Chapter 1269: Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon

He finally saw her.

Perhaps because the Ancient Emperor had brought such huge waves of change to his life, Wu Yu felt that a long time had passed since the last time he saw her.

Their reunion in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas felt like it had been ages ago.

And now, looking at her using mystical dragon immortal techniques against another mystical dragon in combat, Wu Yu was mesmerized by her beautiful form.

He had thought about it day and night, and now his beautiful dreams had finally become reality.

Even though she was in her mystical dragon form, and covered in snow-white scales, Wu Yu still found her perfect.

"This kid hasn't seen the world yet. Already gaping," the Full Moon of Nanshan hooted.

"You don't understand his true feelings," Ye Xixi countered.

"Oh, true feelings? Sounds tiring. I don't get it, haha...." More sleazy laughter from him while waving his fan of babes.

Luo Pin was exceptionally talented, and her fighting drew many admiring exclamations from the little dragons around.

Although she had just arrived, her performance was outstanding. While Wu Yu was still daydreaming, she had already defeated her opponent and then apologized courteously.

"No matter." Her opponent was a male dragon. Perhaps to him, Luo Pin was a great beauty, and so he was very mannerly as well.

The dragon lord said, "Luo Pin, well done. Continue to work hard. Your parents have great expectations for you."

"Yes, Teacher." Her voice was the same as it had been.

However, perhaps because of her relationship with Wu Yu, he saw that her manner was a little cool. She did not speak up proactively, and stood at the side on her own after it ended. Others found it hard to approach her.

She was not especially happy.

This made Wu Yu's heart ache for her. He knew that his own unknown fate was bothering her.

Next, the other little dragons fought and trained. The teacher guided them, pointing out their weaknesses. Luo Pin watched from the side, the very poise of attentive listening.

However, this teacher did not seem like a great person. Towards the male dragons, he would often scold and cuff them for their mistakes, while he treated the female dragons much better. He would even carelessly brush up against them when fighting, causing them to become especially nervous.

"This old scoundrel. If not for Luo Pin's status, he would probably do the same to her," the Full Moon of Nanshan groused.

He was very polite towards Luo Pin.

After all, she was the adopted daughter of the Baiyin Dragon King and Baiqin Dragon Queen, and the niece of the Primordial Immortal Empire’s dragon king.

During their sparring, Wu Yu could not possibly meet Luo Pin at all. He could only wait silently from the tree, looking blankly at her.

Time passed.

But as long as Wu Yu was looking at her, he could not help but smile. Perhaps this was what love felt like. It seemed like everything she did was charming, and exactly what Wu Yu liked.

Throughout this time, Wu Yu heard that the dragon lord was a type of Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon, whose title was the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch. He was one of the teachers here in the Hidden Dragon Palace, of which there were a few dozen. He was in charge of instruction in mystiques, immortal techniques, Longevity Immortal Arts, and other practical aspects of battle.

Finally, after everyone had faced off and the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch had corrected each of them, he announced, "After receiving my guidance, I'm sure that everyone is now better at practical battles. Next, I will bring everyone into the Demon Hunting Zone, where we will have real battles. I've told you earlier: the demon immortal puppets in the Demon Hunting Zone are built in the image of demon immortals. They are no different from the real thing in terms of appearance, and their immortal designs are very similar to demon immortals' Natural Mystiques. They will be difficult fights. Those that perform well will be praised and rewarded. Are you ready?"


Wu Yu was still looking at Luo Pin in a daze.

"Demon Hunting Zone?" He prepared to follow. He might be able to meet Luo Pin privately.

"Your job will be to kill the demon immortal puppets and obtain their spirit design cores. After 10 days, whoever has the most is the winner. It is forbidden to snatch the spirit design cores that others have already obtained. I will supervise throughout. No hanky panky.

"Follow me."

The huge Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon took to the skies, flying west. The little dragons followed. Luo Pin might have ruled the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas in the mortal domain, but here, she was a newborn little dragon, and had to participate in these systemic instructions. Although they were actually quite helpful.

She followed quietly. Occasionally, when other mystical dragons spoke to her, she would reply, but not speak too much. She looked preoccupied.

As they flew, the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon stuck to her side. "You haven't been to the Demon Hunting Zone before. If you're not mentally prepared, you can choose not to go."

"Teacher, I have been through much in the mortal domain. As long as my strength is sufficient, there is no problem," Luo Pin said.

Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon snorted loudly. "What does mortal domain experience count for? For you, the demon immortal puppets are quite intimidating. But since you choose to go, I will definitely give you more instruction."

"My thanks to Teacher," Luo Pin replied.

The Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon wanted to talk to her more, but Luo Pin's reply had been cool. However, he lingered, continuing to talk beside her.

Wu Yu followed far behind. Although the Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon was at the Immortal Lord Realm, he would not expect an immortal to be following them here, and so he did not notice him.

Wu Yu saw that the Demon Hunting Zone was an ancient forest enclosed by an immortal design. The immortal design was a dome, and many huge trees grew within. The enclosed space was huge, and many could train within.

After arriving, the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch opened the door to the immortal design, and the mystical dragons flew in one by one. Because of how huge they were, the immortal design door was also huge. Wu Yu hid in a corner and then darted in speedily as the last mystical dragon entered.

And then the immortal design closed. However, Wu Yu reckoned that the Somersault Cloud would allow him to jump out.

Before entering the Demon Hunting Zone, the immortal fog was dense. But now there was a spooky aura in the air, and the entire Demon Hunting Zone was filled with a rare and dense demonic aura.

"Seems like the mystical dragon tribe uses demon immortals as their simulated enemy. Although there's not much connection between this place and the Demon Immortal Realm."

They had created demon immortal puppets here, which were said to be uncannily similar to real demon immortals. Wu Yu believed this. After all, the elite immortals had created them.

When they entered, they gathered on a metal platform, where the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch distributed immortal talismans to each of them. If they were in danger, the immortal talismans would immediately bring them back to this metal platform, which was a safe place.

"Of course, if you have the heart of a mouse, you can also cower here on the Demon Hunting Platform for the full 10 days. If you're not afraid of being laughed at." The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch applied some more pressure on the little dragons.

"Remember, defeat the demon immortal puppets and obtain immortal design cores. Return here after 10 days. Top three get prizes!"


Each Demon Hunting Zone expedition was an opportunity for the little dragons to fight to their hearts' content, and they were all in high spirits.

The battle just now had been a decent warm up.

"I declare it begun! Go!"

When the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch cried out, more than 100 little dragons pushed and shoved to enter the Demon Hunting Zone. The rules forbade them from teaming up, and they were all out to win. They dispersed throughout the vast confines of the Demon Hunting Zone, vanishing like stones in the wide ocean.

Luo Pin was also amongst them.

To Wu Yu, this was the best opportunity to meet her!

Naturally, he followed Luo Pin.

However, he was dismayed to find that when they entered the Demon Hunting Zone, the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch followed Luo Pin. Wu Yu had to remain hidden.

"Why is Teacher following me?" Luo Pin halted and asked.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch chuckled. "It’s your first time here, I had best follow you. Don't worry, I won't interfere. At most, I will give you some pointers."

"Teacher, there is actually no need...."

Before she finished, the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch looked at her sternly. "Just fight as you would. Ignore me. I often give such help to the new dragons who have just arrived."

Luo Pin did not say more.

Wu Yu was very frustrated. It was a rare chance to get her alone, but this guy was as annoying as a housefly, buzzing around Luo Pin. Wu Yu could not get close.

Wu Yu saw that the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch had a bad glint in his eye, but he seemed to be content with spending more time with Luo Pin. He would not dare to do anything overboard. After all, he still valued his life.

He said that he would "look after" her, and spent the entire journey chatting Luo Pin up. He was probably trying to show her his charm and build some goodwill towards him. But Luo Pin did not pay much attention to him.

A demon immortal puppet appeared!

Wu Yu looked carefully. It was indeed just like a demon immortal. It was a silver wolf with three eyes and a powerful Natural Mystique. It was evenly matched with Luo Pin, and she entered combat mode. With great difficulty, she finally took it down, and she had been lightly injured as well. The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch immediately took out true immortal medicines to help her recover.

"It's normal to be injured the first time. You'll get better. You work so hard and are so talented, you will definitely do better than others in the future."

Along the way, he continued to chatter. One day, two days, and finally on the third day, Luo Pin could stand no more. She said, "Teacher, can I move alone? If you keep this up, I will be easily distracted."

Luo Pin chasing him away made him angry. It was not what he had imagined would happen.

"What an obstinate child. I'm doing this for your own good...."

"Then I had best go back to my adoptive parents and ask them if what you're doing has my welfare at heart." Luo Pin looked coldly at him.

"Oh, well.... Although the Baiyin Dragon King can understand my good intentions, in order for you to have a taste of real battle, I won't protect you anymore. It's up to you from now on." the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch forced a smile.

But clearly, he had been intimidated by Luo Pin.

Wu Yu smiled. Luo Pin was still Luo Pin. As headstrong as ever.

When the Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch left, he finally had a chance to appear before her.

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