemed guest of my adoptive parents! If you kill him, I will see your head roll!"

She was very clever, and knew what to say at this time. This was the Primordial Immortal Empire, the territory of the Primordial Immortal Dragons. Being the most important person and an esteemed guest of the Baiyin Dragon King was enough to convey Wu Yu's value.

As for his head rolling, that was Luo Pin's own threat. She might just be a little dragon, while he was a dragon lord. While a dragon lord was definitely more valuable to the mystical dragon tribe as a whole, Luo Pin had even stronger beings backing her, so he had to submit.

Luo Pin was usually rather well-natured. Today, she had caused trouble twice, and this time, she was much more serious than before. She had been the Dragon Lord for a long time and therefore was used to being high up above. She still had a commanding presence.

"What? Esteemed guest?" The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch had not thought about that. He had assumed it was some trespasser barging in. But seeing Luo Pin so furious and anxious, he knew it was not like that.

"Release him!" Luo Pin again added.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch finally let up on the pressure applied on Wu Yu. 

At this time, the little dragons had heard the commotion and came running over. They were confused by the situation. There was someone new, and they watched from the side rather than come forward.

The number of little dragons grew.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch was embarrassed. He coughed to mask it. Luo Pin's words had been harsh, but she had not spoken loudly. The little dragons probably had not heard them, and he had not lost all face.

He asked sternly, "Explain, Luo Pin. Who is this immortal who has infiltrated the Demon Hunting Zone? As a teacher at the Hidden Dragon Peak, I must ensure your safety. As for this unknown person, I will definitely stop them from harming you. That is why I did what I did. It was reasonable."

Luo Pin realized when to back off. She said, "Teacher, I was worried about him, and spoke rashly. Please do not take offense at my words."

She allowed the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch to maintain his pride as well.

The little dragons did not understand what was going on. They only knew it had something to do with the immortal by Luo Pin's side.

"Who is that? An immortal?"

"So immortals have human forms just like us, huh?"

"He looks handsome. I feel strange...."

"What's on between him and Little Princess Luo Pin?!"

Because Luo Pin had emerged out of the blue as an esteemed person, they had given her the nickname of “Little Princess.” Here in the Primordial Immortal Empire, she was treated just like one.

After all, the Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king, Wu Jun, had no other heirs.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch was naturally still resentful at being scolded by a junior. With a stern face, he said, "Then explain everything. What is the relationship between this person and you? And how did he get here?"

Luo Pin looked at Wu Yu. She seemed to have made up her mind. She turned to the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch and the little dragons, and said clearly, "Everyone knows that I was in the mortal domain, cultivating for a few centuries. I attained immortalhood and was brought here. In the mortal domain, a few centuries is considered a long time for us."

"What are you trying to say?" The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch frowned.

Luo Pin said firmly, "Didn't you ask what our relationship was? Let me tell you. He is my husband in the mortal realm. We helped each other through thick and thin, and now that he has reached immortalhood as well, he came to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm to see me. As for how he entered, that's the arrangement of my parents, and nothing to do with you."


For the little dragons who had grown up here, this news was just too exciting.

After all, they were just like babies!

Luo Pin was more mature than them when she came, but they still treated her as one of the dragon babies.

To think that she actually had a husband in the mortal domain! One of them dragon babies had a husband....

They all looked at Wu Yu with wide eyes.

And the word “husband” held great meaning for Wu Yu.

The Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm was the most important place for Luo Pin.

Truthfully, they had not yet become dao companions.

But Luo Pin had said that Wu Yu was her husband from the mortal domain. This was her vow and resolution.

How could Wu Yu not be moved by this? After all, he had not made the same vow to the world that this was his woman and wife.

The mystical dragons saw Luo Pin's future as endlessly bright. But she did not care at all.

Wu Yu had planned to see her and then leave. He would let her improve properly, while he came back occasionally to see her as Ao Yang.

But she had now directly declared him her husband.

He longed to sweep her up in his arms and kiss her fiercely.

But Luo Pin was already wrapped about his waist. She said to the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch, "We cultivated together, became immortals together. It has been so long."

Wu Yu saw that the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch looked like his soul had left him.

Wu Yu knew what this old guy was up to. He must have homed in on Luo Pin, who he thought was young and naive. While she was young, he would use his overwhelming power to make her develop good feelings for him. In the future, he would be able to win the Baiyin Dragon King over easily.

But suddenly, a wild Wu Yu appeared.

"That... That doesn't mean he can barge in here!" The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch was incoherent with anger.

Luo Pin said, "That was wrong of him. I apologize on his behalf, and guarantee that he won't come in again. I will bring him to Qin Yin Peak now. You can just continue."

After all, Luo Pin had said that Wu Yu was brought in by the Baiyin Dragon King and the others. No matter how unhappy the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch was, he could not doubt that.

Because Luo Pin implied that Wu Yu had been here a for long time.

At this time, Wu Yu was about to bring Wu Yu to Qin Yin Peak.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch frowned. "No. He trespassed in the Demon Hunting Zone. I have to bring him to see the Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen myself. You stay here."

Clearly, he suspected that Luo Pin was lying.

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