Chapter 1259: Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha

This second Longevity Immortal Art was called the Longevity Buddha Art.

Its cultivation method was completely different from other Longevity Immortal Arts.

The Ancient Emperor had also cultivated it.

This Longevity Buddha Art had come from the Invincible Vajra Body.

It was actually the seventh tier of the Invincible Vajra Body.

Its name was the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha.

The Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha did not hone one's immortal spirit, but continued to enhance the physical body.

But what was different from other immortals was that when one trained the body, one could actually create buddha energy in the molecules of one's body!

Buddha energy was similar to immortal energy, but was stored in the very molecules of one's body. It was as strong as immortal energy. And the buddha energy that Wu Yu cultivated with the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha was as strong as Bodhi immortal energy.

Its name was the Nine Aspects Vajra Buddha Energy.

The Nine Aspects Vajra Buddha Energy complemented the physical body even better than the combination of immortal energy with the physical body.

Therefore, Wu Yu now had two types of energy within his body. One was Bodhi immortal energy.

The other was Nine Aspects Vajra Buddha Energy.

As for his Heaven Devouring Avatar's strength, it had already been integrated into these two types of energy, making both stronger.

The Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha was divided into nine tiers, which also needed to be worked through step by step.

The first tier was the Fire Aspect Realm. In the buddha molecules, one would create a fire aspect realm, unlocking the power of fire within the Nine Aspects Vajra Buddha Energy.

The second tier was the Water Aspect Realm, which would unlock the power of water.

The third tier was the Metal Aspect Realm.

The fourth tier was the Wood Aspect Realm.

The fifth tier was the Earth Aspect Realm.

The sixth tier was the Wind Aspect Realm.

The seventh tier was the Lightning Aspect Realm.

The eighth tier was the Darkness Aspect Realm.

The ninth tier was the Light Aspect Realm.

At the ninth tier, one would have 1 million years of life and nine different powers within one's Vajra Buddha Energy.

The Ancient Emperor had furthered these two Longevity Immortal Arts equally. Although it might be a slower process, their power was awesome.

With two different sources of strength, and both of them being top-quality immortal energies, alongside all sorts of mystiques, 5-Yuan heavenly immortals could not fight him, even though he was a 1-Yuan heavenly immortal.

The Bodhi Immortal Dao Art's cultivation required dao enlightenment, true immortal medicines, and various other cultivation resources.

As for the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha, that also required precious treasures. For example, the fire aspect realm, which the Ancient Emperor had completed, required a rare true immortal medicine called the Scarlet Sky Pill. 

Wu Yu was wondering - could his devouring continue to grow these two strengths?

Currently, most of his dao insights had come from the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and they were from a whole range of schools of thought and differing immortal levels.

All of these could serve as reference for Wu Yu to contemplate dao. He had yet to connect them to each other, but he felt that given their own insights, he could definitely make their experiences his own. All he needed was sufficient immortal medicines or devouring and he could improve the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art at a ferocious rate. Especially devouring. It was still his greatest weapon.

He could devour others' dao and use their dao as reference for his own. Wu Yu could have an entire corpus of experiences regarding the breakthrough of a single tier and make that experience his own, as if he had doubly understood the information.

His real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar were a complete whole now!

Wu Yu felt that the Ruyi Jingu Bang had a certain suppressing effect on his devouring urge. Under that suppression, Wu Yu grew more and more alert.

"There is a possibility that my devouring will no longer have a limit. But if I continue to devour, the Ruyi Jingu Bang might not be able to suppress it all either. This means that it can help me to stay alert and devour more without turning into a monster that loses all self-control."

After merging into a single body, Wu Yu felt that many things had become much simpler.

Before, it had been the real body controlling the devouring limit, and now it seemed like the Ruyi Jingu Bang was the one doing so. Each time Wu Yu had the urge to devour, the presence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang would cause him to feel a curious feeling.

He believed that with this suppression, he could use the Ruyi Jingu Bang more effectively than ever.

Besides, he could still gain the dao of others, their memories, and everything else. He could also use Replicate and Immolate immortal energy as well!

Cultivation level was the capacity, and strength was the foundation!

"Besides the two great Longevity Immortal Arts, there have also been breakthroughs in the four mystiques!"

Mortals would usually remove their past Great Dao Mystiques upon reaching the sky palaces, and learn Heaven Dao Mystiques anew. But Wu Yu did not need to.

"First, the Unshackled Doppelganger has reached the seventh tier. I can already create 100,000 clones, and they are all immortal clones. Each clone surpasses a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator. Perhaps a few dozen clones are enough to deal with a 1-Yuan heavenly immortal already."

An army of 100,000 was incredible indeed.

It has to be said that the experiences of the Ancient Emperor, as an immortal, had played a great part.

"And the Eyes of Fire and Gold. They have reached the sixth tier, the Optics of Immortal Expanse. This is a Heaven Dao Mystique purely suited for offense. It can burn immortals to a crisp!

"The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth have reached the fourth tier as well! I can grow to 12 zhang! Five times the strength! As for the minimum, I can be as small as a thumb."

This was shockingly strong. Five times the power, in addition to Violent Art, meant that he could dish out a total of 10 times his usual strength.

"Finally, the Somersault Cloud has reached the fourth tier, Immortal Cloud Field. This is even more powerful."

Within the Immortal Cloud Field, the clouds were under Wu Yu's control, and the Somersault Cloud would grow huge. Within this field, Wu Yu could slip in and out with ease, but his enemies would be hard pressed to see him. They would be suppressed, as though they had sunk into a swamp. Their fighting ability would be severely compromised.

100,000 immortal clones! Optics of Immortal Expanse! Five times the strength! Immortal Cloud Field!

If the Ancient Emperor had managed to control himself, he would have closeted himself away and cultivated seriously, only emerging when he was strong.

And now Wu Yu had won back everything.

He even had the 72 Transformations, the Ancient Emperor had not taken them seriously.

And now, those Ground Demon Transformation Arts would have to be trained by himself, without the help of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. It would be fairly difficult.

These abilities, in addition to the strength of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, were the sum of what Wu Yu was capable of, for now.

He needed some time to take it all in and digest it.

The Ancient Emperor was now dead.

His great revenge was achieved.

And the Ancient Emperor’s Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique had not managed to finish Wu Yu off.

"I've truly gained from this disaster. At first, I had two bodies. Thanks to the Ancient Emperor, they've merged, and their abilities have come together as well. It's even more complete than before!

"This is a much better state than just the Heaven Devouring Avatar. With just the Heaven Devouring Avatar, I would have lost control sooner or later. And now, I have so many abilities, and they're refined so much!

"With this current body, my improvement speed can not only the match of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, it can also be more stable. And I won't be discovered as easily!"

He had truly gained much from this ordeal.

The Ancient Emperor's plunder had eventually resulted in gifting him a transformation, while the Ancient Emperor himself had been gifted death with no burial.

Wu Yu knelt on the floor and kowtowed several times.

"Master, vengeance is finally taken. You can rest easy."

After Ye Xixi found out inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda, she cried a lot as well. She gave three kowtows and nine bows, imploring her parents to rest easy now.

The Ancient Emperor was dead!

Wu Yu had overcome another huge hurdle in his life!

The entire Heavenly Domain seemed endless before him, free for him to grow into.

His future was bright and unlimited!

Who was his better in the Heavenly Domain?

Thinking of the future, Wu Yu's heart leaped. He could not wait to fight against the Xuan immortals and immortal lords to reach the top!

The 8,000 Sky Palaces were just so huge!

What sort of glamor awaited him in the Spirit of Heaven Jeweled Hall?

How terrifying the Jade Emperor must be, with more than 2 billion years under his belt!

All was filled with hope!

"Great Sage, why would an immortal like you die?

"And why would you raise me up?

"If you want me to take revenge for you, I will definitely not reject you. Because all that I have is yours. Without you, there would be no Wu Yu!

"In this life, I will definitely accomplish your wishes."

Wu Yu could feel the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's will. He was different from others. He was not the Ancient Emperor. He was arrogant and unyielding, he was free and unfettered, he took no law for granted, and he was true to his nature.

That was who Wu Yu idolized.

Wu Yu wished to become him.

He wanted to go to the highest sky palace and see for himself.

These were all of his ambitions. The Ancient Emperor was dead, and his greatest goal was now accomplished.

And now, the next goal was one that he thought about night and day. It made him restless. It was the one he deeply loved, Luo Pin.

"I want to go and see her. She has just come to the sky palaces, and I can't let her be bullied."

The mystical dragon tribe was powerful, and she was a rare and valued Primordial Immortal Dragon. But in the end, she was a loner type. With so many baddies around, she might be bullied if Wu Yu was not around to protect her. His heart ached at the thought.

Wu Yu thought of Ao Yang. It made him detest the mystical dragons from the sky palaces.

Wu Yu clearly remembered his contempt and condescending manner to Wu Yu's humble qualities.

From Ao Yang's behavior, he could guess the attitude of the entire mystical dragon tribe towards him. He knew that it would be very difficult for him to be with Luo Pin.

But he would not give up. Now that the Ancient Emperor was dead, he would definitely fight heart and soul for Luo Pin!

Before, he had missed out with Nangong Wei.

This time, he would not pass up Luo Pin.

But all of this required him to calm himself down. He would have to amalgamate all the past memories and dao. He would have to seriously tackle the two Longevity Immortal Arts.

After all, it had all been the Ancient Emperor's work before.

He had many daos, and they were of great help in cultivating these two immortal arts. Just Liu Yuanqing's dao alone had been a great help for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was confident that he could improve the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art greatly.

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