Chapter 1234: Incandescent Mirror

The hunger had penetrated deep into his core. 

In the past, as long as there was a balance with the main body, he could keep his state of mind. However, there were likely differences now. 

On most occasions, keeping a clear mind wouldn't be an issue. 

However, if prey was right before his eyes, he would recall that he had been hungry for some time. 

Xiao Yuntian wasn't particularly clear of Wu Yu's hunger and murderous intent. After all, he didn't know about the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. 

"Are you an immortal? A ghostly immortal? Or a demon immortal? Don't all demon immortals head for the Demon Immortal Realm?" said Xiao Yuntian with a cold look. 

As a ghostly immortal and standing in the pitch-black darkness, even though he had not engaged in battle, a large area around him seemed to be under his control. 

An endlessly eerie aura arose from the ground and stifled the atmosphere. A large number of vengeful spirits cried tragically, and the eerie aura was like pairs of rotten hands that ran through Wu Yu's body. 

Wu Yu could no longer hold back. 

His white-haired, red-eyed human form started morphing from a human into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. 

Before Xiao Yuntian, Wu Yu showed up in his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form. He saw that the beast had thick, ebony-black scales, an ivory-white horn, crimson-red eyes, thick and muscular arms, razor-sharp claws, and rows of sharpened teeth. It was rare to encounter a giant beast that looked so gruesome and powerful to the extent that Wu Yu was. 

"A demon immortal?" 

The Butchering God Sect's leader was a little surprised. Based on his understanding, even if demons became demon immortals, they would have to head to the Demon Immortal Realm immediately. Why would one appear before him now? 

The demonic aura around Wu Yu was too dense. Therefore, it was natural that others would mistake him for a demon immortal. If he had devoured lots of immortals or even immortal beasts, others might believe he was a species of immortal beast even if he kept the ferocious looks he had currently. 

"I don't care what you are. Stop pretending before me! Since you dare to provoke me in my territory, I hope you are ready to be slaughtered by me." 

Xiao Yuntian took a deep breath. In his hand was the immortal treasure Butchering God. 

It was said that it had immortal designs known as the Butchering God and Decimating Immortal Design. 

Immortal designs were fashioned by immortals. It was said that an immortal design was the amalgamation of 1 million spirit designs. These weren't on the same scale, as they were created by immortals. At this point, Wu Yu didn't have a deep understanding of immortal designs. 

Nonetheless, an immortal design was definitely several times more profound than the most elite spirit designs. 

This was a whole new territory for Wu Yu. All he needed to know was that the Butchering God was similar to the Ancient Soul Tower and the Demonic Pupil of Illusions, both of which had extraordinary powers. 

Although the Jambu Sky Pillar had a million spirit designs, it wasn't in the same tier as the Butchering God. 

Giving an analogy, the strongest chicken or duck would not be able to defeat a tiger cub. 

Even taking a few more glances at the immortal treasure sword gave Wu Yu the chills. 

"It seems like you are from another greater realm. An outsider dares to be arrogant in our territory. You really do not know what's best for you." 

Xiao Yuntian chuckled disdainfully. Immediately after, he acted decisively and charged towards Wu Yu with the Butchering God. 

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had fought with the Ancient Emperor and had even devoured eight demon immortals. Facing the 1-Yuan demon immortal, what he had in mind was only nonchalance and hunger.

Wu Yu roughly knew that the usage of immortal designs was different from triggering spirit designs. 

This was because an immortal treasure would typically have a single complete immortal design. This was the case judging from the memories of the man he had devoured previously. However, Wu Yu wouldn't exclude other possibilities. 

A single immortal design in an immortal treasure encompassed everything, like the Butchering God and Decimating Immortal Design for attacking. 

For dao treasures, Offensive Spirit Designs might just be part of the total of spirit designs. This was a clear distinction from an immortal design. 

At the same time, applying immortal energy and immortal techniques at the same time would add variation to the use of immortal treasures. This was different from just triggering spirit designs in a dao treasure. 

In other words, immortal treasures might not have a fixed Offensive Spirit Design. Instead, it could complement the user's strength to greatly enhance the power and might of one's immortal technique. 

At this moment, Xiao Yuntian was charging towards him with his sword. Ghostly qi, eerie aura, and endless darkness gathered on the sword. Injecting ghostly immortal energy that far surpassed Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy into the sword, he triggered the immortal design. All of a sudden, the ground shook and large parts of earth and forest were reduced to ashes. The dullish grey spread, and wherever the sword passed, the area would plunge into hellish catastrophe. 

The sword light reached Wu Yu's eyes swiftly and shot into his body and flesh. At that moment, endless sword light spread across his body. Wu Yu's body was dyed grey at a speed visible to one's eye. It seemed like his flesh would rot and his huge body was about to collapse at any moment. Even his crimson-red eyes were masked by the greyish sword qi. 

"Haha. I did not expect you to be so fragile...." Xiao Yuntian wouldn't have expected Wu Yu to be hit before he could dodge or put up any resistance. Therefore, he put his sword away while laughing heartily. 

To his astonishment, starting from the eyes that reverted to crimson red, the greyish sword qi across Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar receded towards Wu Yu's mouth. His physical body went back to its initial state but with more vitality and vigor. As for the beast-like sword qi, it was suppressed near his mouth. All of a sudden, Wu Yu opened his mouth abruptly. A greyish sword qi that was even more potent and mixed in with black elements shot out abruptly. 


The greyish sword qi shot out with even greater momentum! Xiao Yuntian was laughing heartily but was in great danger the next instant. 

He could swear he would never have expected something like this. 

His Butchering God’s sword will seemed to have invaded Wu Yu's body and caused the flesh and blood to rot and collapse. But time seemed to be flowing backwards. Those destroyed body parts had suddenly recovered and the Butchering God’s sword will was forced out. What was more frightening was that the Butchering God’s sword will was no longer under his control. With greater momentum and power, it was directed back at him. 

Everything happened in a split second. 

When he reacted to it, he was in indescribable shock and the Butchering God’s sword will was just before his eyes. 

At the same time, Wu Yu released relentless attacks closely behind. 

"Incandescent Mirror!" 

To his disbelief, Xiao Yuntian saw the giant arms of Wu Yu's titanic beast form morphing into a transparent tree. Those branches gathered swiftly to form a mirror. The instant the mirror was formed, the Butchering God’s sword will was right upon Xiao Yuntian. 

This was the mystique of the Quintessential Tree Demon, Incandescent Mirror! 

Once the mirror was formed, light that one could see from a very far distance would burst forth. In the darkness ruled by the black sun, a brilliant, white light suddenly exploded and overwhelmed Xiao Yuntian at frightening speed. 

Just as he was resisting the "rebelling" sword will, the light and intense heat from the Incandescent Mirror melted everything, including his eyes. As a result, Xiao Yuntian suffered double blows in a single instant, of which one was from himself. 

From the faraway Jiuli City, the people were like ants in a hot pot. When they saw the intense light that came from the horizon, they could vaguely hear a tragic scream. 

They thought that this was the cry from the provoker and naturally became more terrified. Within Jiuli City, Princess You Xue and the rest had felt the major tremors hitting the city. If it wasn't night time, most people would have fled the city. 

The hungry Wu Yu was even more frenzied that Xiao Yuntian had imagined. 

"Hellish Capillaries!" 

The arms of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast had morphed into the branches of the Quintessential Tree Demon as though the Quintessential Tree Demon was growing on him. 

The Quintessential Tree Demon maintained its explosive attack. 

Immediately after, Wu Yu's giant legs morphed into countless blood vessels. 

That was the body of the Red Devil. 

The moment they appeared, they grew extensively from Wu Yu's body and entered the ground. They easily ripped into the earth and extended out to the range of the Incandescent Mirror. Others couldn't see them, but Wu Yu knew that the blood vessels were constantly splitting. Eventually, they became trillions of hair-thick capillaries, emerged from the ground, and pierced through Xiao Yuntian's body. 

Xiao Yuntian was struggling against the Butchering God’s sword will and the attack from the Incandescent Mirror. When the Hellish Capillaries Mystique struck him, it was fatal! 

"Who the hell are you...." Xiao Yuntian couldn't recall any enemies he had in this realm that would go beyond defeating him and killing him. 

It wasn't easy to become a ghostly immortal. Typically, local immortals and ghostly immortals wouldn't clash among themselves. At the very most, they would just teach the other a lesson. For external immortals, they wouldn't kill rampantly. Therefore, he had never imagined that he would die. However, when his ghostly spirit was penetrated and ripped apart by Wu Yu, it was too late. 

In the end, what he saw was the crimson red eyes of Wu Yu. Whether it was the shrapnels of his ghostly spirit or his ghostly immortal body, they were sucked towards Wu Yu's mouth and devoured. 

The Incandescent Mirror dissipated and Wu Yu's arms and legs morphed back into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast before reverting to the white-haired, red-eyed human form. Wu Yu left the battleground swiftly to find a new place to digest. 

He was content. 

The hunger had vanished and he was exceptionally clear-minded. While disintegrating the ghostly spirit and digesting the ghostly immortal body to absorb the essence within, he was also taking in the other party's dao, mystiques, and memories. Wu Yu was especially hungry for the memories. This was because he knew too little about the Heavenly Domain. 

He wanted to know the way to enter the sky palaces. 

Xiao Yuntian didn't know that this was the reason why Wu Yu was hellbent on killing him. 

Devouring was a frightening thing. It was especially so for the devouring of the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

Now Wu Yu truly understood that he was a unique existence in all realms, an accident that shouldn't have happened. 

Others belonged to this world. 

As for him, he felt the desire to be equal to the world or even at a higher tier. 

Naturally, this was just a feeling. 

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