Chapter 1255: Immortal Su Sang

Xue Yi swaggered out of the Snow Feather Immortal Residence and then surreptitiously changed her dress before heading towards Snow Feather City.

Clearly, it was a rare outing for her, and she must be trying to secretly do something.

The Ancient Emperor and Immortal Su Sang were still in the Snow Feather Immortal Residence.

Wu Yu had to find an open way to get near them. Otherwise, the many elite immortals in the Snow Feather Immortal Residence could send Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar to the next world with ease.

By Wu Yu's estimation, there were perhaps a thousand immortals inside stronger than he was. Even the bodyguards at the door had been cultivating for hundreds of thousands of years, and were Nine Xuan Dao Realm cultivators with immortal dao marks.

Luckily, Xue Yi was not that strong. She had been cultivating for quite a while, but was only a 4-Yuan heavenly immortal. In terms of talent, she might be considered a legend in the mortal domain.

But here at the 8,000 Sky Palaces, she was just average.

Wu Yu followed behind her in the guise of Liu Yuanqing. Xue Yi was his target, and also his golden ticket. He followed her doggedly.

Wu Yu knew quite a bit about Xue Yi from the Ancient Emperor's memories.

Previously, the Ancient Emperor had been blocked from Immortal Su Sang mostly thanks to Xue Yi.

This woman had a caustic tongue. She was scathing and often laid the Ancient Emperor bare.

Because Immortal Su Sang's mother had suddenly passed away, she had grown up under the care of Xue Yi, and was very respectful of her.

The Ancient Emperor could do nothing about her.

Besides, given his 5-Yuan heavenly immortal power, he could not crush her either.

But now things were different.

Xue Yi did not seem to be in a good mood. She kept her head low and plodded on. She was a vicious character - even though she was not particularly strong, she had many devious methods and resources. Within the Snow Feather Immortal Residence, not even the Nine Xuan Dao Realm immortals dared to cross her.

But where was she sneaking off to so surreptitiously?

She made a straight line for the eastern corner of Snow Feather City. There was an immortal residence here that was rather remote. No one came here.

Immortal residences generally had spirit designs to protect them. Wu Yu could not enter, as these immortal designs could even repel a Xuan immortal.

However, the immortal residence was not big.

At this time, a young immortal came out of the immortal residence.

The young immortal was a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal, and not particularly strong. But in terms of his aura, and his dashing looks, he was the Full Moon of Nanshan's equal. Besides, he was young and had a bright future.

Xue Yi broke out into a happy smile upon seeing him. The two embraced for a while, then eagerly stumbled into the immortal residence. The door shut, and soon happy cries began to sound from inside.

Wu Yu wiped his sweat. So she had come out for adulterous purposes.

Wu Yu thought it over. He recalled that Xue Yi had a dao companion. However, he was a guard in the Snow Feather Immortal Residence. A 9-Yuan heavenly immortal who was fairly powerful. Because of his connection to Xue Yi, his status was fairly high within the guards as well. The two had become immortal dao companions more than 100,000 years ago.

And that young man was clearly new to immortalhood, and not Xue Yi's immortal dao companion.

New to immortalhood, and only a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal. It was not likely that he would have such an immortal residence.

"Which means the servant woman Xue Yi is taking care of her illegal lover here. How exciting!" the Full Moon of Nanshan exclaimed.

Ye Xixi said, "You're one to talk. You're pretty sinful yourself."

The Full Moon of Nanshan coughed twice. "Nonsense. Your Big Brother Nanshan is a pious man."

Wu Yu could not go into the immortal residence, so he waited for Xue Yi to leave.

"Kill her?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

"If I don't, there will not be many chances for me to win back my body. I don't know when he will leave."

Wu Yu knew that this was his best chance.

And Xue Yi was the perfect "bridge."

Xue Yi had held the respect of Immortal Su Sang for a long time, and she had also harmed many people before. This included the other waiting women and subordinates at the Snow Feather Immortal Residence.

In an immortal's world, even the lowly servants were immortals! They wished to cultivate freely as well, but without a power protecting them, a mere heavenly immortal would find it harsh to continue surviving in the sky palaces.

Wu Yu already knew that this was a super-scaled version of the mortal domain. It was still a jungle with predators and prey.

The strong ate the weak.

For Wu Yu, gaining back his real body was everything!

The immortal residence was remote, and he had many chances to ambush her along the way.

He picked the best spot and waited there for her return.

The Su Yu Sky Palace was permanently day. There was no night.

Finally, he saw Xue Yi stumbling along contentedly.

She was probably still reliving her good times, and not at all wary. Perhaps she was thinking of the next escapade she would have.

Wu Yu was in the guise of Liu Yuanqing, with the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk in his hand.

The Ancient Immortal Tomahawk was a high-grade immortal treasure. The Taigu Nine Immortals Genesis design had 9 million spirit designs, and was a sophisticated offensive immortal design.

Wu Yu used the immortal technique 3,000 Boreal Slashes, channeling it into the Taigu Nine Immortals Genesis Design!

When Xue Yi passed by, humming a little tune, he descended from above. The snow-white crystalline Ancient Immortal Tomahawk executed the 3,000 Boreal Slashes! Instantly, killing intent exploded forth. Countless glimmering tomahawks appeared, caging the entire area. Xue Yi was surrounded, and the entire area went silent. Blinding, snow-white light flooded the place!

"Who is it! I am...." Xue Yi had just begun to sense danger when she was already killed by Wu Yu's 3,000 Boreal Slashes.


The Ancient Immortal Tomahawk killed her immortal spirit.


Here in the remote areas, he quickly finished devouring. When he opened his eyes again, he headed for the Snow Feather Immortal Residence.

"Ancient Emperor, your doomsday is here!"

In the last few days, the Ancient Emperor had finally come. At first, Immortal Su Sang had not believed him, but he spoke of many things in their past and finally gained her trust.

The Ancient Emperor's goal was to take Immortal Su Sang away.

But Immortal Su Sang was unwilling.

While the Snow Feather Immortal Lord was away, the Ancient Emperor was racking his brain to close things out with Immortal Su Sang.

Xue Yi had also gone out during Immortal Su Sang's cultivation time. She had been rushing back to help Immortal Su Sang fend off the Ancient Emperor again.

Actually, Immortal Su Sang treated him as a very good friend. After all, he had saved her life. And now that he had undergone a life-changing metamorphosis, his future was bright, and she was secretly glad.

But she felt that the Ancient Emperor was rushing things. He could have become strong and then sought her out after.

All of this, Wu Yu now knew.

He also knew that the Ancient Emperor had actually passed the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao!

"Well done, bastard. Saves me even that bit of work."

Wu Yu quickly returned to the Snow Feather Immortal Residence. Along the way, he turned his body from a man's to a woman's, becoming Xue Yi.

From inside to outside, head to toe, there was not a single flaw.

Finally, the moment arrived.

Nursing his thirst for blood, he headed for the Snow Feather Immortal Residence.

For this moment, he had agonized for such a long time. Ever since he lost his real body, Wu Yu had dreamed of taking down the Ancient Emperor.

Even though he had already done so once.

He was not satisfied.

Bloodthirst began to radiate from his body.

The Full Moon of Nanshan suddenly said, "Brother, I just thought of something. Say, if one day you transformed into a great beauty, and I was attracted. What if I knocked you up?"

"HUH?!" His tension completely dissipated as that unwelcome scene violated his imagination. Ye Xixi could not help but laugh.

"F*ck off!" Wu Yu was repulsed. The Full Moon of Nanshan's brain was diseased, and it had to be in its final stages for him to think of such a rotten idea.

"Haha, just getting you to relax. Your menacing air is too pronounced. When you reach the Snow Feather Immortal Residence, everyone will smell a rat. Listen to me. Deal with this with equanimity. This is nothing big. A mere 5-Yuan heavenly immortal - what's that to you?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan spoke reasonably.

This was not the Jambu Realm. What was a mere 5-Yuan heavenly immortal?

He had just casually slain a 4-Yuan heavenly immortal.

"Calm down. And take your revenge," the Full Moon of Nanshan said.

"Many thanks."

Indeed, his killing intent had been too overpowering!

He had to remain calm. And cold.

After adjusting this, Wu Yu quickly headed back to the Snow Feather Immortal Residence. The Xuan immortal guards even bowed upon seeing her.

"A mere 4-Yuan heavenly immortal, but so respected by the rest. I've about had it with her strutting."

"Enough. She might not be strong, but those who offend her are destined for death."

Wu Yu could hear the two guards speaking. Of course, Xue Yi would not have been able to hear them, given the disparity in their cultivation levels.

He headed quickly for Immortal Su Sang's residence. The Ancient Emperor was there with her.

They drew closer and closer.

"I wonder if he will recognize me."

If he hadn't left by now, he probably did not.

Keeping his face neutral, he walked into Immortal Su Sang's residence. In the garden, two people were embracing and fondling each other at the pavilion. Things were getting hot and heavy, and they looked like they were about to take it to the next step. It was the exact moment that Xue Yi stepped in, and the woman hurriedly said, "Xue Yi, where did you go today?"

She was indeed breathless. If Xue Yi had been a moment later, she might have not been able to fend this man off.

That silhouette was all too familiar for Wu Yu.

It was himself!

Finally, he had found himself.

He turned to look at Wu Yu with a fierce glare, that he had again been blocked.

Wu Yu balked a little at being stared at by "himself."

But he knew that it was the Ancient Emperor.

Fortunately, he had not had Wu Yu's real body for long. Most of his time had been spent cultivating. Using his previous dao to respond to Wu Yu's dao, he had passed the three dao crises and the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. He had actually made Wu Yu's real body an immortal!

Wu Yu could naturally feel how strong he was. Although it was but a 1-Yuan heavenly immortal, the Invincible Vajra Body and the prodigious immortal energy that the Great Way of Immortality Art provided meant that he could probably defeat a 7-Yuan heavenly immortal!

Wu Yu's eyes met his.

Their stares crossed.

However, Wu Yu hid it for the moment, speaking from Xue Yi's memories.

"While Xue Yi was not around, how dare you lay hands on the lady immortal herself? Do you believe that I won't call the guards to throw you out?"

Before the Ancient Emperor, Xue Yi was always very fierce.

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