Chapter 1264: Immortal Cloud Field

Wu Yu had cultivated 27 Bodhi Seeds in his immortal spirit. And then, after he reached the Water Aspect Realm, he had built the framework, but he still needed a lot of energy.

If he just used true immortal medicines and immortal essences to get this energy, it would cost him a fortune.

Whereas devouring was much stronger and purer.

At this moment, the Nine Aspects Vajra buddha energy was flooding through Wu Yu's body. The Bodhi immortal energy was also expanding! All of this was absorbed from devouring Ao Yang.

A mystical dragon's mighty body definitely produced amazing results.

At the same time, Ao Yang's dao, memories, mystiques, and immortal techniques - all of it was also acquired by Wu Yu. It was all now part of him.

Prior to this, the strongest immortal that Wu Yu had devoured had been Liu Yuanqing. Liu Yuanqing's knowledge could not compare to Ao Yang's. Wu Yu had his eyes opened in many aspects.

Although he was still using Water Aspect Realm buddha energy and the Mortal Bodhi Realm's immortal energy, Wu Yu was now much stronger than before. He even had a lot of leftover energy that had not been converted into Bodhi immortal energy or Nine Aspects Vajra buddha energy. Wu Yu stored it all in the black buddhas in the particles of his body.

The black buddhas seemed to be able to store an infinite amount of energy. Once Wu Yu had new Bodhi Seeds or more aspect realms, he could convert this stored energy into buddha energy and immortal energy.

This was how frightfully strong Wu Yu's new body was. It had not only preserved Wu Yu's cultivation level, but also his devouring ability.

But Wu Yu realized something. Once he had finished devouring, he noted that his own immortal spirit was slowly changing into a Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. After devouring Ao Yang, his immortal spirit grew black scales, and his eyes were turning red as well.

His spirit and will had also grown more violent, a hunger beginning to gnaw at his insides.

However, the Ruyi Jingu Bang seemed to be having an effect on him. Wu Yu felt a strong suppression on him. This made his immortal spirit calm down and turn back from the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast into human form.

"This means that the Ruyi Jingu Bang is helping me to suppress the urge to devour!

"The more this body devours, the more susceptible I will be to the primal urges of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. If I were to continue devouring, I would eventually lose myself.

"But after devouring, the Ruyi Jingu Bang will help me to come back to my senses.

"And as long as I do not devour in quick succession, to the point where I pass its suppressive limits, there will be no problem. And if I do pass that limit, and it can no longer hold the urges back, then my new body will probably succumb and become the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. There will be no turning back."

This meant that the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was still a very large portion of his new body.

Wu Yu could feel the speed of the Ruyi Jingu Bang's suppression. It was probably affected by how much he had devoured. After devouring Ao Yang, he might need a few days to fully recover.

But at this time, seeing his little brother killed and devoured by Wu Yu, Ao Ding flew into a rage. While Wu Yu was still digesting, he had already attacked.

"You dare to kill a mystical dragon immortal beast here in the Dragon Immortal Sky?! Die!"

He flew into a berserk rage.

Wu Yu had not forgotten that he was at another realm entirely, the Nine Xuan Dao Realm.

The Longevity Immortal Realm mainly cultivated one's body and immortal spirit. In terms of dao, there was no great breakthrough until the Nine Xuan Dao Realm, when one would materialize dao into immortal dao marks. That was a completely different story.

Wu Yu knew that immortal dao marks had great utility. They could be paired with various attacks, transforming them with the imbued strength of dao!

Ao Ding's aura was completely different from Ao Yang’s - he was like a higher life form.

"Dragons' Congregation!"

He suddenly appeared before Wu Yu.

This was a Natural Mystique!

The sky changed colors. In a huge area around Wu Yu, the sky split, spewing out flames!

This was not the air of the sky palace actually splitting, but some other phenomenon that he could not see clearly.

In any case, Wu Yu was suddenly accosted from all sides by flames!

"The power of immortal dao marks are in these flames."

It seemed like ordinary fire, but there was something odd about it. It homed in shrewdly on Wu Yu's weak points, putting him in a dangerous position.

"Meteor Rain Immortal Technique!"

After using his Natural Mystique to suppress Wu Yu, Ao Ding immediately followed up with an immortal technique. He roared towards the sky, and suddenly many comets streaked around the sky, forming a great "dao" character. And then it fell, bearing down on Wu Yu's head.

It was like two nets of dao, one below and one above. The one below entrapped him in layers and layers, while the one above crushed him with explosive strength.

"The power of immortal dao marks is indeed remarkable. It's hard to defend against it with brute strength. It must be undone through dao."

Wu Yu had a strong hunch about this attack. Ao Ding's attacks were much more sophisticated. It seemed like after understanding "dao," the entire world was helping him and lending its strength to him. 


This could not kill Wu Yu, because he had just digested Ao Yang. He, too, was bursting with strength!

"Somersault Cloud!"

Amidst the intense flames and falling meteors, Wu Yu suddenly flipped and appeared away from the mystique and immortal technique.

He appeared behind Ao Ding.

Ao Ding's Meteor Rain Immortal Technique completely whiffed.

This was why his real body was strong, and also why Wu Yu could not give it up. These Heaven Dao Mystiques were just too strong.


Ao Ding's eyes were wild as his head whipped back. He was stunned by Wu Yu's moves.

"You killed a mystical dragon! You cannot possibly escape the Dragon Immortal Sky! You will be hunted down by the entire mystical dragon tribe!"

Wu Yu's reply was to attack!

"Immortal Cloud Field!"

This was the fourth tier of the Somersault Cloud, which the Ancient Emperor had learned. Wu Yu was using it for the first time.

Suddenly, clouds formed and filled the entire valley to the brim.

These clouds were not fluffy and empty, but had some substance to them. They were like very sturdy balls of cotton that crowded one in! Ao Ding felt like he had been plunged into a swamp. And the entire world was like this!

"What kind of mystique is this?!"

Immortal Cloud Field seemed innocuous. It was just some clouds after all. But only after you were in it would you know how uncomfortable it was. Ao Ding used Nine Immortal Suns, but he was unable to burn away the clouds. Instead, more of them started to crowd up against him, until he found it difficult to even move.

Whereas Wu Yu could move freely here.

He had even sent out a lot of Unshackled Doppelgangers, who were moving through the Immortal Cloud Field.

"Go to hell!"

Seeing Wu Yu, Ao Ding lashed out wildly, trying to kill him, but he very quickly despaired because each Wu Yu he killed was replaced by another. And they were sneaking attacks on him!

"Little punk, what trickery is this? You're not at the Nine Xuan Dao Realm. You can't hurt me! You're already dead! Stop struggling!"

"Is that so?"

Suddenly, a giant appeared before Ao Ding! It was a gigantic golden immortal ape, as huge as his own mystical dragon body!

It was bathed in flames, and held a jade-like Ancient Immortal Tomahawk in its hand!

"Violent Art!"

After Wu Yu used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Immortal Ape Transformation, he used the Violent Art as well! His hands bulged with strength, his eyes popping with the surge!

"3,000 Boreal Slashes!" In the Immortal Cloud Field, he lay into his opponent with all sorts of immortal techniques, with the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk in hand. When the Taigu Nine Immortals Genesis Design activated, it was as if there were nine immortals surrounding the Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon. Wu Yu himself passed through their ranks!

"Break!" The immortals used their ancient strength to hold Ao Ding.

Wu Yu's 3,000 Boreal Slashes furiously chopped out 3,000 slashes on him!

For this attack, Wu Yu was using Nine Aspects Vajra buddha energy and Bodhi immortal energy, as well as the fivefold boost from the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, which doubled to tenfold with the Violent Art!

These were actually two separate strengths, because the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth increased his physical strength, which was his Nine Aspects Vajra buddha energy!

Two different sources of strength had accumulated in the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk, and it hacked out 3,000 times!

Ao Ding, still reeling from the shock, was completely cut up!

This was the strongest attack that Wu Yu was currently capable of!

Swish, swish, swish!

A mystical dragon died, his body and dao fading!


Ao Ding could not even finish his last word. He was caught off-guard by Wu Yu's boldness.

And he did not even know who Wu Yu was, or why he would do this!

In denial and confusion, even his immortal spirit could not run away, as Wu Yu's 3,000 Boreal Slashes was targeting it.


After destroying him, the huge golden Immortal Ape transformed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. Without hesitating, it began to devour Ao Ding.

Within his body, newfound strength exploded. This was a Xuan immortal after all!

Wu Yu firstly stowed the Immortal Cloud Field and returned to his usual form. As he digested, the first order of business was to escape this place.

He jumped multiple times with the Somersault Cloud, moving far away from Golden Fate Dragon City. He continued to change positions, until he finally ended up in a deep lake with not many mystical dragons around.

Wu Yu's body currently felt like it was going to explode!

This was clearly a dangerous state to be in. He had devoured two mystical dragons one after another. One of them was even a Xuan immortal. This was his limit.

His immortal spirit had changed completely into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. Within his mind, it continued to roar, urging him to continue devouring. The need was overpowering.

It even wished to procreate.

Within his Sea of Knowledge, a storm of blood took him. If not for the Ruyi Jingu Bang's suppression, the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast would probably have directly wrested control of Wu Yu's body.

Luckily, he could still control himself, which meant that Wu Yu had been very close to overstepping the limit.

The primordial spirit of his real body was also struggling for calm.

Luckily, he encountered nothing to devour during this time, that would further aggravate him.

Right now, he needed to wait until he was under control.

Of course, he now knew where Luo Pin was.

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