Chapter 1246: The One, Nangong

But for now, they still did not dare to leave.

Di Shatian and the others did not dare to leave. They had nearly pissed themselves with fear.

Wu Yu was still thinking about the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

He had only taken a small part of his revenge. 

But the hatred and anger in his heart had not lessened. Before taking back his body, it could not be considered revenge.

Today was just a venting of anger.

For the Ancient Emperor, he had not lost much. His real body had been abandoned.

But it had been a warning of sorts for him.

More importantly, after sifting through his memories, Wu Yu knew this person better, and all about the Ancient Emperor in the sky palaces.

As expected of someone who had been to the sky palaces, the Ancient Emperor knew much more about them than all the immortals of the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Wu Yu was digesting these memories, which were very important to him.

His gaze landed on Di Shatian.

Di Shatian was prostrating on the floor. Perhaps he assumed that Wu Yu would kill every last member of the Yan Huang Tribe.

He roughly knew what had happened now.

"Send those 1,000 girls back home."

Unexpectedly, this was the first thing that Wu Yu said.

As for the future of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, it no longer concerned Wu Yu.

"The event is over. Shoo."

The mortal realm was the mortal realm, and sky palaces were sky palaces. He was focused on the latter now, and the former did not interest him at all.

Together with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, they left the Immortal's Capital. The two of them had returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda to cultivate.

Below, the Phoenix Supreme and the others left dumbly. The shock that they had felt from this great event had been absolute.

Wu Yu was in no hurry to leave. First, he analyzed and absorbed everything that the Ancient Emperor had to offer, and cast aside his consciousness. He only kept the objective facts and knowledge.

The subjective portions were all thrown out.

After completing the digestion, Wu Yu was fairly well-versed with the 8,000 Sky Palaces. It was as if he had gone to all of the sky palaces that the Ancient Emperor had gone to before.

The Pu Yuan Sky Palace was the 270th sky palace amongst the 8,000 Sky Palaces, and considered rather low. Of course, even getting up there was difficult.

What was troubling was that Wu Yu could not directly go up to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace.

This was because the Ancient Emperor's sky palace dao ladder could only be used once every seven years. He had just used it, and so the next time would be in seven years. Wu Yu could not wait that long.

Therefore, he could only find another way to reach the sky palaces.

The Ancient Emperor had left the Ancient Soul Tower with Wu Yu's real body, so he could not obtain the Ancient Soul Tower this time.

His greatest gain had been the Ancient Emperor's understanding of the 8,000 Sky Palaces. With this, he would be able to proceed smoothly once he reached the sky palaces. He would not need to spend a lot of time getting to know the place.

"I can only go and find the immortals of other Lesser Realms and hope that they can bring me to the sky palaces without having to resort to killing." That was all Wu Yu could do.

Right now, he was probably going to leave the Jambu Realm for good.

Princess You Xue, Su Yanli, Wu You, Jiu Ying - he had brought them to the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Here in the Jambu Realm, he had nothing else tying him.

Luo Pin had ascended as well.

In the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon had been too cowardly to bear witness, but word would eventually get to him that Wu Yu had killed the Ancient Emperor's real body.

If he had to search for the slightest thing that still tied him to the Jambu Realm, it might be Nangong Wei, who had not come to the Immortal's Capital this time.

Wu Yu originally wanted to leave immediately, but then he thought of her. He thought that if he left for the sky palaces this time, he might very well never return. That would be a permanent farewell.

After hesitating for a long while, he finally decided to go and bid her farewell.

He flew towards the Nanyin Demon Continent, much faster than the Phoenix Supreme. Before long, Wu Yu reached the Nanyin Demon Continent. This was still the land of demons, who were everywhere in droves. The kingdom border spirit design of the Nanyin Empire had just been erected, so it was not very stable. Wu Yu entered with ease.

The Phoenix Supreme had built a palace here. The demon lords were fervently loyal to the Phoenix Supreme. Of course, the Phoenix Supreme had arranged all of this for Nangong Wei. She could actually pass the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao without problems, but had chosen to put it off so that Nangong Wei could find her footing. After she left, the demon lords would be willing to protect her.

She had gone to great pains.

The Nanyin Empire's palaces were built with great character. Wu Yu easily found Nangong Wei, who was cultivating in a secluded chamber. Perhaps she was contemplating dao or grinding a mystique or something.

The chamber was completely sealed, and the other demons could not even disturb her. Wu Yu appeared before her without a sound. Nangong Wei was sitting cross-legged on the floor, her eyes shut. Perhaps she was in the middle of a crucial epiphany, and so Wu Yu did not disturb her, simply sitting in the lotus position.

He had not taken a good look at her in a long time.

When no one was around, she did not look like a petulant child.

Her manner of earnest cultivation was quite adorable.

It resembled her stubborn will when she was younger.

Wu Yu recalled many interesting things. Actually, he had very seldom laughed in happiness after taking over the Heaven Devouring Avatar. He was laughing now.

"Her potential is not bad at all. If she were to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, she would definitely rise to immortalhood quickly. But she probably will not be willing."

Wu Yu knew that she valued her dignity highly. If he was the one to make such an offer, she would not agree.

She still bore enmity towards Wu Yu.

This continued for half a day.

Finally, she settled back. Unlike how she was usually, she let a bit of her childishness show.

She seemed to have made some good progress. She opened her eyes excitedly. There was no one else in the chamber, and she began to prance and sing and dance in high cheer.

"Another improvement! I'm the best!"

Suddenly, she spotted Wu Yu, and her soul almost left her body in fright.

Thinking of her undignified celebration, she was very embarrassed, and it further stained the resentment she had against Wu Yu. Her brow furrowed. "What are you doing sneaking around in here!? Didn't you go gamboling off all lovey-dovey-like with the mystical dragon big sister? Oh, she reached immortalhood? So you're bored? That's why you're being this rude?!"

Wu Yu stood up. "I am leaving. I might not be able to get in touch ever again. I came to say goodbye."

Hearing this, Nangong Wei's expression softened, but haughtiness came back to her. "No need. We were nothing special. No need for goodbyes. Dropping out of touch is a normal thing. You're flying high anyway, I can't match you."

Wu Yu did not want anything from her either. He had just felt like he needed to say farewell, which he had now done. She did not seem particularly emotional, and so he nodded. "Alright, then. Just letting you know. I'm leaving."

"Leaving to where...." She blurted out. Seeing Wu Yu turn away, she suddenly felt an ache in her heart.

"Perhaps to the 8,000 Sky Palaces," Wu Yu said.

"To meet her? How romantic." Nangong Wei still did not know what had happened, and her heart was confused.

"Something like that." Wu Yu did not want her to know that he had bigger things to attend to.

"There's no need to parade your mushy romance before me. Get out!" Her expression changed quickly, and her tears fell.

"A little gift to help you on your way to immortalhood." Wu Yu left a Sumeru Pouch behind. There were many valuables within, even three immortal treasures. They were the type that would not be easily found, and could protect her secretly. "I don't want your stinky things!" Nangong Wei wanted to kick the Sumeru Pouch back to Wu Yu, but her mis-aimed kick connected with the floor instead. Her foot swelled, and she teared from the pain. She glared furiously at Wu Yu. "Must you come and rub it in, and kick me when I'm down?!"


It seemed like the dynamic remained. Bickering started after a few phrases. A clash of personalities. He did not want to linger here either. He said, "Know what's good for you. Remember to protect your life. Don't die even before you reach immortalhood."

"Don't worry! I'll definitely live better than you!" Nangong Wei said through gritted teeth.


"Get out!"

Sometimes, Wu Yu really wanted to strangle her. He had even given her immortal treasures, yet she had asked him to get out.

He could not be bothered to stay. He left the Nanyin Demon Continent and surged into the sky. He saw the Phoenix Supreme on her way back.

He had misjudged the Phoenix Supreme before.

And now he was reassured. With her arrangements, Nangong Wei would probably mature well.

All was over with the Jambu Realm.

The Ancient Demon Realm, the Stellar Realm, the Great Ancient Ink Realm - these were all places that Wu Yu could not stay long at. They were too small and could not accommodate Wu Yu.

What he needed was a wider stage.

He did not take a fancy to the 3,000 Greater Realms.

Only the 8,000 Sky Palaces!

There, his lover and enemy awaited.

"First, back to the Great Ancient Ink Realm."

Because the Ancient Emperor's sky palace dao ladder could not be used, he still needed to find guardian immortals of other Lesser Realms and enlist their help.

Given his strength, he could definitely bully a Lesser Realm immortal now.

Before this, he had wanted to go to the Great Ancient Ink Realm to say one more farewell to Wu You and the others. Because leaving this time, he might not return for a while.

To go to Great Ancient Ink Realm, he still had to pass through the Stellar Realm. He opened the Gateway to the Stellar Realm. Coming back here, he again moved towards Yueling Xuan's Beckoning Moon Sword Sect.

Thinking of the beautiful features and bodies of the sisters, something in him stirred. In contrast, Nangong Wei just now had not triggered the procreating urge in him.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar was currently in a dangerous place. It might very well descend into insanity again.

He arrived at the Beckoning Moon Sword Sect.

He went to the Snowy Moon Valley directly.

Unexpectedly, Yueling Xuan was already here, looking at Wu Yu a little strangely.


Wu Yu's eyes flicked over, and saw that an immortal was nearby.

"Don't blame me. He came to me himself, asking about you," Yueling Xuan said anxiously.

Wu Yu knew that this was the guardian immortal of this realm.

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