Chapter 1241: Self-Awareness

He still had that last sliver of awareness left.

He knew that the two urges were mixing within him. If he did not kill her now, he would still kill her and devour her after procreating.

Compared to two mistakes, why not just make one mistake?

But he felt that even that might be beyond him. Even one mistake might be impossible.

Because most of his control was being swamped by desire. At this moment, it was impossible for him to let her go.

"It was her who played that Ode to Dreary Mortality. It's not my fault!

"If someone is to blame, it's her!

"She was asking to die!"

This beauty was indeed an unbearable temptation for him. She was a pure and unsullied immortal woman, as pure as a white lotus. The purer the person, the greater a temptation they presented.

Wu Yu's burning hot gaze had already caused her to lose her composure. She was panting heavily in the night.

"Forget it. I can't do this. I better kill her...." The two voices in Wu Yu's heart clamored over each other. One was a craving embedded deep in his bones. The other held him back, crying for him to rise over a complete failure.

Finally, his last sliver of reasoning triumphed over his madness. He decided to kill her. Once she was dead, and was not live flesh, Wu Yu would immediately devour her and not think of procreation anymore.


The Butchering God lanced out towards Immortal Mo Li.

"Wu Yu, if one day you meet Luo Pin in the sky palaces, are you willing to admit you are trash that killed the innocent, violated your dao, and crossed your own bottomline?"

As Wu Yu lifted the Butchering God, he suddenly heard the Full Moon of Nanshan's voice.

"Big Brother Yu, Big Sister Luo Pin would not want you to be like this."

Ye Xixi's voice followed.

"Luo Pin!"

She appeared in his mind, a snow-white incandescence in the air. Wu Yu recalled her embrace, her smile, and her warmth.

The vow that they had made.

She was so pure. And as Wu Yu recalled those eyes looking at him, he was like a man who had crawled out of the swamp. He was covered in filth, and too ashamed to go to her.

"I can't! I can't!"

He seemed to awaken from a deep reverie, and immediately put down the Butchering God in his hand. He broke into a cold sweat. Although his stomach was afire with hunger, his mind was clear. He knew that he had been swept up in the lust for devouring.

Luckily, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had helped him.

They knew where Wu Yu drew the line.

"I give you three breaths of time. Release the soul ring. Or I will kill you. Quick!"

The temptation before him was great. A starving man faced with a feast. He could only use his momentary lucidity to pressure Immortal Mo Li.


Immortal Mo Li was already flushed and heady. She had lost her mind from fear, but he had suddenly stopped. She struggled for composure, both shy and afraid. Her hair was standing on end. When Wu Yu mentioned releasing the soul ring, she grasped at the thread of life and hurried to remove it from him. She herself was babbling from fear.

With the soul ring removed, she no longer had anything on Wu Yu. It would not be that easy for her to find him.

Wu Yu suppressed the feral desires inside him. He was sweating profusely and his skin was crawling. He knew that it was hard to go against these wishes, but he persisted.

Because he did not want to meet Luo Pin sullied with the blood of innocents. He did not want to have to persuade and brainwash himself that he was not a monster.

Therefore, he turned around and left the black sun and wild winds behind.

"Don't let me hear that you've ever spoken of me. Or I will exterminate the entire Ancient Ink Immortal Sect! I definitely have the power to do so. If that time comes, I won't let you off again!"

Before he left, Wu Yu left a parting warning.

Given what he had done today, Immortal Mo Li definitely believed that he could exterminate the sect. She completely believed that Wu Yu would do it, and so she was afraid.


Wu Yu left a hushed scene behind him. Immortal Mo Li put her clothes back on and then lied down on the black sand, looking up at the black sun in the black sky.

"Why did he seem like he was going to kill me or violate me? He seemed to have lost control, but then calmed down again.

"Given his might, he could have killed me easily. He did not need to explain so much to me. He could have easily defeated me as well. Could my little sister really have been a bad person?"

She had actually heard some whispers before, but her little sister had been the perfect angel before her, and so she had not doubted her back when they had sworn to be sisters.

And now that everything was over, only confusion remained in her heart.

Wu Yu was running away madly in the cold wind, and gradually regaining his alertness.

"Congratulations to you. You won an important battle against yourself." The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were still in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

"Much thanks to your help."

"We didn't do much. It was yourself. If you didn't have that way of controlling yourself, nothing we did would be helpful."

"You're right. I cannot lose myself, or I would be ashamed to meet her."

He did not know if she was doing well in the sky palaces.

He did not know if there were ancestors purposely making her life difficult and bullying her.

Wu Yu could not see it.

The pain of longing only grew in the desolate night. Although they had not been apart long, Wu Yu had always wished to go to the sky palaces to see her.

No matter what the opposition was.

But before that, he wanted to gain his own body back. He knew how to get to the 8,000 Sky Palaces, and also some information about the sky palaces. He was already making his final preparations.

"No matter what, being able to control myself just now was a victory."

It had been a temptation like never before. A pure immortal woman who had completely submitted to him, awaiting his violation. Her immortal body and immortal spirit were all waiting for Wu Yu to consume them.

But Wu Yu had even held on amidst the Ode to Dreary Mortality. To him, this was a great victory.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was all about control.

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been the spanner in the works of the Heavenly Domain, but he had lost control. And now it was Wu Yu, who could not afford to walk down the same path.

He calmed himself in the night wind, keeping to his own thoughts.

As he brooded, he clarified his goals, strengthened his faith, and vowed to control this body.

The first thing he had to do was kill the Ancient Emperor's real body. He would then use the sky palace dao ladder to ascend to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace.

Given his estimation of the Ancient Emperor's strength, he was still not confident.

If he had devoured Immortal Mo Li, it might have been enough.

But Wu Yu had not.

Luckily, there were still other ghostly immortals and immortals on his list. Those were much more deserving of death compared to Immortal Mo Li.

Wu Yu had targeted all the cancerous tumors in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, whether immortal or ghostly immortal.

If the heinous deeds that they had done ever came to light, everyone would be in an uproar.

As immortals and ghostly immortals, mortals were powerless in their hands. Therefore, given their immortal powers, killing 100,000 would be considered few.

Some ghostly immortals even used mortal souls to create their ghostly immortal treasures. It was like hell on earth. Even Xiao Yuntian had once done such a thing before. He had used countless mortal souls to forge the Butchering God.

"They need to be judged. To be cleansed.

"Only then can this world be clean."

Wu Yu was a skilled hunter who was hunting in this forest. He was best at disguising himself as prey, and earning their trust before turning on them.

After another 10 days, Wu Yu had killed two more 2-Yuan ghostly immortals, three more 1-Yuan ghostly immortals, and two more 1-Yuan heavenly immortals. On the whole, there were fewer ghostly immortals, but there were more of them who resorted to extreme methods of cultivation.

In their eyes, the lives of mortals were pathetic and miserable.

There was one ghostly immortal called Sheng Lizi, who used the method of accepting disciples to catch young men and women of great talent. He would let them cultivate the same immortality art and then would round them up to kill each other. Only one person would survive to become his disciple, while the others were killed in battle. In that way, the one that survived would be a true genius.

Wu Yu had devoured them all. He was doing heaven's work, and did not feel emotionally burdened.

Devouring beyond his limits indeed threw him into an unstable state. He had the power of a 4-Yuan heavenly immortal, and had never been more powerful. He also possessed numerous Heaven Dao Mystiques, immortal treasures, and immortal techniques. Right now, the entire Great Ancient Ink Realm was clueless that about 20 immortals and ghostly immortals amongst them had died to Wu Yu. The realm moved on as per normal.

As for Wu Yu, he had reached the limit and was now prepared to return to the Jambu Realm.

He had the Gateway to the Jambu Realm, so it would be easy to go back.

Firstly, he returned to Jiuli City to visit Princess You Xue and the others. They were cultivating peacefully, and also participating in some training activities with the martial cultivators of Jiuli City. They were starting to make great progress.

Even Wu You was improving well.

Wu Yu was reassured.

Next, he would go to the Jambu Realm to seek the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. This was very important to Wu Yu. Originally, he had not intended to bring the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others over, but after the last incident, he realized that they could help him if he lost control.

"Nanshan, do you think I can succeed?" Wu Yu asked him as they stood before the Gateway to the Jambu Realm.

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