Chapter 1237: Wushang Dao Ancestor

The 3,000 Sky River Gladius was a huge, snow-white sword. The Sky River Sword Immortal hefted it on his shoulder, and the star patterns on it were constantly changing. Because it had killed too often, it stored the memories of the slaughter of billions and had an aura of death about it. There were even more vengeful spirits who had fallen to that sword than to the Butchering God that Wu Yu wielded.

However, the disproportion in their strength was too stark. Wu Yu had gathered the power of two demon immortals and one 1-Yuan ghostly immortal. His enemy was but a 1-Yuan heavenly immortal. Besides, Wu Yu still had 30 Natural Mystiques from the demon immortals!

Of course, in the appearance of the Butchering God Sect's leader, these might be a little impaired in their execution. If Wu Yu wished to end things quickly, he would still need to revert to the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

As the Sky River Sword Immortal came attacking, Wu Yu morphed from the Butchering God Sect's leader into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. The Butchering God grew correspondingly larger in his hands.

"Xiao Yuntian, what hellish creature are you?! Have you become a demon immortal?!" The Sky River Sword Immortal was still under the assumption that it was the Butchering God Sect's leader before him. After all, he had seen that it was the Butchering God Sect's leader at first, and the Butchering God was real as well.

Wu Yu answered with a flurry of attacks. The mystiques of eight demon immortals flew out. Lifeless Blood Lightning, Nine Levels of Purgatory, and the Butchering God’s sword will. They swamped his opponent, and the demon immortals' mystiques were generally stronger. After being held down by Nine Levels of Purgatory, the Sky River Sword Immortal was a sitting duck.

"Something's wrong! Who are you!? You're not Xiao Yuntian!" The Sky River Sword Immortal cursed and struggled. He had finally realized that something was off.

"You're too late." Wu Yu's Butchering God skewered him, sundering his immortal spirit.


Sky River Sword Immortal, dead!

Wu Yu opened his fanged mouth and swallowed all of the white-mist pieces of the immortal spirit.

"You! What are you?!" From the pieces of the immortal spirit, the remaining sentience of the Sky River Sword Immortal still screamed.

"A judge from the Heavenly Domain, who is specifically here to catch immortals like you. Any questions?" Wu Yu joked.


Perhaps he was fearful now, and regretful. But reality did not change for him. As Wu Yu devoured his immortal spirit, his immortal body was also devoured. This body was small, but even more refined with essence than the demon immortals' bodies. It was gone in one gulp

Of course, it also sated him. Each time he devoured, he felt calmer.

Wu Yu took away all of the Sky River Sword Immortal's possessions. After devouring him, he stormed back to the Star River Sword Sect, cursing, "That Xiao Yuntian has gone mad! He even dared to cross me! This time, taking his arm should have taught him a lesson!"

He naturally did it loudly on purpose so the disciples would hear.

And then he went to the sect head of the Star River Sword Sect, who was the Sky River Sword Immortal's own son, who was on the verge of reaching immortalhood. Wu Yu said, "The Butchering God Sect's leader and other ghostly immortals have something to say regarding the Stabbing Dagger Palace. For now, cease the pursuit of ghostly cultivators and demons. Call back all the disciples. No movements until I command it."

"Yes, Father!" After this development, even his son, the sect head, knew fear. After all, a fight between an immortal and a ghostly immortal would have far-reaching consequences.

"Don't disturb me. I'm going into seclusion. Quickly face your trials. In another few years, I will have to ascend. At that time, it will be truly dangerous if we have no immortal here."

Wu Yu said, then he left. After devouring, he tried his best to manage the stability of the world. And then he turned to his next target. He continued to grow stronger, but he remained unsatisfied. The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast would never be satisfied.

The memories of the Sky River Sword Immortal corroborated the Butchering God Sect's leader's knowledge about entering the sky palaces. Of course, he also gained more knowledge on other areas. He learned about some sky palaces, but the Pu Yuan Sky Palace was not amongst them.

However, he had a rough understanding of the structure of the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

The 8,000 Sky Palaces had 8,000 levels of heaven, from 1 to 8,000.

The higher you went, the stronger the immortals.

The first level of heaven was called Greeting Sky Palace.

The cultivation environment there far surpassed the Greater Realms. They could not even compare to the immortal qi that it had. Immortal qi was what immortals needed most for cultivation.

The higher you went, the greater the quality of immortal qi.

At the highest level of heaven, naturally only the most elite immortals could go there.

Most of the immortals resided at the lower 3,000 levels.

Each immortal was strictly bound by heavenly rules and restrictions, including which level of heaven one could go to. Unless one saw great improvement in strength, or had outstanding potential, it was very difficult to get permission to go to the higher levels.

Put simply, the higher the level of heaven, the higher the status, the more powerful the background, and the stronger the immortal.

Throughout all of time, all of the immortals that had come from the 3,000 Greater Realms and 90,000 Lesser Realms were all in the 8,000 Sky Palaces. An immortal's life was very long. As long as one did not die in battle, long life per se was not a problem.

As for the most elite of immortals, they were naturally the true masters of the entire Heavenly Domain.

That was where Wu Yu was headed. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal must have been very high up.

He wondered how grand the 8000th level of heaven was!

Of course, the 8,000 Sky Palaces was a heady notion, but for now, Wu Yu still had to take things slowly. After all, he had even lost his real body.

Therefore, his first goal was naturally to win back his real body!

"I wonder which sky palace she will go to when she ascends."

It was said that a mystical dragon ancestor would escort her to the sky palaces. She probably would not go to a low-level sky palace, given how strong her potential was.

Therefore, it would not be so simple for him to find her.

He looked up into the sky. Perhaps that was where the 8,000 Sky Palaces were.

Wu Yu no longer wanted to roam in the 3,000 Greater Realms. He wanted to go to where the immortals were.

Therefore, he had to make progress on his other goals. He had to determine what level of immortal the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was.

After devouring the Sky River Sword Immortal, he locked on to his third target.

It was also an immortal.

Wu Yu had thought this through carefully.

After devouring the Sky River Sword Immortal, he now had an immortal aura about him. Of the immortal aura, ghostly aura, and demonic aura about him, the demonic aura was still the strongest. Therefore, others would think that he was a demon immortal.

But demon immortals could not possibly appear in the 3,000 Greater Realms or 8,000 Sky Palaces. They all went to the Demon Immortal Realm.

Therefore, if he continued to devour demons, people would find it strange that a demon immortal was here.

And his real body was also in beast form.

Therefore, Wu Yu had to have them believe that he was an immortal beast. Immortal beasts did not go to the Demon Immortal Realm, and it was common for them to roam the 3,000 Greater Realms and the Heavenly Domain as well.

He needed more immortal aura to make the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast seem like a savage immortal beast. After all, not all immortal beasts looked as respectable as phoenixes, qilins, or mystical dragons.

There were many bad apples amidst the immortals as well.

Wu Yu currently homed in on an immortal who was even more despicable than the Sky River Sword Immortal. Besides, not many people knew. The Sky River Sword Immortal did not know, but because they had a good relationship, he had seen this for himself.

He moved towards the core of the Great Ancient Ink Realm and came to an even greater region. It was three times the size of the Star River Region! Its name was Wushang Dao Region. In this region, there were dozens of billions of martial cultivators, all scattered in various large cities, towns, and villages.

The ruler of the Wushang Dao Region was the Wushang Dao Sect!

The Wushang Dao Sect was larger than the Butchering God Sect and the Star River Sword Sect.

That was because the Wushang Dao Sect had a longer legacy. It had three immortals watching over it. The oldest was a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal. Being able to reach 2-Yuan heavenly immortal status while still in the Greater Realm was a respectable achievement.

This person was called the Wushang Dao Ancestor, and he was Wu Yu's next target.

The other two were more honest, and different from this Wushang Dao Ancestor. Therefore, Wu Yu left them alone.

His devouring had to follow his own principles. He only killed those who had no disregard for human life.

The Wushang Dao Ancestor was one such person.

The Wushang Dao Ancestor cultivated the Dao of Pure Sun, which made his immortal body exceptionally masculine and aggressive.

In order to more drastically adjust his yin-yang balance and improve faster, the Wushang Dao Ancestor did not train in an orthodox fashion when he was younger. Instead, he used another method that was a shortcut.

That was, to use virgins' yin essence to stimulate his own masculinity.

Over thousands of years, the virgins who had their yin essence stolen totalled hundreds of thousands. Because the Wushang Dao Ancestor loved his reputation, not many people knew. He would catch them personally and then burn them into nothingness to prevent being discovered.

Through the eyes of the Sky River Sword Immortal, Wu Yu had seen the cruelty of the Wushang Dao Ancestor's methods for himself. The virgins wailed and cried, living an existence worse than death.

The cruelty of the cultivation world made Wu Yu despair at times.

He discovered that perhaps this world truly needed someone like him, a judge who would bring justice upon those who the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao had missed out on.

Thinking of the virgins' tormented expressions and tears, Wu Yu's eyes reddened. He knew that this Wushang Dao Ancestor needed to die even more than the Sky River Sword Immortal did.

He waited for night.

He had sent a Message Talisman to the Wushang Dao Ancestor as the Sky River Sword Immortal. It read: Come see me, or I will expose your ugly deeds to the world. Same old place.

Actually, the Sky River Sword Immortal had a very good relationship with the Wushang Dao Ancestor, and the Sky River Sword Immortal was his "good younger brother." That was why he had been allowed to know the secret. Usually, the Wushang Dao Ancestor would even take care of the Sky River Sword Immortal. And that was why they still met at the "same old place."

The black sun was in the sky, and darkness and silence again fell.

Wu Yu knew that the 2-Yuan heavenly immortal Wushang Dao Ancestor would definitely come.

Along with the vengeful spirits of the virgins.

In the deep of night, Wu Yu prepared to kill and devour.

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