Chapter 1257: Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique

"Wu Yu, don't get carried away with your wishful thinking! This is a fact that you can't change. Just like the death of your master, it has happened and can't be reversed. Why do you insist on this futile endeavor? Haha...." The Ancient Emperor tried to deal a blow to Wu Yu in this manner. 

"I, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, have been gifted by the heavens from birth in the Jambu Realm. The legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is an opportunity bestowed to me by the heavens! It’s just that it came through you! I'm the person chosen by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. You aren't! My life is destined to be glamorous, while you are destined to be a cockroach living in the dark, never to see any light. You definitely won't live for long!" 

Wu Yu tightened his grip, and the Ancient Emperor couldn't even move a finger now. 

Wu Yu tittered, "You are gifted from birth? Why, then, could a waiting lady humiliate you? Why can't you even get the daughter of an immortal lord? You should wake up now. Undoubtedly, you are gifted in the Jambu Realm, which is one of the 90,000 Lesser Realms. However, you are as insignificant as a speck of dust in this Heavenly Domain! Are you feeling mentally imbalanced? Is that why you thought of snatching someone else's body? Have you forgotten how I devoured your flesh and blood bite after bite?" 

Hatred, anger and other emotions weaved together. Through the extension of the Red Devil's body, Wu Yu tightened furiously and almost crushed the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit to death. 

"Haha! So what if you are right? What else can you do other than trap me? The Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing can't be reversed!" The Ancient Emperor was smirking, and he was probably confident about it. 

"Stop fooling yourself. Aren't you the one who would know most clearly whether the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing had succeeded completely? Ancient Emperor, you are just trash. Why do you insist on miring yourself in disillusionment? That you are someone favored by the heavens?" 

Wu Yu laughed loudly.

He had the Ancient Emperor restrained tightly. 

"Now, I will show you the price for your audacious thought of seizing my body!" 

Had the technique truly been successful? 

The Ancient Emperor probably thought so. 

He seemed to have forgotten about the last seed that he failed to digest fully in the past. 

Even though it was just a meagre seed, if it was allowed to germinate, it could eventually grow into a towering tree! 

"You can come out now!" 

Only a tiny bit of Wu Yu's main primordial spirit was left. It had resided within the Ruyi Jingu Bang for a very long time. 

Only by hiding in that place could he escape the danger of being devoured. 

Only in that place could he survive. Otherwise, he would eventually fade and die! 

While waiting dully and in loneliness, he had been waiting for the day that his Heaven Devouring Avatar trapped the Ancient Emperor. 

Moreover, the immortal spirit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar was currently equivalent to a 7-Yuan heavenly immortal, which could crush the Ancient Emperor! 

The tiny bit of primordial spirit came out of the Ruyi Jingu Bang in the form of a tiny head. After he got out, Wu Yu could no longer sense where the Ruyi Jingu Bang was.

After which, the final bit of the primordial spirit flew towards the sea of knowledge with great familiarity. Compared to the other two colossal immortal spirits, the tiny bit was too fragile. However, this tiny bit of primordial spirit belonged to Wu Yu fully! 

"You have yet to die?" The Ancient Emperor had probably never expected Wu Yu's main primordial spirit to still be around. Perhaps he believed that Wu Yu's main primordial spirit had perished even with the protection of the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

Wu Yu pried open the mouth of Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit to stop him from speaking and let him watch the main primordial spirit enter his mouth and fly into his body. 

"I will let you witness what it means to be devoured!" 

At this point, he had the Ancient Emperor entangled in over 100 layers, forming a huge, blood-red sphere. The sphere was the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit compressed to the point that he was deformed. Within the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit was Wu Yu's main primordial spirit, frenziedly devouring. The Ancient Emperor had now lost the 10 times enhancement he once had and was being restrained by Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, so his fate was sealed. 

The main primordial spirit was strengthening by the second! The stronger he got, the more resilient and tougher to erase he would be. 

As Wu Yu's main primordial spirit strengthened, the Ancient Emperor was weakening and becoming more fragile! 

After all, he had once devoured 99% of Wu Yu and assimilated that portion into his own immortal spirit. Therefore, there were marks of Wu Yu left behind in various locations. 

It was because of this that Wu Yu's main primordial spirit could devour. If this were the immortal spirit of someone else, he definitely wouldn't be able to do this. The main body wasn't the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

This process was Wu Yu having his revenge! 

He was gratified to finally have this moment. Feeling extremely delighted, he asked, "Does this feel good? What isn't yours will never be yours." The Ancient Emperor had gone silent. He was struggling, resisting, and attempting to reverse-digest Wu Yu's main primordial spirit! 

Perhaps he could do it. However, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had him restrained. The blood vessels had penetrated into his immortal spirit, pushing it to the brink of shattering. He couldn't put up a meaningful resistance now. As the primordial spirit of Wu Yu's real body strengthened, the devouring ability became more prominent, and the Ancient Emperor's resistance became more fragile. If this went on, even without the restraints of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Ancient Emperor would be dead for sure! 

"Hahahaha!!" To Wu Yu's surprise, the Ancient Emperor was laughing as he approached his doom. 

"You are right. I'm a god-like existence in the Jambu Realm, but I'm really no different from a speck of dust in the Heavenly Domain. It seems like what doesn't belong to me will never be mine. For example, Su Sang and this legacy! This physical body!" 

In his laughter, one could hear his sadness. 

"Now that you are able to face that, I guess you can face your death more openly." Wu Yu was close to success. 

He gnashed his teeth and felt that the Ancient Emperor would be getting away easy if he just finished the Ancient Emperor off like this. 

"Master, if only you could know that I'm about to kill him." 

Wu Yu recalled his guidance as he entered the path to immortality. Without him, there wouldn't be the current Wu Yu! Recalling the various memories, his solemnity and kindness. 

"Cultivation is plunder, the strong rule the weak!" 

These words corresponded to Wu Yu's dao and would never waver. He understood that the core of cultivation was plundering everything. This was the same reasoning behind the devouring of his Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

Therefore, he wasn't against devouring. 

He also knew that only the strong could speak of justice. The weak had no right to justice! 

Unknowingly, the main body had devoured half of Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit and reached a stable state. 

Moving forward, the devouring would be quicker. Once the devouring was complete, Wu Yu would regain control of his body. He might even gain the dao from the Ancient Emperor. 

Naturally, he would also gain the strength of the Ancient Emperor. 

The Ancient Emperor was indeed incredible to achieve immortalhood in such a short period. 

Wu Yu saw the light to victory. 

"Now I can look for Luo Pin." This was something that Wu Yu had always been looking forward to. 

At this moment, the Ancient Emperor said, "Wu Yu, you have underestimated me. Although I'm destined to die today and can never accomplish my dreams and be with her, I'll never allow you to get what you want. You have overestimated yourself. Aren't you aware that all of this can be destroyed? For you, I have prepared the Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique!!" 

The Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique! 

The Ancient Emperor was truly deplorable, learning various forbidden immortal techniques! 

Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing. 

Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique! 

To put it simply, the latter was the self-destruction of one's immortal spirit. It was about using one's death to attack the enemy, targetting the enemy's immortal spirit! 

At this moment, Ming Long cried out tragically, "Wu Yu, run!" 

If the Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique went off here, with his immense immortal energy still intact, everything here would be decimated! 

Upon hearing this, Wu Yu could feel a chill from the bottom of his feet to his head! 

How could he have forgotten that the Ancient Emperor knew a forbidden immortal technique like this? 

Or perhaps he had never paid much attention to it. While he searched through the memories of the Ancient Emperor, he only took a quick glance instead of understanding the tricks that he might have at hand. Wu Yu had never expected the Ancient Emperor to use an immortal technique like this at this point. 

Ming Long had asked Wu Yu to get away, but the primordial spirit of Wu Yu's real body was still in the Ancient Emperor's belly. With the Heaven Devouring Avatar coiled countless times over the Ancient Emperor, there was no way he could escape. 

Moreover, the Ancient Emperor would never allow Wu Yu the opportunity to escape! 

After he was done, amidst his angry bellows, desperation, and frenzy, he used the Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique to self-destruct his immortal spirit! Wu Yu had never expected the Ancient Emperor to attempt to bring himself down with him! 

What he couldn't get, he wouldn't allow Wu Yu to get either! 

There was no chance of escaping. This terrifying explosion turned everything into nothingness within the sea of knowledge. Although Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar might survive, his main body and the primordial spirit of the main body would be decimated! 

The only thing he could have done was revert back to the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form and cover the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit with his colossal wings to prevent the main body from being destroyed. However, the primordial spirit of the main body would undoubtedly die, as it was in the core of the explosion. 

At the last moment, before destruction, Wu Yu thought of Luo Pin. 

"It seems like I have yet to meet her and bid my farewell...." 

When the Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique exploded, he overwhelmed everything. The primordial spirit of the main body shattered, followed by the immortal spirit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. From the beginning, one's immortal spirit was the most fragile. However, only one's immortal spirit could enter the sea of knowledge. 

There wasn't time to evade at all. 

Wu Yu suffered a severe blow. He felt like he might be fully decimated this time. Even if a small bit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar remained, it was possible that he might die fully in the 8,000 Sky Palaces. 

Lots of memories ran through his mind in this instant. 

He had been careful but had still miscalculated the Ancient Emperor's frenzy. 

Perhaps the Ancient Emperor was someone with a story. 

He felt humiliated, belittled, and found it hard to endure. 

However, Wu Yu couldn't possibly spare him after he attempted to rob himself of everything. 

In the end, he wasn't a simple man, and he wanted Wu Yu to perish with him. 

The thing he regretted the most was not being able to see how she was after she became an immortal. 

He regretted that he could never fulfill his promise to her. 

Wu Yu could clearly feel the immortal spirit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor, and the primordial spirit of his main body shattering and on the brink of dispersing. 

Wu Yu used the Heaven Devouring Avatar to protect the sea of knowledge and hence the physical body. However, leaving behind a body without an immortal spirit was the equivalent of death. 


Wu Yu didn't know the attitude he should adopt to face it before his consciousness faded. 

He was indignant, but there was no other way. It had happened. The cultivation world had always been brutal. 

Misery and despair. 

He had avenged himself, but he was gone too. 

No matter how much he desired to live, it was pointless. 

All of a sudden, in his groggy and shattering sea of knowledge, Wu Yu saw a golden rod hovering above the sea of knowledge, suppressing the scattering. 

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