Chapter 1270: Kiss Until the End of Time

Luo Pin was finally moving alone.

The snow-white mystical dragon moved stealthily through the dense and boundless forest, alertly looking for demon immortal puppets.

"She has just come here. Although she is more talented than the other mystical dragons, she has been cultivating for too short a time. She is probably in the middle of the pack here. It will not be easy for her to get top three."

Therefore, her first foray here was to try her hand at real fighting with opponents at the same level.

Wu Yu resisted his impulse to rush up.

Because the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon had just left. Wu Yu wanted to wait until he was far away, and for Luo Pin to go deeper into the Demon Hunting Zone.

There was virtually no one nearby now.

He had missed her for so long, and just looking at her was already a wonderful feeling. He did not mind waiting.

After an hour, she had successfully defeated another demon immortal puppet, obtaining its immortal design core.

The demon immortal puppet was a black eagle, made out of some hard metal, just like the Black Phoenix.

However, the Black Phoenix was not as lifelike, whereas the demon immortal puppets here looked like they had both flesh and demonic aura, just like the real thing.

After defeating her opponent, she was slightly tired, and hid in a tree hole to recover.

She usually spoke little, and not at all when she was traveling alone. Occasionally, when she came across other mystical dragons, she breezed right past them.

Seemed like she was not in a good mood.

He recalled that she had bravely faced the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao and succeeded.

Perhaps she wished to quickly grow stronger and help Wu Yu.

"It's time to meet her."

Wu Yu was deliriously happy.

He suddenly had the urge to play a trick on her and give her a big surprise.

Therefore, he changed into the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's appearance.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon was a huge bird, reeking of blood. His feathers were crimson, and he appeared with a strong demonic aura. Within the tree hole, Luo Pin naturally sensed it.

"Another demon immortal puppet? So many in this area?"

By the design of the Demon Hunting Zone, each region would not have that many demon immortal puppets. She had just defeated one, and it was improbable that another would appear.

But it had.

Luo Pin had already rested for a while.

She naturally faced each trial as it came. The snow-white mystical dragon emerged from the tree hole to face Wu Yu's crimson roc.

Wu Yu purposely let out a blood-curdling cry, flexing his savageness.

Inside, he was over the moon that she had finally seen him.

Wu Yu was always like a child before her.

But after Luo Pin saw him, she attacked without hesitation. She used a mystical dragon immortal technique that she had just learned, attacking him with the immortal energy.

It was a sharp spear of light that divided into three, lancing its way towards Wu Yu.

Ting ting ting!

Three tinny sounds.

Luo Pin was startled that her immortal technique had dealt Wu Yu no damage at all!

This was beyond her expectations. Because they were the beginner class of the Hidden Dragon Peak, why would there be such a strong demon immortal puppet?

"Did they release the wrong demon immortal puppet?" She frowned. But she did not wish to retreat at this time.

Continue attacking!

Next, her Natural Mystique.

"Hidden Sea's Heart!"

The entire space turned into a sea region. Wu Yu was trapped within it, and the sea region shrank rapidly. It formed a heart-shaped ball of water and continued to shrink around him!

It was a heavy and robust attack, weighing even more than metal precious artifacts. It was about to squish Wu Yu flat!

Wu Yu smiled.

He lightly extended his arms and tore Luo Pin's Hidden Sea's Heart apart.

"Little girl, you look really good. How about giving Roc Daddy a hot kiss?"

Wu Yu appeared from within, and instantly used his Nine Levels of Purgatory mystique to trap Luo Pin. Of course, he only trapped her, but did not attack her in any way.

The long, slender mystical dragon body was held down with nine rings, and Wu Yu did not even leave her a way to crush her immortal talisman.

"You!" Luo Pin was completely dumbfounded. She could clearly sense that Wu Yu was much stronger than she was.

She had never seen Wu Yu turn into the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's guise before, so she still did not know that it was him.

At this time, Wu Yu flew up to her and hugged her with his huge wings. He plummeted with her, pinning her to the ground.

The crimson wings squeezed her close to him, and his bird head was up against her dragon head.

"Little girl, give daddy a kiss?" Wu Yu chuckled.

He wanted to tease her, but she suddenly looked emotionally at him, her tears streaming down.

She lowered her head to look at the Nine Levels of Purgatory.

Wu Yu recalled that she had seen him use it before.

And the Nine Levels of Purgatory did not attack her, it only held her.

Putting it with the fact that she had just defeated a demon immortal puppet, and there shouldn't be another one nearby....

Her tears came bursting out, and she was frantic. "Wu Yu, is that you?"

Her voice, trembling from tension, yet soft, made Wu Yu shudder.

She, too, had missed him and had waited for him just as dearly.

The games ended here. Wu Yu immediately deactivated the Nine Levels of Purgatory and reverted to human form.

In his arms, Luo Pin also changed from mystical dragon to human form. Wu Yu lied on top of the girl in his arms, and their faces were closer than an inch apart.

Perhaps to her, this was the greatest surprise in the world. She had not even dreamed it would come true, and she was at a loss for words.

She simply hugged Wu Yu tightly.

"Don't speak."

Wu Yu's eyes were red as well.

He looked at her cherry lips and, unable to control himself, planted a kiss on them.

It had been a long time since he had devoured Ao Ding. The Ruyi Jingu Bang had already brought Wu Yu's immortal spirit back to human form, and he was well in control.

A long, tender kiss that made them forget their cares, so sweet that Wu Yu did not want to come up for air.

All of their feelings were put into this kiss and embrace.

Only the two of them remained in this world. They would not care even if the sky fell down at this point.

She was crying and hugging Wu Yu. She said hoarsely, "I thought I would never see you again in this lifetime...."

She choked out those words, shaking as she said them. She was so afraid.

"Don't worry. I survived. I defeated the Ancient Emperor and took my body back. I won back all that was mine, and I killed him too!"

Wu Yu hugged her back, and the two stood under the huge trees.

Wu Yu was still hugging her, unwilling to let go.

"How touching." Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Ye Xixi was bawling as well.

Luo Pin looked up slightly. Her hands were hooked around Wu Yu's neck, and she looked up at him tearfully, as though needing to confirm for herself that this was no dream or fantasy.

Wu Yu was slightly calmer. He already knew that this was real.

He said, "The last time we parted, my real body was stolen by the Ancient Emperor. I only had my avatar. And then the Ancient Emperor entered the sky palaces with my real body. I roamed around the Greater Realms with my avatar and eventually fought my way to the sky palaces and tracked him down. I devoured his immortal spirit and took back my real body. And then I came to Dragon Immortal Sky to look for news of you. I met Ao Yang in the Admitting Immortal Palace, then I killed him."

He explained briefly.

But Luo Pin knew that none of the things he had just said were as easy as it sounded.

"It must have been difficult." She reached out a slender hand to caress Wu Yu's rough face.

"Mm, sometimes. I thought I would never see you again either. Especially in the days that the Ancient Emperor tormented me. But in the end, I won."

"You're always even more resilient than I ever imagined. I didn't expect you to come to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, and all the way here," Luo Pin said, on the verge of tears.

"Luckily, it hasn't been that long. Otherwise, with all these handsome young men around, you might have forgotten me," Wu Yu teased her laughingly.

"What nonsense. If I didn't have you, I would not need a dao companion in this life." Luo Pin smiled at his teasing. Wu Yu was again entranced by her beauty. Just looking at her cherry lips, he recalled the taste. It was the highest pleasure in his life.

Wu Yu was calmer, and he was watching their surroundings. He said, "There are many mystical dragons and experts in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. When we were in the mortal domain, I could not imagine such a scary place existed."

"The first time I heard about the Nine Great Dragon Emperors, the Revered Dragon Council, and the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings, I was so shocked that I couldn't speak. It is indeed the dream land of our mystical dragon tribe."

Wu Yu nodded. "When I first heard you were in such a place alone, I was very worried. I then heard you have a Primordial Immortal Dragon couple who took you in as an adopted daughter. How are they treating you?"

This was what Wu Yu was more worried about.

Luo Pin smiled slightly, patting Wu Yu's chest. "I am very fortunate to have met them. They have always wanted a child throughout their long years, but did not succeed. Don't worry. My adoptive father and mother treat me very well. So well that I'm thoroughly spoiled. 

“Therefore, I'm very safe here in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. Even the Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king treats me well, because the three of them are Primordial Immortal Dragons. My future growth will be smooth."

Hearing her say this, Wu Yu was relieved. With three dragon kings doting on her, and the Hundred Empires Dragon King here in the Primordial Immortal Empire adopting her as niece, they must really love her. Wu Yu could only imagine that the Baiyin Dragon King would be only too happy to have a strong and obedient child like Luo Pin.

With that, Wu Yu was reassured. Here in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, she had talent, the bloodline, and elite expert dragon kings protecting her. Her future was bright.

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