Chapter 1233: Complete Darkness

The black sun started as a small patch in the east. Soon, one-third of the sky was shrouded in darkness. 

In the Great Ancient Ink Realm, one wouldn't find a single star. The black sun would just cover all. 

Most people within Jiuli City, including the city lord, had probably noticed the high-profile arrival of the ghostly immortal-class Butchering God Sect's leader. 

The Butchering God Sect's leader was a nightmare for many within the region. Whenever he showed up, the cultivators in major cities could only hide themselves. Only those at the level of city lords were qualified to speak to him. 

Clearly, this wasn't a great thing for the city lord of Jiuli City.

At the very least, Wu Yu could see her panicking and shuddering a little. Fear was evident from her eyes. 

The city lord of Jiuli City was a lady with roughly 400 years of cultivation. That's the equivalent to a mortal in her thirties, when a lady was at her most charming years. She had red lips; shiny, halo-white teeth; glossy, snow-white skin; and a well-endowed body that didn't make her look plump. Her soft and gentle looks made her undoubtedly an enchanting and lovely lady. 

However, in front of the black-robed Xiao Yuntian, she seemed to be a little ruffled. Although she was at the 10th tier of the Dao Querying Realm and just missing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, the one tier difference between Xiao Yuntian and her was a gap that couldn't be bridged. 

"Li Xuan Er, do you know why I came for you personally today?" The Butchering God Sect's leader, Xiao Yuntian, stood proudly in the air. As a ghostly immortal, he seemed capable of controlling darkness and destroying everything. He was completely above all the mortals. 

The city lord of Jiuli City, Li Xuan Er, stammered, "I... I know. I hope Sect Leader can give me a few more days. I've almost collected enough. Once I do, I'll bring it to the Butchering God Sect immediately." 

Wu Yu obviously understood the contents of their conversation. Rather than saying that Jiuli City was receiving protection from the Butchering God Sect, it would be better explained as the Butchering God Sect collecting exorbitant protection fees every once in a while. This was similar to the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. However, what the Butchering God Sect was doing was way more ruthless. 

Although the city lord of Jiuli City might seem like a glamorous position, she was constantly under the oppression of the Butchering God Sect. There were lots of troublesome matters to attend to as well. However, there was no other option. The Butchering God Sect had marked its territory in the region. Moreover, after they handed over the protection fees, it was true that thieves and rascals wouldn't dare to cause a ruckus in this place. 

"Hehe! Li Xuan Er, this isn't the first time I've come here. Have you forgotten about my rules?" Upon hearing the city lord, Xiao Yuntian chuckled. He reached out his hand and a cloud of black mist coalesced to form a giant, black hand that restrained Li Xuan Er in an instant. Immediately after, Li Xuan Er was pulled towards where the Butchering God Sect's leader was. 

Watching the Butchering God Sect's leader make his move, lots of people in the city exclaimed in shock. However, more of them went into hiding. 

"Sect Leader! I'm completely out of options! Over recent years, I have even risked my life to raise the gifts. However, something unexpected happened recently and the gathered gifts were used to save my dao companion's life. Otherwise, I wouldn't....”

Li Xuan Er's complexion turned ghostly pale, but she didn't dare to move even a finger. 

Butchering God Sect's leader snorted and said, "You should know that I've never listen to explanations. You have to pay a price for a delay. If it happens twice, the city lord of Jiuli City could be changed. This is your first time. As for the price......" 

The ghostly immortal pulled Li Xuan Er right in front of him and had her fully restrained with the giant, black hand. His lush, green eyes were surveying her from top and bottom before he smiled sheepishly. "Since you couldn't come up with the gifts, you shall pay with your body. Your lineal bloodline isn't too shabby and you are a pretty beautiful lady. I guess you will make my cut." 

As he spoke, he reached out his claws from below his long robe. Although everyone was watching, Xiao Yuntian didn't see it as a taboo. Before the watchful eyes of the whole city, he started ravaging Li Xuan Er's body with both of his hands. 

"No!! Sect Leader!" Li Xuan Er struggled and the color drained from her face. 

"Stop!" At this moment, someone from below shouted. Wu Yu could see a cultured and refined man soaring into the sky. His face was flushed with anger as he berated the Butchering God Sect's leader. "Xiao Yuntian! If you have the strength, come for me. What's there to be proud of in bullying a lady?!" 

"Lord, leave!" Li Xuan Er was pale to begin with. When the middle-aged man showed up, she shivered in fear and tears started streaming down her face. She knew the temper of the Butchering God Sect's leader and that he wouldn't negotiate in any matter. When he decided to touch Li Xuan Er, he would definitely do it. Li Xuan Er had resigned to fate. Yet this man showing up now was undoubtedly courting his own death. 

The Butchering God Sect's leader acted like a bolt of lightning. When that man charged forward and had just finished his words, he chuckled. A black longsword appeared in his suddenly hands and he swung it across. Following a black shadow that flashed across, the man that charged forward exploded into powder and scattered into the atmosphere! 

"My lord!"

Li Xuan Er screamed tragically till her throat almost tore apart. Her complexion was as white as a sheet of paper and she was devastated. Tears filled her face as she watched the remains scatter down the sky. Years of companionship had been reduced to ashes at this point. 

"I hate those who spoil my mood," the Butchering God Sect’s leader remarked casually as he put his longsword away, as though he had done something insignificant. 

Wu Yu could only say that a ghostly immortal was different from demon immortals and immortals. His actions were too quick and Wu Yu wouldn't be able to stop him from afar in time. He had just entered this realm, so it wouldn't be convenient for him to be ostentatious now. 

On the other hand, the sword that was used previously had opened Wu Yu's eyes. 

"That's an immortal treasure." 

“Immortal treasure” was a general term that immortals used to refer to Immortal Treasures of the Gods. The Ancient Soul Tower was an immortal treasure and so was the Demonic Pupil of Illusions. The Floating Dreams Pagoda was probably an immortal treasure as well. There was a difference in power between immortal treasures. From the memories of the man that Wu Yu had devoured, he only knew of the term but didn't know the details. 

However, he knew that the immortal treasure longsword was called Butchering God. This was a sword that had been passed down in the Butchering God Sect for a very long time. The sect leader of each generation would hold it, and it was a key reason why the Butchering God Sect remained prosperous throughout time. It was said that it had incredible power and was the most precious item that Xiao Yuntian had with him. 

Wu Yu was interested in that sword. 

The Jambu Sky Pillar, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, and the rest belonged to the Ancient Emperor and had been taken away by him. Now he didn't possess a weapon. For someone that had always used a weapon, he wasn't too comfortable with the situation. 

"I wonder if this ghostly immortal knows the path to the sky palaces." 

Wu Yu now needed all the memories of an immortal or a ghostly immortal. Only then could he understand more about the Heavenly Domain. 

He had his eyes on this ghostly immortal, Xiao Yuntian, now. 

On the other end, Xiao Yuntian had the dispirited city lord of Jiuli City tightly restrained. He was about to enter the City Lord Residence and complete his "act" before the public eye. His cold expression and the outcome of Li Xuan Er's dao companion made it certain that no one would go against this ghostly immortal. Therefore, everyone ran a far distance away. 

"Jiuli City is finished." 

"I hope the city lord can make it through. After all, it might not continue to be as great as it is currently if the city lord is changed." 

"I just bought the rights to an Imperial Residence for 30 years in Jiuli City!" 

They chattered tragically. 

"Do you believe you will die today?" At this very moment, a ball of black mist surfaced before Xiao Yuntian's eyes and blocked his path. From the black mist, an intoxicating voice sounded. 

"Who are you!?" Xiao Yuntian had a scare. He had never expected anyone to speak to him in this manner in Jiuli City. The cloud of mist before him puzzled him. 

From within the mist, a pair of green eyes lit up. Those eyes stared right at Xiao Yuntian as Wu Yu said, "I'm saying you are going to die." 

Those were the eyes of the Green Emperor. Although Wu Yu was left with the strength of two demon immortals, this didn't mean that he had lost the mystiques of the other demon immortals. The strength equivalent to two demon immortals was, in fact, the amalgamation of the power held by the eight demon immortals initially. A portion of strength from each demon immortal lingered within Wu Yu's body. 

This was the eye technique mystique of the Green Emperor. 

"Trying to mystify yourself. I'll say, you are courting your own death!" Xiao Yuntian had a bad temper and hated things of this sort. He retrieved his Butchering God again and went for Wu Yu. However, with a single flash, Wu Yu dodged a long distance away. 

"If you have the guts, I'll fight you outside," said Wu Yu. 

"F*ck you!" Xiao Yuntian was raging. He threw Li Xuan Er to the ground and continued restraining her with the black hand so she couldn't move. Without saying a word, he chased after Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu demonstrated speed befitting of a demon immortal. Before the city gates were shut, he darted out. Xiao Yuntian made it out as well. At this point, the golden sun had set completely and the black sun was hanging right before them. The entire realm was plunged into complete darkness! 

"Save the city lord!" Many people crowded over. However, once they got near, even Dao Querying cultivators were ripped into pieces by that black hand. Li Xuan Er was still restrained and didn't put up any resistance. It was as though only her body lived now. She was pressed on the ground as she looked blankly into the sky. Perhaps she felt like it wouldn't be long before Xiao Yuntian would return. He would disregard all respect for her, go along with his rules, and exert his "punishment" on her on the spot. Now that her husband had died, there was nothing worth living for. 

"Butchering God Sect! Xiao Yuntian...." The city lord of Jiuli City gnashed her teeth before she relaxed and cried. This was because she knew that this was a place ruled by immortals and ghostly immortals. They established the rules, and once someone couldn't follow the rules, the outcome would be severe. She knew about it but chose to hope for the best. Now she believed she deserved what was happening to her.... 

"It's over. It's impossible to achieve immortalhood. Living on won't be possible either...." 

What she didn't know was that Wu Yu and Xiao Yuntian were deep into the wilderness in the deadly darkness. They were surrounded by trees and it was deathly silent, without a single sign of a life. This was the best environment to assassinate someone! 

Xiao Yuntian intercepted him and yelled, "Who the hell are you!?" 

"Me?" Wu Yu didn't know either. Looking at Xiao Yuntian, he realized that he was still hungry. Once he felt the hunger, the desire grew exponentially. Perhaps he had started the thought and the hunger grew accordingly. His eyes had turned completely red. 

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