Chapter 1245: Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman

Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman!

The moment before, he had almost burned Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar to the point of crumbling!

The power of an immortal talisman was truly special!

Wu Yu felt it deeply.

But he had devoured all those immortals and ghostly immortals just for this moment!

This was something that the Ancient Emperor could not have imagined!

He would never have thought that the power of more than 20 immortals and ghostly immortals would be gathered in Wu Yu's body. Their mystiques, their daos, their immortal techniques, immortal treasures, and everything else!

He only knew that Wu Yu wanted to send him down to hell more than anything.

All eyes——

The astounded eyes of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor——

Wu Yu burst out of the Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman's area of effect. It could not stop him.

The immortal talisman was a fearsome weapon, but it depended on the user to a certain extent.

The Ancient Emperor could not yet use the absolute power of this immortal talisman. That was because a majority of his immortal spirit was in Wu Yu's real body.

Right now, he was perhaps just equivalent to a 3-Yuan heavenly immortal, whereas he was originally a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal. Of course, he still had the body of a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal, except his immortal spirit was a 3-Yuan heavenly immortal!

How could his current form stop Wu Yu?

Everyone was shocked to see that what emerged from the flames was still a perfect killing machine!

The black scales, the long tail bristling with spikes! The sharp fangs, the crimson eyes, the single snow-white horn that looked oh so pure!

Just his appearance alone was enough to strike fear in their hearts.

They even guessed that this was not Wu Yu, because how could Wu Yu be this demon immortal? They guessed that this was what a demon immortal would look like.

Therefore, they were now convinced. Because as long as they could find an explanation that this was not Wu Yu, then they could explain why this person was disrupting the Jambu Realm and attacking the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

"What monster is this!?" The Yan Huang royal family cried indignantly.

But there were also others who did not join the cries, such as the Phoenix Supreme and the Dark Sea Emperor. Because they knew that Wu Yu had a white-haired, red-eyed clone, which had appeared just now. And this might just be another face of the clone.

The people in the Immortal's Capital began to panic.

They were too far away, and could not clearly see the fright on the Ancient Emperor's face.

But they could see that Wu Yu had rushed out of the flames towards the Ancient Emperor. The Ancient Emperor fired all sorts of immortal techniques at Wu Yu, but his physical body alone could bear them without injury. Before him, the Ancient Emperor was as weak as a chick.

"Impossible! How did you grow so powerful so quickly!?"

The Ancient Emperor was white from shock.

He knew the distinctive characteristics of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, but he had still underestimated him.

Therefore, he was completely paralyzed with horror. He turned to run, but Wu Yu's long, spiky tail came whipping over, binding his body completely. The spikes pierced his flesh.

At this time, people could hear the great Yan Huang Ancient Emperor cry out in pain!

"Go to hell! You dare to kill me? Do you believe that I'll send out an Immortal Message Talisman to report to the Heavenly Palace? I'll say that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord has come again!"

The Ancient Emperor howled. His expression had changed completely, and finally dread was showing.

Wu Yu's reply was a cold bloodsucking.


He dragged the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor down from the sky, landing before the dragon throne. The Ancient Emperor crashed punishingly onto the ground, cracking the floor of Qian Kun Palace.

"Ancient Emperor!" The Yan Huang Tribe members’ faces were pale. They hurriedly backed away, and even Di Shatian could not remain calm. He blankly took this all in. Their world view had probably been shattered today. What they imagined to be impossible had happened.

"Impossible! Impossible!"

"How could the Ancient Emperor be defeated just like that!?"

"I don't believe it! I must have seen wrongly!"

All of the Yan Huang Tribe members were crying and frightened. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, who they worshiped as a god, was covered in blood. Even his arms were under Wu Yu's control. Besides his head, he could not move anything else.

As for Wu Yu, he was looking down at him with a cold and superior expression.

Only those not of the Yan Huang Tribe could maintain a semblance of composure, such as the Phoenix Supreme. She seemed to have guessed something. After all, her horizons were slightly wider.

The entire royal city and the Immortal's Capital were thrown into disarray. News of "the Ancient Emperor is dead" began to spread, and the entire Jambu Realm descended into chaos.

"Release the Ancient Emperor! Or you will die a horrible death!"

"Other immortals will soon come down to kill you!"

Di Shatian and the others could only make such threats. But their threats were as feeble as their voices, and Wu Yu did not even heed them.

Everyone was watching Wu Yu's performance fearfully.

"Let me tell you! You won't be able to live very long. Soon, all of the immortals of the sky palaces will be hunting you!" The Ancient Emperor sneered at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu still looked at him with hungry red eyes.


Before him, the Ancient Emperor was nothing but prey.

"I will eat you one bite at a time here in Qian Kun Palace. Don't worry. I won't let you die easily. After all, delicacies should be savored slowly."

Wu Yu finally spoke, but his words sent a chill down the Ancient Emperor's spine.

And then he made good on his word. He ripped a piece of flesh off from the Ancient Emperor and put it in his mouth.

The feeling of horror in Qian Kun Palace swelled.

Everyone began to scream.

The Ancient Emperor was naturally in great agony. His face was pale as he looked helplessly at Wu Yu. He lost his mind, laughing and screaming, "I know you're angry! You hate me! But what can you change? I have your body. I don't even want my body. What can you do even if you kill me? I will still bring your name, your body, your legacy to the heights of immortality. You will never be able to catch up to me. It must feel bad to lose everything. Haha! Wu Yu, no matter what, going up against me will see you lose everything!"

Everyone now knew that this was the real Wu Yu! And as for what had happened between them, everyone could guess. Even Di Shatian was stunned. He was thinking - could Wu Yu being the Ancient Emperor's son all be a sham?

Such a major turn of events had actually happened?

Doubt. Confusion.

And then they heard Wu Yu's icy voice. "There is still plenty of time left, and victory is not yet decided. Today is just the start. One day, your remaining immortal spirit will also end up in my stomach. And you think I cannot control this body? You underestimate me. I will be calmer than you imagine. Ancient Emperor, from this day onwards, your nightmare truly begins. I promise that your remaining immortal spirit will not die quickly either."

To think that he could be so coolly calm even while harboring such hatred. It was indeed scary. Before everyone, he continued to eat the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

And then they heard the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor scream again and again. A chilling sound that had their scalps prickling. No one dared to even look at the scene now.

"Wu Yu!  We will see! We will see who has the last laugh!

"You will die terribly! Terribly! You think the sky palaces will not notice your blasphemous body?! Your fate will be worse than the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's!

"As for me, I will bring that elite immortal's legacy to heights that you will never, ever reach. Your devouring must have a limit, while I am truly growing. The growth of dao has no limit!

"You will never know what the strongest immortals are capable of! You don't even know what longevity is! What eternal life is!"

The Ancient Emperor continued to curse and rave in his pain.

"When I devour you, your memories will be mine. I'll know everything then," Wu Yu said with a menacing humor.

The Ancient Emperor did not know that he could even devour memories.

Perhaps he was truly the greatest monster to ever walk in the Heavenly Domain. Perhaps he had come to end this world.

The Ancient Emperor was scared now.

He could not bear being eaten one bite at a time by Wu Yu.

He no longer had any hope of surviving!

But Wu Yu had all sorts of techniques and mystiques that controlled him. He could not even kill himself. He could only suffer this agony and be abused by Wu Yu before all of his descendants.

"I want to ask. Is your immortal spirit up there frightened yet?" Wu Yu asked him with a bright and bloody smile.

"Go to hell!" the Ancient Emperor spat at him furiously.

"Afraid, I guess. But you only sent me the appetizer. What's next will be worse. Much, much worse."

The immortal body of a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal was much more refined. All of it entered Wu Yu's body, which was also currently an immortal body. Of course, it was also mixed with a ghostly immortal body and demon immortal body. His avatar's lifespan was probably a few hundred thousand years now. He was fairly long-lived for now.

How could such perfect devouring exist in this world?

Finally, the immortal spirit of the Ancient Emperor had been digested piece by piece, and his cursing subsided.

Wu Yu knew that he would not dare to let too many immortals know. Otherwise, it would expose the fact that he had come to steal a body. His threat of sending an Immortal Message Talisman to expose Wu Yu had only been a scare tactic. He was even more afraid than Wu Yu that this news would leak.

The great event that Wu Yu had spoken of had come to an end.

He had eaten the Ancient Emperor cleanly, leaving not a single speck of blood behind. And then he vanished, shifting back into his human form, into the semblance of Wu Yu. He looked at the people before him, who were cringing and cowering as far back as they could, looking up fearfully at Wu Yu.

No one dared to make a sound.

"The great event is over. You may go."

Wu Yu retrieved the Immortal Mist Jade Bottle, granting the Phoenix Supreme and the others their freedom.

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