Chapter 1252: General Qinghe

"NO! Why, why...?" Everything that happened left Gu Meiyu, who only had her immortal spirit left, in tears. 

Wu Yu stood in front of her and said, "That's because acting arrogantly and provoking an unknown creature in the forest could cost you your life!"  

"What are you...." Gu Meiyu asked tragically. 

Wu Yu reached out to grab her and threw her into his mouth before answering, "A monster?" 

Even he didn't know the answer. 

Regardless, he had devoured the delicacy. There was no way he was going to let another delicacy off. 

After which, he took a rest to digest Liu Yuanqing and Gu Meiyu on the spot. 

He reverted back into his human form. 

Liu Yuanqing was a 7-Yuan heavenly immortal, so he could replenish what Wu Yu had exhausted previously. In fact, he could even bring Wu Yu to the level of a 6-Yuan heavenly immortal. 

Moreover, what Wu Yu had immolated previously was largely the powers of ghostly immortals and demon immortals. Therefore, after he started disintegrating and absorbing Liu Yuanqing's immortal energy and immortal body, it was hard to find any traces of ghostly immortals or demon immortals within Wu Yu. 

If he morphed into his main body, others would only think that he was a strange immortal beast with a ferocious look. 

Unknowingly, Liu Yuanqing had helped Wu Yu. 

Otherwise, if Wu Yu were mistaken as a demon immortal, it would be rather troublesome. 

He had also given Wu Yu an immortal treasure that Wu Yu was comfortable with and could use for a period of time. 

He was now growing very quickly, and no one could stop him. 

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was getting more and more terrorizing. 

Wu Yu benefited greatly while digesting the memories of Liu Yuanqing. 

The knowledge that Liu Yuanqing had wasn't something that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor could compare with. 

Evidently, he knew more about this world. 

Including the 8,000 Sky Palaces and the immortals at the Immortal Lord Realm, such as the Green Lotus Immortal King and others. 

When he obtained these memories, Wu Yu also understood a rather frightening fact. 

When Gu Meiyu was killed, Liu Yuanqing had sent out a distress message to his father, General Qinghe. That was an application of immortal techniques. Although he couldn't transmit much, he could roughly let General Qinghe know his current position and that he was in danger! 

Wu Yu could stop Immortal Message Talismans from getting out, but he couldn't guard against this. 

Fortunately, he learned of this before General Qinghe arrived. 

Wu Yu made a decision immediately and took the form of Liu Yuanqing with Replicate. After this transformation and all the memories he had digested, no one could possibly tell that he was a fake from any aspect. 

There was no way he would let the cat out of the bag. 

Nonetheless, he had to remain vigilant when facing General Qinghe, Liu Zheng! 

General Qinghe was a well-respected general under the city lord of Qingyuan City. He led the immortal army of Qingyuan City and was an immortal in the Nine Xuan Dao Realm. Moreover, he was a 5-Xuan immortal! 

That was an opponent that Wu Yu had no chance against regardless of how much he immolated. Once he was discovered, he would definitely be dead. Without his main body, he couldn't escape with the Somersault Cloud. 

He was quick to react, and just as he completed his Replicate, a burly immortal in immortal armor stood right before him. That immortal was domineering and took huge strides towards Wu Yu once he showed up. His eyes were surveying the environment before landing on Wu Yu. When he noticed that Wu Yu wasn't hurt in the slightest, he bellowed, "Speak! What happened!?" 

Wu Yu acted like how Liu Yuanqing would at other times and answered anxiously, "Father.... There was a group of people trying to get through on their warship moments ago. I was bored and attacked them.... Uhm… in the end, they got off and wanted to beat me up. They were all stronger than me, but I was quick witted and told them about you. In the end, they were scared away...." 

"Scumbag! How did I get a fool like you as my child?!" As he spoke, Liu Zheng swung his palm over. Having no chance to avoid, Wu Yu took a solid slap on behalf of Liu Yuanqing. 

After the slap, Liu Zheng said, "Follow me back. I'm going to imprison you for a thousand years. Let's see if you will learn from your mistake!"  

Wu Yu shuddered at the thought of it. If he was imprisoned for a thousand years, everything would have changed. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor would have achieved his dreams. 

Now was a moment he could only compete with wits. 

He searched the memories in an attempt to find a solution. 

"Don't! Don't imprison me. I agree to participate in the trial for heavenly immortals at the place Uncle Liang is. I will make my way there tomorrow. Let me prepare today. Please believe me for once. I will definitely succeed! Please don't lock me up!" 

It was then that Liu Zheng's anger dissipated. Wu Yu knew that the trial for heavenly immortals would definitely be arduous. Liu Yuanqing had always been unwilling to participate. Now that he thought it through, Liu Zheng was pretty gratified. 

"Shouldn't you be rushing back to get prepared? I'm really busy and have no time to clean up your messes every day!" Liu Zheng stared daggers at him, turned around, and left in a jiffy. 

Just like that, Wu Yu survived this strange ordeal. 

"Immolate or Replicate are incredible abilities. We better leave before the burly man gets back," The Full Moon of Nanshan sighed. 

Wu Yu morphed back into his original look swiftly, steered the Divine Continent Warship, and got away from the region. He flew towards the Well of Eternal Life and distanced himself from the territory of Qingyuan City expeditiously. Having learnt from this, he chose to advance through a deserted area when he arrived in the proximity of another city. Therefore, he didn't encounter people like Liu Yuanqing again. 

The Green Lotus Sky was peaceful and serene. 

Wu Yu sat with his legs crossed in the Divine Continent Warship while digesting the memories of Liu Yuanqing. 

Now he had a better understanding of the 8,000 Sky Palaces. 

He even learned that the Su Yu Sky Palace was above the Pu Yuan Sky Palace, at the 271st level of heaven. 

He also found out that the Green Lotus Immortal King that was stationed in Green Lotus Sky was beyond the Immortal Lord Realm. Instead, he was at the legendary Great Void Immortal Realm! 

Only those at the Great Void Immortal Realm had the rights to be called Immortal Kings.

Those at the Immortal Lord Realm would only be addressed as Immortal Lords. 

Heavenly Immortal, Xuan Immortal, Immortal Lord, Immortal King. 

There were even some who were above the Great Void Immortal Realm! Those were the levels of the true rulers of this place. 

It was said that that was the finish line in the path to eternal life. 

As for the details, the 7-Yuan heavenly immortal wasn't too clear. This was because he had to complete the cultivation of the Longevity Immortal Realm before reaching the Nine Xuan Dao Realm. It was still uncertain how many paths of dao he could eventually achieve. Therefore, it was impractical to know more about the Immortal Lord Realm or even the Great Void Immortal Realm.

Even reaching the Immortal Lord Realm was a dream that trillions of immortals could never accomplish, let alone the Great Void Immortal Realm. 

Although Liu Zheng was a 5-Xuan immortal, he would probably take several tens of thousands of years to complete an additional path of dao. This was because the dao would get more profound as one proceeded. 

Wu Yu had the strength equivalent to a 6-Yuan heavenly immortal currently. He could take the form of a 6-Yuan heavenly immortal, so he definitely had the strength to enter the Pu Yuan Sky Palace. The first 2,000 levels of heaven were the territory of those at the Longevity Immortal Realm. Naturally, as one advanced higher, one needed greater strength. For example, to reach the Pu Yuan Sky Palace, which was nearing the 300th level of heaven, one had to be a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal or higher. A 1-Yuan heavenly immortal wouldn't survive. 

With his current strength, Wu Yu could easily enter the Pu Yuan Sky Palace. 

He steered his Divine Continent Warship and crossed the mountains and rivers of the Green Lotus Sky while traversing through endless immortal fog. 

The mountains and rivers in the sky palaces were different from those in the mortal domain. 

He saw countless immortals, and the majority of them had been in the sky palaces for a very long time. Basically, they had forgotten their lives as mortals. 

Some had even forgot which realms they were from. 

3,000 Greater Realms, 90,000 Lesser Realms.

Mortals procreated swiftly, but this wasn't the case in the sky palaces. 

The majority of immortals died in battles rather than reaching the end of their longevity. 

Whether one was cultivating a Longevity Immortal Art or trying to gain dao in the Nine Xuan Dao Realm, it required a long time to find one's own path amidst the large amount of information. 

It was typical for immortals to go into seclusion for thousands of years at once. It was said that for the elite immortals, going into seclusion for tens of thousands of years wasn't atypical. 

The concept of usage of time was completely different in the mortal domain as compared to the heavenly domain. In the mortal domain, one would perish after at most six hundred years. This might be shorter than an immortal going into seclusion once. 

Therefore, Wu Yu had to get used to life in the sky palaces. 

In the Green Lotus Sky, the closer to the central Well of Eternal Life, the more prosperous the place would be. 

One could see immortals and cities everywhere. 

He had arrived in the central Green Lotus Sky Region from the Green Spring Sky Region. This was naturally where most immortals in the Green Lotus Sky gathered, as it was more convenient to head to other palaces from here. 

Basically, in every level of heaven, the central area was the most congregated. Therefore, Wu Yu was no longer standing out in this place, as there were plenty of other warships heading towards the Well of Eternal Life. 

Occasionally, Wu Yu would encounter people asking him which level of heaven he was heading to and if he needed a companion. Wu Yu had rejected all of their requests. 

The Green Lotus Sky Region was exceptionally vast. This was where the most important Green Lotus Immortal Palace was. The Green Lotus Immortal King resided within, so no one dared to approach. Wu Yu didn't see it on his way here. When he arrived in this place, he saw many Nine Xuan Dao Realm immortals. These were all immortals with more than a million years to live!

They were the core forces of the 8,000 Sky Palaces, and many cities within were guarded by them. General Qinghe was a good example.

Most city lords were said to be at the Immortal Lord Realm. 

Wu Yu had not seen any Immortal Lord Realm immortals yet. However, judging from the memories of Liu Yuanqing, Immortal Lord Realm immortals were terrifying. It was said that they could create a new autonomous realm within their bodies, and they would be the owners of those realms. They could mobilize the powers of that realm and even raise mortals with those powers. 

It was said that the 3,000 Greater Realms and 90,000 Lesser Realms were developed from an immortal's autonomous realm. It was just that no one knew if an immortal that ancient still existed. 

For Wu Yu, this cultivation method was unbelievable. He didn't know if could develop a realm like this by devouring one's autonomous realm. 

While pondering about the question, he spotted the Well of Eternal Life! 

Although it was called a well, it looked more like a colossal sky pillar! 

It was incomparably huge, and it connected the vast sky above him to the Green Lotus Sky and to the sky palaces below. 

The 8,000 Sky Palaces were connected in a column through the sky pillar. Therefore, the Well of Eternal Life was also known as the Pillar of Eternal Life! 

Naturally, it was empty inside. Moreover, this was a name given by an elite immortal. When that elite immortal stood at the highest point and looked down, it was indeed a well rather than a pillar. 

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