Chapter 1235: Sky Palace Dao Ladder

This was the first ghostly immortal that Wu Yu had devoured.

However, before too long, the Butchering God Sect's leader, Xiao Yuntian, was gone with the wind.

Everything about his life was being thoroughly used by Wu Yu. Wu Yu had discarded many of the useless memories, only keeping those pertaining to immortals, ghostly immortals, the world, and cultivation.

To him, these were the essence.

A ghostly immortal was more "nutritionally balanced."

Ghostly immortals did not have the physical essence of demon immortals, but in terms of dao insight and the usage of ghostly immortal energy, they were well-versed.

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was not like his real body. He would absorb any dao, no matter what it was.

Although this was just a 1-Yuan ghostly immortal, it was still of great help to Wu Yu.

His understanding of the Great Ancient Ink Realm had already surpassed many of this world, including his knowledge of the world's history.

He now also knew who the hundred-odd immortals and ghostly immortals in this place were.

Even which immortals and ghostly immortals were stronger, how strong they were, and what they were strong at - he knew all of it.

Wu Yu now knew all that the Butchering God Sect’s leader had known.

If he wanted to Replicate the Butchering God Sect’s leader, no one in the entire Great Ancient Ink Realm could tell them apart.

Most importantly, he had found the answer he had been seeking.

Which was the method to get to the sky palaces.

Before, he had known one way: ascending.

And now he had learned of another specific method.

Every lesser realm's guardian immortal, when appointed or determined to be a lesser realm guardian immortal, would be sent a sky palace dao ladder, which would allow them to move from their lesser realm to a designated sky palace.

For example, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor likely had the sky palace dao ladder to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace. That was how he could bring Wu Yu's real body up.

Of course, a lesser realm guardian immortal could not always be returning to the sky palaces. It seemed like each sky palace dao ladder could only be used once every designated time, which could be 10 years or even 100 years. It was different for each immortal. And one could not stay in the sky palaces either for too long. Ordinarily, it could not be more than a year.

As for the Pu Yuan Sky Palace, Xiao Yuntian had not been very clear about it. He knew more about the 10,000 Levels of Hell. Therefore, Wu Yu did not know which level of heaven the Pu Yuan Sky Palace was in. Perhaps he would only know if he devoured an immortal.

But he had thought of a way to get to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace.

First option: he would threaten the guardian immortals of other lesser realms, and perhaps even devour them. He could then transform into them and go to the sky palaces, where he could search for the Pu Yuan Sky Palace.

The second option was Wu Yu's favored option.

He knew that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's real body would eventually return to the Jambu Realm.

Then, if he was strong enough, he could kill off the real body of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He could then obtain the sky palace dao ladder that led directly to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace.

After all, the 8,000 Sky Palaces was huge. If he could ascend directly to the Pu Yuan Sky Palace, he would stand a better chance of finding his real body quickly. Even if he had no way to break the Immortal Art: Immortal Fusing Body Seizing for now, it was also necessary to imprison the body first.

Wu Yu naturally preferred the second option, which would better serve his revenge.

He was constantly thinking of ways to get the Ancient Emperor to pay.

There were two problems with this method.

Firstly, he did not know when the next time the sky palace dao ladder could be used. If it was too long, Wu Yu could not wait.

Secondly, he did not know how strong the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was. Therefore, he could not be sure if he could beat him. Lst time, devouring eight demon immortals had been insufficient.

But despite these hurdles, Wu Yu was still willing to give the second method a shot first.

If not for anything else, he would make the Ancient Emperor lose his real body as well!

He had already set his goals.


The Butchering God flew into his hand.

He did not even need to blood bond with it. This immortal treasure was already his.

Regarding immortal treasures, Wu Yu now knew everything about them as well. Although Xiao Yuntian might have had a limited understanding of the sky palaces, he was still knowledgeable on ordinary immortal treasures and immortal designs.

Of course, as a ghostly cultivator, he would prefer to call them ghostly immortal treasures or ghostly immortal designs.

Each immortal design was comprised of at least 1 million spirit designs. Some even had 10 million spirit designs. 

However, immortal designs were special because they unified these fragmented spirit designs into one cohesive whole, and each function could be activated with the power of the entire immortal design.

The perfection of the spirit design, just like how a perfected mortal would rise to become an immortal.

Wu Yu could use the Butchering God as perfectly as Xiao Yuntian could.

"Before, I had to obtain the dao treasure, then blood bond with it, and familiarize myself with the spirit designs.

"And now, all I need to do is devour the opponent and then everything is open to me....

"Devouring is such a terrifying skill.... With devouring, is there still meaning to cultivation?"

Right now, he was not cultivating. Simply killing could get him the hard-won labors of others.

This meant that all of his previous grinding seemed meaningless.

"Assuming the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's devouring truly has no limit, I can obtain even the most elite immortal's dao. I can gather numerous daos and merge them together in the end. How is this inferior to painstakingly creating a dao that belongs to me?"

When the Heaven Devouring Avatar was all that Wu Yu had, he keenly felt how overpowered it was to be able to devour immortal bodies. It was hard for him to properly wrap his head around the concept.

For example, he currently had the complete daos of eight demon immortals and one ghostly immortal. Each had been enough to elevate them to ghostly immortal and demon immortal. And Wu Yu could easily use them, and not be affected at all. Wu Yu would be privy to the sum total of their collective knowledge, which served as reference for him. He could use it as well, although the Heaven Devouring Avatar would not get lost in their memories and daos or become them.

This sort of devouring was hard to imagine. Wu Yu had digested them very cleanly. Their consciousnesses had been lost, but their daos had become something that Wu Yu could adjust and use, yet not be affected by. In fact, after seeing so many daos, Wu Yu felt that a personal dao was not so important anymore. A person's dao would forever be singular and limited, belonging to a certain context. His own real body's dao had been like that. But taking a step back to consider all the alternatives, and contemplating all the daos - that was heavenly dao. That was the world.

"Why would I have such a frightening thought? Could devouring really allow me to get the heavenly dao...." Wu Yu shuddered a little, frightened by his own body's power.

He, in fact, felt a little inadequate. His dao before had been too singular, too one-dimensional. As for others' daos, he could glean learning points and extract the essence of their daos, merging them to gain new insights that he had not seen before.

As for him, he did not need to cultivate, or arduously seek improvement.

"Which will lead me to the heavenly dao? Bitter cultivation to experience everything, or devouring all to see the world?"

Wu Yu was plunged into doubt.

But in any case, the Butchering God Sect’s leader was now dead, and he was the Butchering God Sect’s leader now.

"Time to head back and tie up the loose ends of the Butchering God Sect’s leader so people won't think that he's dead. And then I can be on my way."

Back to the goal! To revenge!

He transformed into the Butchering God Sect's leader. Of course, he was the perfect mirror image from head to toe. The black sun was up as Wu Yu descended anew on Jiuli City. The city’s spirit designs naturally could not stop him. When he appeared above the City Lord Residence, there was an aura of despair.

Most people had run away from the City Lord Residence, and many were far away now. Only Li Xuan Er, the city lord, remained. She was slumped to the ground, awaiting her fate. She had a sword in her hand, which was her husband's legacy. Her face was pale and her spirit had all but left her. It was an agonizing wait.

The entire City Lord Residence was deathly silent.

The Butchering God Sect's leader had walked through the city protection spirit design very prominently, and everyone saw him. They also knew that the mystery person from before had not managed to cause him any harm. He was untouched.

And then he entered the City Lord Residence. Everyone knew that Li Xuan Er was doomed. They could only hope that she survived, or Jiuli City would lose its stability. Many would be in trouble then. Therefore, they were waiting on the result.

Li Xuan Er lifted her head and saw the Butchering God Sect's leader. Her face was blank. She was not surprised, and knew what to expect. But she had resigned herself to it. She knew that resistance was futile. If she wanted revenge, she had to suffer this cruel indignity today.

"My husband, I'm sorry. I cannot die. I cannot let this injustice pass. One day, I will see him shredded with a thousand blades. I have to face the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao," Li Xuan Er quietly vowed in her heart.

Right now, this gorgeous and charming woman had submitted to him completely. Wu Yu's eyes flicked over her fair skin and inviting curves. She was very sexy, and he felt the procreating urge come to him.

One aspect that the Heaven Devouring Avatar lost out to the real body was this. The control of urges was very difficult. Such a woman, completely submissive and already resigned and prepared for what would happen next - this was the greatest temptation for Wu Yu.

However, perhaps because she was slightly older, she lost to Yueling Xuan by just a little. Therefore, he was able to control himself with great difficulty. His blood-red eyes neared her, and Li Xuan Er's eyes widened. She had been completely dominated by that aura. Was the Butchering God Sect's leader always so attractive? To even make her forget that he was her enemy, and willingly receive him?

"Impossible! Impossible!" Her body's response was all too clear, but she could not believe it.

And to her utter surprise, the Butchering God Sect's leader changed before her eyes to a white-haired, red-eyed, demonic youth. This was the one who had exerted a fatal attraction on her and made her unable to control herself.

"I've killed him and taken revenge for you. But if I hear it leak outside that the Butchering God Sect's leader is dead, I will come back to take your life. Because from now on, I am the Butchering God Sect's leader."

Wu Yu gritted his teeth as he spoke, then vanished into the night swiftly.

He left Li Xuan Er on the floor, crying and panting heavily. Her well-developed bosom was heaving and she was sweating profusely....

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