Chapter 1266: Sky Heart Dragon Region

Going to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm to find Luo Pin was something that could not be rushed.

Therefore, Wu Yu was waiting for the commotion to pass. He was not sure what sort of attention the fight with Ao Yang and Ao Ding would draw.

For now, he did not return to Golden Fate Dragon City.

"Big Brother Yu, tell us more about the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. We don't know if you can go in," Ye Xixi said.

If it was too dangerous, she might be thinking of trying to dissuade Wu Yu. After confirming her safety, Wu Yu could go in after growing stronger.

Wu Yu said, "I don't know if it's dangerous or not. But there are indeed a lot of experts in the mystical dragon tribe. For example, besides the Nine Great Dragon Emperors, there is the Revered Dragon Council with a total of 81 dragons. They are said to be the strongest besides the Nine Great Dragon Emperors. For major decisions, the Nine Great Dragon Emperors and the Revered Dragon Council decide together. Each dragon emperor has nine votes, while each dragon of the Revered Dragon Council has one vote. This means that the power of the revered dragons is as great as that of the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings."

"So many experts. And who are the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings?" Ye Xixi asked curiously.

Wu Yu patiently said, "Before, I mentioned that the mystical dragon immortal beasts have nine great tribes. Within each tribe, they are further divided and ruled by their Hundred Empires Dragon Kings. These Hundred Empires Dragon Kings are the 100 strongest of each tribe, besides the dragon emperor. I’m guessing they are at the Great Void Immortal Realm. Because each tribe is divided into 100 empires, each empire has a Hundred Empires Dragon King who rules over countless mystical dragons."

This was a simple system. The race was divided into nine tribes, which were further divided into 100. Therefore, the mystical dragon immortal beasts had 900 empires. 900 Hundred Empires Dragon Kings.

"What about the Golden Fate Dragon King? Is he one of the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings?" the Full Moon of Nanshan probed.

Wu Yu shook his head. "He's but an ordinary dragon king. As far as I know, each tribe has many ordinary dragon kings besides the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings. Perhaps they are also at the Great Void Immortal Realm, like the Green Lotus Immortal King. For example, the Scarlet Sun Empire that Ao Yang and Ao Ding belong to. Besides the Scarlet Sun Empire dragon king, there are also dragon lords, Xuan immortals, and heavenly immortal-level mystical dragons beneath."

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were awestruck.

"One immortal beast race - but so huge!"

"Nine Great Dragon Emperors, 81 revered dragons, 900 Hundred Empires Dragon Kings! And even more Great Void Immortal Realm dragon kings. Let’s not forget the Immortal Lord Realm dragon lords. And you, Big Brother Yu, can only defeat a 1-Xuan immortal mystical dragon. Are you sure you will go to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm?" Ye Xixi was a little apprehensive.

The greatness of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm had indeed intimidated her.

Wu Yu grinned and shook his body, changing into Ao Ding. He asked Ye Xixi again, "I am Ao Ding from head to toe. The Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm is my home. Why can't I go in?"

"But won't those Nine Great Dragon Emperors or Hundred Empires Dragon Kings see through your transformation?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

Wu Yu said, "I’m not sure. But I'm only going in to see Luo Pin. It's not likely that I'll meet the dragon emperors or Hundred Empires Dragon Kings, especially the former. At most, I'll meet the dragon lords at the Immortal Lord Realm. Shouldn't be a big problem."

Wu Yu had met other Immortal Lord Realm immortals outside. All of them walked like they ruled the world. Their auras were incredible, as though they could punch with the force of an entire world. 

"Alright, take care, then. Xixi and I are going to prepare to overcome Hellfire. Afterwards will be Mighty Wind, and soon we, too, can attain immortalhood. We won't be left too far behind. Otherwise, we'll just be following you around all the time and watching the show."

"I'll work hard too! Hmph!" Ye Xixi puffed up her chest.

"Meow meow!" Lazy too stretched itself, as though seemingly eager to become strong.

Wu Yu smiled. Along his journey, with them around, and Ming Long, and now Luo Pin, who he was going to meet, these siblings and loved ones gave his life color. He had no regrets.

He missed Luo Pin too much. Therefore, he still wanted to go in to tell her that he was alive.

This time, he was going back to Golden Fate Dragon City, where the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, the waist pouch of the 8,000 Sky Palaces, hung.

The entrance to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm was in Golden Fate Dragon City. It was a place called the Imperial Realm Palace.

Ao Yang and Ao Ding had been working in the Admitting Immortal Palace of Dragon Immortal Sky. But every once in a while, they were allowed to return to visit kin. Their father was a powerful Immortal Lord Realm mystical dragon known as the Burning Sun dragon lord. He was also a Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon, which was a fine class of mystical dragon.

Wu Yu first entered Golden Fate Dragon City as himself and then hid himself away. He poked around and discovered that the disappearance of the pair did not seem to have stirred any great change.

Therefore, he proceeded on to the Imperial Realm Palace and then changed into the appearance of Ao Ding. He even had his memories.

When he devoured Ao Ding, Wu Yu had seen his immortal dao marks. Those were not easy to digest. If Wu Yu wished, he could have left them alone.

However, he eventually digested them. The gains had been great. While immortal dao marks had no strength, they were the condensed form of Ao Ding's dao, which made for a great reference. In these few days, Wu Yu had begun to review the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha and the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art through the new perspectives of Ao Yang and Ao Ding. It was very fulfilling, and he could probably bring both Longevity Immortal Arts to the fifth, and possibly even sixth tier before long.

This was the advantage of taking from many, and making it into his own dao! To encompass the world!

This was the will of devouring!

The Imperial Realm Palace was a busy place, with many mystical dragons entering and leaving the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

Even Ao Ding would have to queue up obediently. Luckily, there were not many people here who recognized him. He was but a 1-Xuan immortal, serving the race in a modest way while training himself.

Many of those in the queue were at the Immortal Lord Realm, and had many younger disciples with them.

The mystical dragon tribe were a muscular lot, and they crowded the Imperial Realm Palace.

After queuing for a long time, it was finally Wu Yu's turn. Of course, there were still checks, but they were not especially strict. One could tell at first glance that he was a mystical dragon. After noting his identity and registering it, he could enter.

The customs official was an Immortal Lord Realm dragon lord. He looked at Wu Yu and said, "The Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm is sacred ground. Don't bring immortals in with immortal treasures, or you will be severely punished."

He said the same thing to everyone. Of course, he would not inspect the immortal treasures of every person. He did not have that authority.

There were indeed some immortals who entered the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm this way, just like how the Bitter Bamboo Immortal had brought Wu Yu to the sky palaces.

However, immortals would be all too obvious inside, and they would be exposed immediately. If they had no good reason, they would all be kicked out. After all, it was the mystical dragons' territory.


Wu Yu walked into the Imperial Realm Palace's tunnel.

Before him was a huge, nine-colored vortex. Wu Yu walked through it, like anyone else. A colorful world opened up before him, with nine paths. The end of each path looked like a cliff, and the mystical dragons jumped off each one.

Very soon, it was Wu Yu's turn.

"Burning Life Tribe, you're this way!" On the platform, there was a dragon lord at each path. Seeing Wu Yu walk towards the center path, he hurriedly called out to him, gesturing him over to the path at the side.

Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan were scared.

Wu Yu turned back and said mildly, "Dragon Monarch, I want to go to the Sky Will Empire at the Sky Heart Tribe to look for a friend. That's why I'm headed to the Sky Heart Tribe. After all, it would be too far to go back to the Burning Life Tribe and then head to the Sky Heart Tribe." There were still many people behind and the dragon lord did not want to hold them up, so he said, "Quickly, then. Stop wasting time."

"Many thanks, Dragon Lord!" Wu Yu hurriedly entered the passage to the Sky Heart Tribe. It was a wide path, and many mystical dragons were walking along it in their human forms. When they reached the end, clouds stretched out below them, and the deepest point seemed to be a snow-white vortex of immortal qi. It looked beautiful, like a white lotus blooming in the depths of a valley.

Looking at the end of other pathways, one was a flaming vortex, while another was a whirlpool. Yet another was a stormy whirlpool. On the right was a black vortex, imposing and mysterious. Wu Yu knew that it led to the Shackled God Tribe. If the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon could enter the sky palaces, he would probably be sent to the Shackled God Tribe.

And the vortex below Wu Yu's feet was the Sky Heart Tribe.

One after another, the mystical dragons jumped, sucked into the vortex of the Sky Heart Tribe.

"Luo Pin." Wu Yu imagined that she must have also jumped from here not long ago.

"I wonder how she is below."

Thinking that, Wu Yu leaped. When he left the platform, the immortal qi vortex below exerted a powerful gravitational force that sucked him in. He had finally entered the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm!


Wu Yu entered the white vortex.

Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Child, you've finally come...."

The voice was faint and vague, as if coming from a dream. Wu Yu started. He was first shocked, but the vortex swallowed everything up. He could not help but doubt if he had heard wrongly.

"Did you guys hear something?" Wu Yu asked Nanshan and Xixi.


The vortex carried him deeper down, and he did not hear anything else, save for the whistling of the clouds.

Perhaps he had heard wrongly. After all, he had not heard clearly.

He could feel that he had reached another world. There were clouds all around him, and the gravity sucked him down onto one. He got his footing and then looked around. Underfoot was the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, the territory of the Sky Heart Tribe - the Sky Heart Dragon Region!

The Sky Heart Dragon Region was divided into 100 empires, controlled by the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings.

The empires were all ruled separately.

Luo Pin was here in the Sky Heart Dragon Region.

Wu Yu knew that the Sky Heart Dragon Region was about 10 times the size of the Dragon Immortal Sky!

This meant that the 10 empires were each roughly equal to the Dragon Immortal Sky's size.

Which meant that any one empire would probably be as big as the higher level sky palaces.

And there were 900 of such empires.

Therefore, the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm was indeed huge. It would be fairly difficult to find Luo Pin within the Sky Heart Tribe!

What Wu Yu felt keenly now was the level of immortal qi. Even any random spot had immortal qi on par with the 4,000th level of heaven.

No wonder the mystical dragons were reluctant to stay at the Dragon Immortal Sky and wanted to live at the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

This was their true home!

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