Chapter 1248: Green Lotus Sky

They did not spend much time on farewells.

Because Wu You and the others already knew that Wu Yu's true battleground would be in the 8,000 Sky Palaces. For revenge, for Luo Pin, he would have to go there sooner or later.

It was just that the time had come a little sooner than expected.

After killing and devouring the real body of the Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu's mood had returned to a semblance of normalcy. He knew that the partial immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor could not escape him.

To him, having a normal state of mind was the most important thing when using the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

A calm Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was the scariest thing.

To him, the mortal realm was a barren land, while the 8,000 Sky Palaces, with its countless immortals, was a buffet of flesh.

It was heaven for him.

Perhaps the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had only begun to eat filth because he had not gone to the 8,000 Sky Palaces before. He had only devoured the mortal things in the Jambu Realm.

Wu Yu did not know what would happen after he went to the sky palaces.

He was eager for revenge, to meet Luo Pin.

"I will go to the sky palaces to assess the situation. In the future, even if you haven't reached immortalhood, I will be able to take you up to the 8,000 Sky Palaces with me," Wu Yu said.

"Really?" They were extremely excited.

When a man achieves the dao, even his poultry and dogs rise to heaven.

Actually, from the Ancient Emperor's memories, the 8,000 Sky Palaces had mortals as well. It was not all immortals.

Because even immortals would procreate and give birth. Children were born as mortals, and only reached immortalhood after some time.

Of course, even though they were mortals, they were much stronger than ordinary mortal babies.

Immortals called them immortal children.

When they were in their youth, they could already reach immortalhood.

There were many ancient tribes in the 8,000 Sky Palaces that were populated with immortal legacies created through procreation. About a third of the immortals in the 8,000 Sky Palaces had not come up from the mortal realm, but had been born to immortal parents.

The lifespan of immortals was very long, and it was normal to even have 1 million years of life. However, heaven was fair. After becoming immortal, it was much more difficult to conceive a child. There were many conditions, and being able to conceive in just 100,000 years was considered respectable.

Many immortals could not even bear a child, and they would not want inferior children either.

After all, immortal fetuses would definitely be able to reach immortalhood. And even in a Lesser Realm, there would be billions of children who could not reach immortalhood.

In any case, it was also normal to see mortals in the sky palaces. Of course, they would usually be quite young.

Therefore, since Wu Yu had no base established above, he would let them continue to cultivate in the mortal realm. This time, he had to go and conquer, and therefore would be unable to take care of them.

But with this hope, they were already very happy.

"When you get an Immortal Message Talisman, please remember to send us more," Wu You said.

"No problem." There were many types of Immortal Message Talismans, and some could directly lock on to a place.

As they waved him off, Wu Yu opened the Gateway to the Stellar Realm and again returned to the Stellar Realm.

He was about to go to the 8,000 Sky Palaces, the place that he had dreamed of for so long. Of course, Wu Yu was buoyant. But the grudge he bore on his back was heavy, and that only added to his eagerness.

He no longer had any more ties to the mortal realm.

The Bitter Bamboo Immortal was quite honest. He already could not wait to get his hands on his new immortal treasure.

Wu Yu naturally kept his word. When he returned, he handed him the immortal treasure, saying, "Your end of the deal now."

The Bitter Bamboo Immortal was all smiles. "Don't worry. I haven't been up in centuries. The sky palace dao ladder was available a long time ago."

An immortal treasure was a great thing. His smiling face was full of promise.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. He looked up at the sky. He knew that the sky palaces were not necessarily in that direction, but looking skyward was a mortal custom, and he had gotten used to it.

And then he entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Inside, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were very excited as well.

Although Ye Xixi was also a little sad.

Because after they went up, the Full Moon of Nanshan could move about in the guise of an immortal beast. But she was a ghostly cultivator, and not a ghostly immortal. It would not be appropriate for her to appear.

"Don't worry, when no one is around, you can play however you like." Wu Yu patted her head.

"Besides, there are many treasures above that will cloak your aura."

"Really?! That's great! I want to go to the 8,000 Sky Palaces also. I don't want to go to the 10,000 Levels of Hell. That sounds scary," Ye Xixi said.


They all laughed.

At this time, the Bitter Bamboo Immortal had put the Floating Dreams Pagoda into his Sumeru Pouch. He was indeed a poor immortal. Even his Sumeru Pouch was basic. The Ancient Emperor's Sumeru Pouch had an immortal design on it, so the space inside was huge. Wu Yu was currently using it.

The Bitter Bamboo Immortal took out his sky palace dao ladder and started to ascend.

"That's right, which level of heaven does your sky palace dao ladder go to?" Wu Yu asked.

"The 72nd level of heaven, the Green Lotus Sky Palace. Why?" the Bitter Bamboo Immortal asked.

"Nothing much."

Pu Yuan Sky Palace was level 270, which meant that he would have to ascend 200 levels. That would take quite some time.

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Wu Yu could not sense anything outside.

Perhaps it was a huge time leap, from the mortal realm to the sky palaces.

There was no way to compare Greater Realms to sky palaces, let alone Lesser Realms.

The 8,000 Sky Palaces was a completely different place.

It sat atop the mortal realm, and there were many things that were impossible to conceive of in the mortal realm.

For example, mortals lived for 600 years at most, while a 1-Yuan heavenly immortal had 129,600 years.

It also went without saying that the higher levels of heaven had many 9-Yuan heavenly immortals with more than 1 million years of life.

Time continued to change.

Everything changed.

"I wonder what it feels like to be the one actually ascending."

Wu Yu could not feel anything.

He had never experienced the completion of dao and ascension, but already he was a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal equivalent.

He had not experienced the sensation of ascension, but already he was headed for the sky palaces. It was incredible.

From a mortal world to another mortal world, it was a fast transition.

But getting to the 8,000 Sky Palaces from the mortal realm took quite some time. It took about an hour. He had no idea what places the sky palace dao ladder had passed through.

This world had many mysteries that Wu Yu did not know about.

And this sort of transition might be uncomfortable for those outside.

Finally, they seemed to have reached the sky palaces.

When one moved via sky palace dao ladder, one would pass a place called the Dao Ladder Palace. The sky palace dao ladder arrived there, the Bitter Bamboo Immortal came out. He spoke to the immortal on guard and then left. He might also be checked. And then the Bitter Bamboo Immortal walked out of Dao Ladder Palace. However, he did not dare to casually let Wu Yu out. Therefore, he went to a deserted plain. There, he threw the Floating Dreams Pagoda on the ground, saying, "We're at the Green Lotus Sky Palace already. Don't come out yet. There are eyes everywhere in the sky palaces. Wait a quarter of an hour for me to leave, then come out."

"Alright. You can go."

Although he was still in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Wu Yu had already seen the outside. He was definitely in the 72nd level of heaven - the Green Lotus Sky Palace.

Of course, the immortals in the 8,000 Sky Palaces liked to drop the word "palace." Therefore, this place was known as the Green Lotus Sky.

As for the Pu Yuan Sky Palace, it was called the Pu Yuan Sky.

After all, the Green Lotus Sky Palace was not just one palace, but a huge and horizon-less land!

In terms of vastness, it was greater than any Greater Realm, and this was just one level of heaven.

And the word "sky" indeed had broader connotations. There were many immortals, and the higher the sky palace level, the more coveted it was. Disclaimer being: you had to have the strength to go up.

The 8,000 Sky Palaces were divided according to the immortals' strength.

With the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's knowledge, Wu Yu knew a lot about this sky palace. He was like a local here, and did not need any introductions.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, they would require his introduction.

All was hazy outside with immortal fog - that was condensed immortal qi. Looking out from the the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the view was still unclear.

"How big is the Green Lotus Sky Palace?" Ye Xixi asked curiously. Because Wu Yu had said that the Green Lotus Sky Palace alone was bigger than any Greater Realm by far.

"Actually, don't think that only a few people from the 3,000 Greater Realms and 90,000 Lesser Realms become immortal. Because an immortal's lifespan is so long, they don't really die. If the sky palaces were not huge, then in enough time, the constant addition of immortals could not be accommodated."

Wu Yu had once thought that the sky palace was just one palace, where a few hundred immortals lived. And now he knew that the sky palaces was a superworld that stretched through time.

"The Green Lotus Sky is divided into nine sky regions. We are in the Clear Spring Sky Region. The Clear Spring Sky Region is further divided into more than 80 border regions, and we are in the Green Argus Border Region. The Green Argus Border Region has more than 2,000 immortal cities, and we just came out of Qingyuan City, which is one of them. Besides the major immortal cities, there are also smaller immortal towns. They are uncountable."

"So huge!" The Full Moon of Nanshan was speechless.

"Wait, let me get it right. Green Lotus Sky has nine sky regions. Each sky region has about 80 border regions. Each border region has more than 2,000 immortal cities, and immortal cities are huge. And there are 8,000 such levels of heaven...." Ye Xixi was blown away.

It had been eye-opening for Wu Yu at the start as well, but now he thought it was normal. There were indeed a lot of immortals. Because their lifespans would only continue to grow, each immortal could persist for hundreds of thousands of years, even while the mortal world continued to produce immortals. In the more than 2 billion years of the Jade Emperor's rule, immortals had multiplied greatly.

If the 8,000 Sky Palaces were not big enough, they would all have been crowded to death.


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