Chapter 1256: The Battle of Immortal Spirits

Immortal Su Sang was indeed a stunning beauty. It was not surprising that she was the daughter of an immortal lord with a dignified position. 

Perhaps she had been living like a princess and therefore didn't have a mind of her own. If Xue Yi had not returned, she would not have been able to withstand the relentless advances of the Ancient Emperor. 

It was especially so after the Ancient Emperor was different from before. 

He had greater charisma, was more masculine, sturdier, and full of power. 

"You just stopped someone from using your body to be affectionate with a stunning beauty!" The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled sheepishly. 

Wu Yu had no time to respond to him now. 

What he had just said infuriated the Ancient Emperor. 

In fact, this wasn't the first time the Ancient Emperor's plan was disrupted by Xue Yi in the same manner. Wu Yu knew how deeply the Ancient Emperor hated Xue Yi. The humiliation that Xue Yi had dealt him made even his heart shudder. 

If he could kill in the Snow Feather Immortal Residence, the first person would definitely be Xue Yi. 

Initially, he thought it would be different this time. However, to him, Xue Yi was still annoying and constantly foiled his great plan. 

Evidently, he was afraid that Wu Yu's clone would come for him. Therefore, he wanted to verify his relationship with Immortal Su Sang before going into seclusion and focusing on cultivation. Otherwise, if Immortal Su Sang became someone's dao companion when he came out of seclusion, everything would have been for nothing. 

It just so happened that Snow Feather Immortal Lord wasn't around at the moment. 

However, Xue Yi was still a hindrance!

Wu Yu could tell that the Ancient Emperor had the thoughts of killing him now. 

Wu Yu smirked in his mind. 

Without fear, he walked forward to help Immortal Su Sang up and said, "Our Immortal Su Sang will be accepting the guidance of Fulan Xuan Immortal. An idle person like you should be on your way out of here." 

When he finished speaking, he pulled Immortal Su Sang along as they left. Immortal Su Sang was obedient but still said, "Big Sister Xue, don't be too fierce to him. He's a good friend of mine." 

"I understand. Hehe." Wu Yu took Immortal Su Sang away and to a 9-Xuan immortal. The Ancient Emperor could only suppress his anger as he watched Wu Yu take her away and foil his plan again. 

He naturally wanted to remain in the immortal residence of Su Sang. He was waiting for the next opportunity as he had not verified their relationship and couldn't leave with peace of mind. 

However, he knew that if he wanted to achieve his objective, he had to cross the hurdle that was Xue Yi. 

On most days, after sending Immortal Su Sang to Fulan Xuan Immortal, Xue Yi would remain behind to wait. A guidance might take several hours, several days, or even several months. 

However, it was different this time. Without staying for a second, Wu Yu returned to the immortal residence of Immortal Su Sang. Finally, he had the opportunity to face the Ancient Emperor alone.


Once he got back, the Ancient Emperor was in the guest room. Murderous intent was tumbling within Wu Yu's heart, but he suppressed it. 

Wu Yu was like a volcano that was compressed to its limit. It was only a matter of time before the surging hatred and anger would explode. 

He was gloomy, and when he got close to the door, he asked, "Are you in the room?" 

The Ancient Emperor opened the door forcefully and asked, "You are looking for me? Aren't you afraid that I will kill you?" 

Wu Yu chuckled. The Ancient Emperor still thought that he was speaking to Xue Yi. Therefore, Wu Yu answered, "If you had the guts, I wouldn't be looking down on you as much. We are in the Snow Feather Immortal Residence and you are just a pile of trash that was assigned to guard a lower realm. You can't even stay in the sky palaces for long, and you are thinking of killing me? A toad lusting for the flesh of a swan. Even though you once saved our Su Sang and she treats you with great respect, I won't be courteous with you." 

The Ancient Emperor's expression was contorting from anger. 

He enjoyed incomparable respect and admiration when he was in the lower realm, but he had to be humiliated by a servant in this immortal residence! 

Nonetheless, he knew that he had to endure. He had the capital now, and it was just that he had not become an elite immortal. Wu Yu believed that the Ancient Emperor was fantasizing that once he became an elite immortal, he would definitely give Xue Yi a tragic death. 

It was time to act! 

The opportunity to meet the Ancient Emperor alone wasn't easy. 

Without saying a word, Wu Yu stepped into the guest room. Once he got in, he closed the door. 

"What are you doing?" His sudden action left the Ancient Emperor puzzled. 

However, after hearing what Wu Yu had said, he was determined and wanted Xue Yi dead even in his dreams. 

In this enclosed space, Wu Yu got closer to the Ancient Emperor. Or rather, he was getting closer to his main body until there was just a short distance between the two of them. 

Letting an outsider control his body was the greatest humiliation ever! 

"What do you think I'm trying to do?" Wu Yu reached out and grabbed the collar of the Ancient Emperor's clothes. He was still in the form of Xue Yi. 

"Let me go. I'm not interested in you, bitch!" The Ancient Emperor glowered at him. 

"Haha. You got it wrong. I'm here to reclaim what belongs to me!!" In that split second, Wu Yu's expression turned grotesque. From a woman, he morphed into his white-haired, red-eyed form! 

In just the time of a split second, the Ancient Emperor witnessed an unbelievable scene. Seeing someone he hated to the core abruptly becoming Wu Yu was too huge a blow! 

"This cannot be...." The Ancient Emperor was dealt a severe blow mentally. 

His expression paled. 

Obviously, that was Wu Yu's expression as well! 

When he said those words, he turned into a cloud of dense smoke! When the Ancient Emperor was stumped and his jaw was on the floor, Wu Yu dived into his body through his mouth immediately. 

The next instant, the Ancient Emperor did a flip and appeared outside Snow Feather City! He naturally wanted to shake Wu Yu off. 

However, he had never expected Wu Yu to have entered his body and spread into his primordial spirit, or one should say, his immortal spirit!

Initially, Wu Yu could only switch between the mist state and the primordial spirit state. Now that he had a body of flesh and blood, it didn't mean he couldn't enter the interior world of a dao treasure directly in his primordial spirit state. 

He was even more familiar with the Somersault Cloud and knew that the Somersault Cloud had to fuse into his body before leaping. Both bodies had originated from the same sources. Therefore, after Wu Yu entered his main body, he moved along with the Somersault Cloud. Therefore, the Ancient Emperor's Somersault Cloud didn't shake Wu Yu off! 

Moreover, they were now in the wilderness!

After arriving at this place, the Ancient Emperor definitely knew Wu Yu was still within him.

"Impossible! Impossible! Get out of me, now!" The Ancient Emperor had never expected Wu Yu's clone to achieve something like this and morph into an immortal spirit state. 

"I have you to thank for not completing your Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing. I didn't even have a way to undo it! Ancient Emperor, what belongs to you will be mine, including that which was once mine. I have you to thank for achieving immortalhood for me!" 

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar spread out swiftly within the main body. Although the Genesis Immortal Panacea had taken roots in his body, the real owner of the body would always be Wu Yu, who had a greater compatibility to it. 

Wu Yu finally reached this moment! 

He no longer had to endure in silence! 

All the fury and anger that had been suppressed in his chest was released explosively, giving Wu Yu destructive and imposing momentum!

The Ancient Emperor was flustered. 

He was aware that the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing had not succeeded completely. 

In the past, the devouring of Wu Yu's main primordial spirit had left him shuddering in fear. 

And now, the secondary primordial spirit that specialized in devouring entered his body directly in his immortal spirit state and would be facing off against his immortal spirit right away! 

How could the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord be so frightening? The Xue Yi before him previously was no different from the one in the past! 

"Get out of me, now!" The Ancient Emperor assumed that his immortal spirit was still stronger than Wu Yu. Therefore, he berated at this point. 

"You are the one that should get out! However, it will be hard for you even if you wish to! Your immortal spirit will become food for me!" 

Wu Yu's hysterical laughter resounded. 

"I found it!" 

The Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit. 

Within the sea of knowledge was the form of the Ancient Emperor and not Wu Yu. 

Gradually, Wu Yu took shape in the sea of knowledge. 

The immortal spirit was the source of power for an immortal. The Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit had the strength of a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal and encompassed Wu Yu's initial 99%. 

If it was just an immortal spirit, the Ancient Emperor would be a compelling opponent. 

However, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was stronger. His body was the same as his immortal spirit. 

At this point, he finally faced the Ancient Emperor in the sea of knowledge! 

Within the sea of knowledge, Wu Yu's white hair fluttered with the wind. His eyes had turned red. 

As for the Ancient Emperor, he had a proud and aloof expression. One of his eyes was gold, while the other had the shade of a gloomy moon. 

He snorted, "Since you are here, don't even think of leaving. Your Heaven Devouring Avatar will be mine too." Wu Yu burst into laughter driven by anger. At this point, he could no longer endure another instant. 

He wouldn't want to spend time exchanging useless words with the other party. 


At the same time, Wu Yu turned into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast within the sea of knowledge. 

Naturally, he was still in the immortal spirit state. It was just that he had taken up a more ferocious form. 

This was his main body and therefore he could enter. If he were someone else, he wouldn't be able to enter the sea of knowledge. 

His second primordial spirit had detached from this place at the very beginning! 

"Now die!" Immortal energy surged forth from the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit. The power of his immortal energy was derived from the Great Way of Immortality Art! His immortal energy swept forward like a deluge. 


Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar coalesced into a solid state. 

Weng! In no time, he had become the Green Emperor! 

The Green Emperor's dreamy eyes could create illusions. 


A green glow penetrated the Ancient Emperor's immortal energy and shrouded the sea of knowledge. 

Although the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit was powerful, he was still dragged into the illusions created by Wu Yu. 

Immediately after, Wu Yu transformed again! 

He turned into the Red Devil! 

Countless red blood vessels extended out. When the Ancient Emperor was still resisting the illusions of the Green Emperor, the red vessels had coiled and tangled around him. 

The tricks that the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit had couldn't be compared with Wu Yu’s. 

All he could do now was release immortal energy constantly. 

As for Wu Yu, he transformed constantly between various ghostly immortals, demon immortals, and immortals to use their unique techniques. For example, the eyes of the Green Emperor could create demonic illusions, and the Red Devil could create countless red vessels. 

A second later, countless blood vessels penetrated the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit and coiled around him at least 10 times over! 

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was a notch stronger than the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit to begin with. Now that the Ancient Emperor was tied down, he couldn't break away by releasing immortal energy, as Wu Yu had him restrained! 

"You can give up now! Your body is mine now and you are never going to get it away from me!" the Ancient Emperor berated. 

"Is that so?" He was met with a cold laugh from Wu Yu. 

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