Chapter 1239: Immortal Mo Li

Whenever night fell and the black sun hung up in the sky without any light, it was time for the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast to make his move. 

Even though three immortals had gone missing, it didn't draw the attention of any others. 

After all, immortals were hard to trace to begin with. Perhaps they had chosen to ascend earlier than others had thought. 

Wu Yu's understanding of the Great Ancient Ink Realm had surpassed the knowledge of almost all the mortals on it. In fact, he knew more than many immortals and ghostly immortals. 

He had a namelist on hand that he would pass judgement on. 

Based on their location and the severity of their sins, he listed out over 10 people first. 

With his strength equivalent to the amalgamation of four 1-Yuan heavenly immortals and one 2-Yuan heavenly immortal, he could easily crush the majority on his list. 

Even though he couldn't deal with the minority for now, once Wu Yu crushed the majority, it would be easier to deal with them. 

For 10 days, he was a phantom killer in the dark and a traceless judge. One by one, he killed immortals and ghostly immortals, devoured everything they were, and converted them into part of him. 

Each day, he was growing and getting stronger. The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was becoming more and more frightening. 

What he was doing was no different from a hunter hunting for prey in the jungle, consuming their flesh, and making use of their remains. 

After 10 days, the prey he had slain included 10 at the first tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm and three at the second tier, similar to the Wushang Dao Ancestor. 

Among them, there were five 1-Yuan ghostly immortals and five 1-Yuan heavenly immortals. 

As for the three at the second tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm, there were one 2-Yuan ghostly immortal and two 2-Yuan heavenly immortals. 

A total of 13 prey. 

Initially, there were over 30 ghostly immortals. Now the number had dwindled to below 30. The shame was that between ghostly immortals, no one seemed to have noticed anything. 

They rarely interacted or shared information with one another. If they did, Wu Yu would have discovered them in his trail of devouring and consumed them himself. 

Wu Yu was able to play the role of many people currently. 

With strength equivalent to four 2-Yuan heavenly immortals and 14 1-Yuan heavenly immortals, he wasn't just a little stronger than when he fought the Ancient Emperor. 

The key was that he could cast close to 100 mystiques. 

Wu Yu understood that once one achieved immortalhood, both immortals and ghostly immortals could cultivate Heaven Dao Mystiques. Heaven Dao Mystiques were more powerful than Great Dao Mystiques, and extremely precious. Most immortals would use this opportunity to replace their Great Dao Mystiques as this would be their only window. 

After becoming an immortal, one could only master four Heaven Dao Mystiques. If one would like a replacement after mastering four Heaven Dao Mystiques, one could only choose to discard a mystique he had mastered previously so he could start with another anew. 

As such, choosing the best Heaven Dao Mystique was extremely important. 

Therefore, those immortals that remained in the mortal realm weren't in a rush. Some had mastered four Heaven Dao Mystiques, while others might not have gained mastery of a single one. 

As for demon immortals, their Natural Mystiques wouldn't change even after becoming a demon immortal. However, there were definitely areas to strengthen, so they weren't inferior to Heaven Dao Mystiques. 

As for Wu Yu's main body in the past, he had cultivated Heaven Dao Mystiques when he was still a mortal. 

Unshackled Doppelganger, the Eyes of Fire and Gold, the Somersault Cloud, and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth were all Heaven Dao Mystiques. 

Moreover, they were the most elite even among all the Heaven Dao Mystiques. 

Although Wu Yu had devoured a myriad of Heaven Dao Mystiques, they were far from the four that he once mastered. 

Nonetheless, once the number grew further and he gained mastery over them, it would still be rather frightening. 

Other than Heaven Dao Mystiques, there were lots of profound immortal techniques. These immortal techniques weren't at the same level as dao techniques. The Ground Demon Transformation Art or 72 Transformations that Wu Yu practiced previously were elite immortal techniques. 

Obviously, having over 10 immortal treasures was menacing. Immortal treasures far surpassed divine dao treasures, and Wu Yu could be considered an exceptional talent in the world who was well-versed in everything. 

He could also Replicate anyone easily. 

Reaching this height, he felt like it was sufficient for him to return to the Jambu Realm to deal with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. 

He had stopped previously because he could vaguely feel that he was reaching his limit. He had the feeling that if he continued devouring, he would surpass his main body extensively, losing control and eventually spiralling to become the devouring devil, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Once he lost his sanity, he might draw the attention of the immortals in the sky palaces and end up the same way as the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

That would be the most terrorizing outcome and hence he had to avoid it. 

At this point, he reigned in the horse at the edge of the precipice. He chose to consolidate what he had and silently digest those that he had devoured. He had too many voices in his mind that came from the immortals and ghostly immortals who had become his prey. 

What he wanted was to digest them fully and erase their consciousnesses for eternity. At the same time, it was to assimilate the essences in them for his use. 

However, to his surprise, an immortal had his eyes on Wu Yu and had been pursuing him for over a day. 

When he killed and devoured his prey, he had been careless with his last prey and allowed him to release a Message Talisman. 

Wu Yu only knew about the Message Talisman after he devoured the person, and it had been sent to another immortal in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. 

They were on good terms. 

However, they had distinct personalities. Although the last prey he had devoured was a female immortal, she had a bad temper, was a scheming person, and had committed various heinous crimes in the dark. She was also unscrupulous. For example, there was a day when she obtained information on an important material. In fear of news leaking, she annihilated a small sect of several thousand people. 

In the public eye, she wasn't the same. Instead, she appeared to be an obedient girl. These facts were something that the female immortal who was pursuing Wu Yu didn't know. 

Now she saw Wu Yu as an external immortal or ghostly immortal that had harmed her younger sister! The pursuer was a 3-Yuan heavenly immortal that had reached the third tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm, and she was chasing after Wu Yu without regard for her life! 


Having reached the third tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm within 2,000 years was sufficient to prove that her talent and ability to understand complicated matters was more outstanding than most immortals and ghostly immortals. 

The force that she was from was one of the absolute overlords of the Great Ancient Ink Realm! As for the female immortal that Wu Yu had killed, she was in a sect that was subservient to the major force. 

The overlord force had a long history in the Great Ancient Ink Realm and was the longest standing force around. It was located in the center of the Great Ancient Ink Realm and occupied the greatest territory. Its name was the Ancient Ink Immortal Sect. 

From this name, one could easily understand the history of this force. 

As for the one pursuing Wu Yu, she was the strongest expert of the Ancient Ink Immortal Sect. This was a legendary figure in the Great Ancient Ink Realm who had successfully achieved immortalhood after 300 years of cultivation. Since then, it had only been 700 years, and she had reached the third tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm. In other words, she had reached where she was in just 1,000 years! 

With her talent, she could have ascended to the sky palaces once she achieved immortalhood. She wouldn't have to delay and remain in the mortal realm. 

However, she wasn't willing to. 

She wanted to stay behind to protect the Ancient Ink Immortal Sect and was willing to spend 2,000 years to ensure the stability of the sect and raise more immortals. Once the Ancient Ink Immortal Sect no longer needed to depend on her and could stand its ground in this realm, she would then leave. 

The other immortals in the Ancient Ink Immortal Sect might not be as strong as her, but they were all older than her. 

Her name was Immortal Mo Li. 

In the Great Ancient Ink Realm, everyone knew about her. 

In the 300 years when she was still a mortal, she had accomplished incredible feats. She wasn't born with high standing and had grown up in a village. With her exceptional talent, she made her way into the Ancient Ink Immortal Sect. Eventually, she achieved immortalhood with overwhelming strength. 

Clearly, Immortal Mo Li wasn't on the judgement namelist that Wu Yu had selected. 

Moreover, her actions were open, righteous, and without any blight. There was no way Wu Yu would target her. 

However, she had her eyes on Wu Yu and wouldn't give up. 

Initially, Wu Yu thought she wouldn't find him as long as he Replicated others. 

To his surprise, she had her own unique means. 

Her immortal treasure was a black flute called the Chasing Soul. It had the Endless Immortal Domain Chasing Soul Design crafted within. 

The first time they met, she released a soul ring from the Chasing Soul to trap Wu Yu. Wu Yu thought of many ways to erase the soul ring but still failed. Therefore, Immortal Mo Li was able to lock on to him, and Wu Yu couldn't shake her off. After all, he didn't have the same kinds of abilities as his main body. 

Wu Yu could choose to head into the Stellar Realm or the Ancient Demon Realm. However, as long as he returned to the Great Ancient Ink Realm, she could locate Wu Yu with the soul ring. In the long run, this would still be an issue. 

"I could have escaped from anything with Replicate initially. However, she is able to tell if she's prepared and uses special means to lock on to me." 

For Wu Yu, this was a small lesson to remember and something he had to avoid at all costs in the future. 

Whoever started it was required to end it. Wu Yu believed he had to convince Immortal Mo Li to remove the soul ring personally. 

After getting chased around for a day, Wu Yu was on the brink of frenzy. 

"An outsider assassinated my sister, Yu Jilin, and still thinks of escaping from my Chasing Soul... you must be dreaming. I don't care who you are. I'll kill you for the sake of Yu Jilin." 

Wu Yu heard a cold declaration from behind. 

In the deathly silent night and standing on the barren desert of black sand, Wu Yu turned around abruptly. His white hair fluttered in the air and his crimson-red eyes couldn't be masked by the darkness. Amidst the dark sky, they lit up in an eerie glow. 

"I don't want to kill you. Stop chasing me." Wu Yu realized that he was getting angrier, and the cause of this was hunger.... And more hunger...

As Immortal Mo Li became an immortal when she was still young, she kept the looks of a girl in her prime age. She wore white light muslin and a veil that covered her face. As they fluttered with the wind, she fitted the image of a fairy in Wu Yu's mind - exceptional and out of this world. 

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