Chapter 1238: Whip of Heaven

Wu Yu wanted to know the difference between a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal body and a 1-Yuan one, with more than 250,000 years of life.

By comparing Xiao Yuntian and the Sky River Sword Immortal, their Longevity Immortal Arts were different.

Xiao Yuntian cultivated one called the Nine Levels Abyssal Heavenly Dao. It had nine cultivation levels. The first was called the First Taiying Realm.

Different Longevity Immortal Arts would see different cultivation speeds, results, and strengths. Even the immortal energy that was produced was of different quality.

For example, Xiao Yuntian. His ghostly immortal energy was called Abyssal Ghostly Immortal Energy. It was far superior to Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

Of course, each tier saw a one-yuan increase in lifespan.

If he successfully became a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal, he would have more than 1 million years of life.

As for the Sky River Sword Immortal, he cultivated the Nine Galaxy Dao Art, which was the same. Wu Yu currently knew every last detail of these two Longevity Immortal Arts.

However, he did not need to cultivate either one.

He had both Abyssal Ghostly Immortal Energy and Galaxy Immortal Energy. He could use either of them, or mix them as he wished.

The Sky River Sword Immortal had been at the first tier of the Nine Galaxy Dao Art: the First Galaxy Realm.

Because Longevity Immortal Arts were different, each person had a unique cultivation standard. For example, the Sky River Sword Immortal could use the power of one galaxy at the First Galaxy Realm.

As for the Butchering God Sect’s leader, at the First Taiying Realm, he could use the power of one "Taiying". If he broke through, he could use the power of two "Taiying". [1] 

Wu Yu did not care what it was. He could devour and digest all.

Right now, he was in the body of the Sky River Sword Immortal. With the 3,000 Sky River Gladius in one hand and the Butchering God in the other, he awaited the Wushang Dao Ancestor's arrival with two immortal treasures in hand.

It felt a little strange.


Wu Yu was not yet adjusted to this new role.

But thinking of the Wushang Dao Ancestor's pious and saintly face while he secretly used ghostly cultivator techniques to hurt women, it made him rail!

"Such an immortal does not deserve to become an immortal! He does not enrich life, but instead sullies it! What I will do today is bring about heaven's justice! To right this wrong." Wu Yu felt that he had to convince himself of this point. He had to establish ground rules for his devouring, to seek out reasons. If he wantonly devoured, and left no one in his wake, then how was he different from the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?

A judge. That was the new role that he had cast himself in. Only then could he steady his own mental resolve and soldier on.

Perhaps the Ancient Emperor believed that the Heaven Devouring Avatar could not be controlled. But Wu Yu would rise above.

He would.

If this world had evil in it, then uprooting that evil was also a transformation of sorts. Whether he devoured or simply killed them, there was no difference.

In fact, devouring would actually yield some good from the filth.

"Sky River, my old brother, we could just meet up normally. Why make such jests?" The Wushang Dao Ancestor had arrived.

He was slightly older than the Sky River Sword Immortal, but much more powerful.

Wu Yu saw that he was an extremely genial-looking middle-aged man. His saintly aura indeed radiated purely from him, and even his smile was as refreshing as a spring breeze.

He came to stand smilingly before Wu Yu, without even a hint of enmity.

"What could be so urgent that you make such jests?" the Wushang Dao Ancestor asked.

Suddenly, he saw the other sword in Wu Yu's hands.

"Why would Xiao Yuntian's immortal treasure be in your hands?"

His expression changed.

Wu Yu said, "Recently, some strange things have happened. All who have committed crimes should face punishment. Today, I want to warn you not to do those things again."

The Wushang Dao Ancestor's face darkened slightly. "Old Brother Sky River, that's not right. I let you in on my secret because I trust you. And yet you're making such jokes. You've crossed the line."

"Since you don't know remorse, then I will have to expose you. I believe that many will be very interested to hear it." Wu Yu smirked.

"Old Brother Sky River!" Finally, he was angry.

"No need to see me off." Wu Yu turned to leave.

"Stop right there." Wushang Dao Ancestor's face was stormy now. "What's wrong with you?"

"I just don't like the way you look. I don't want to be affiliated with someone like you. What, you're going to kill me? Can you?" Wu Yu laughed.

He wanted to unsettle his opponent into wanting to kill him.

That way, he need not worry about his opponent fleeing. Wu Yu was still afraid that if he fled, he could not catch him.

"Are you truly looking to die?" He was indeed angered now.

"All I want is to enforce heaven's justice. I want the world to know of your crimes. Haha."

The Wushang Dao Ancestor's blood boiled. He felt that this whole incident was strange, but he could not think that far. The "Sky River Sword Immortal" seemed like he was about to leave, and he was threatening him. Given the information he had, he decided to attack.

And Wu Yu gathered the power of four 1-Yuan heavenly immortals.

Battle ensued.

In the dark night, the commotion of battle was swallowed up by the darkness. This was a deserted plain, so it would not attract attention.

Because the struggle concerned Wushang Dao Ancestor's secret, he did not call for help either.

As for Wu Yu, he was already prepared for a quick and decisive fight!

As he fought, he turned into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and revealed his true strength.

"You're not Old Brother Sky River!" He immediately realized this.

"And so what? I still know what you did to those children. And I'm still prepared to tell the world." Wu Yu sneered.

He was forcing his hand to try to kill Wu Yu.

"What did you do to my Old Brother Sky River?!"

"Killed him. Would you believe it?"

"You dare to be so brazen before me? Die!" The Wushang Dao Ancestor was incensed now. He held a horsetail whisk immortal treasure in his hand. It was called the Whip of Heaven, and it was silver and deadly, especially when wielded by a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal body with immortal energy. It battered Wu Yu many times; however, Wu Yu was completely fine!

The two swords in his hands sent the Butchering God’s sword will and the 3,000 Gashes Sword Dao flashing and killing in the pitch-blackness. He called forth the eight demon immortals' mystiques in support - Incandescent Mirror, Hellish Capillaries, Lifeless Blood Lightning, and even the billion clones of the Immortal Locust when he was dodging attacks. His opponent could do nothing against him.

Since they were fighting, Wu Yu would naturally give his opponent no chance to flee. His various mystiques took effect. Once he passed five mystiques, his opponent was completely shocked.

"Why do you have Sky River's mystique!? How can you use his immortal treasure?! And Xiao Yuntian's!?

"Why do you have so many mystiques!"

It did not matter how shocked he was. Although his immortal energy was much more robust than that of a 1-Yuan heavenly immortal, as was his immortal body, Wu Yu still broke it down. As the immortal body was cleaved in two by the 3,000 Sky River Gladius, his immortal spirit was also skewered by the Butchering God, then it flew straight to Wu Yu's mouth. While he was still yelling and screaming, Wu Yu swallowed him.

Before he died, he took out a Message Talisman. There was an immortal design on this talisman, which could pass through the entire Heavenly Domain and even go to the sky palaces above. It was infinitely more valuable than those that could only work in one realm.

If only he and Luo Pin had such talismans from the start, they could already be in contact.

The Message Talisman was not actually sent. Wu Yu grabbed it with the Immortal Locust's mystique.

He wanted to expose Wu Yu, but it would not be so easy. Wu Yu was especially careful not to let his secret be exposed too early. Otherwise, while he might be able to escape, his companions would be in trouble.

Finally, the darkness was still.

In the gloom, Wu Yu secretly digested this 2-Yuan heavenly immortal.

This was the strongest person that Wu Yu had devoured. After he digested the 2-Yuan heavenly immortal, his strength rose to the same level as when he had devoured the eight demon immortals, or perhaps even higher.

He had reached a new peak of power.

All of the Wushang Dao Ancestor's memories, mystiques, and dao had been digested and converted by Wu Yu.

His Longevity Immortal Art, his memories, and all of his dao insights, as well as his knowledge on immortals and ghostly immortals. All of it was encompassed.

Wu Yu also learned many details, especially about the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Of course, the most important thing was his strength growth.

"I am still not the Ancient Emperor's match.

"If I continue to devour, I can probably defeat a 3-Yuan heavenly immortal. This means that the Ancient Emperor might be a 3-Yuan or 4-Yuan heavenly immortal. Of course, he might be higher as well."

However, he had split off an important part of his immortal spirit. He might not be as strong now.

Therefore, Wu Yu was in no hurry. This time, he would return with full confidence.

He took longer to digest this time.

From the shadows, Wu Yu would pick his next target based on what he knew. He was like a judge sent to weigh what each immortal had done, or a ghostly immortal's crimes. And then he would deliver their sentence.

Of more than 100 immortals, there would definitely be corrupted ones.

There were a few who were about as bad as the Wushang Dao Ancestor.

Wu Yu had many choices.

Some of them were even on good terms with the Wushang Dao Ancestor.

After digesting, Wu Yu was different. His immortal aura had completely superseded his previous demonic aura and ghostly aura. The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast truly seemed like an immortal beast. Even though it looked fierce, there seemed to be a benign air about it.

If Wu Yu continued to select immortals only, this image would only continue to be reinforced.

Here in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, he was the judge, a big, bad wolf in the shadows that eyed prey. He could emerge at any time to deliver a fatal blow.

Nobody, not even the other immortals, knew that three had already become Wu Yu's food.

1. Taiying is a daoist reference to the moon.

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