Chapter 1254: Snow Feather Immortal Residence

Luo Tian City!

The closer he got, the more agitated Wu Yu became.

He was the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast! His own body had been usurped by someone!

This was the thing that would enrage him the most.

Consumed by his anger, it radiated out from him.

He even felt the impulse to devour other immortals, but he curbed it.

Because right now, he was at his hungriest.

To him, he did not take a fancy to any other delicacies. After a long and agonizing wait, the Ancient Emperor was the finest delicacy to him.

"I'm near.

"Wait for me....

"I said that I would make you pay the price.

"Master, the day where I take revenge for you is almost upon us...."

Even Ye Xixi was very emotional.

She had seen her parents die fighting.

That sort of emotional weight would never ease unless the Ancient Emperor died.

Feng Yuan Sky Region! It was not especially far from the Well of Eternal Life.

Luo Tian City was a big city!

It was twice the size of Qingyuan City, and there were many immortals there, which made the place bustling. Nine Xuan Dao Realm immortals were a common sight there.

Amidst the heavenly immortals, they were lofty and superior.

They had multiple daos, and great lifespans. They were all elders who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and the ordinary heavenly immortals naturally respected them.

Wu Yu hid away from all of these Xuan immortals. The stronger ones could crush him.

He did not want to be buried here.

After all, he now keenly felt the lack of an escaping ability like his real body had.

Here at Luo Tian City, he found the immortal residence of the Ancient Emperor.

He very seldom came here, but Wu Yu's real body had been here before.

But as he neared, Wu Yu did not show himself. When he was nearby, his instincts told him that his target was no longer in Luo Tian City.

"Shit." As expected, when he entered the immortal residence with the help of the Ancient Emperor's memories, there was no one inside.

He went about the entire Luo Tian City once.

"Strange. The connection doesn't feel as strong as when I was near the Well of Eternal Life. Could he be near there?"

There had been too big a crowd near the Well of Eternal Life, and it would have been reasonable that he had missed him.

"He's not at Luo Tian City."

After Wu Yu ascertained this, he was discouraged. He was most worried that his target would enter seclusion and be completely unfindable.

He did not give up yet. His only clue for now was that the feeling had been stronger near the Well of Eternal Life.

This meant that Luo Tian City was not the right direction.

"Turn back!"

Wu Yu decisively rode the Divine Continent Warship back towards the Well of Eternal Life.

As expected, the connection was indeed stronger here.

But there were too many immortals near the Well of Eternal Life. People were constantly coming and going.

And within 100 li, there were hundreds of thousands of heavenly immortals. Finding his own body amongst them was impossible.

But Wu Yu did not give up. He hung around the area for three days and three nights, trying to get a sense of the minute changes.

Finally, he realized that the strongest connection was to be found at the entrance of the Well of Eternal Life. This meant that he might not be at the Pu Yuan Sky anymore.

This connection had come to Wu Yu from other sky palaces, through the Well of Eternal Life!

For Wu Yu, this flash of inspiration was a blessing.


He was very anxious. He had already wasted much time, and he handed over another 100 Immortal Recovery Pills.

"Do you have a destination? Are you going to leave so quickly?" Ye Xixi was also jumpy.

"There's a place that's very likely," Wu Yu said.


"The Su Yu Sky Palace, one level above. The Ancient Emperor had some history with someone called Immortal Su Sang. In the Pu Yuan Sky, I could feel his presence. That means he's not far away. If he hasn't guessed that I'm here yet, then he might have gone to Snow Feather City in the Su Yu Sky Palace."

The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed. "What a shameless guy this Ancient Emperor is. He's probably just an admirer of this Immortal Su Sang, who isn't his dao companion. He actually lied to you by saying that she was your mother. What a shameless fantasizer."

"The Ancient Emperor saved her life before, but he has no background or talent. Therefore, Immortal Su Sang is grateful to him, but only treats him as a friend. Immortal Su Sang is the daughter of the Snow Feather City Lord, and the apple of his eye. The Snow Feather Immortal Lord is also unwilling to let the Ancient Emperor become his son-in-law. But this time, with my real body, the Ancient Emperor's great changes will definitely make him want to go and see her."

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Truly a hopeless despot. A toad trying to get a taste of a swan. Come. Let's go meet your, er, mother."

It seemed like Immortal Su Sang was a native immortal, just like Liu Yuanqing.

Living in the sky palaces from the moment of birth. How enviable.

Wu Yu entered the Well of Eternal Life and ascended again. This time, it was very quick, as he was only ascending one level of heaven.

"When I entered the Well of Eternal Life this time, there was no disturbance. Which means that the previous one had nothing to do with me."

Wu Yu thought to himself.

Actually, if not for more urgent matters on his plate, he would have been more curious about the Well of Eternal Life's anomaly.

Because in these few days, he had seen immortals everywhere discussing it.

Some had said that this heralded a heavenly change.

Because the Well of Eternal Life had never acted like this before.

All of the immortals found it curious.

Even when Wu Yu arrived at the Su Yu Sky, the immortals here were also discussing the Well of Eternal Life. Because of the disturbance, the number of people using the Well of Eternal Life had temporarily diminished. They were probably worried that some breakdown would cause them to lose their immortal lives.

But Wu Yu did not care!

After arriving here, he could sense that the connection was even more pronounced now. Wu Yu could feel the bit of his Primordial Spirit within the Ruyi Jingu Bang. The part that belonged to him. And the Primordial Spirit trapped with Ming Long could also sense Wu Yu's nearness. The two were still vaguely connected.

And the Ancient Emperor was probably oblivious to all of this.

Which meant that the Ancient Emperor was indeed here at the Su Yu Sky.

And at the Su Yu Sky, the only place he would go was Snow Feather City!

Snow Feather City was a small immortal city. Even so, the city lord, the Snow Feather Immortal Lord, was in the Immortal Lord Realm, so he was quite a threat to Wu Yu.

As expected, the closer he got to Snow Feather City, the stronger the feeling became. Even before entering the city, Wu Yu could pinpoint his real body's location!

"The connection with my real body is stronger than I thought. As for him, he will be completely unprepared for my arrival this soon!"

Finally, Snow Feather City came into view. He locked on to his real body's location. It had not moved much in these few days, which indicated that his enemy might be oblivious to how near he was.

"Or he might know that I'm near, and has set a trap and is waiting for me."

Both were possible. If this was a trap, it would be unnerving to walk into.

Wu Yu could not be sure if his presence had been detected.

But his enemy could not know what he was thinking, or that he had the Replicate skill!

Therefore, he was in no hurry after ascertaining his enemy's position. Because this was not going to be an easy fight!

This concerned Wu Yu's future, his dignity, his vengeance, and his body. It was everything.

It also concerned Ming Long.

Here, his real body and Primordial Spirit were firmly connected. Although the consciousness was very faint, Wu Yu still had some awareness.

However, given that it was completely sealed off, Wu Yu had no idea what was going on with the Ancient Emperor right now.

He forced himself to calm down.

Even though the anger in his heart was bubbling over from how close he was, he still had to rein himself in.

He entered Snow Feather City like a starving wolf.

Of course, he would not go in with his white-haired, red-eyed guise. That would be too obvious, and the Ancient Emperor would recognize him in a flash.

Wu Yu transformed into Liu Yuanqing. He could deceive even his own father, let alone anyone else.

Snow Feather City was smaller than Qingyuan City, but very prosperous because of its proximity to the Well of Eternal Life.

There were many immortals here, and, as expected, they were discussing the Well of Eternal Life's anomaly.

Many immortals were gathered in the teahouses here. The immortal teas were all made with immortal essences that had dozens of spiritual marks. They were more efficacious than true immortal medicines, and were very precious.

Besides immortal teas, there were also immortal wines and all sorts of delicacies. Any one of them would be a great treasure in the mortal domain.

Wu Yu knew that Ancient Emperor and Immortal Su Sang were both in the Snow Feather Immortal Residence, the city lord residence. Perhaps the Snow Feather Immortal Lord was there. There were also many Nine Xuan Dao Realm experts there. Even a 1-Xuan immortal would be more than Wu Yu could handle.

But because of how strong they were, Wu Yu had to be even more cautious. He went to Snow Feather Immortal Residence and waited at the door. Actually, the Ancient Emperor had come here many times before, and many of the guards recognized him. After all, he was the immortal who had saved Immortal Su Sang's life once before, even though he was a mess.

Immortal Su Sang was already a 7-Yuan heavenly immortal, while the Ancient Emperor was still a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal. Who knew if the immortal guards would recognize him if he were in Wu Yu's body.

For now, Wu Yu could not rock the boat needlessly. He could only observe and find the right opportunity. As long as the real body was here, he had a chance.

But the real body had the Somersault Cloud and could flee in an instant. Therefore, Wu Yu could not afford to alert him.

"I have to end things in one decisive blow!"

He waited at the entrance of the Snow Feather Immortal Residence.

Day after day passed. Sometimes, promising opportunities appeared, but Wu Yu resisted them all.

Finally the day came when a female immortal walked out of the Snow Feather Immortal Residence. Wu Yu's heart quickened as he recognized her.

Of course, she was not Immortal Su Sang.

But she was the waiting woman of Immortal Su Sang, who had grown up with her, and was often close by her side. Her name was Xue Yi, and Immortal Su Sang respected her deeply. 

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