Chapter 1243: Phoenix Supreme's Plot

"When people have been apart for a while, look at them anew. Emperor Yu has taken the throne for only a short while, and already his capacity for arrogance and disruption have grown remarkably."

As they entered, it was the displeased Phoenix Supreme who fired the opening shot.

"Emperor Yu, you had us all travel great distances at great personal cost. You had better have a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, we will not be able to answer to our people. Emperor Yu could not possibly be playing a sick trick to humiliate us, could you?" the Black Starry Skies Kingdom's Starry Skies Sword Emperor asked.

The thousand of them had stormed in aggressively. Given their combined strength, no one but an immortal could stop them. They had already discussed it amongst themselves. At least at the onset, they had to take Wu Yu down a peg and bully him with their influence.

Therefore, all of them were flexing as hard as they could. Even if the one above was a newly ascended immortal, they would probably be affected.

But they were alarmed to see that Wu Yu did not seem to even be there. Their auras had completely bypassed him as though he did not exist. In other words, Wu Yu was completely unaffected by them.

"Impossible. Even though the Ancient Emperor nurtured him even more, he cannot possibly stand against all of us. There must be something special going on, or perhaps something about Qian Kun Palace."

They could only use such explanations to console themselves.

As they shouted and demanded, each of them pressing questions, Wu Yu waved them off. "Don't be too anxious, everyone. The show is about to begin, but we're waiting for the other actor to appear."

From Wu Yu's tone, he was clearly about to do something huge!

"A show?" They were intrigued by this teasing hint from Wu Yu.

The Stormy Demon Emperor from the Stormy Seas Region, who had been defeated by the Phoenix Supreme before, asked, "What show? You better explain clearly. We're not here to be left hanging. Who's the other actor? When will they arrive? Tell us!"

"That's right. Wu Yu, you are now Emperor Yu, so your status is different. We aren't here to play house with you, like children. We respect the Ancient Emperor enough, but if you don't respect us at all, we will definitely have a audience with the Ancient Emperor!"

They felt that Wu Yu was not being respectful enough.

"This little kid, his feathers haven't even taken shape, and he already likes to get up to nonsense. I think we should all disperse. The fact that the affairs of the Yan Huang Ancient Country are in this kid's hands is worrying indeed." Wu Yu did not give any more details, or who the main actor was, and they were all irritated and impatient.

"When is he coming back? He will definitely arrive within 10 months. Everyone can just wait here," Wu Yu said with a smile.

"Wu Yu, what joke is this!?" The Phoenix Supreme immediately decided that Wu Yu was pulling their legs. Her eyes rounded, and she sent a powerful aura out to crush Wu Yu. She wanted to teach him a stern lesson. Wu Yu was toying with them, and their response was justified.

"Let's go home! This is a joke!"

"This is the new emperor of the Yan Huang Ancient Country? Disappointing. A child."

When Wu Yu had told them to wait 10 months, they all snorted. If not for his status, they would probably have already started fighting.

"And where can you go?"

While they were in an uproar, and the Phoenix Supreme was trying to suppress him, he pulled out a jade bottle with a symbol of a willow leaf on it.

The jade bottle spun through the air and floated above their heads, spraying on a mist that did not touch them. Instead, it fell into a bottle-shaped barrier that encapsulated all of them within.

Everyone was now surrounded by the mist.

Some tried to ignore the mist and leave, but they seemed to be blocked by it when they touched it. The mist was as hard as a steel wall, and they were surprised.

"You dare to capture us?! This is preposterous!" They were boggled at Wu Yu's brazenness.

As their anger flared, more of them began to attack. First, they used simple dao techniques on the misty barrier. When they found it ineffective, they were puzzled. Finally, they used their mystiques and seraphic dao treasures!

"What's going on!?"

"How is this possible!?"

They had continued to ramp up their killing power, but all of their attacks floundered in the mist like pebbles in the ocean. They did not have the slightest effect, and they were all stumped by this. Their jaws dropped, and some people even began to draw dao treasure spirit designs within the cramped space. Given their emperor-level powers, it was impossible that they could not break this mist!

"I don't believe it! He can't possibly be strong enough to hold us!"

"What on earth is that!?"

Actually, they could see that even the Phoenix Supreme was trying - tentatively at first, then with mystiques. They could not break out of the mist.

This was thunderous news! They now recalled that their combined aura had not even caused Wu Yu to frown at all. They seemed to realize something.

"This is not a dao treasure, it's an immortal treasure!" The Phoenix Supreme's eyes were afire as she looked at the jade bottle.

"An Immortal Treasure of the Gods!"

"Impossible! He can't control an Immortal Treasure of the Gods! Unless the Ancient Emperor gave it to him?"

"But even if he did, how could he use it at his cultivation level? And to trap all of us in it as well? Even the Phoenix Supreme can't break it!"

They were suspicious and looked wide-eyed at Wu Yu in consternation, the Phoenix Supreme included.

"I don't believe it!"

Next, the other experts threw their entire arsenals in a frenzy. All sorts of seraphic dao treasures were pulled as they tried to charge past the mist.

Time passed.

Soon, their inability was proven. No matter how powerful they were, they were like children before this mist, even the Phoenix Supreme. In the Jambu Realm, the only person they were afraid of was the Ancient Emperor. In their minds, only the Ancient Emperor could suppress them like this, and not show mercy.

After about 15 minutes, they had even inadvertently injured each other. Finally, in a mood of gloom and despair, they gave up. They were exhausted, and looked around numbly at each other, and then at Wu Yu. Only total shock was left.

The Phoenix Supreme was furious, her eyes blazing. "Wu Yu! Where did you get that immortal treasure!? You want to humiliate us with an immortal treasure? Does the Ancient Emperor consent to what you do? The Jambu Realm is not a place that will bend to your every whim and fancy!"

Seeing her, Wu Yu suddenly recalled that he had once lived in fear of her.

Di Shatian and the other royal family members were stunned by this turn of events. They saw Wu Yu wave a hand, then the Phoenix Supreme was lifted out of the mist and brought to Wu Yu by an invisible power. The Phoenix Supreme was in disbelief that she was helpless.


They saw that the Phoenix Supreme was like a child before Wu Yu. She struggled futilely. Wu Yu did not even touch her. At this time, Wu Yu stood. He said, "In fact, I do have things to ask you. But I won't believe the words from your mouth. Although it's a little rude, I have to know. Where did you come from, and what are your intentions?"

"You’ve reached immortalhood?" The Phoenix Supreme finally understood. She knew that what had imprisoned them was not the power of an immortal treasure, but the power of Wu Yu himself. Her body went limp, her face paled. Hearing these words from the Phoenix Supreme, and seeing her stop struggling, the others despaired.

Was the Yan Huang Tribe so terrifying?

Just like that - immortalhood?

But if not, how could he have such frightening power?

Was this the great event that Wu Yu had spoken of? If he had really reached immortalhood, it was sufficient reason to summon them. Because then he would be the new Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu did not reply. He stretched out a hand and used the ghostly immortal Jiang Ziyong's Ghostly Fairy Art - which sent out 10,000 ghosts to search one's soul.

This was a mild way of searching memories already. Other methods were even more horrible.

He controlled the Phoenix Supreme very easily now. 

He wanted to know her intentions.

He needed her memories regarding this.

They watched as Wu Yu laid a palm on the Phoenix Supreme's head and she cried out. Then they saw a black qi cage her, and her eyes roll white. She even began to foam at the mouth. This was the mighty Phoenix Supreme whom they all respected, and she was like a little bunny before Wu Yu.

"So she came from a Dwarf Realm, even smaller than a Lesser Realm. The Dwarf Realm is near the Jambu Realm. There was only her, one eternal phoenix, in the entire world. When she grew, she managed to break the barrier and came to the Jambu Realm. When she arrived, she saw Nangong Wei, who was a half-completed eternal phoenix egg. She had no guide, which was why she was only half-complete. But because the ancient bloodline of phoenixes ran in Nangong Wei's body, she fused with this half-completed product to form a complete eternal phoenix. Therefore, she is indeed Nangong Wei's mother."

Wu Yu now understood her.

She was not like the Ancient Emperor. He had reared Wu Yu purposefully, while she had had no ill intentions for Nangong Wei.

She had already met the Ancient Emperor when she came from the Dwarf Realm. Eternal phoenixes had great influence in the sky palaces, and the Phoenix Supreme wished to ascend to immortality here. The Ancient Emperor had agreed, his condition being that she would serve him after they reached the sky palaces. Afterwards, the Ancient Emperor had told her that he needed some help with taking care of Wu Yu.

These had been the conditions for her to stay in the Jambu Realm. He had even given her the Nanyin Demon Continent and allowed her to establish the Nanyin Empire. It was all prepared for Nangong Wei, so that she could focus on immortalhood in peace. As for the demons in the Nanyin Empire, they could protect Nangong Wei until she was all grown up.

Wu Yu had treated her badly before because he suspected her of having similar plans as the Ancient Emperor. But he was wrong. He hurriedly released her and helped her to recover.

"I know the truth now. I am sorry." Wu Yu sent her back into the mist.

The Phoenix Supreme was still in a stricken state.

At this time, the world suddenly shook. Wu Yu used the Divine Seeing Eye and saw that the Ancient Emperor had returned.

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