Chapter 1263: Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon

Since Wu Yu had a few interactions with him, he could only resort to the oldest trick. 

He wanted to lead Ao Yang out of Golden Fate Dragon City and to a deserted area. 

He couldn't possibly face Ao Yang directly in the city. If Ao Yang wanted to kill him and they were surrounded by other mystical dragons, it would be troublesome. 

There were too many experts around. 

Moreover, this was the territory of the other party.

Ao Yang was probably on a break right now. After he exited, he didn't head back to the Admitting Immortal Palace directly. Instead, he stayed in his residence to cultivate. 

Wu Yu followed him until he was right outside the residence. The residence was shrouded in immortal designs and therefore he couldn't enter. If he jumped in directly, he would definitely be noticed. 

Nonetheless, Immortal Message Talismans could penetrate and Wu Yu could designate the location. 

Wu Yu used several Immortal Message Talismans to lock on to the location before leaving Golden Fate Dragon City. 

In the mountain range of the Dragon Immortal Sky, Wu Yu found a rather hidden valley that few mystical dragons would pass by. 

He hid himself in the vicinity. Compared to the vast and colossal mountain range, he was just an insignificant being. After which, he started sending Immortal Message Talismans towards Ao Yang's residence. 

"It has been many years since we met. Now that I'm back, I'm definitely going to surprise you. Let's meet up. Follow the trail of the Immortal Message Talisman to find me." 

At the end, he signed off as "An old pal." 

Wu Yu was just trying his luck. Now that he had found Ao Yang, it shouldn't be that difficult to meet him. 

He released the Immortal Message Talisman and continued waiting. 

He knew that Ao Yang had definitely received the Immortal Message Talisman. However, whether or not he would come was a different matter. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu had a number of Immortal Message Talismans and wasn't in a hurry. 

After a day, he sent another message when he didn't see Ao Yang. 

"So you are afraid to meet me? Ao Yang! I'm surprised you are such a coward!"

The truth was, Wu Yu was just deliberately mystifying himself. Considering that Ao Yang was an aloof, domineering, and short-tempered person, he might just fall for it. 

"How pitiful! To think that you were a wimp! Haha." 

Wu Yu had already named him directly. Therefore, he definitely knew someone was targeting him. 

"How did I even lose to trash like you in the past? Now you aren't even qualified to bring me my shoes." 

He knew Ao Yang wasn't a Xuan immortal yet. At the very most, he was a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal. He was probably an errand dragon at the lowest echelons of the Admitting Immortal Palace and Golden Fate Dragon City. In no way would he be anyone with influence or status. 

Therefore, Wu Yu became daring. At the very least, as long as they weren't in Golden Fate Dragon City, it would be easy for him to escape. With a single leap of the Somersault Cloud, Ao Yang definitely wouldn't be able to find him. 

Moreover, he had lots of tricks up his sleeve currently. 

Finally, on the fourth day, Wu Yu could see a flaming dragon approaching from the direction of Golden Fate Dragon City. The flaming dragon had nine talons and a cloud of murderous intent surrounding him. 

When he arrived in the location above Wu Yu, he bellowed, "Ju Yuandao! I know it's you that's hiding and resorting to such underhand means. Since you dare to look for me, why don't you show yourself and have an open match with me?! Don't let me look down on you!" 

Wu Yu laughed silently. He had never expected Ao Yang to really have "an old pal" like this. 

The truth was, everyone would have someone they had defeated. It was natural. Wu Yu had made the right bet. 

At this moment, he didn't act immediately. Instead, he looked around to see if Ao Yang had brought anyone with him. At the very least, he couldn't see anyone in the vicinity. This reassured Wu Yu a little. 

"Come out, now!" 

Ao Yang landed in the valley and surveyed the surroundings with his huge eyes. The surrounding trees that were set ablaze were all immortal essences! 

"What is there to be anxious about? Old pal." Wu Yu released the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and walked out from the depths of the valley to face Ao Yang directly. 

Ao Yang was clearly stumped and questioned, "You aren't Ju Yuandao. Are you an immortal? What's your objective for drawing me here? I don't recognize you." 

He wasn't too anxious now. This was because judging from Wu Yu's immortal energy, Ao Yang knew Wu Yu wasn't particularly strong. At the very most, Wu Yu was a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal, similar to him. 

Moreover, when an immortal was at the same cultivation level as a mystical dragon, the immortal wouldn't be a match for the mystical dragon. 

"You are right. You are swarmed with work and it's natural that you can't recognize me. However, why don't you take a closer look and see if you can remember anything?" 

Ao Yang had truly not thought that Wu Yu was anything. To him, a mortal was as insignificant as an ant.

Ao Yang was a little infuriated and felt like he had been fooled. He widened his eyes and took a closer look at Wu Yu. Gradually, Wu Yu could see the surprise on Ao Yang's face. 

In the end, he bellowed, "I remember you now! I saw you in the mortal domain! Near a dragon palace that was getting destroyed. You are the human from a Lesser Realm whose body was snatched by an immortal! Wait, since you were successful in stealing the body, shouldn't you be the immortal from the Lesser Realm?" 

Wu Yu was surprised he saw him as Ancient Emperor. 

Nonetheless, this didn't matter.

"Even if you did successfully snatch his body, you are just an immortal from a Lesser Realm. What reason do you have for looking for me when you should be stationed in the Lesser Realm? Are your brains boiled? Do you believe you can rise up in sky palaces just because you changed your physical body?"

The truth was, he could sense that Wu Yu was much stronger than before. Nonetheless, he still looked down on Wu Yu's status. A guardian immortal of a Lesser Realm would be among the group that had it worst in the sky palaces. 

Ao Yang was pissed off and felt like he had made a trip in vain. In fact, he even thought of bashing Wu Yu to vent his frustration.

Wu Yu kept his composure. He didn't care whom Ao Yang assumed he was. He questioned, "I'm here to ask you if you brought the Primordial Immortal Dragon to this place. I would like to ask where is she currently." 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, Ao Yang was stumped initially. Immediately after, he smirked and said, "Fuck off! Why would I tell a trash immortal about the matters of the mystical dragons? I don't have a good impression of you after I saw you in the mortal domain. And now you’ve shown up before me to show off your strength? Are you really tired of living? Get lost and never let me see you again! Trash!"

He had a bad temper and had encountered frustrating matters in recent times. Now that he felt like Wu Yu had fooled him, he was even more furious. Not attacking Wu Yu was compassion on his end.

He turned around and wanted to leave. 

Wu Yu naturally wouldn't allow him to. 

He said, "I just want to know where she is. As remuneration, I can give you a gift. What about this Ancient Immortal Tomahawk?"

Wu Yu retrieved the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk.

Ao Yang's expression changed instantly. He exclaimed in shock, "Why would you have an immortal treasure of this grade? This is definitely a top-quality immortal treasure!" 

"Tell me where she is and this is yours," Wu Yu said solemnly.

Ao Yang's face darkened. He stared at Wu Yu for a while before nodding and saying, "Hand it over and I'll tell you."

He thought Wu Yu would hesitate, but Wu Yu didn't. He was decisive and threw the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk towards him. Ao Yang put the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk away in the first instant.

"Where is she?"

Ao Yang snorted and said, "In your mom’s ass. Get lost! Trash!"

He was fooling around with Wu Yu. All he wanted was the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk, he wasn’t going to tell Wu Yu where she was.

Wu Yu hated him from the beginning, let alone after what transpired now. Witnessing his disgusting acts, Wu Yu could easily tell how he usually was. 

Once he got the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk, he wanted to leave. 

However, there was no way Wu Yu would allow him to leave! 

"Optics of Immortal Expanse!" 

This was the quickest offensive mystique that Wu Yu had. 

From both of his eyes, two columns of blinding light burst forth. The two columns of golden light shot out like spears and pierced Ao Yang when he turned around. Two large, bloody holes were opened on Ao Yang's body instantly. 

If he had not dodged in time, Wu Yu would have severed him into three segments. 

Ao Yang looked at his body with disbelief and bellowed, "You dare to attack me? You are courting your doom!" 

He was a Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon, which could be considered to be among the top-end of the mystical dragon species. In the future, he still had large room for improvements. Becoming an immortal lord wouldn't be particularly difficult! 

Yet an insignificant immortal from the mortal domain had dared to injure him! This definitely infuriated him! 

"Raging Flames of Nine Suns!" 

In the split second, he cast his Natural Mystique. Flames engulfed all nine of his claws and then a giant golden fireball coalesced into shape on each claw. He charged towards Wu Yu, and wherever he crossed, even the mountain was reduced to ashes! 


Wu Yu was emotionless. All of a sudden, his body sublimated into black mist and formed a giant, black vortex. The next instant, the nine huge, golden fireballs were devoured and the vortex started spinning at high speed. Immediately after, nine larger, pitch-black fireballs were spewed out! 

This was the Return of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast! 

In a hurry to defend against the explosions of nine fireballs, Ao Yang was covered in bloody wounds. He had lost terribly in their very first exchange. He looked at his devastated body and couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

"How can this be?! How can a meagre immortal be capable of this!?"

Wu Yu's attacks were swift and ferocious, completely exceeding his imagination! 

"Nine Levels of Purgatory!" Wu Yu morphed into his human form and cast Nine Levels of Purgatory without a second of delay. The Nine Levels of Purgatory had Ao Yang restrained tightly from his head to tail. When Wu Yu reached out with his hand, the Nine Levels of Purgatory was slowly sapping vitality from Ao Yang's body. 

Ao Yang's eyes widened and he stared at him with blood-shot eyes. He screamed suddenly out, "You are looking for the Primordial Immortal Dragon! You aren't that insignificant immortal! You are the one whose body he wanted to steal!" 

He finally recalled it. How intelligent! However, this made it even more unlikely for Wu Yu to spare him. 

"I have given you the opportunity to speak, but you didn't grab it." Wu Yu smirked. 

Ao Yang was terrified and could feel his scalp go numb. He naturally knew how terrifying Wu Yu was. At this moment, he berated, "Big Brother, come save me, quick!" 

Wu Yu had not expected reinforcements to be hiding. Ao Yang hadn't come alone. Obviously, the reinforcements were hiding in a faraway place. Perhaps he didn't think anything would go wrong. When the battle first broke out, he had started flying over and finally arrived at this moment. Wu Yu raised his head and saw another Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon. However, he was stronger than Ao Yang, probably at the Nine Xuan Dao Realm. Fortunately, he was at the first or second tier of the Nine Xuan Dao Realm at most. 

"Let him go and I'll let your corpse be complete." The other Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon, Ao Ding, stared at Wu Yu with icy-cold eyes. His murderous intent was surging as he saw his younger brother suffering such severe injuries. 

"Why would I need a full corpse? Initially, I could have spared his life. Now that you have shown up, I can only send him to the afterlife." Wu Yu raised his head and smiled. 

"YOU DARE?" Ao Ding roared. 

What he saw was Wu Yu suddenly transforming into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, torching Ao Yang to death with the Nine Levels of Purgatory, and devouring Ao Yang in full.

The incomplete Bodhi Seeds, the Fire Aspect Realm, and the Water Aspect Realm were rising swiftly to their limits. In fact, Wu Yu had lots of remaining energy that was piling up! 

Naturally, he also inherited the memories, dao arts, and more. 

This was the first mystical dragon that Wu Yu had devoured. It was not surprising to him now why the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was so fond of devouring mystical dragons. This was because the essences of their flesh and blood were immense and exceeded those of all other living creatures. 

If he didn't devour him, Wu Yu wouldn't know where Luo Pin was. He also wouldn't survive at the hands of Ao Ding. 

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