Chapter 1242: Divine Seeing Eye

"I don't think there's much of a problem. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor is nothing special. He was able to crush you last time because he knew you too well, and you were too ignorant back then. That's why you suffered at his hands.

"Right now, your Heaven Devouring Avatar has gone through some incredible transformations. Even in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, you've dealt with many immortals and ghostly immortals. Perhaps as you grow stronger, you'll come to realize that the Ancient Emperor is a very unremarkable being. Perhaps much like Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian in your memories."

His words were not without reason.

Wu Yu simply had to adjust his perspective. In the vast Heavenly Domain, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was indeed a very ordinary immortal, guarding a remote Lesser Realm. 

A sort of escape.

But even so, his hatred for the Ancient Emperor was still strong.

After considering carefully, he used the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm as the key and opened the Gateway to the Jambu Realm.

The world changed. Time changed.

He again returned to the Jambu Realm. Because the spiritual qi suddenly plummeted, he was not used to it at first.

Of course, Wu Yu presently did not need spiritual qi to cultivate.

Wu Yu appeared in the Jambu Realm, in the air above the Yan Huang Ancient Country's kingdom border spirit design. It was the deep of night now, but still much brighter. Under the moonlight, Wu Yu was clad in black, his white hair flying in the breeze. His crimson eyes raked the land.

One of the immortals that he had devoured had a mystique called the Divine Seeing Eye. It could locate all of the immortals and ghostly immortals within the scanned area. Wu Yu was trying to use the Divine Seeing Eye to locate the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

He had come intent on revenge.

But the Ancient Emperor was not here.

He used the Divine Seeing Eye to scan a few times, but the Ancient Emperor was indeed still at Pu Yuan Sky Palace. He had not yet returned.

But Wu Yu knew that as a guardian immortal of a Lesser Realm, he could only stay there for a year at most. Wu Yu could return to the Jambu Realm at any time to await his return.

He guessed that the Ancient Emperor would not linger too long. Therefore, he decided to wait at the Jambu Realm.

For this debt of blood, he was willing to wait. He no longer needed to cultivate. The most important thing in his life was revenge.

To get back all that belonged to him.

Although he had lost the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, and therefore could not enter the kingdom border spirit design, he could still pass through it very easily. Even if generations of immortals had made it.

Through the Great Ancient Ink Realm's immortals and ghostly immortals, he had gained more knowledge and understanding of how to dispel spirit designs and immortal designs. This kingdom border spirit design was huge and sparse. It could not stop Wu Yu.

He returned to the Immortal's Capital, back to the royal city.

Nothing had changed here.

Not much time had actually passed.

When Wu Yu appeared in the royal city, at the 10,000 Immortals Palace, Di Shatian saw him. He came up as though nothing had happened, beaming. "Congratulations, Emperor Yu. I just heard the news that the Lord of the Four Seas has attained immortality! Joyous news indeed."

He knew that Luo Pin had ascended, but did not know of the epic fight that had broken out in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

Of course, he was indeed ignorant.

"Mm." Wu Yu nodded.

"Emperor Yu has been in seclusion for quite a while this time. However, you must have had great returns. Right now, I can't even see through you anymore."

Di Shatian said admiringly.

He knew that after Wu Yu became Emperor Yu, his improvements would only get scarier.

"Oh, Emperor Yu, there is one thing that I have already undertaken on your behalf," Di Shatian said a little hesitantly.

"What is it?"

"Because I heard that the Lord of the Four Seas has ascended, and Emperor Yu might be in the mortal realm for some time, as the Yan Huang emperor, you bear the important responsibility of passing on the torch. The past emperors all had hundreds of sons, ensuring the continued greatness of our Ancient Country. But now that the Lord of the Four Seas has ascended, I was afraid that Emperor Yu would be lonely in the mortal realm. Therefore, I personally chose some concubines for Emperor Yu. A thousand of the most beautiful women have come from all over the realm. Because I could not contact Emperor Yu, I was unable to get them into the 10,000 Immortals Palace. I wonder, would Emperor Yu like to meet these ladies now?"

He had indeed done his job.

Wu Yu would become immortal sooner or later. According to the rules of Yan Huang, he had to leave descendants behind.

"Actually, I feel that the Lord of the Four Seas would understand, and so Emperor Yu need not feel troubled. Dao companions are dao companions, and the responsibility of the line is the responsibility of the line...." Di Shatian wheedled tentatively.

None of this held much meaning anymore.

More importantly, he could not even enter the 10,000 Immortals Palace without the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

"For now, let the issue wait. This time, I have more important business to tend to. You will gather the emperors of each nation, the demon lords, the sea region demon lords for me. Bring them all to the Immortal's Capital. Use my name. All must come. Or they will bear the consequences," Wu Yu said ominously.

Di Shatian started. "Emperor Yu, why.... We must respect the other emperors...."

"Don't ask so many questions. Just say that I've prepared something grand for them to witness. If they do not, they will definitely regret it. You need only bear the news." Wu Yu could not enter the 10,000 Immortals Palace, and so he went to Qian Kun Palace, sitting high on the dragon throne.

Di Shatian followed him.

"Alright." Wu Yu was a mystery to him now. Although this decision was strange, he did not dare to defy Wu Yu's orders. Moreover, he could not contact the Ancient Emperor at this time either.

"Get the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon from the mystical dragon tribe as well," Wu Yu said.

"Your wish is my command."

Di Shatian left.

In the empty Qian Kun Palace, only he was left.

"Big Brother Yu, what is this for?"

"I want them to see me kill the Ancient Emperor," Wu Yu said.

"I want to watch as well." Flames of hatred blazed in Ye Xixi's eyes as well.

"Well, I say. Those 1,000 carefully chosen concubines, are you planning to abandon them here? If you don't want them, you can give them to me. I won't reject a single one," the Full Moon of Nanshan said lasciviously.

"You scumbag. Big Brother Yu will send them home," Ye Xixi said huffily.

Wu Yu sat in Qian Kun Palace and waited in silence. His hatred and killing intent bubbled silently.

"How do I put it? You've changed," the Full Moon of Nanshan suddenly said.

"Where is this coming from?"

"For example, you want to kill the Ancient Emperor, and for the whole realm to witness it. Before, you would not have done this. Of course, what I mean to say is that I like this change." The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled.

"You even like guys. You pervert," Ye Xixi said.

"I say, little girl, must you always be breathing down my neck?"

Although it was teasing, his words made sense.

Wu Yu himself felt that he was changing.

After all, he could not possibly be the same person as before.

He was well and truly the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast now.

And this sort of change, for better or worse, would need to be tested by time.

Wu Yu's command stirred the realm.

It was disrespectful and arrogant, and many were indeed very unhappy. After all, Wu Yu was not the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Even if it was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, he had to send out invitations for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, and go through proper formalities.

As for Wu Yu, he had nothing - he had simply commanded them to come to the Immortal's Capital.

But they would come. Although they would then demand an explanation from Wu Yu as to what was happening, they would regret not coming. Was it something bad? Or something good?

Perhaps not even as many emperors and demon lords had come for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

Over the next month, people began to arrive, entering the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. They were mostly the emperors, who had not brought many subordinates with them.

At first, there were few of them. The patient pacifications of Di Shatian kept their anger at bay. But as their numbers grew, and Wu Yu still did not appear, they began to gather and discuss, agreeing to make things difficult for Wu Yu.

After the Phoenix Supreme arrived, they seemed to have been fortified with a pillar of strength. After all, she was the strongest amongst them.

On this day, they banded together, and were just preparing to go to Qian Kun Palace to look for Wu Yu. Although Di Shatian had told them that Wu Yu would explain things, he had not yet given an accounting.

But on this day, Di Shatian had come with a smiling face to Qian Kun Palace, and he bumped into the group that was on their way to see Wu Yu.

"That punk Wu Yu, when did he grow such balls? He dares to even summon us? This isn't the Ancient Emperor's will, is it!?" the Dead Souls Demon Lord said discontentedly.

As for his rival, the Dark Sea Emperor, he did not say anything, because he knew a bit about what had happened to Wu Yu.

"I wonder what he's up to. Something good?"

"We'll just ask him when we get to Qian Kun Palace. Then we'll know, won't we?"

And so the strongest, most elite bunch of people in the Jambu Realm had arrived, save for the mystical dragon tribe. It was even more than the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage.

The Black Starry Skies Kingdom, the Immortal Kingdom in the Clouds, the Oriental Flower Immortal Realm, the Central Golden Shine Empire, and the Muxu Kingdom had come, as well as demons and ghostly cultivators from the Burning Sea Region, the Dead Souls Sea Region, the Sky Demon Nation, Million Demon Mountain, and the Yellow Springs Nine Realms. They were all present, and, when including the smaller powers, they numbered a full thousand. They had formed the Anti-Yan Huang Alliance under the leadership of the strongest, the Phoenix Supreme. As the only leader around, Di Shatian felt like his head was going to explode. 

For these past few days, he had been in contact with Wu Yu, who had simply ordered him to obey. Even he did not know what Wu Yu was up to.

He could only let Wu Yu resolve this mess himself.

As for this great event, it naturally shocked the whole Jambu Realm. Everyone was watching the Immortal's Capital closely, and many had come here in recent days.

With the Phoenix Supreme as their leader, they stormed up to Qian Kun Palace. And then they saw Wu Yu lounging eminently on the dragon throne. Beside him was a handsome youth and a young girl in black.

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