Chapter 1240: Soul Shattering Symphony

However, he could still control himself. He was confident about that.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's devouring was indeed frightening. Therefore, he constantly reminded himself that control was the most important thing.

Even in the situation he had gotten himself in, he was not afraid. After all, he did not fear their strength.

In the dark of night, Immortal Mo Li's eyes were cold as she tracked Wu Yu down with Chasing Soul. When Wu Yu stopped, she wordlessly pulled out another immortal treasure.

Robbing Soul.

It was a white zither, the perfect complement to Chasing Soul.

A flute, a zither, and a beauty. Even with the black sun sucking light, the sky filled with colors.

"Take the soul ring off me." Being hunted down like that was irritating for Wu Yu.

He had the power to crush her.


Immortal Mo Li ignored him, instead extending a long, polished finger to flick out a note from her zither. Wu Yu's spirit felt a sharp pain.

His body's composition was not an immortal's, a ghostly immortal's, or even a demon immortal's.

His opponent had actually attacked.

Wu Yu had thought that he might be able to negotiate and then tell her that Yu Jilin was not the innocent dove that she had imagined. Wu Yu had killed her without hesitation.

But she had shown no mercy, and attacked him viciously.

This was indeed her nature. From Wu Yu's memories, all the immortals saw Immortal Mo Li as a ruthless person.

She had chosen Robbing Soul as her tool, using the Tianyin Soul Robber, Soul Eraser Immortal Design to play the Soul Shattering Symphony. There were many types of immortal techniques, and a song could definitely be one of them.

The Soul Shattering Symphony was her strongest immortal technique, which indicated that the hatred in her heart was such that she only wanted to kill Wu Yu, but did not want to hear his explanation.


As his opponent attacked him, Wu Y was thinking, "Why don’t I go directly to the Jambu Realm, defeat the Ancient Emperor, and then leave the Great Ancient Ink Realm for the sky palaces?"

But firstly, he was not too sure if he could take the Ancient Emperor down. He was afraid of jumping the gun, and so it would be best if he could stay in the Great Ancient Ink Realm for a while longer.

To be a bit more sure.

But if this soul ring could not be released, she would hunt him down till death.

Therefore, he gave up on this idea. If he could find a way to make her see, that would be ideal. She was not Wu Yu's enemy, and not a sinner either. Wu Yu did not want to kill her at all.

She began to aggressively play the Soul Shattering Symphony. One note after another started to control the area around Wu Yu, crowding in on him.

"I understand Yu Jilin even more than you do. You've been blindsided by her. You don't know how many evil things she has done. She has even used your name to go to other greater realms to slay the innocent. I can tell you everything."

Wu Yu tried to reason with her.

She only looked at Wu Yu icily before turning back to the Robbing Soul. She continued to play, faster and faster.

Wu Yu knew that she would not be easily convinced.

Therefore, he began to speak of the details. Wu Yu began to list Yu Jilin's sins one by one.

But her attacks were fierce. As the Soul Shattering Symphony assaulted him in full force, Wu Yu could see deadly wave after deadly wave of sound pulse out. It was an energetic song, and it battered Wu Yu's body and mind. He was seized with incredible pain. The immortal song not only ripped at his body, but threw everything into confusion!

For now, Wu Yu only used his immortal treasures and Heaven Dao Mystiques to protect himself, but did not counterattack. He did not want to kill her. There was no need.

She was not on Wu Yu's list.

"These are but a few. There is more. Just hear me out. You have no need to rush your hand. Listen to me, then make your decision. I definitely do not want to fight you." Wu Yu clenched his jaw.

He did not want to fight, because he was afraid that once he got started, he would not be able to control himself.

Immortal Mo Li was looking down imperiously at Wu Yu. Her fingers danced like sprites on the zither. They did not pause even for a moment. With a scathing tone, she said, "You think I will choose to believe my sister's killer over my sister? Creating these stories to blacken her name will only make me want to destroy you faster!"

Wu Yu was speechless.

And a little angry.

He actually felt that she was a clever woman. He had spoken clearly, providing even specific details on many things, all the while enduring the damage she was dealing to him.

But she refused to listen! Was she pinning all the blame on Wu Yu?

"Yu Jilin's sins were overwhelming. I killed her, that is true."

Wu Yu's crimson eyes were fixed on Immortal Mo Li.

"Finally showing your true colors? Don't come and act pitiful before me. Show me your true strength."

Immortal Mo Li had just finished playing the Soul Shattering Symphony. If not for the immortal treasures and mystiques defending him, Wu Yu guessed that he would have lost a few heavenly immortals' worth of power.

"Ode to Dreary Mortality."

As one song ended, she immediately gathered the immortal energy in her body and channeled it to the Robbing Soul. She began to play Ode to Dreary Mortality!

This immortal technique was one that she had just mastered, and was not particularly stable. It was even more powerful, and a yellow sonic wave boomed out from the first note. It caged Wu Yu like a sea and battered him like a tempest. The song made one feel like one's head was on the verge of exploding. Every molecule in one's body was agitated into madness.

This was bad.

Wu Yu was shocked that she would use such an immortal technique. From Yu Jilin's memories, she was not too clear about the use of Ode to Dreary Mortality. Wu Yu thought that it would cause the world to fall silent, but it was the exact opposite. It exploded in the wildest possible manner, throwing him into violent madness. He was like a beast who had lost his rationality.

In truth, Wu Yu was not worried about her Soul Shattering Symphony at all. But this Ode to Dreary Mortality was especially dangerous. He was already walking a tightrope with his control, and this tune would fan the madness in his heart. If he plummeted off, the results would be terrifying.

Wu Yu felt a berserk will take him, swelling within his mind and swamping his reason. He descended into madness. A hunger, the likes of which he had never felt before, seized his stomach. His insides went crazy. It was an unbearable hunger that devoured even his reason. He was about to roll on the ground from the overload of sensation, when his crimson eyes saw that the entire world was full of temptations.

As for Immortal Mo Li, she was right in front of him. Wu Yu naturally locked on to her. Her flesh was tender and fresh, and her comely looks even triggered Wu Yu's secondary urge. When the two urges combined with each other, the result was unbelievable. The entire world seemed to fade away from his view, and the red light from his eyes were searing into her now. Even his hair had started to flush.

"Still telling all those lies. Why not be more candid, and show your true self?" Immortal Mo Li's gaze was cold. From Wu Yu's expression, her Ode to Dreary Mortality seemed to be working very well. It had completely triggered Wu Yu into madness and confusion. She continued to increase her playing speed, and the chords flew fast and furious from her zither. She was sure that she could enrage Wu Yu to madness. This was just the start, and Wu Yu had already lost his sanity. Next, worse would follow.

"Little Sister Yu Jilin, I'm sorry I could not protect you. But I will take revenge for you. Your spirit in heaven will know peace." Immortal Mo Li's face was full of regret, which hardened as she turned to face Wu Yu. She redoubled her attacks, causing Wu Yu to become even more berserk.

"His eyes. How terrifying! How wicked!" Immortal Mo Li felt a pang of fear for the first time.

"However, he will die by his own madness." The first half of her song was over. Next was the second half. It would cause her opponent to reach the height of madness and bite himself to eventual death.

But just as she entered the second half, her originally triumphant face suddenly froze. Her tune was still continuing, but Wu Yu was still like a statue, staring at her. He did not go mad, and his gaze was even more terrifying than before.

"How is that possible!?" Immortal Mo Li was suddenly afraid.


At this moment, the white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu suddenly reached out a hand, then his arm burst into countless strands! These were not hair strands, but the Red Devil demon immortal's capillaries. They completely trussed up Immortal Mo Li, and the capillaries even began to extend into her flesh.

"Hngh!" Immortal Mo Li struggled painfully, but she had underestimated the power of the Red Devil's Hellish Capillaries mystique. These capillaries penetrated her body, clinging to her immortal spirit. The slightest movement from her would be responded to with staggering pain.

She finally began to feel afraid.

"What are you!?" Her eyes were stricken. She now knew that although he had been running, he could actually have easily captured her.

Wu Yu did not reply. There was only blood in his eyes. He appeared before Immortal Mo Li, who was covered in blood herself, although patches of fair skin still shone through. Whether blood or skin, it was nothing but a fatal temptation for Wu Yu right now.

He tore violently through her gauzy, white dress, ripping away her veil so she appeared unclad before him.

"You! Kill me! Kill me!" When she grasped what Wu Yu was about to do, Immortal Mo Li could only wail pitifully.

"What monster are you!?"

A wretched situation.

If she had known it would turn out like this, she would not have dared to chase Wu Yu.

"Monster...." The phrase dimly rang in Wu Yu's mind.

Not nice.


The woman said it.

Wu Yu shook his head. He decided to kill her after all.

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