Chapter 1251: Ancient Immortal Tomahawk

7-Yuan heavenly immortal.

Seventh tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm.

Besides, he probably cultivated an excellent Longevity Immortal Art.

If Wu Yu wanted to get revenge, he would only get pain and suffering. Besides, he had more important things to attend to. He could only suffer this humiliation.

After all, even if he fought with them, he probably would not come out ahead. This youth looked more affluent than the average immortal here. He might be a native immortal.

That meant that he was born to immortal parents and had grown up in the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

Who knew how strong his parents were?

Here in the vastness of the sky palaces, Wu Yu had to acknowledge that he was but a pathetic worm for now.

He kept his head down. Riding the Divine Continent Warship, he again charged up into the clouds, flying away.

"You would not have taken such humiliation before," the Full Moon of Nanshan noted.

"The real body is the urgent matter here. I can't be bothered to waste time on the likes of such people," Wu Yu said.

Shockingly, he had just finished speaking when the Divine Continent Warship was again rocked by an impact. It again came plummeting down. As Wu Yu angrily stowed away the Divine Continent Warship again, it was still those two. He saw Gu Meiyu lounging in the arms of Liu Yuanqing, laughing gaily. Liu Yuanqing was snickering lecherously. "Don't duck away. I hit it once, I kiss you once. I hit it twice, so I get two kisses. No ducking out now."

"Big Brother, you're such a bad boy. Look, he's all angry now. Oh my, look at those bloody eyes of his. How scary. Does he want to kill me?" Gu Meiyu looked at Wu Yu and feigned terror. She quickly burrowed into Liu Yuanqing's chest.

Liu Yuanqing frowned and looked over. Indeed, the anger was on Wu Yu's face, and his crimson eyes were glowering menacingly.

Since the girl in his arms had decided to play "afraid," then he would have to play "protect." This was a classic.

"Did you swallow the bile of a leopard? Get that look out of your eyes before I gouge them out."

The two of them had been laughing uproariously, and Wu Yu's glare had ruined the mood for them.

"Big Brother, he doesn't seem afraid of you. Are you not impressive enough?" Gu Meiyu said coyly. She even threw Wu Yu a conceited look.

This female immortal was truly manipulative.

Her words would make Liu Yuanqing have to give Wu Yu a beating to keep his face. Therefore, he coughed and said, "My little beauty, please wait a while. I will bring him over on his knees to beg you for mercy."

"Oh, Big Brother, don't. Maybe he's just wrong in the head?" Gu Meiyu pouted.

"Keke." Liu Yuanqing reached Wu Yu in a few steps and started crushing him with the power of a 7-Yuan heavenly immortal. "You have a choice. Do you want to gouge out your eyes yourself, or should I do it for you? Those eyes of yours look evil as hell. It seems like you're not happy. Could it be that you don't recognize me?"

Of course Wu Yu did not recognize him.

He laughed. "The son of Qingyuan City's General Qinghe. You don't know the name?"

In truth, Wu Yu had been ready to let it go if it had been once. But the second time, alongside such a threat... even mudmen had three lots of temper, let alone the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, which might be triggered at any time.

Wu Yu had been controlling himself well, but in this world, there were many challenges.

For example, this 7-Yuan heavenly immortal. Wu Yu had given him an inch, and he had taken a mile.

"Damn you and your mother." Liu Yuanqing sent a slap streaking lightning quick towards Wu Yu.

He had attacked.

Wu Yu could not take this lying down.

He had never been one to shy away from killing others.

In that instant, his eyes suddenly turned green and then a beam of light pierced his assailant's palm.

Liu Yuanqing howled in pain and took a few steps back.

Wu Yu had used the Green Emperor's mystique, which was as quick as lightning.

"Big Brother, he actually attacked you!" Gu Meiyu stared in slack-jawed disbelief. Her expression made Liu Yuanqing feel like he had lost all face.

He would have settled with blinding him, but now he would have to kill him.

"Where did this mangy mongrel come from? He even dares to attack me? I'll send you down to the 10,000 Levels of Hell! Damn, what a killjoy!"

He was an impetuous immortal prince. Here in Qingyuan City, there were not many who would dare to attack him. And after losing face before a beauty, his face immediately turned purple with rage.

Clearly, he would not rest until Wu Yu was dead.

All of this only strengthened Wu Yu's awareness that not everyone in the sky palaces was a saint. Those that grew up here normally were no different in nature than those in the mortal domain.

He had already known that immortals were but stronger versions of mortals. They were not actually saints.

Just like how he had thought that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was an immortal, but that was that.

Here, too, the law of the jungle prevailed. The weak were prey for the strong. And the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast? It had been born in the jungle.

"Nine Levels of Purgatory!"

Liu Yuanqing was taken off guard by the next attack.

Just as he was about to pull out his immortal treasure, Wu Yu acted faster. His own Natural Mystique had flown out.

But it was not targeted at him, but at Gu Meiyu!

Gu Meiyu had only been watching from afar. She detested those crimson eyes of Wu Yu. At the same time, she wanted to stoke Liu Yuanqing a little, to rouse his passion. Wu Yu was an unfortunate tool.

She had not seen this one coming.

She had just been teasing when Wu Yu's Nine Levels of Purgatory suddenly burned her to bits.

How could a paltry 2-Yuan heavenly immortal stand against it?

In two short breaths' worth of fear, regret, and agony, Wu Yu's Nine Levels of Purgatory had carbonized her.

"Big Brother...." She could not even finish her last sentence.

Liu Yuanqing was stunned.

What had happened?

He was near Qingyuan City. This was his territory. He had just been toying with this unknown, and now the wench in his arms had been killed....

This had never happened before!

Of course, he knew that Wu Yu's strength was far below his own. So where did he get such courage from? Could the mongrel that he was bullying be rabid?

It was so unexpected, which was why he had not even left a scrap of protection for Gu Meiyu....

Although he did not have any lasting feelings for this woman, he was still flustered. He floundered for a while, then he realized. If news that he did not kill this guy spread, he would lose all dignity!

"Ancient Immortal Tomahawk!"

He roared and pulled out a tomahawk, accompanied by a flash of light. The tomahawk was completely white, as if made of jade. It was a gorgeous piece, and there were nine colored pearls, with what looked like an immortal in each one.

One look at this immortal treasure and you would know it was of the finest quality. It was different from the other immortal treasures that Wu Yu had seen before. Although it was not the ancient immortal treasure of legends, it was probably quite a top-grade piece amongst immortal treasures.

Wu Yu had killed the girl before this 7-Yuan heavenly immortal could act. He had already prepared to duel to the death with this person. After all, he now had no escape skills, and his speed could not match his adversary's. He had to fight and kill this guy as he had no other option.

Why pursue this course of action?

Firstly, he had some degree of confidence.

Secondly, there was a finite limit to what he could endure.

Thirdly, he was the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. Suck blood and devour.

The three combined together made him react this way.

He immediately used Immolate!

His second Immolation!

For Wu Yu, devouring and immolating were but corresponding processes of taking in and releasing. Even if he burned off energy, it did not matter as long as he could devour again.

His strength was different from what it had been. He could gain and he could lose.

Besides, his output was terrifying. In order to be sure of finishing his opponent off in one clean blow, he burned off three-quarters of his energy.

This meant that if he were unable to defeat his opponent, he would immediately regress to the power of a 3-Yuan heavenly immortal, or even 2-Yuan.

But he had never been afraid of making such choices before.


His formidable strength exploded out of him, spreading out like a prairie fire. Wu Yu's red eyes pinned Liu Yuanqing as if he were a ghost, and his white hair suddenly seemed especially eerie!

At this time, he had just begun to pull out his immortal treasure, and his killing intent was not as strong as Wu Yu's.

Because Wu Yu's move had thrown his entire life on it as stake.


The ground itself cracked and heaved.

Mystiques, immortal techniques, immortal treasures - all of them flew out at Liu Yuanqing.

"Lifeless Blood Lightning!"

"Incandescent Mirror!"

"Heartbreaker Light Sword!"

"Butchering God's sword will!"

"Radiance of Sun and Moon!"

His mystiques, immortal techniques, and immortal treasures rained down on him.

"Hellish Capillaries!"

Amidst the barrage, the 7-Yuan heavenly immortal Liu Yuanqing was forced back step by step. Before he could even use his own immortal treasure, he was already being controlled by Wu Yu's Hellish Capillaries, and immobilized.

"What monster are you!? I'm General Qinghe's son! You!"

His face had gone ashen as the Hellish Capillaries seized his body. He could only watch in desperation as Wu Yu used a black sword in his other hand to pierce his immortal spirit!

"No!!" He could only howl shrilly, but Wu Yu was unaffected. He was all too familiar with the law of the jungle. He knew that the slightest hesitation would only see him dead. From the start, only one of them would walk away.

Liu Yuanqing, 7-Yuan heavenly immortal, dead.

Without a word, Wu Yu turned into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and devoured him clean. His immortal treasure, and all other possessions, landed in Wu Yu's hands. Of course, this guy had a veritable treasure trove with him, along with his memories.

All returned to peace. Only the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast remained, digesting.

Not far away, there was another broken immortal spirit belonging to Gu Meiyu. Wu Yu had used the Nine Levels of Purgatory to destroy her immortal body to prevent her from exposing him during the fight. Now that he had finished devouring Liu Yuanqing, he came to Gu Meiyu. She still had not thoroughly died yet.

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