Chapter 1258: Bodhi Immortal Dao Art

Just as everything was shattering, Wu Yu had not expected the Ruyi Jingu Bang, which had been hidden within his body for an unknown amount of time, to show up within his sea of knowledge. 

It had been a really long time since Wu Yu had seen the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure so clearly. 

When it hung high up in the sky of the sea of knowledge with majesty, dominance, and an awe-inspiring aura, something strange was happening. 

Wu Yu could sense that when the Ancient Emperor self-destructed his immortal spirit to destroy his Heaven Devouring immortal spirit and the primordial spirit of his real body, the Ruyi Jingu Bang had materialized to take control! 

First, his Heaven Devouring immortal spirit had shattered by now. At least 90% of it shot out of the Sea of Knowledge and fused with Wu Yu's physical body and meridians.[1]

For the remaining 10%, it combined with the lingering energy from the Ancient Emperor's self-destructed immortal spirit and the shattered primordial spirit of the main body to enter a chaotic state. 

Soon, the lingering immortal spirit and primordial spirit would shatter further and fade away. 

Initially, Wu Yu was in despair. He knew he wouldn't have the opportunity to see Luo Pin ever again. 

However, he had never expected the sudden emergence of the Ruyi Jingu Bang to suppress the immortal spirit. Moreover, it released two light rays, of which one was gold and the other black. 

The golden light surrounded the entire sea of knowledge, while the black light flew out of the sea of knowledge to envelope the entire immortal body. 

What was happening? 

"Could it be that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is still silently helping and watching out for me?" 

Wu Yu was a little moved. Sun Wudao suddenly came to mind. The feeling that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was giving him was similar to what he felt from Sun Wudao. 

Meticulous care and concern. 

Basking in the two colors of light, Wu Yu was returning from death. 

When the golden light illuminated the sea of knowledge, Wu Yu could see his Heaven Devouring immortal spirit, the primordial spirit of his main body, and the shattered immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor beginning to coalesce, solidify, and eventually fuse into one. 

What remained of the immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor was largely Wu Yu's initial primordial spirit. 

Moreover, with the usage of the Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique, the Ancient Emperor was finished at last.

The golden light was warm and Wu Yu felt as though he was back in the womb of his mother. The Ruyi Jingu Bang gradually collected the shattered parts together and helped them to fuse into one. 

This was because both the Heaven Devouring immortal spirit and Wu Yu's primordial spirit were one to begin with. 

The Ruyi Jingu Bang didn't try to repair them separately. 

Wu Yu realized that the two shattered spirits seemed to be fusing into one. 

This lasted for roughly 15 minutes. 

In the end, a complete spirit emerged in his sea of knowledge, with the Ruyi Jingu Bang suppressing it. 

That was Wu Yu's original look. It was just that the color of his hair was slightly white and his eyes were slightly red. Overall, he was similar to the Heaven Devouring Avatar in his human form. 

A devilish demeanor. 

Amidst the devilish demeanor, one could feel the dominance and masculinity of the main body. 

This was Wu Yu's new primordial spirit. 

Or rather, since it had reached the level of an immortal, it could be called the new immortal spirit. 

The new immortal spirit was complete, powerful, and perfect. 

With the Ruyi Jingu Bang still assisting him from above, Wu Yu seemed to form a new connection with the new immortal spirit. 

At this point, the new immortal spirit was still at a recovering and awakening stage. Wu Yu was consolidating the immortal spirit strength that once belonged to the Ancient Emperor. 

He kept his devouring ability and could devour this portion for his own use. 

The Heaven Devouring immortal spirit had fused perfectly with the primordial spirit of the main body. Moreover, they kept the abilities that each of them owned. Now that he had all the abilities, he could maximize their potential to the fullest. 

This was just the change to the primordial spirit within the sea of knowledge. 

Wu Yu still had 90% of the Heaven Devouring Avatar that leaked out of the sea of knowledge. That portion should have continued shattering and eventually faded into non-existence. 

However, with the black light that came from the Ruyi Jingu Bang enveloping his body, this portion was locked into Wu Yu's immortal body. 

After which, under the guidance of the black light, those shattered portions assimilated into each molecule of the main body! 

Soon after, they started fusing and the Heaven Devouring Avatar finally completed the fusion with the main body!

For Wu Yu, this was a little similar to shattering both his bodies and then putting them together. 

Although the Heaven Devouring Avatar had shattered, it had greater strength and was more ferocious. During the fusion process, it stood up well against the main body. 

"Could it be that my main body and Heaven Devouring Avatar are going to fuse into one because of this encounter? Moving forward, what changes will there be?

"Will I be able to bring out the strengths from both bodies?" At the very least, Wu Yu was certain he wouldn't die. As for whether he would lose the ability to devour or if he would inherit both sets of abilities, it would be dependent on the changes that were still unravelling. 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was an uncertain and terrorizing factor. If he could improve his control through certain means, it would definitely be a lot better. 

The fusion wasn't quick. Wu Yu could pick up the minute changes happening throughout his body. Now his new immortal spirit was gradually taking shape. 

In the aspect of the physical body, the shrapnels of the Heaven Devouring Avatar had fused with the power of the physical body. 

Wu Yu could feel the changes. 

Once when he achieved the Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body, each molecule of his body was forged into the form of a buddha. 

And now, when the black mist fused into the image of the buddha, the golden buddha was dyed black. 

Black buddha. 

This added a sinister feel to its majesty. 

When trillions upon trillions of black buddhas piled together, it would be Wu Yu's immortal body. 

In the end, the light traced back into the Ruyi Jingu Bang but remained above the new immortal spirit. Wu Yu's new body was forged. 

In the aspect of his immortal spirit, it retained the looks of the Heaven Devouring Avatar in human form with the will of Wu Yu's main body. The portion of the Ancient Emperor had died completely, but his memories and everything he once had were robbed by Wu Yu. 

The new immortal spirit was formed with 1/10th of the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the portion of Wu Yu’s immortal spirit that the Ancient Emperor had helped strengthen after achieving immortalhood. 

Although the immortal spirit forged by the Ancient Emperor was just that of a 1-Yuan heavenly immortal, it was still extremely powerful. Compared to other immortal spirits, it wasn't any weaker than a 4-Yuan heavenly immortal. 

Moreover, it was still constantly getting stronger. 

As for the physical body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar fused perfectly with the main body. At this moment, Wu Yu opened his eyes. 

He was outside Snow Feather City and in the middle of a mountain range. Many immortals were fond of building their immortal residences within mountain ranges. 

Fortunately, the immortals in the vicinity had not come to disturb Wu Yu. Otherwise, the fusion wouldn't be that successful. 

Wu Yu was looking at his new body. 

After becoming an immortal, he felt really different.

He was at a level similar to the Ancient Emperor’s previously. Although he didn't experience an increase in cultivation level because of the fusion, he was definitely stronger. 

What Wu Yu was most anxious about was if the ability of devouring had still remained after the shattered Heaven Devouring Avatar fused with his main body. 

Were the abilities of Immolate, Return, and Replicate still around? 

These were all frightening abilities. If Wu Yu lost them, he would undoubtedly lose a lot in this encounter. He believed that if the Heaven Devouring Avatar could fuse perfectly with the main body, it was unlikely he would have lost these abilities. 

Soon, after getting familiar with his new body, he gained a sudden realization that nothing was lost. 

The abilities of both bodies had fused together perfectly. 

With just a thought, he could change the appearance of his body from black-haired, black-eyed to a body with a devilish demeanor, white hair, and red eyes. 

With a simple thought, his body could enlarge swiftly as he morphed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast! The sharp, ivory horn; the pitch-black scale armor; the long, slender tail; and the gruesome fangs were still around, not any different from before. 

Moreover, the key was that he still had pangs of hunger and could devour and digest. As for Immolate and Replicate, it wouldn't be an issue. 

He still could transform into Liu Yuanqing easily, keeping his abilities. 

At the same time, he could use the Immortal Ape Transformation and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to further enlarge his body! 

"I guess the two bodies have fused perfectly." 

This might seem simple, but it was actually extremely complicated. This was because the Heaven Devouring Avatar didn't have a specific cultivation level. As Wu Yu's main body strengthened, his cultivation level had to follow. In the past, the Heaven Devouring Avatar just had to devour. However, if he wished to strengthen himself through devouring, his cultivation level had to increase too. Each cultivation level had a maximum capacity that one could fit. 

This was similar to the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast existing in a different manner than before. 

The details were complicated and Wu Yu was still integrating his newfound prowess. He was searching through the memories of the Ancient Emperor over this period. As such, he could learn the changes that had happened to his physical body after the Ancient Emperor took control. 

"Who would have thought he would raise the strength of my main body so extensively over this short period of time?" 

When Wu Yu obtained those memories, he was rather stumped. 

His new body was complicated and different from those of ordinary immortals. 

First, after achieving immortalhood, the Ruyi Jingu Bang had given him two Longevity Immortal Arts! 

One came from the Great Way of Immortality Art and was a standard immortal technique. However, its might was incredible and it was definitely elite among all other immortal techniques. 

Its name was the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art. 

The Bodhi Immortal Dao Art honed one's immortal spirit and immortal body to pursue longevity. Of which, it focused on one's immortal spirit. 

There was a total of nine tiers, and the first tier was the One Bodhi Realm. 

Within one's immortal spirit, it would create light dots known as Bodhi Seeds. Each light dot encompassed immense immortal energy. 

The second tier was known as the Three Bodhi Realm. The number of Bodhi Seeds would increase to three to harness Bodhi immortal energy. This power far exceeded other second tier Longevity Immortal Arts. 

The third tier was the Nine Bodhi Realm. As the name suggested, there would be nine Bodhi Seeds, so Bodhi immortal energy would be even more tempestuous. 

The fourth tier was the Mortal Bodhi Realm, where the number of Bodhi Seeds would reach 27. 

Each subsequent tier would be three times the number from before. 

The fifth tier was known as the Lunar Bodhi Realm, with a total of 81 Bodhi Seeds. 

When he became a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal, he would have a total of 6,561 Bodhi Seeds and his cultivation level would be the Void Bodhi Realm. 

At the Void Bodhi Realm, one would have numerous Bodhi Seeds, and the Bodhi immortal energy would be immense and seemingly endless. As Bodhi immortal energy circulated through the immortal body, it cleansed and nourished one's meridians, enabling one to have a lifespan of a million years. 

Previously, the Ancient Emperor had just gone through the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao to reach the One Bodhi Realm. Within his immortal spirit, there was a single light dot, and that was the Bodhi Seed. Currently, it resided at the core of Wu Yu's new immortal spirit. 

Wu Yu also had a second Longevity Immortal Art! 

1. : The Sea of Knowledge is a space within the mind for the primordial spirit, like the Violet Realm for the physical body.

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