Chapter 1236: Sky River Sword Immortal

He had made such an entrance in order to let everyone know that the Butchering God Sect's leader had not died.

Although the city lord now knew the truth, Wu Yu had squeezed her, so she would not dare to tell the truth.

In any case, Wu Yu was her savior.

Even though he looked like a demonic youth with white hair and red eyes, she had felt a deep and abiding terror and submission to him. But a savior was a savior. When she could think back calmly on this, she would be grateful to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu returned to the Heaven Devouring Residence.

Seeing him, they knew that his devouring had succeeded again.

"Sister, we will depart tomorrow morning. We will not leave the Great Ancient Ink Realm for now. If we do, I will let you know beforehand. You can cultivate in peace here from now on."


Wu Yu gathered the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

The two of them did not affect Wu Yu at all, because they had 10 times the amount of time in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and they could come out occasionally.

The Floating Dreams Pagoda would also absorb the spiritual qi of this world, achieving an equilibrium inside and out. With 10 times the amount of time, they could cultivate with great ease.

And if they wished to come out, they could just let Wu Yu know.

Wu Yu left all of his puppets in the Heaven Devouring Residence with Princess You Xue and the others.

As long as Wu Yu was in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, he could return frequently, and so there was no need to be sad. The following morning, as the golden sun rose, the city lord declared that Jiuli City would return to normal. This made many who had been thinking of leaving reconsider, given how well the city lord looked.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had gone out to play the whole night, only coming back near sunrise. He sighed. "Before, I felt like you were too perverted. Your cultivation speed was untouchable. Now I have 10 times the time, but in terms of getting stronger, I'm still far from you. How embarrassing."

He was already almost at his limit.

But in this world, even in the Heavenly Domain, who could compare with Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar?

The golden sun had risen, and the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were training hard in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Wu Yu, in his white-haired, red-eyed form, moved alone.

He was very familiar with the immortals and ghostly immortals throughout the Great Ancient Ink Realm. He knew of each person's history.

And what sort of crimes they had committed before.

Wu Yu was now like a judge. He would go knocking on the doors of those ghostly immortals and immortals without a conscience.

For now, he maintained reason. His devouring targets would be the evil and bloodthirsty, or his enemies that were trying to kill him.

He would not turn his violence on the innocent, or the immortals that were focused on their cultivation. That was his bottom line, as far as he could control himself.

The Great Ancient Ink Realm was enormous. This world did not have any seas, it was all land. Therefore, its size was stupefying. Even the Butchering God Sect's leader's territory was about the size of three Yan Huang Ancient Countries.

As for the Butchering God Sect's leader, he was actually just a small fry ghostly immortal at the peripheral region.

And now he was approaching the central area of the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

Without his real body and the Somersault Cloud, Wu Yu still moved much faster than before, because he now had the power of three 1-Yuan heavenly immortals.

He had already locked on to his second target in the Great Ancient Ink Realm.

This was an immortal.

Just as Wu Yu had now come to know, not all immortals were kindly beings. Even those who cultivated the Immortal Dao could be evil people. Not even the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao could stop them.

There were many immortals in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. Although ghostly immortals were mostly evildoers, this did not mean that there were no bad immortals either. By Wu Yu's understanding, about a fifth of them had committed great sins.

They had all managed to reach immortalhood with despicable methods.

The place where Wu Yu had decided on was the Star River Sword Sect. The Star River Sword Sect's territory was twice the size of the Butchering God Sect’s territory. It was closer to the core of the Great Ancient Ink Realm, and was built on top of a tall mountain. It had 3,000 enormous mountain veins, which was dubbed 3,000 Star Veins.

The Star River Sword Sect had an immortal. Those without an immortal guarding them were in a precarious position. Throughout history, there had been too many sects with poor succession planning. The older immortals had to ascend, but a new immortal had not appeared. This had caused the end of the sect, invaded by others.

The current ancestral father of the Star River Sword Sect was called the Sky River Sword Immortal. He was an immortal close to ascension. He had cultivated for more than 2,000 years but had failed to reach the second tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm.

The Sky River Sword Immortal liked to kill, and had a fiery temper that often flared up against ghostly cultivator powers. Therefore, he was most clearly remembered by the Butchering God Sect's leader. This person reminded Wu Yu of the Shushan Immortal Sect's Mizar Sword Immortal, who was Nangong Wei's father. However, the Seven Immortals of Shushan were not real immortals, and far from the Sky River Sword Immortal!

But their daos were similar. The Mizar Sword Immortal hated demons with a passion, and the Sky River Sword Immortal held a similar view towards demons and ghostly cultivators. He never once cared if they were good or bad, he just took an unquestioning sword to all of them.

In these 2,000 years, the Sky River Sword Immortal had killed millions of demons and ghostly cultivators, causing them to be all but extinct in the Star River Region. Other demons and ghostly cultivators did not even dare to enter. Once demons gained sentience here, they left quickly as well.

Of course, the Sky River Sword Immortal was not satisfied with this. His disciples ranged far into other sects' territories. As long as they were ghostly cultivators and demons, he would kill them all without exception. Especially the demons, who did not have demon immortals protecting them.

The Butchering God Sect's leader knew that there were still over 100,000 demons and ghostly cultivators being imprisoned within the Star River Sword Sect. the Sky River Sword Immortal would kill them daily, cultivating with their fresh blood and corpses.

The Star River Sword Sect was flush with sword qi. The disciples practiced sword cultivation, and it was like a larger scale Shushan Immortal Sect. They were mostly at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and Dao Querying Realm. There were even many protective formations, although they could not stop Wu Yu, of course.

Or rather, it could not stop the Butchering God Sect's leader, Xiao Yuntian.

At this moment, Wu Yu was wielding the Butchering God in his hand and had come killing in the guise of Xiao Yuntian.

Actually, in the Great Ancient Ink Realm, the immortals and ghostly immortals all knew one another. Everyone had a mutual acknowledgement going on and kept the peace in the Great Ancient Ink Realm. They would even unite against an external enemy at times. There were no great conflicts, usually.

Which was why the Butchering God Sect's leader's attack was considered surprising.

"Sky River, you old dog, get your ass down here! I'm going to kill you today!"

Wu Yu cursed from above the Star River Sword Sect. His voice thundered out, shaking the entire sword sect.

Wu Yu had seen a huge palace inside, called the Stabbing Dagger Palace. There were over 100,000 demons trapped within.

The Sky River Sword Immortal would kill the demons and ghostly cultivators in there daily, to keep the edge on his dao. As for his disciples, they scoured the world for demons and ghostly cultivators.

Of course, because ghostly cultivators were protected by ghostly immortals, they could only get the weak and those without guardians.

The Sky River Sword Immortal only cared about slaughter, and not cultivation level.

As long as they were alive.

Although they were slaughtering so many, they did not feel any remorse. Instead, they felt like they were doing good and upholding justice. This was a time-honored tradition of the Star River Sword Sect.

Without a word, Wu Yu first broke the Stabbing Dagger Palace apart. The spirit designs were ripped apart like rotten wood before him. The 100,000 demons and ghostly cultivators spilled out, yelling and frightened.

Before they even reacted, Wu Yu had called forth a dark cloud that swept them all up. He called, "Run as far as you can!"

For them, who faced death every day, Wu Yu's intervention was too sudden. As they scattered throughout the 3,000 Star Veins, they were still reeling for a while. Someone recognized Wu Yu, and the word spread. They knew he was the Butchering God Sect's leader!

"Many thanks to the Butchering God Sect's leader!"

The violent Butchering God Sect's leader had now become a savior. After thanking him, they knew that the Star River Sword Sect people would come in pursuit soon enough, and they fled as fast as they could, dispersing to the wind.

"Which manner of scumbag dares to challenge me!?" At this moment, a thunderous roar of anger filled the skies. The Sky River Sword Immortal was not within the sect, but had come rushing back from someplace else. When he arrived, he saw that the Butchering God Sect's leader had reduced his Stabbing Dagger Palace into rubble. His rage was through the roof!

"Xiao Yuntian! Was your brain boiled?! You think I can't kill you!? Who asked you to poke your nose in my business!? Have you forgotten the Ancient Ink Pact?!"

Wu Yu naturally had not forgotten the Ancient Ink Pact. It was an agreement between immortals and ghostly immortals not to interfere in each others' business. They would stay apart and protect their own descendants for 2,000 years!

But Wu Yu was not the Butchering God Sect's leader.

He laughed loudly. "I'm only doing what should be done. Sky River Sword Immortal, you are asking for death with your sinful ways. An orthodox martial cultivator, but your bloodthirst is so pronounced. It's a miracle the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao didn't finish you off. Well, I won't linger. Farewell."

Laughing loudly again, he quickly left.

"Trying to leave?! Leave an arm behind!"

Being humiliated thus, the Sky River Sword Immortal's explosive temper would not let the matter rest.

He chased after Wu Yu, far away from the masses. Only when they reached a deserted plain did Wu Yu stop.

The Sky River Sword Immortal was a run-of-the-mill 1-Yuan heavenly immortal. After 2,000 years, he had not managed to reach second tier of the Longevity Immortal Realm.

He also had an immortal treasure in hand, which was better than the Butchering God. It was known as the 3,000 Sky River Gladius, which was the treasure of the Star River Sword Sect. After they ascended, they could not take this immortal treasure with them. This immortal treasure had been around for a long time - it was the legacy of the Star River Sword Sect.

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