Chapter 1253: The Well Changes

Well of Eternal Life, Pillar of Eternal Life.

Enormous, magnificent, impressive - a miracle of the world.

One look and you would never forget it.

Wu Yu spent some time lost in wonder at the Well of Eternal Life.

The Well of Eternal Life joined the 8,000 Sky Palaces up like a skewer.

Therefore, it was no exaggeration to call this the most important object in the entire Heavenly Domain.

Wu Yu and many other immortals were headed towards the Well of Eternal Life. As he got closer and closer, his breath grew more and more ragged.

Even when he reached the Palace of Eternal Life, which was at the entrance to the Well of Eternal Life, he still could not stop marveling.

The Well of Eternal Life looked like a wall to him.

Endless, without horizons.

The Palace of Eternal Life, put bluntly, was where the fee was collected.

This was done in order to prevent heavenly immortals from hogging up the Well of Eternal Life with misuse.

And also to provide the rulers, like the Green Lotus Immortal King, with some immortal cultivation resources.

Everyone who wished to use the Well of Eternal Life would have to fork out money!

And it was not cheap - 100 immortal recovery pills!

This was the price of some immortal treasures.

Therefore, not everyone could use the Well of Eternal Life to go to other sky palaces as they wished.

Many immortals might stay in the sky palaces for tens of thousands of years and only use the Well of Eternal Life once or twice.

Luckily, Wu Yu had taken more than 1,000 immortal recovery pills from Liu Yuanqing. It was enough for him to pass through the Well of Eternal Life a few times.

Many of the immortals here at the Palace of Eternal Life were like Wu Yu - passing through the Well of Eternal Life for the first time.

They had no experience and were a little nervous.

After handing over the 100 immortal recovery pills, they would line up.

The "flow" within the Well of Eternal Life was controlled by elite immortals.

The 8,000 levels of heaven were all operated orderly and tidily.

Wu Yu had already set his destination as the Pu Yuan Sky.

After being in line for about four to six hours, Wu Yu saw that one of the great doors to the Well of Eternal Life was right before his eyes.

Actually, it was a small hole dug on the surface of the Well of Eternal Life.

The immortals would jump in and vanish immediately. One could vaguely see them either going up or down.

"Your turn. Go in quick, don't waste my effort!"

At the door, a Nine Xuan Dao Realm immortal directed Wu Yu.

Wu Yu waited for a long while.

"Pu Yuan Sky!"

Thinking of his destination, a wild look came to his eyes.

He would find the Ancient Emperor, take revenge, and win back his body.

There was something important to note.

After devouring the memories of the Ancient Emperor, he knew that the Ancient Emperor's Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing had not succeeded!

Because the Primordial Spirit of Wu Yu's real body had not been completely devoured.

Therefore, he had not completely succeeded.

Wu Yu's real body still belonged to Wu Yu. It was connected to his Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Wu Yu could even feel his real body with his current form. He could feel them drawing closer and closer.

They had not been thoroughly severed, and so Wu Yu felt that there was a good chance that he could win back his body without needing to dispel the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing.

After all, what had not been done need not be undone.

And so Wu Yu planned to finish the battle quickly and close things out while he was still finding his footing.

If he were allowed to find a place to enter seclusion, that would be troublesome.

What Wu Yu was most worried about now was not confronting the Ancient Emperor, but that the Ancient Emperor would hide away and emerge in a few thousand years.

Therefore, he did not hesitate to enter the Well of Eternal Life immediately!


He was transported into another space.

It looked like a void.

He did not need to use any techniques, and he could already float in midair.

All around him was an opaque fog, so he could not see clearly. But he could feel that this was a world all around him.

He looked up. Eternity. He looked down. Eternity.

Of course, there should be more above him. After all, there were more than 7,000 levels of heaven above.

It had been two breaths of time since Wu Yu had entered the Well of Eternal Life.

"Begin ascent, to the Pu Yuan Sky!"

He began to rush upwards.

Suddenly, something incredible happened!

The entire Well of Eternal Life started to shudder!

Blam, blam, blam!

The intense shaking caused those inside, including Wu Yu, to become very alarmed!

"What's going on!?"

"I don't know. Why is the Well of Eternal Life shaking?!"


The quarreling voices of other immortals reached him.

Weng, weng!

The shaking still persisted!

Wu Yu was afraid. It seemed like the entire Well of Eternal Life itself was swaying. It made him nauseous and uncomfortable.

This was a test for him!

He did not know that everyone outside the Well of Eternal Life was also shocked!

Outside, the Well of Eternal Life was actually swaying like a noodle!

"What is happening!?"

"In billions of years, such a thing has never happened!"

All around, the immortals near the Well of Eternal Life were alerted to the strange behavior of the Well of Eternal Life!

Everyone was looking at each other in fear and dismay.

"How could the Well of Eternal Life move...."

It was not just at the Green Lotus Sky!

All of the immortals could only see their own segments of the Well of Eternal Life. What they did not know was that the entire Well of Eternal Life was shaking, whether at the 1st level of heaven or up in the thousands.

It shook a little less strongly towards the top.

But for those elite immortals, even this slight shaking was considered a major event.

This was something that had never happened before in the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

Wu Yu, of course, did not know how the shaking of the 8,000 Sky Palaces would affect the entire domain.

All he could see was shaking in a very small area. It was very intense; however, perhaps this was the most intense point.


Sky palace!

Swirling clouds and dense immortal qi!

The wind and clouds streamed everywhere.

Above, an endless galaxy, light filtering downwards.

In the mysterious depths, a golden-robed person was sitting in the lotus position.

Suddenly, heaven and earth shook.

He started, and opened his eyes. There was an endless void in his eyes.


A low cry that shook the cloud layers.


It was finally over.


It persisted for maybe 10 breaths of time.

Wu Yu was still completely stupefied.

From the memories of Liu Yuanqing and the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, this behavior of the Well of Eternal Life could not possibly have happened. It was something monumental in the sky palaces.

And it had happened the first time he had entered the Well of Eternal Life. Unlucky....

However, it did not affect him.

Within the Well of Eternal Life, all was silent, and not a single sound was to be heard.

Wu Yu and the others were unfamiliar with each other, and therefore no one spoke to him. He was in a rush, and now that it was over, he immediately proceeded upwards swiftly.

He moved to the side of the Well of Eternal Life. Through the thin well wall, he could vaguely see the world outside.

Here, one's body moved up or down.

The world outside continued to descend, and the castles sank beneath his feet, disappearing into the clouds below.

He continued to move upwards.

And then the clouds became ground again. Looking out, he saw a vast sea, with many immortal beasts gamboling in it.

"This is the Boundless Sky!"

Wu Yu knew that he had moved up one level of heaven.

The Boundless Sky was very big, and suited for water-based immortal beasts.

He continued moving up through the sky palaces, which continued to bedazzle him.

There was great variety in the 8,000 Sky Palaces. For example, one was called the Stellar Sky, which was suitable for those like the Stellar Tribe in the Stellar Realm.

This time, he had to ascend about 200 levels of Heaven.

Wu Yu was counting. He knew what the Pu Yuan Sky looked like and where his body had been last, when the Ancient Emperor returned to the mortal domain.

He was headed there at full speed.

He had killed the Ancient Emperor's real body, but the Ancient Emperor would not expect him to come to the sky palaces so quickly!


Level after level passed.

Through the well wall, he could see huge sky palaces outside that were boundless.

The 8,000 Sky Palaces were pyramid-shaped. The lower levels were the largest, while the highest sky palaces were the smallest. At the peak, the sky palace was indeed only a single palace, the Jade Emperor's Spirit of Heaven Jeweled Hall!

The Spirit of Heaven Jeweled Hall was the 8,000th level of heaven, and also called the Spirit of Heaven Sky.

Wu Yu was currently near the bottom of the pyramid, which was why the world looked so vast. The Green Lotus Sky was boundless, and many immortals lived there.

"Ancient Emperor, you will not escape me."

Wu Yu had devoured the Ancient Emperor's real body.

The thing was that the Ancient Emperor's immortal spirit in Wu Yu's body did not even know that Wu Yu could devour memories.

Therefore, he would not anticipate that Wu Yu knew his location in the Pu Yuan Sky.

Wu Yu guessed that he was in no hurry to run. Besides, Wu Yu knew roughly how strong his real body was now.

The Ancient Emperor was indeed talented in this aspect.

About three days had passed, and finally the number that Wu Yu counted to himself reached 272, Pu Yuan Sky. He had arrived.

A wild look in his eyes and a grim look on his face, he walked out of the Well of Eternal Life into the world.

The Pu Yuan Sky did not look very different from the Green Lotus Sky, albeit with denser immortal qi. Ordinary 1-Yuan heavenly immortals could not reach this place. Even 2-Yuan heavenly immortals would not be able to withstand the pressure from the Well of Eternal Life.

Looking out, it was crystal clear for thousands of li.

Outside, there were many immortals, in twos and threes. Who knew what they were up to.

All across the land, there were countless immortal palaces, and the controller of the Pu Yuan Sky, the Pu Yuan Immortal King, sat watchful.

Wu Yu left the Palace of Eternal Life's boundaries and immediately steered his Divine Continent Warship towards Luo Tian City, one of the thousands of cities in the Feng Yuan Sky Region.

The Ancient Emperor had taken over Wu Yu's body here. 

Before long, Wu Yu arrived!

"He is not far from me."

He could vaguely sense the connection growing stronger.

Much stronger than it had been at the Green Lotus Sky.

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