Chapter 1247: Bitter Bamboo Immortal

Wu Yu was not too surprised.

He had entered the Stellar Realm multiple times, and had only grown stronger and stronger. To the Stellar Realm, he was a great threat.

As the guardian immortal of the Stellar Realm, it was only normal for him to show himself now. Although he was even more reclusive than the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and did not interfere in much, such a big threat appearing this frequently deserved a response.

As for Yueling Xuan, she naturally could not do anything about this realm's guardian immortal.

Under the moonlight of the Stellar Realm, Wu Yu lifted his head to see a man in plain white robes before him.

This man had delicate features and looked youthful. His eyes shone like stars, and he looked like a pure and distinguished hermit. Compared to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, who frequently disturbed the peace in the mortal realm, this was what Wu Yu imagined a guardian immortal should look like.

Of course, Wu Yu was a foreign presence, and he immediately said sternly, "I am the Bitter Bamboo Immortal. Who are you, and why have you come to my Lesser Realm multiple times? By the heavenly rules and restrictions, you are not authorized to enter the Stellar Realm. I advise you to promptly hand over the ‘object’ that you use to access the Stellar Realm and then leave quickly, never to return again. Otherwise, I will capture you as per the heavenly rules and restrictions."

He was a lot more civil than the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Of course, Wu Yu could not do as he had said. He might still return to the Stellar Realm after this.

Beside, Yueling Xuan was very anxious, terrified yet also afraid to leave.

"This Bitter Bamboo Immortal might be able to enter the sky palaces. Once I'm there, I can then move to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace." The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's information was crucial. Wu Yu knew that he could move between levels of sky palaces with relative ease.

Therefore, he did not need to search high and low for Lesser Realm guardian immortals whose return address was near the Pu Yuan Sky Palace. Anyone would do.

The approximately 3-Yuan heavenly immortal Bitter Bamboo Immortal had delivered himself right up.

Wu Yu immediately adopted a fierce stance. "If you are capable enough, come and snatch it yourself. A puny guardian immortal of a Lesser Realm, you're nothing to me."

Hearing his words, the Bitter Bamboo Immortal knew that he was a tough enemy.

"Please follow me outside. Let us not fight before mortals and injure the innocent," the Bitter Bamboo Immortal said.

Wu Yu shook his head, saying, "Why should I? If we fight, we fight here." He saw that the Bitter Bamboo Immortal was a decent person. He was worried about destroying the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect and harming mortals.

"You are a ruthless one! Are you a ghostly immortal!?"

"You think?" Wu Yu smiled.


The Bitter Bamboo Immortal said no more. In a flash, he pulled out an immortal treasure, which was a jade-green bamboo flute. On closer look, the stars on the bamboo flute were moving like the Milky Way. Between the streams of stars, the mighty power of the immortal treasure flowed. The might of the entire Stellar Realm was encompassed in this weapon.

"This immortal treasure is called the Stovetop Meteor. I give you one last chance!" the Bitter Bamboo Immortal cried out.

Yueling Xuan was as anxious as an ant on a hotplate. She was very worried that the fight between the two immortals would destroy the entire Beckoning Moon Sword Sect in a flash.

"You talk too much." Given Wu Yu's 5-Yuan heavenly immortal power, he could defeat him easily. While his opponent was still delivering his warnings, Wu Yu made the first move.

A jade-green whip appeared in his hand, like a long grass snake. On closer look, the whip was covered with many trees, only they were miniature ones. Wu Yu enlarged the Mystical Woodland Whip until it looked like a huge mountain range!


He brandished the Mystical Woodland Whip and activated the Wooden Binder Immortal Design! His vigorous immortal energy immediately broke past the defenses of the Bitter Bamboo Immortal's Stovetop Meteor and trussed him up. The Mystical Woodland Whip's bindings were very tight, and the Bitter Bamboo Immortal could not react fast enough. He was bound up in a whole string of mountains.

Unable to budge an inch!

Wu Yu had easily subdued him.

This scene made Yueling Xuan's eyes widen and her cherry lips parted in surprise. She knew that when Wu Yu had first appeared, he was about as strong as she was. But in such a short time, he had actually become strong enough to subdue this world's guardian immortal!

What a terror.

She was shaking like a leaf, and her legs had become as heavy as lead. At the same time, her body went limp with fear, and was on the verge of collapse.

"Who are you!? If you're so strong, what are you doing in this Lesser Realm?" the Bitter Bamboo Immortal asked in astonishment.

He was shocked by how strong this opponent was, in a Lesser Realm. He had chosen a Lesser Realm because it was relatively peaceful. Immortals had much time, and not all of it was spent on cultivation. Occasionally, when they hit a wall or bottleneck, they would choose to come out to the remote Lesser Realms for a breather. But to think that he would encounter someone like Wu Yu!

After Wu Yu subdued him, his tone became a lot more sincere. He stood by the Bitter Bamboo Immortal's side and said, "Help me out, and I won't come to the Stellar Realm to bother you again. Actually, you know as well that I've been here a few times, but I always just go straight to the Great Ancient Ink Realm. I haven't harmed anyone either, and you can just ignore me. It doesn't matter to me."

Wu Yu's words were the truth. To him, the Stellar Realm was but a passing point.

"What help do you want?" The Bitter Bamboo Immortal struggled.

The more he struggled, the more he felt Wu Yu's prowess. He could not break out of this immortal treasure at all.

Wu Yu looked into his starry eyes and said, "I want to go to the sky palaces. Use your sky palace dao ladder and take me there."


The Bitter Bamboo Immortal was amazed by this request.

"Actually, you don't need to take up arms against me. I don't want to hurt you, nor your Lesser Realm. Just take me there and all will be well. I won't bother you in the future, and you won't affect me either. If you don't agree, I'll make you taste pain. Of course, I don't want to. It's meaningless. My goal is to get to the sky palaces."

"Who are you?" the Bitter Bamboo Immortal could not help asking.

He had asked this because an ordinary immortal should be able to get to the sky palaces without a problem. They would already have ascended there. It was getting back down that was usually the problem. 

"Don't overthink it. I accidentally came down, and now I can't get back up." With the Ancient Emperor's memories, Wu Yu's lies would no longer be easily exposed.

"I've been wandering about the Great Ancient Ink Realm, seeing if there are any immortals going to ascend who could take me up with them. I couldn't find any. Today, it's fortuitous that I met you. I would like this favor from you. When it is concluded, I'll give you this immortal treasure. How's that?"

Wu Yu's words had now become a lot more persuasive.

The Bitter Bamboo Immortal was still considering it.

"This immortal treasure? For me?" He could not believe it. This immortal treasure was very expensive! He only had the one immortal treasure himself, and had spent a long time in order to get it.

"A gentleman's word is his bond." Wu Yu nodded.

The Bitter Bamboo Immortal shook his head. "I can't. If I privately bring people up and I'm discovered, I will be punished."

Wu Yu took out the Floating Dreams Pagoda and said, "You only need to take this up and toss it anywhere. No one will give you trouble."

"Is there a world inside this immortal treasure?" The Bitter Bamboo Immortal's eyes lit up. This was a good thing. He did not need to lead Wu Yu's people up. He would be unable to explain if he were caught. But if there was an inner world, things would be a lot simpler.

Low risk and high reward. Moreover, he could also avoid a beating. And Wu Yu did not seem like the bad sort. The bad sort would not give him an immortal treasure.

And Yueling Xuan had also said that Wu Yu was like a madman, always giving away presents. It seemed like he had infinite valuables on his person.

"Alright, deal. Let me go first," the Bitter Bamboo Immortal said.

If the Bitter Bamboo Immortal had not consented, Wu Yu could still go to other Lesser Realms. It would not be difficult to do so. He released him and said, "Wait for me for an hour. I will go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm to bid friends goodbye. And then I will come back and give you the immortal treasure, and you will take me to the sky palaces. If you play any tricks with me, I have plenty of other options to turn to. But you will pay big time."

The Bitter Bamboo Immortal said, "Don't worry. I know the deal that I have made."

He had earned a lot.

Of course, Wu Yu currently had many immortal treasures with him.

He had easily arranged transport to the sky palaces.

Wu Yu was looking forward to the 8,000 Sky Palaces! He had once dreamed that he would complete his dao and attain immortality, ascending in glory! To think that such a day would come, where he would go up like this!

Threaten an immortal to bring him up....


"Lead the way. Don't space out." Wu Yu was in a good mood after killing the Ancient Emperor, and he teased Yueling Xuan with a hard slap on her pert rump as he passed her.

"Mmpf." Yueling Xuan was flushing red with fear, and she bit back tears. But Wu Yu was strong, so she could only submit.

She was the mighty sect leader. When had she been toyed with like this?

But thinking that he was about to go to the sky palaces, and they would never meet again, she felt sad. She did not understand why she would feel this way.

She again brought Wu Yu through the passage, and Wu Yu sank in without a word. As his head was about to go through, he looked at Yueling Xuan's dazed expression, and could not help but smile. "Don't tell that Bitter Bamboo Immortal. I will come back here again."

Yueling Xuan broke into a watery smile, but Wu Yu had already disappeared.

Because he was going to the sky palaces, and did not know when he would be back, Wu Yu still had to tell Wu You and the others properly, and report that all was proceeding well so far. He had no Immortal Message Talismans with him yet, so this was the only way.  

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