Chapter 1267: Little Left-Right

Wu Yu was currently in the territory of the Sky Heart Tribe.

The Sky Heart Tribe also had 100 empires.

Just the Sky Heart Tribe alone had an endlessly large territory. He was currently at the border of it.

"With so much ground to cover, searching for news in each and every empire is very tedious. Luckily, she's an ultimate mystical dragon, and should be a little more famous."

Wu Yu was a little troubled by how big the Sky Heart Tribe’s domain was.

Sky Heart Tribe's 100 empires were divided up, and he had to look for information in each one.

That would be tedious and time-consuming.

But in order to find her, Wu Yu was naturally willing to do it. His heart was already full of excitement.

He wanted to know if she was doing fine in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, and if there would be threats in her future.

If this was not a place suitable for her, Wu Yu would even take her away.

The Green Lotus Sky was huge, and now he was in a place 10 times bigger, trying to find Luo Pin.

There were mystical dragons everywhere here, and each only had knowledge limited to their empire. They would not know anything about other empires, much less a Primordial Immortal Dragon who had only recently arrived.

Wu Yu began his search.

He traversed the mountains and rivers, which were extremely majestic in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. The highest mountains passed the clouds, while the deepest seas extended deep underground.

The mystical dragons in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm all moved in their true forms. They took to the skies and kept their distance.

Some young dragons could be seen playing tag.

There were also huge mystical dragons that one could not see head or tail of as they soared through the skies.

It was like a dream world.

Wu Yu had also changed into the form of a Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon. This way, no one would suspect him.

Although this was the territory of the Sky Heart Tribe, and he came from the Burning Life Tribe, the relationship between mystical dragons was still quite active. They even had intermarriages. Therefore, although a Burning Life Tribe dragon was a rare sight in the Sky Heart Tribe, it was not unheard of, and no one would question his purpose.

Wu Yu was currently near the heart of the Sky Heart Tribe, in a place called the Immortal Cry Empire.

He found a few mystical dragons here, and chatted with them.

"I hear that an ultimate mystical dragon came here recently from the mortal domain. A Primordial Immortal Dragon?" After breaking the ice, Wu Yu opened up the topic this way.

"Where did you hear that from? I haven't heard that." Such doubtful replies always came to him.

"Perhaps I heard wrongly. I heard that they came to the Sky Heart Tribe, but I forgot which empire." Wu Yu would casually laugh it off.

His affable manner was disarming, especially in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

And this way of asking did not rouse suspicion either.

Wu Yu had asked about a dozen mystical dragons, but all of them answered the same way. They were all surprised by Wu Yu's news.

"An ultimate mystical dragon from the mortal domain is a rare phenomenon indeed. If it really happened, there would be news. Probably not in our area. Unless someone is hushing it up. In any case, I haven't heard anything at the Immortal Cry Empire."

Wu Yu could more or less tick off the Immortal Cry Empire now.

And then he moved on to the Immortal Shadow Empire, using the same method. The results were the same.

Wu Yu was not discouraged. There were 100 empires. If he got it first try, that would be ridiculous luck.

Just these two worlds had already cost him 10 days or so. After all, he could only move as Ao Ding did, which was slightly slower.

He spent most of that time flying from the Immortal Cry Empire to the Immortal Shadow Empire.

In his hand, he had a map of the Sky Heart Tribe, which he had bought from a mystical dragon in the Immortal Cry Empire. It demarcated the various empires very clearly.

Wu Yu moved long distances, searching one by one.

"You're searching for your wife all over. If Luo Pin finds out, she'll probably be so touched that she'll cry her heart out. It's so touching, haha...." the Full Moon of Nanshan jibed.

Ye Xixi was indeed moved to tears. "Big Sister Luo Pin is so lucky."

"How bout this, little girl? We'll get together! We'll mush it out every day and frustrate this brother to death." The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled.

"Go to hell. I wouldn't look at you even if you were the last man left in the world." Ye Xixi glared at him.

Of course, it was a joke. The three of them were like siblings. The Full Moon of Nanshan was not at all interested in her.

He liked the meatier types....

Wu Yu was a little nervous that he would get no information.

But he continued to ask. If he did not try, he would remain ignorant. Where was she? How was she?

If he did not find the answers, his heart would remain restless.

Time seemed to creep by.

Hustling on the road, asking.

Segueing himself into others' conversations, and lying with Ao Ding's identity.

He had the memories of two mystical dragons, so naturally he could lie smoothly without drawing suspicion.

Wu Yu saw that amidst the 100 empires, there were experts hidden everywhere. He saw a mystical dragon who was definitely in the Immortal Lord Realm fly grimly over his head.

That mystical dragon was not large, but it was said that the Great Void Immortal Realm was an unbelievably strong realm that far surpassed ordinary immortals. Wu Yu had no understanding of that level. He even felt like a mortal meeting an immortal again.

It seemed like the Great Void Immortal Realm was another new level.

He knew the cultivation levels' names now, but he still had no idea how to cultivate to reach that point. The Immortal Lord Realm was about creating an autonomous realm. And then what? What could be higher, more terrifying than that?

He had to be careful, because there were too many experts here who could kill him. He was only able to deal with the younger mystical dragons.

There were Xuan immortal mystical dragons everywhere, and those at the heavenly immortal level were either infants or had ascended less than one yuan ago.

In a flash, three months passed. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had been cultivating for more than two years in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and were both at the 10th tier of the Dao Querying Realm. They were already preparing for the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao and the Great Trial of the Ghostly Dao.

However, they still needed some time, so Wu Yu still had time to spare.

He had already been to more than 70 empires, but he had not heard about Luo Pin yet.

This made him rather dispirited. He was still rather nervous, afraid that something bad had happened to her.

"Don't worry too much. There are still 20-odd empires, aren't there? This place is huge. If she's in the remaining places, it’s normal that haven’t heard anything from the other empires either. It's hard to know. Besides, Luo Pin has been here only for a while."

In the long lives of the mystical dragons, one or two years passed in the blink of an eye.

With Ming Long's reassurance, Wu Yu calmed down a little. He knew that even if he finished asking everywhere, there was still hope. Because it was possible that the dozen people he had asked in each empire were coincidentally ignorant.

He now came to a world called the Primordial Immortal Empire.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Should've come here sooner. Look, it's called the Primordial Immortal Empire. and she's a Primordial Immortal Dragon. Could it be any more obvious? She's most likely here."

Wu Yu laughed, but he felt that the name probably had nothing to do with Luo Pin.

However, this did seem like a likely place. He entered the Primordial Immortal Empire. Most of it was high forests, and there were many deep lakes as well. Meandering rivers twisted their way through the landscape, where immortal fog hung deep. It was like a paradise from the legends. Amidst the immortal fog, many mystical dragons were cultivating, while younger dragons were playing. It was a lively place.

He searched high and low and finally found a young, snow-white dragon lazing by the riverbank. The little dragon was lounging absently with a sapling between his teeth, thinking about something.

Wu Yu spotted that he had a single horn, which looked like a sword. He also had a pair of white wings and brilliant, snow-white scales.

He vaguely remembered that this sort of mystical dragon was slightly higher ranked than the Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragons. They were supreme mystical dragons. Their bloodline was powerful, and they were called Sworn-Horn Flying Immortal Dragons.

The bloodlines of mystical dragons were classified accordingly. The lowest class were the ordinary mystical dragons, such as the green, black, or red dragons commonly found in the mortal domain. Next up were the mid-tier mystical dragons, such as the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon.

One step up were the high-tier mystical dragons, such as Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon.

Above them were the supreme mystical dragons, which were the geniuses' bloodlines. Those such as the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon and this Sworn-Horn Flying Immortal Dragon belonged here.

And finally above the supreme mystical dragons were the ultimate mystical dragons! For example, the Primordial Immortal Dragons. They were the absolute cream of the mystical dragon tribe's talent.

It was rumored that the Nine Great Dragon Emperors were basically all elite ultimate mystical dragons, and their bloodlines were probably even higher than Luo Pin’s. Those who had ultimate mystical dragon bloodlines would at least become dragon kings in the future.

Within each empire, there would not be more than 20 ultimate mystical dragons, and usually less than 10.

The Sworn-Horn Flying Immortal Dragon that Wu Yu had spotted was already a fine supreme mystical dragon.

However, he was young, and Wu Yu prepared to ask him.

"Hello there."

Wu Yu popped his head out of the forest, addressing the little dragon.

"Burning Life Tribe?" The little dragon cocked his head at Wu Yu. "What are you up to? Something wrong?"

Wu Yu grinned at him. "What's your name? I'm in the Primordial Immortal Empire for the first time, just wanted to get to know others."

"I'm called Little Left-Right. You can just call me Little Left. Haha, I gave myself this name. The name my parents gave me is boring, so I gave myself a better one. Look how special it is! Left AND right." The little dragon grinned.

Clearly a talkative fellow.

"Right, what are you doing in the Primordial Immortal Empire?"

Wu Yu said, "I'm fulfilling my little dream. The Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm is so big, and I wanted to see it for myself. So I'm planning to spend 10 years walking the land and making new friends."

"Damn! That's cool! I wanna do that too!" The Sworn-Horn Flying Immortal Dragon Little Left-Right leaped up animatedly.

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