Chapter 1244: Immortal Message Talisman

Before this, Wu Yu had maintained his composure.

But when he used the Divine Seeing Eye Mystique to see the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor returning well and alive, the hatred and anger seething within him flared up.

His crimson eyes glowed with a fresh red. They could definitely pierce the soul of every person present.

As Wu Yu's Immortal Mist Jade Bottle controlled the experts of the Jambu Realm, each of them stared tremulously at Wu Yu.

They had seen how Wu Yu had overwhelmed the Phoenix Supreme.

They still did not know that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had returned.

And they did not know that the great event which Wu Yu had summoned them for was about to take place.

At this moment, they suddenly saw Wu Yu shoot upwards as though he was about to crash into the roof of Qian Kun Palace!

"What is he doing?" Everyone was equally confused.

The ceiling of Qian Kun Palace was covered in gems and gold, and all sorts of carvings. It seemed like a map of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and it was a magnificent landscape.

Which Wu Yu promptly crashed into with a loud bang. The ceiling itself seemed to shatter, then everyone witnessed a jaw-dropping scene.

Wu Yu had blasted through the many spirit designs that covered the ceiling of the Qian Kun Palace!

The grand Qian Kun Palace had its roof busted open into a shower of dust that covered the floor of the royal city.

Above, the sun's light filtered down, lighting up Qian Kun Palace even more.

But whether inside or outside, everyone was completely taken aback by this turn of events. Especially Di Shatian, the royal family, and the ministers and aristocrats. They were as dumb as wooden chickens[1], and could not utter a single word. Because they had no idea what Wu Yu meant by this. 

He was the Yan Huang emperor! Why had he smashed Qian Kun Palace!?

Besides, how was he even strong enough to smash Qian Kun Palace!?

Shock, astonishment, incomprehension, panic. They all looked at each other, Di Shatian included, unsure of what they should do.

He had already noticed that Wu Yu was different after he returned this time.

"What... what exactly is happening...."

"No idea. How did he get so strong? Isn't this the power of an immortal...."

There were many of the former princes and princesses such as Prince Yu and Prince Xiao. They could only look up at the Wu Yu who they had once looked down upon.

Indeed, they could not understand Wu Yu's emotional state upon seeing the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

The grudge of his master's murder, the hatred from his body being stolen, and so much more.

Wu Yu even dreamed of killing him. He had waited for this moment for too long!

And now his mind was unstable. He was extremely famished and bloodthirsty. The Ancient Emperor had triggered his violent instincts.

After he burst through the ceiling, he continued to hurtle towards the kingdom border spirit design, appearing outside that as well.

At this time, they saw that outside the kingdom border spirit design was a golden-robed person. One of his eyes was golden like the sun, while the other was the deep blue of a dark moon. It was the master of the Jambu Realm, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

At this time, Wu Yu faced the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

"He's that happy to see the Ancient Emperor?" the Phoenix Supreme said bemusedly. The others felt the same way.

The Yan Huang Tribe fell to their knees to hail the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Many others saw him as well, and the news spread. All the Yan Huang Tribe members in the Immortal's Capital fell to their knees faithfully.

"Quickly, quickly, kneel, and the Ancient Emperor will protect us...."

They all fell to their knees with a clatter, until only pious cries were heard throughout the realm.

This was how respected he was in this world!

Perhaps only the Phoenix Supreme and the others felt that something was off when they saw Wu Yu rush out so explosively.

The ceiling of Qian Kun Palace had been broken, so they could see especially clearly. Although they were divided by the kingdom border spirit design, those like the Phoenix Supreme could feel the hostility emanating from the two.

She could see that Wu Yu was resisting his "father!"

The Ancient Emperor had, of course, seen Wu Yu. As he descended, he had felt Wu Yu's presence. And right now, Wu Yu was in front of him, his eyes cold and red like glittering rubies. His white hair flew in the breeze, as did his black robes. His aura was neither immortal, ghostly immortal, nor demon immortal, but a mix of them.

"Oh, what a bold one, to even wait here for me. Seems like you're very confident, aren't you?" Surprisingly, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was not in the slightest bit afraid of Wu Yu, fixing him with a cold sneer.

He seemed to have anticipated that Wu Yu would be here waiting for him.

"I won't hide it from you. Compared to the trash that you were, I've become much stronger. After taking over your body, I began to improve it, and now it has passed the three dao calamities. I'm about to face the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao and attain immortality. Besides, I've also taken the Invincible Vajra Body and the four great mystiques a tier or two further. Although I have yet to become an immortal, that body’s fighting strength has already exceeded that of my original body. The name of Wu Yu will soon be echoing about the 8,000 Sky Palaces in glory. To think that you can have a capable person in command of your body - I'm sure that makes you happy."

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor smirked as smugly as if everything was within his control.

Of course, he and Wu Yu were speaking privately, and no one else could hear. Those below still thought that they were having a father and son conversation.

Wu Yu, already immersed in his hatred, was sorely tested by these indifferent remarks.

All of his hatred exploded forth. He did not even wish to speak a single word to the Ancient Emperor. He simply wanted to completely destroy him and devour him. And then use his sky palace dao ladder to reach the Pu Yuan Sky Palace.

Therefore, he acted!

However, the Ancient Emperor had anticipated this response. He pulled out a talisman from a hidden location!

It was no ordinary talisman. From the way immortal qi clung to it, it looked like an Immortal Message Talisman. 

Wu Yu knew that 1 million spirit designs would form an immortal design. If attached to proper materials, it could become an immortal treasure.

Similarly, such an immortal design, when attached to a talisman paper, could become an immortal talisman. Immortal talismans were used by immortals in the 8,000 Sky Palaces. They were much stronger than mortal talismans. For example, the Immortal Message Talisman could pass through realms, from the sky palaces to the Lesser Realms, without problem. After all, each immortal talisman had 1 million spirit designs on it.

The price of an immortal talisman was fairly high, even in the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor pulled one out at this time.

Wu Yu knew that the Ancient Emperor had already anticipated that he would be here to kill his main body. Therefore, he had prepared an extremely powerful immortal talisman. Clearly, he had paid a great price for it, and was prepared to use it from the get-go to destroy Wu Yu. Last time, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had escaped. Naturally, he was unhappy about that.

"A Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman. Enough to bring you to a near-death state." The Ancient Emperor moved swiftly. He was smiling, but his movements showed no mercy at all. Pincering the immortal talisman between his fingers, he crushed it, and the charging Wu Yu naturally ran straight into it.

Instantly, the Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman, with the power of 1 million spirit designs combined into an immortal design, crumbled. It was released, and the fire spilled out. It was a scarlet fireball that had a white center. It engulfed Wu Yu!

As the Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman attack flew out, even the kingdom border spirit design melted under the heat, despite how far it was. The temperature in the Immortal's Capital spiraled. Such was the power of an immortal. If it had been any closer, the entire Immortal's Capital might have been reduced to mush!

People knew how powerful the Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman was.

But they had not heard the conversation between the two. Therefore, they were shocked to see the Ancient Emperor turn against Wu Yu!

They then recalled what Wu Yu had said before. He had hinted that such a fight might take place. But as for the reason why the father and son wanted to kill each other, no one had an answer.

"Why does the Ancient Emperor want to kill Emperor Yu!?"

Trapped in the immortal fog, they all turned to Di Shatian.

"How would I know?!" Di Shatian was on the verge of tears. He had spared no effort in supporting Wu Yu, choosing 1,000 of the sexiest concubines. But now he was fighting the Ancient Emperor!

They were father and son!

And the power of the Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman! It was definitely an immortal's handiwork. It did not look like he was testing Wu Yu's strength!

The entire Jambu Realm broke out into chaos at this extraordinary "great event!"

They finally understood that this was what Wu Yu was referring to. This was why Wu Yu had them gather!

"It was difficult. For the sake of this Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman, I hunted down all of my friends. I borrowed everything I could just to be able to afford it. But I had no choice. To take you down, I have to pay the price. Your body is worth countless Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talismans."

At this time, he was even eying Wu Yu's remaining body. If he did not kill Wu Yu thoroughly, he could not rest easy. Even while Wu Yu was waiting for him, he, too, had been plotting to deal with Wu Yu.


As the Ancient Emperor's laughter rang out, a defiant and explosive roar boomed out from the heart of the flames. There was resentment, anger, and hatred in that roar.

And then a huge, beastly figure charged out from the immortal fires!

At that moment, dead silence.

1. I'm not sure why the author used this metaphor here. The origin of wooden chickens refers to the story of a cockfight trainer. After training a chicken for a while, he tells the owner that it still clucks aimlessly, showing that it has no real ability. He trains it a while more, and tells the owner that it still clucks in response to other chickens, showing that it wants to fight. Finally, he trains it until it stands like a wooden chicken, completely unresponsive. It looks dumb, but actually it has concentrated all of its abilities inwards, and the other chickens don't even dare to fight it.

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